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RPA1X7R331K100V MONO rpa1x7r331k100v erie capacitor 100v 330pf
MDR746FT SOSHIN 2450mhz filter band smd 1210
UT0-4004-M5-PKG CLIPPARD ut0-4004-m5-pkg clippardminimatic fitting universal connector 1/8 barb rohs
P3065 ETAL etal p3065 low profileline matching transformer
MC33171D SGS sgs thompson# mc33171d icopamp sngl bipolar lp 8-soic
74F04PC FSC fsc# 74f04pc ic inverter74f fast ttl 74f04 dip14 5.5v
CCR05CG101GR AVX ccr05cg101gr cap ceramic radial molded 5.08mmls 100pf cg 200v 2% (6.22mm x 5.08mm x 2.54mm)
V187A-1-FR MFK mfk v187a-1-fr bobbin
LMC568CM NATIONAL-SEMI low power phase-locked loop w/fully balanced phase detectors so package
MCT QTC qtc# mct2 optocoupl dc-in1-ch transistors w/base dc-out6-pin pdip-b
7287-9266-10 YAZAKI 7287-9266-10 yazaki yes/yesc kaizen connectors 2.8x0.8 sealed female 6 poles rohs
11R511 C.F. resistors 1/4w 5% 510 ohm
PV10S-223-JBW RCD pv10s-223-jbw rcd cementresitor 22kohm 5% 10w radial bulk rohs
SSM2166SZ ANALOG-DEVICES ssm2166sz ; adi ; rohs ;ic amp microphone pre 5v14-soic
11R513 C.F. resistors 1/8w 5% 51k ohm
P7614-0603-8R2M ETAL etal p7614-0603-8r2m inductor 8.2uh 5.5a 7.0*7.8 high power
ECU-V1H820JCG PANASONIC ecu-v1h820jcg panasonic capacitor ceramic multilayer 50v c0g 0.000082uf 82pf 5% smd 0805
11R514 C.F. resistors 1/8w 5% 510k ohm
1-104257-0 AMP/TYCO tyco 1-104257-0 connector recpt 11pos .1in pol unload
WR08X1002FTL WALSIN wr08x1002ftl walsin resistor 10k ohm 1/10w 1% smt805
X1098 OSC 1/2 can 45.36mhz oscillator
3428-5203 3M shrouded headers-.050/.100/.156 cnt non-rohs
JTX1N5615 MSC msc jtx1n5615 diode 1a axial
V250A-1-FR MFK mfk v250a-1-fr bobbin
320565 AMP/TYCO amp 320565 connector ring 14-16 awg #8 blue pidg
90069A130 MCMASTER washer 5/16 ctsk ext tlwzinc itemlwsk0310z
444173951 FAIR-RITE 0444173951 fair-rite ferrite core round cable snap-its 44 150ohm rohs
43045-0406 MOLEX molex 43045-0406 4 ckt r/a header smt
H250-2-SP-FR MFK mfk h250-2-sp-fr bobbin duel
CK05BX333K KEMET kemet ck05bx333k cap 0.033uf 50vdc x7r 10% rdl
MC33172D MOT mot# mc33172d operationalamplifiers dual low power smd
BZX84B3V PHILIPS phil# bzx84b3v0 diode zener 3v 250mw sot23
ADG712BRZ ANALOG-DEVICES ic sw quad spst 1.8/5.5v16soic rohs
SR307C104MAA AVX avx sr307c104maa cap mlc0.1uf 500vdc
95123-2881 MOLEX connector mod jack vert 8-8 shielded
T72-52 MICRO-METAL micro metal t72-52 toroidal coresistor al:82.0nh od:18.3mm id: 7.11mm h:6.60mm
1/4W-15-5% BEC bec 1/4w-15-5% resistor 1/4w 5% 15 ohm c.f. t&r
770281-1 AMP amp# 770281-1 connector rcpt circ pwr 10pos stye p - 770
SR152A330KAA AVX sr152a330kaa avx capacitors cer 33pf 200v 10% radial
