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IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

bnc Components - Inventory

73131-7003  BNC 75 Ohm Vertical PCB Bulkhead Jack Receptacle Panel Isolated Black PBT Housing  MOLEX  1
BNCY-J5-A  BNC straight cable press-fit connector plugs ?pin?  ??  24
MCI-7044SW-75OHM  BNC Connector 2P WITH 75ohm FILTER MOLE  HUAI YANG  36
RFB-1130-1  bnc t adapter 2 femle 1 male n g d  RF Industries  
RFB-1130-2  bnc m to dbl bnc fem t adapter molded jacket n g d  RF Industries  
RFB-1132  bnc male to bnc fem r/a adapter n s t  RF Industries  
RFB-1133  bnc male to bnc male adapter n s t  RF Industries  
RFB-1135-I  bnc fem to bnc fem insul bulkhd adapter s g d  RF Industries  
RFB-1135-T  bnc fem to bnc fem blkhd adapter o-ring n g t  RF Industries  
RFB-1138  bnc fem to bnc male adapter n g d (connector saver)  RF Industries  
RFB-1140  bnc fem to rca plug adapter n s d  RF Industries  
RFB-1142  bnc fem to sma fem adapter n g t  RF Industries  
RFB-1142-4  bnc fem to sma (motorola) fem adapter n g t  RF Industries  
RFB-1142-5  bnc fem to sma fem adapter use with oki 900 n g t  RF Industries  
RFB-1142-6  bnc fem to sma(motorola) fem qd adapter n-g-t  RF Industries  
RFB-1151  bnc fem to rca phono jack blkhd adapter n g d  RF Industries  
RFB-1730  bnc 75 ohm male to double fem t adapter n-g-d  RF Industries  
RFB-1730-3  bnc 75 ohm male to dbl bnc fem f adapter n-g-d  RF Industries  
RFB-1732  bnc 75 ohm male to bnc female r/a adapter n-g-t  RF Industries  
RFB-1733  bnc 75 ohm male to bnc male adapter n-g-t  RF Industries  
RFB-1734  bnc 75 ohm fem to bnc fem adapter n-g-t  RF Industries  
RFB-1734-2  bnc 75 ohm fem to bnc fem adapter s-g-t  RF Industries  2
RFB-1745  bnc 75 ohm fem to 1/4 x 24 stud adapter kenwood tk240 tk340 n s t  RF Industries  
RT-1142  bnc female to sma female adapter left hand thread on sma side n g t  RF Industries