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IBS Electronics | Electronic Components Distributor
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Electronic Components

IBS Electronics - Global Components Distributor

IBS Electronics is Global source for Electronic parts and components

Speedy Delivery and excellent customer service, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee at IBS Electronics Global Electronics Components Distributor Electronic Parts electronic components IBS Electronics is the industry leader in distribution of electronic components. IBS Electronics is an electronic components distributor offering semiconductors, passives, interconnects, electromechanical, power supplies, test and measurement equipment. As a ISO 9001:2008 distributor of electronic components you can trust IBS Electronics to offer you the best prices and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry.

We are focused on:

  • Our Franchised authorized components Product lines
  • Online Components store
  • Hard to find electronic parts and components
  • Long lead time for electronic parts and electronic components
  • Obsolete electronic electronic parts and electronic components
  • Speedy Delivery and excellent customer service

IBS Electronics is a distributor of electronic components, products, services and solutions offering leading design chain services combined with world-class supply chain services in support of the electronics industry. The company is built upon its commitment to maintain close business partnerships with suppliers and customers.

IBS electronic Headquarter in Santa ana in California, IBS

IBS Electronics Group:

Founded in 1980, the primary goal of the company has been to provide outstanding service to E.M.S's and O.E.M's. In 1983 IBS reformat itself as corporation that markets electronic components for high tech industries worldwide. IBS is a privately held corporation with a steadfast commitment to quality, service and fast deliveries.

We have built a position of leadership by providing one of the broadest lines of electronic components and a superior level of customer service. We sell a complete range of products direct from the manufacturer, via our subsidiary OEM & distributors. This means we can obtain a more competitive pricing for your electronic parts.

We keep a tight ship! Our products come with full batch traceability. We offer you a safe, complete supply of electronic components at a price more in line with the figure your global competitors are paying - allowing you to win more business.
We also keep inventory of electronic items for our regular customers and wait for their instruction to release the shipments. Our staff along with our Shipping / Warehousing capabilities allow for flexible shipments based on our customer's needs.

With assets of $50 million, a staff of 100, and over half a century of combined management experience in electronics design, IBS Group has become a recognized electronic component worldwide manufacturer's representative and distribution specialist.

What has kept us in business for over 3 decades is the quality of customer service we provide and the quality of the parts are customers receive. We've helped millions of customers from businesses to institutions to repairers. We're proud to have built a solid reputation for great prices, great selection, and a great source for hard-to-find electronic components. We focus on a same day answer to our customer requirements and prompt follow-up. We pay close attention to the quality of the parts we receive from our suppliers and make sure our customers receive 100% quality parts. There is no room for error.


Electronic Resellers Association International (ERAI) Electronics Representatives Association National Electronic Distributors Association

IBS Electronics Distribution Division:

IBS electronics makes it easy to get the right component at the right price. With international purchasing offices and our franchise lines you can take advantage of one-stop shopping for all of your electronic components.

There's no need to spend hours calling multiple sources for a critical component, or shopping around for the best price. We do the digging for you, and have a toll-free number & online store for your convenience.

IBS Electronics Inc provides customers with platform-based engineered components and modules, and related products, utilizing our expertise in RF design, filtering, frequency control, electromechanical, ceramic and ball-grid array technologies, and our knowledge of customer applications.

As an agile and responsive supplier, we develop, adapt, apply and deliver a broad range of engineered components consistently to customer need better than anyone else in our industry.


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