RN55D10R0F DALE dale# rn55d10r0f rn55d10r0f through hole resistor metal film 10 ohm 200v axial leaded 1/8w 1%
BZV49C6V8 PHILIPS phil bzv49c6v8 diode zener single dual anode 6.8v
CC0402GRNPO9BN120 YAGEO cc0402grnpo9bn120 yageo ceramic capacitor mlcc 12pf 50v npo 2% smd 0402 rohs
ERJ-1GEJ512C PANASONIC erj-1gej512c panasonic thick film resistor 5.1kohms 5% smd 0201 aec-q200 rohs
L78M05ABV ST-MICRO stm / sgs# l78m05abv standard regulator pos 5v 0.5a 3-pin(3?) to-220
5093NW360K0JBC PHILIPS bc comp 5093nw360k0jbc resistor 360k ohm metal film 3w0.05
KUSBX-SMT-AS1N-B KYCON kusbx-smt-as1n-b usb & firewire connectors a typesmt recpt black rohs
CR2512-2W-8R25FT VENKEL cr2512-2w-8r25ft venkel chip resistor 8.25ohm 1%2w smd 2512 rohs
CRCW12062261FT DALE dale crcw12062261ft resistor thick film 1206 2.26k ohm1% 1/4w 100ppm/c smd
76PSB04S GRAYHILL grayhill# 76psb04s dip switch 4 position sealed sen
BCW33. PHILIPS npn transistors small signal general purpose sot-23
F1100-16 FOX fox# f1100-16mhz crystalsosc 16mhz
RN55D22R1F DALE dale rn55d22r1f metal film resistors - through hole 22.1 ohm 1% 100ppm 1/8w
SN74HC245N TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS oct bus txcvr 20-dip bustransceivers tri-state octal bus
34152P MOTOROLA mot# mc34152p ic mosfet driver dual hs 8dip
BZX84C10 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c10 diode zener 350mw 10v 5% sot-23
BZX84C11 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c11 diode zener 11v 5% sot-23
RN55D1961F DALE dale# rn55d1961f resistor metal film 0.125 w 1% 100 ppm 1960 ohm through hole mount
BZX84C12 MOTOROLA mot# bzx84c12 zener diode12v sot-23
MC33172P MOT mot# mc33172p operationalamplifiers - op amps 3-44v dual low power
583859-1 TYCO tyco 583859-1 standard card edge connectors twn lfconnector 28 pos
US1150CMTR UNISEM unisem us1150cmtr to263-5ic vreg adi 4a
83502 ERNI 083502 connector accessories din 41612 coding strip polybutylene terephthalate rohs
650691 mtn# 650691 transformer- 115-24 40
CC0402CRNPO9BN4R7 YAGEO cc0402crnpo9bn4r7 yageo ceramic capacitor 4.7pf 50v c0g 0.25pf 0402 rohs
RNC50H4991FS DALE dale rnc50h4991fs resistor thick film 4.99k ohm 200v 1±% 50ppm
BZX84C4V3 ITT itt# bzx84c4v3 zener diodes 4.3v 0.35w zener sot-23
BZX84C15 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c15 diode zener 15v 350mw sot-23
42R1000.1 MF res# rn55c1000b resistor thickfilm 100ohms 200wv .1% tol -50 50ppm
MZ806/400/Q3 MAG rm6 gap to al400 mz806/400/q3
74LS125A MIT mit# 74ls125a reord 605-74ls125an ic quadruple busbuffers with 3-state outputs
