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About c-media

: C-Media Electronics, Inc is a Taiwan computer hardware company that manufactures processors for PC audio and USB storage, and wireless audio devices.

Cmedia was founded in 1991 and started as an audio chip designer. Cmedia had early success with its PCI multi-channel chip and later by successfully developing the PC motherboard AC'97 that evolves as an application of Intel High Definition Audio. The company then entered into the USB audio business and became a leader shortly thereafter. With the growing popularity of digital family entertainments, Cmedia also followed the market trend and pioneered the development of several exclusive audio technology solutions that provide realistic theater audio effect by cooperating with leading brands in the audio market. A solid hardware development is being complemented with market leading software technologies and more recently the addition of integrated music services that combines music, images and lyrics in a unique and innovative audio format that deliver real time karaoke content.

To continue the close integration of audio IC, software R&D and music content and expand innovative applications in the market, Cmedia will create more “touching audio/visual experiences” for consumers. The new Cmedia is innovative, energetic, and professional.

Cmedia has kept and will keep presenting new audio/visual experiences that are beyond consumer's expectation through innovative technology.

c-media Distributor
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c-media Components - Inventory

CM119  C-MEDIA CM119 USB I/O Controller 5V LQFP48 0?~+70 ?  C-MEDIA  200
CM119  USB I/O Controller 5V LQFP48 0?~+70 ?  C-MEDIA  200
CM130  USB VoIP Audio Controller 5V~3.3V LQFP48  C-MEDIA  10
CM130  C-MEDIA CM130 USB VoIP Audio Controller 5V~3.3V LQFP48  C-MEDIA  10
CM6307A  C-Media CM6307A USB Audio Single Chip with Array Microphone 5V 0~70? LQFP48  C-Media  326
CM6307A  USB Audio Single Chip with Array Microphone 5V 0~70? LQFP48  C-Media  326
CM6500  ASIC CM6500 LQFP-48  C-MEDIA  118
CMI9738  IC Integrated Multi-channel AC97 5V 9mm×7mm×1.6mm LQFP-48  C-MEDIA  115
CMI9738  C-MEDIA CMI9738 IC Integrated Multi-channel AC97 5V 9mm×7mm×1.6mm LQFP-48  C-MEDIA  115
CMI9880  IC DrivEr Audio Codec LQFP-48  C-MEDIA  115
CMI9880  C-MEDIA CMI9880 IC DrivEr Audio Codec LQFP-48  C-MEDIA  115