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: 26 May 2011 , FCI acquired a majority stake in Anytek Technology Corp. in order to expand its industrial market presence by leveraging Anytek’s prominent position in the growing terminal blocks market. A leading manufacturer of connectors for the data, communications, consumer, automotive and industrial markets, FCI signed its stock purchase agreement with Anytek, a Taiwan manufacturer of terminal blocks, last May 20, 2011 with the transaction closing date expected in June 2011. As of May 20, 2012, ANYTEK Technology Corporation Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of FCI SA.

ANYTEK Distributor
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ANYTEK Components - Inventory

OP03000000600G  Connector TERMINAL BLOCK 3 WAY Header  ANYTEK  5467
OP04000000600G  Connector TERMINAL BLOCK 4 WAY Header  ANYTEK  2786
OP05000000600G  Connector TERMINAL BLOCK 5 WAY Header  ANYTEK  2796
OPO0200000600G  Connector TERMINAL BLOCK 2 WAY Header Rubber silicon 035mm x 15mm x 25M  ANYTEK  5456
OQ045350  Hardware Terminal PIN-4  ANYTEK  6
OQ045350  ANYTEK OQ045350 Hardware Terminal PIN-4  ANYTEK  6
VN06A160000AG  Connector Screw TERMINAL BLOCK 6 WAY  ANYTEK  5