BZX84C16 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c16 diode zener single 16.2v 5% 350mw 3-pin sot-23
2-520128-2 AMP/TYCO connector recpt flg fast 18-22awg .250
CRCW2512432J DALE dale crcw2512432j thickfilm resistors - smd 4.3kohm 5%
43045-0425 MOLEX 43045-0425 conn wire toboard hdr 4 pos 3mm solder st thru-hole rohs
BZX84C18 MOTOROLA mot# bzx84c18 diode zenersingle 17.95v 5% 350mw 3-pin sot-23
166570-1 AMP amp 166570-1 plug 48 pos3 rwo
74HC86D. PHILIPS ic sm 74hc cmos logic quad 2-input exclusive- or-gate soic
2743005112 FAR-RITE far-rite# 2743005112 chip bead z91 ohm @ 100mhz
BZX84C20 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c20 diodes - zener 250mw 20v
74F04SC NSC nsc# 74f04sc ic inverterhex 14-soic - 74f04scx factory reels
2743002111 FAIR-RITE 2743002111 fair-rite ferrite beads cylindrical 133ohm 100mhz axial
P6SMB47AT3G ON-SEMI p6smb47at3g diode tvs single uni-dir 40.2v 600w 2-pin smb t/r rohs
26116125 MOLEX molex# 26-11-6125 headers& wire housings 3.96mm kk pcbc b/e w c b/e w/rmp/hk 12ckt
DG508ACWE MAXIM maxim# dg508acwe ic mux anlg cmos 8ch 16-soic
2743002112 FAIR-RITE fair-rite bead 2743002112lf z133ohm @ 100mhz
75083R222 CTS cts# 750-83-r2.2k resistor network film isolated 2.1 w through hole mount sip
FLE-108-01-G-DV-K-TR SAMTEC pcb recpt/plug hous-.050/.100/.156
TPS715A01DRBT TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps715a01drbt ic ldo regulator 1.5v to 15v 0.08a 8-pin son ep t/r rohs
6-32X.250 SCREW screw# 6-32x.250 centuryfastener phph lk 606416-0250
BYM36D PHILIPS philips# bym36d diode 800v sod64
L78L33ACD ST-MICRO l78l33acd ic standard regulator 3.3v 0.1a 8-pin sotube rohs
WSR2-0.025-1%-R86 DALE dale wsr2-0.025-1%-r86 resistor 0.025 ohm 1% smd 1500/reel
0402N300J500PT NOVACAP 0402n300j500pt novacap capacitors 30pf 0402 chipsmd
42R2100 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 210 ohm
RN55C8061F VISHAY/DALE 1/10watt metal film 1/10watt 8.06kohms 1% 50ppm
42R2101 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 2.1k ohm
42R5102 MF rlr07c5102gs resistor resistor 51kohm 2% 1/4w axial
MF55D4871F KOA koa# mf55d4871f resistor4.87kohm 1% 1/8w m.f.
RNC50H10R0FS MILSPEC milspec rnc50h10r0fs resistor thick film 10 ohm 200v 1±% 50ppm
42R2102 M.F. koa# mf55d2102ft52 t/r 1/4w 1% 21k 320010-2102
RC1206FR-0730R1L YAGEO rc1206fr-0730r1l yageo resistor smt 30.1r 1/4w 1%100ppm 30.1ohm
BZX84_C15 ITT-SEMI zener diodes 15v 0.35w 15v switching diode sot23 91 d/c
BZX84C27 PHILIPS bzx84c27 philips zener diode single 27v 5% 250mw 3-pin sot-23
STP3N90 ST-MICRO sgs stp3n90 n-channel si power mosfet 3.2 a 900 v 4.5 ohm to-220
RN55D3163F DALE dale# rn55d3163f resistor316k ohm 1/8w 1% m.f.
