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07P-681K-56 Summary: 07P-681K-56 from Fastron is Fastron Part Inductor 07P-681K-56

electronic components Part Number:  07P-681K-56
Part Description:  07P-681K-56 by Fastron is an electronic component, Fastron Part Inductor 07P-681K-56
Manufacturer: Fastron
Quantity Avail:  1454
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- FASTRON is a brand name for inductors. Originally from Germany, we now operate manufacturing facilities in Eastern Europe as well as South East Asia, which are all TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified. Founded in 1978, we manufacture RoHS compliant, high quality (e.g. AEC-Q200 grade) surface mount and leaded inductors and coils.
Besides this core business, FASTRON also successfully operates a large sheet metal production for precision metal enclosures and electro-mechanical assemblies. Part of the FASTRON Group is also the company Rapid Biomedical based in Germany, experts in custom made MR Coils for MRI scanners. We are very proud to serve all of our customers all over the world with the highest quality products.
SMD Power Inductors
Product Range
Chip Inductors for RF Applications
Chip Inductors for Power Applications
Common Mode Filter Chip Inductors
RFID Transponder Coils

Moulded Inductors Leaded Inductors

Suppression Coils Plugable Inductors (Pin Type Coils)

Wide Band Chokes and Beads SMD Power Inductors

Strip Wound Cut Cores Toroidal Strip-Wound Cores
Rod Core Chokes Toroid Line Chokes
Standard Metal Enclosures

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