Ametherm at APEC 2017 in Tampa, FL

AMETHERM is excited to participate in APEC 2017 on March 26-30, 2017 APEC

Reason1:  We’ll be showcasing a broad spectrum of our products including:

  • MS35 Series of NTC thermistorsDesigned to withstand high input energy from 500 J to 900 J and steady-state currents from 10 A to 50 A. The devices offer resistance from 0.5 Ω to 20 Ω and thermal time constants from 65 s to 240 s.
  • PTC circuit protection thermistors on display will include the ceramic CL20 series for pre-charge circuits, degaussing circuits, and heater applications. They provide high reliability and stability in high-voltage applications. CL20 series thermistors can withstand hundreds of hits of maximum inrush current without degrading.
  • MCL20 500100-A PTC circuit protection thermistor for applications such as welding equipment and plasma cutters with extremely high voltages from 480 V to 930 V. These devices features a 680 V voltage rating, handle a maximum inrush current of 20 A at maximum peak voltage. This series provides designers with a more compact and cost-effective alternative to combining a power resistor, relay, and timer on one circuit to achieve the same functionality. 

Visit us at Booth 1426 in the Exhibitor Showcase!

Our engineers will be on hand to answer questions and help you find solutions. 

Made in the U.S.A., Ametherm’s NTC and PTC inrush current limiters are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA International) for ensured safety, and many are RoHS-2-certified (with Exemption 7a and 7(c)-1).

Reason 2: Industry Sessions facilitate the presentation of even more content and perspectives for various industries.

Reason 3:  APEC professionals like you participated in a rigorous peer review process to select APEC’s Technical Sessions. The review process highlights the most innovative technical solutions, and provides the highest quality possible.

Reason 4:  The APEC Rap Program will include three interesting and controversial topics, which will be discussed Tuesday evening.

Reason 5:  Networking with the people who "speak your language" and face your same daily challenges. Gather experience, real lessons learned, dozens of ideas, new approaches and alternative solutions that you can put into action immediately.