DM5EC470J ARCO dm5ec470j arcotronics capacitor 47mf 50v 10% radial
BZX84C30 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c30 diode zener single 30v 3-pin sot-23
VJ1206Y332KXAMT VISHAY/CERAMITE vishay vj1206y332kxamt 1206 3300pf 50v x7r 10%
74LS174 MOT mit# 74ls174 hex d-type flip-flop with clear
M27C1001-45XF1 ST-MICRO sgs# m27c1001-45xfi ic eprom uv 1mbit 45ns 32cdip1m (128kx8) 45ns dip 12/tube
B32926C3475M EPCOS b32926c3475m suppressionfilm capacitors 4.7uf 305volts 20% x2 rohs
RC07GF510JS ALLEN-BRADLEY ab rc07gf510j allen-bradley c.c. resistor 51 ohm 5%
74AS244WM TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS nsc# 74as244wm ic dvr/rcvr tri-st inv
26-48-2065 MOLEX molex# 26-48-2065 headers & wire housings 6p straight header
42R5110 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 511 ohm
LM340T12 NSC lm340t12 national semiconductor ic regulator positive 12v to-220
42R5111 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 5.11k ohm
CT175600Q00 FCI ct175600q00 cable ties tf10d21x nylon 6/6 unirapmilitary specification cable tie 175 lbs 21in l .35in w uv black
ZX62R-B-5P(30) HIROSE zx62r-b-5p(30) hirose connector micro b usb 2.0 receptacle 5 position surface mount right angle rohs
1N5986B MOTOROLA mot# 1n5986b 5k/reel diode zener single 2.7v
42R5112 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 51.1k ohm
D78255 JW-MILLER j.w. miller# filter d-7825-5 dual line choke 100 hu
GRM31CR71E106KA12L MURATA grm31cr71e106ka12l muratamanufacturing co ltd capceramic 10uf 25v x7r 10%pad smd 1206 125c rohs
LC000233ROG CORNING corning# lc000233rog sip
K222K15X7RH53L2 VISHAY axial 2200pf 100volts x7r0.1
SY87700LHG MICREL sy87700lhg ic clock-recovery/data-re time tqfp rohs
CRCW0805-223JT DALE dale crcw0805223jt resistors 22k 1/10 w 5% smt085
KMA2D4P20SA-RTK/P KEC kma2d4p20sa-rtk/p pmosfetkma2d4p20s (kec) r sot-23 rohs
TL1451ACN TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti# tl1451acn dc/dc switching controllers dual chpwm ctlr
LNK364GN POWER-INTEGRATIONS lnk364gn power integrations switch off-line 4/9w 8-smd
499141-3 AMP/TYCO header rt/a 16pos .100 30au latch connectors
42R5115 ROEDERSTEIN roederstein rn55c5 resistors 11meg ohm m.f.
499141-4 AMP/TYCO 499141-4 te ejector header rt/a 20pos 2.54mm solder .100gold
58R100-1 RGA rga# mns10n100j resistor10 ohm 5% radial
CDR7D28MNNP-4R6NC SUMIDA cdr7d28mnnp-4r6nc nductor4.6uh 3.15a shielded rohs
TPS77601PWPR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps77601pwpr texas instruments ldo voltage regulators fast-tran-resistor 500-mahtssop-20
1375819-1 TE-CONNECTIVITY 1375819-1 connector socket 22-26awg tin crimp rohs
06A3103G DALE mps06a3 103g resistor net 6 pins vishay resistor net 6 pins resistor dale mps06a3103g resistor network 6 pins 10k 2% 3 isolated resistor dale# 06a3 103g 9142d/c resistor net 6 pins
28F0429-0T0 STEWARD steward 28f0429-0t0 ferrite bead
58R100-2 RADIAL micron resistor 10 ohm 10w 5% radial
650718 mtn# 650718 transformer- 115-24 50 va
2DA200K AMETHERM rti/ametherm 2da200k ntcdisc thermistor 20ohm 10% rohs
5520260-4 TE-CONNECTIVITY 5520260-4 te connectivityjack modular connector 8p8c (rj45 ethernet) vertical unshielded cat3 rohs
RK73H2ALTD1000F KOA 100 ohms 1/8w 1% 0805 smdthick film chips resistors
43R1150 M.F. resistor 1/2w 1% 115 ohm
MM5740 CONTROLER ic# mm5740aad nsc custom-output keyboard encoder
CRCW0805-103JT DALE dale# crcw0805-103jt resistor 10k ohm 0805 5% 1/10w smd
US1J DIOTEC-SEMI us1j diode switching 600v1a 50ns automotive 2-pindo-214ac rohs
MMBT4401. LGE mmbt4401 lge bipolar transistor npn 40v; v(br)ceo:40v; ft:250mhz; power dissipation pd:350mw; dccollector current:600ma;(hfe):300 rohs
043001.5WR LITTLEFUSE littlefuse 043001.5wr 1206 slo-blo® fuse 430 series littlefuse - littlefuse043001.5wr 1.5a slo-blosurface mount 3.18 x 1.52mm smd 63vac or 63vdc
B57237S509M EPCOS b57237s509m epcos thermistor / current limiter inrsh ntc 5 ohm 20% 2-pin radial 2900k
MEX104K5B/5E TAISHING .1uf 250v 10% film radial cap mex 18mm 15mmls
42R5119 RGA rga# resistor 1/8w 5.11 ohm 1% m.f.
