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: AEM, Inc. is a high reliability component solutions provider that continues to set the standard for quality, value and performance. AEM provides manufactured solutions and services to aerospace, defense and other "Hi-Rel" industries that require the highest quality level for circuit protection, EMI signal filtering, and Sn/Pb conversion applications. In 1995, AEM merged the key technical staff of Wallace Technical Ceramics, Inc. into its organization. That same year, AEM acquired the Mepcopal high-reliability thick-film fuse line from Philips/Copal. These mergers and acquisitions represented a logical combination of assets and technical abilities to achieve a full spectrum of SMT components. Since 1995, AEM has used its technological expertise to successfully grow its current limiting micro-fuse production and holds a dominant position in the circuit protection market in the aerospace industry. AEM is the sole supplier of FM12 style high-reliability fuses listed on the DSCC approved QPL. AEM high-reliability fuses are used by NASA and every other major manufacturer of satellite, spacecraft and space related hardware throughout the world. AEM is also the world's sole manufacturer of high-reliability ferrite chip beads designed for space and military use.

aem Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

aem Components - Inventory

AF2-10.0V125TM  FUSE 10A 125V SMD2 2410 AF2-10.0V125TM  AEM  96
AF2-10.0V125TM  Very Fast Acting Surface Mount Fuses 10A 125V SMT2410 RoHS  AEM  100
AF2-4.00V125TM  FUSE SMD 125V 4.0A AF2-4.00V125T 2410  AEM  1886
AF2-6.30V125TM  FUSE 6.3A 125V AF2-6.30V125TM SMD  AEM  1538
AF2-7.00V125TM  FUSE 7A 125V 2410 AF2-7.00V125TM AEM  AEM  2
AF2-8.00V125TM  FUSE SMD 125V 8.0A AF2-8.00V125T 2410  AEM  1336
F0603FA1000V032T  Fast Acting Surface Mount Fuses 0603 1A 32V 0.131? RoHS  AEM  7014
F0603FA2000V032T  Fast Acting Surface Mount Fuses 0603 2A 32V 0.044? RoHS  AEM  480
F0603FA2500V032T  FUSE SMD 2.5A 32V F0603FA2500V032T L/F  AEM  0
F0603FA5000V032T  Fast Acting Surface Mount Fuses 0603 5A 32V 0.013?  AEM  51617
F0603FF3000V032T  FUSE 3A 32V 0603 F0603FF3000V032T AEM  AEM  126
F0603HI2000V032T  FUSE 2A 32V 0603 F0603HI2000V032TM AEM  AEM  129
F1206FA0500V063TM  FUSE 500mA 63V 1206 F1206FA0500V063TM  AEM  46
F1206FA1000V063TM  FUSE 1A 63V 1206 F1206FA1000V063TM  AEM  83
F1206FA1000V063TM  1206 Surface Mount Fuses 63 V RoHS  AEM  3000
F1206FA1500V063T  Surface Mount Fuses 1206 1.5A 63V SMD RoHS  AEM  3000
F1206FA1500V063TM  FUSE CERAMIC 1.5A 63V 50A SMD 3.2X1.6 TR  AEM Inc.  2250
F1206FA2000V063T  Fast Acting Surface Mount Fuses 1206 2.5A 32V 0.035?  AEM  1000
F1206FA3000V032TM  Fast Acting Surface Mount Fuses 1206 3A 32V 0.013? RoHS  AEM  2538
F1206FA4000V032T  Fast Acting Chip Fuses 1206 4A 32V SMD RoHS  AEM  6000
F1206FA4000V032TM  FUSE 4A 32V 1206 F1206FA4000V032TM(FAST)  AEM  4409
F1206FA5000V032TM  SolidMatrix 1206 Fast Acting Surface Mount Fuses 5A 32V RoHS  AEM  4204
F1206FA6000V024T  Fast Acting Surface Mount Fuses 1206 6A 24V 0.013?  AEM  710
F1206FA7000V032T  SolidMatrix R 1206 Fast Acting Surface Mount Fuses SMD  AEM  50
F1206FA7000V032TM  FUSE 7A 32V F1206FA7000V032TM 1206  AEM  64
F1206HB30V024TM  FUSE CERAMIC 30A 24V 270A SMD 3.2*1.6 TR  AEM Inc.  46
F1206HI2000V063TM  1206 High Inrush Current Fuses 2A 63V 0.05?  AEM  401
F1206HI2000V063TM  FUSE 2A 63V SMD 1206 F1206HI2000V063TM  AEM  26
F1206HI2500V032TM  1206 High Inrush Current Fuses 2.5A 32V 0.035?  AEM  500
F1206HI3000V032M  1206 High Inrush Current Fuses 3A 32V 0.031?  AEM  451
F1206HI4000V032TM  1206 High Inrush Current Surface Mount Fuse 32 V SMD ROHS  AEM  3000
F1206SB1000V063TM  1206 Slow Blow Current Fuses 1A 63V 0.22?  AEM  450
F1206SB1250V063T  1206 Slow Blow Current Fuses 1.25A 63V 0.2?  AEM  450
F1206SB1500V063T  1206 Slow Blow Current Fuses 1.5A 63V 0.12?  AEM  441
F1206SB4000V032TM  1206 Slow Blow Current Fuses 4A 32V SMD RoHS  AEM  8000
F1206SB5000V032TM  1206 Slow Blow Current Fuses 5A 32V SMD RoHS  AEM  3000