KH208-85B33R VITROHM kh208-85b33r vitrohm resistor 33ohm 5% 5w 0725
ULQ2003ATDRQ1 TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ulq2003atdrq1 ic darlington transistors array 16soic rohs
17-29020 AMPHENOL con# 17-29020 172902 ampmultilock connector system
LGU2G101MELA NICHICON lgu2g101mela cap 100uf 400vdc 20% 25 x 25mm snap-in 10mm 700ma 3000 hr rohs
1N4148WS DIOTEC-SEMI 1n4148ws diode gen purp75v 150ma sod323f
NE2 NE2 ne2-a1a-2 lamp 120 volts0.06 watts
08055A221JAT AVX/KYOCERA 08055a221jat avx capacitor 220pf 50v npo 5% 0805 smd cap-cer
TAJD107M010R AVX avx# tajd107m010r capacitor 10mf 10v 20% tant
BCW30R ST-MICRO sgs# bcw30r transistor pnp silicon planar small signal sot-23
SC92W2 GARDTEC gardtec# sc92-w2 finger guard 92mm 5/8in
SN74LS122DR2 MOTOROLA motorola sn74ls122dr2 t/rreset trigger monostablemultivibrator package:soic 14 pins 9411 smd
171822-3 AMP amp# 171822-3 housing receptacle eis 3 position 2.50 mm centerline
RS1M PANJIT rs1m diode switching 1kv1a 2-pin do-214ac rohs
AS2-4.7K-1% IRC irc resistor 4.7kohm 3w as-2-3w 1%
3386X1102 POT 3386x-1-102 resistor cermet trimmer 1k ohm 10% 1/2w 1turn 3.15mm pin thru-hole tube
171822-4 AMP/TYCO crimp termination nylonhousing ul94v-0 rohs/elv2.50 [0.098] centerline4-pos polarized
41R9091 M.F. phi# rnc50h9091bs resistor metal film 9.09kohms 200wv .1 -% tol -50 50p
MAX15000AEUB M AXIM 1 ax15000aeub ic cntrlr p hwm current md 10umax rohs
76PSB08S GRAYHILL 76psb08s grayhill# 76-ps1308s piano dip switch-8switches spst latched 0.15a 30vdc through hole-straight
NL4532T4R7K TDK tdk# nl4532t4r7k inductor1 element 4.7uh general purpose smd
TPS72501DCQR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps72501dcqr texas instruments ic reg ldo linr adjsot223-5
42R3011.1 RESISTOR mf55d3011f resistor metal film 0.25 w 1 % 100ppm 3010 ohm through hole mount
WXE-473K WORLD PRODUCT world product# wxe-473k .047mf 250v ceramic cap radial 220083-473
CRCW12061001FT DALE dale crcw12061001ft resistor 1k ohm 1% 1/4w smd
600104-0250 SCREW bolt hex head stl 10-32x1/4in 600104-0250
SA105A102KAA AVX avx# sa105a102kaa capacitors 1000pf 10%
BAV99 MOTOROLA diode switch ss dual 70vsot23 mot# bav99lt1
RDR875H-102K-LF COILMASTER rdr875h-102k-lf coilmaster electronics ind th 1mh d10 x 5mm
UCC2803D TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ucc2803d ic current modepwm controller 1a 8-pin soic rohs
TLS226K100C1B MALLORY mallory tls226k100c1b capacitor cap 1.8uf 15vdc 0.1
WR06X51R0FTL WALSIN wr06x51r0ftl walsin resistor 51 ohm 1% .1w tkf tc0100 rohs-compliant
65532-408 BERG berg# 65532-408 connectorheader 8 position 8 posrt an .1 ctr comm
ZMM5V6 ITT itt# bzv55c5v6 zmm5v6 silicon planar zener diodes500mw smd sot-23
F1772-522-2000 ROEDERSTEIN f17725222000 roedersteinfilm capacitors 2.2uf 310vac 10% x2
BZX84C56 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c56 diode zener single 56v 5% 250mw 3-pin sot-23
SL15-25003A AMETHERM ntc thermistor 25r 3a inside kinked leads
8231-N-0632 AMATOM 8231-n-0632 nylon femalestandoffs 1/4 hex 0632thread
RMC1/16-82.5K-1% SEI sei rmc1/16-82.5k-1% resistor 82.5kohm 1%
2DB102K AMETHERM rti/ametherm 2db102k thermistor 1kohm rohs
74LS14N NSC nsc# 74ls14n ic hex inverter schmitt trigger
MCT2 GE gi# mct2e opto mct2 dip-6 phototranistor optocoupler
CRCW08051692F VISHAY dale crcw08051692f resistor 16.9k ohm 1% resistor
IMT2 ROHM rohm imt2-t108 general purpose transistor
22-28-4022 MOLEX molex 22-28-4022 header 2positions unshrouded breakaway connector 0.100in (2.54mm) through hole tin
HI1806T600R-10 STEWARD hi1806t600r-10 emi/rfi suppressors & ferrites 60ohms 100mhz 6a monolithic 1806 smd rohs
RN212-4-02 SCHAFFNER rn212-4-02 ind current compensated choke 39mh -30%to 50% 10khz 400ma pin rohs
CD203M50V LIPS XXX .02uf 50v z5v 20% dis snac radial lead cap-cer straight leads
MC74HC139N MOTOROLA mot# mc74hc139n 74hc139nquad 2-input nand gate dip
83-798 AMPHENOL uhf connectors panel recept so-239a
A-80 US-TOYO u.s. toyo fan corporationa-80 finger guard (for 80mm size fans)
PW5-270-5% IRC irc# pw5 270 5% resistors270 ohm 5w 5%
VJ1206Y103JXEMT VITRAMON vit# vj1206y103jxemt vitramon capacitor ceramic multilayer 500 v x7r 0.01uf surface mount smd1206
50-84-2030 MOLEX molex 50-84-2030 connector housing ul 94v-2 mlx series receptacle 3 ways 6.35 mm
MUR810 MOT mot# mur810 rectifier ultrafast; 0.975v; 8.0a
CAC02C0G100J100A3 MONO.AX cac02c0g100j100a capacitors 100pf
BCW32R PHILIPS phil# bcw32r transistors gp bjtnpn 20v sot-23
C1005X7S1A474K050BC TDK multilayer ceramic capacitors mlcc - smd/smt 04020.47uf 10volts x7s 10%
A207106NLR46 MAGNUM magnum# a207106-nl-r46 terminal block 6pos
TP475K050SP TANT.RADIAL capacitor 4.7mfd 50v tant.
RC32GF161J ALLEN-BRADLEY ab# rc32gf161j resistor 160r 1w allen bradley 5%
2520-6002UB 3M 3m 2520-6002ub headers &wire housings 20p strt solder tail high temp
15-06-0040 MOLEX molex 15-06-0040 connector housing 4 way recpt ears
1N4754A-GI GSI gi 1n4754a zener diode 39v 6.5a
MUR815 MOTOROLA mur815: power rectifier ultra-fast recovery switch-mode 8 a 150 v
15-06-0041 MOLEX molex# 15-06-0041 recpt dual row 4p w/panel mountear
TAJA475K016RNJ AVX avx taja475k016rnj cap tantalum 4.7uf 16v 10% smd
17-34-110-2102 HARTING 17-34-110-2102 har - bushm female connector type ab - 22 110pol . withshield row - f rohs
TAJA475K010RNJ AVX avx taja475k010rnj cap 4.7uf 10vdc 10% 3.2 x 1.6 x1.6mm smd 3216-18 1% t/rrohs
P2782TR ETAL etal p2782tr microprofileline matching transformer
RN55C47R5F VISHAY/DALE dale rn55c47r5f resistor metal film 47.5 ohm 1/4wt-2 axial leads
SG3846DW SG/INFINNITY sg/infinnity sg3846dw current mode pwm controller100ma smd
600017-0375 SCREW screw 4-40x3/8 sems phphstl exter toot 600017-0375
42R2151 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 21.5k ohm
30R7503-1 SMD cc# rm10f7503ct nrc10f7503tr koa# rk73h2at7503f asj# 0805 750k 1/10w 1% 245575
SN74LVTH125D TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti sn74lvth125d ic bus buffer tri-st qd 14soic
16X16X16 IBS
42R2152 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 21.5k ohm
R65C21P2 ROCKWELL rockwell r65c21p2 peripheral interface adapter (pia) 40p p-dip
74F74N SIGNETICS signetics 74f74n ic duald-type flip-flop tubes
42R2153 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 215k ohm
22-28-4040 MOLEX molex 22-28-4040 connector header 4pos .100 vert tin
MP3-X2-0.1-250-20 WIMA wima mp3-x2-0.1-250-20% cap 0.1uf 250v 20%
281839-4 AMP/TYCO (he 13 - he 14) connector.100 centerline idc wire-to-board recept. hsg 2rows 4pos blue ul94v-0 rohs elv glass filled pbt
74F112N FSC fsc# 74f112n flip flop dual j/k type 16 pin
FB43-226 JW-MILLER jw miller# fb43-226 ferrite bead 200mhz - 26430301
ADS1115IRUGR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ads1115irugr texas instruments 16 bit adc 4-channel single delta-sigma 2-5.5v 860sps 10-pin x2qfn t/r rohs
HEF4094BT PHILIPS philips hef4094bt ic register bus 8stage 16soic
08052A271KAT2A AVX cap cer 270pf 200v np0 0805 - 08052a271kat2a rohs
42R4992.1 MF res# rnc55h4992fs resistor metal film 0.1 w 1 % 50 ppm 49900 ohm through hole mount
BPW34 TFK tfk bpw34 photodiode 850nm thru-hole
MC74ACT244DT MOT mot mc74act244dt octal buffer/line driver with 3 state outputs
18S030N TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti# tbp18s030n ic 32x8 otprom 40ns pdip16
S1M DIOTEC-SEMI s1m diotec diode smd si-rectifier 1a 1000v 2pinsma rohs
RLR07C5600GS DALE dale# rlr07c5600gs resistor metal film 0.25 w 2% 100 ppm 560 ohm through hole mount
SL22-2R508 AMETHERM current limiter inrsh 2.5ohm 8a - sl22 2r508
V47ZA7 G.E. ge# v47za7 metal oxide varistor 8.8j 10a radial lead
MF10CCN NSC nsc# mf10ccn ic filter dual switch cap 20-dip
M74HC273M1R-PBF ST-MICRO logic so-20 octal d flipflop w/clear rohs
1SMA5940BT3G ON-SEMI 1sma5940bt3g single 43v 5% 500mw 2-pin sma t/r rohs
CRCW1206412KFKEA VISHAY crcw1206412kfkea resistor 412kohm 1/4w 1% 1206 smd rohs harmonized code 8533.21.003
74ABT16374CSSC FSC fsc 74abt16374cssc ic d-type pos trg dual 48ssop
B66325GX127 EPCOS b66325gx127 ferrite coree core 42mm 15.2mm 21.2mmrohs
SL22-2R510 AMETHERM ametherm sl22-2r510 thermister inrsh 2.5ohm 10a
R1180Q331B-TR-FE RICOH r1180q331b-tr-fe ricoh ldo regulator pos 3.3v 0.15a 4-pin sc-82ab t/r rohs
PS2802-1 NEC nec ps2802-1 opto coupleroptoisolator 2.5kv darl4soic
RM12F2673CT CAL-CHIP calchip rm12f2673ct resistor metal glaze/thick film 0.25w 1% 100ppm 267000ohm surface mount 1206
ECD-GZE2R2B PANASONIC ecd-gze2r2b cap ceramic 2.2pf 25v c0g 0201 rohs
150060GS75000 WURTH 150060gs75000 wurth ledgreen clear 0603 smd rohs
15-06-0060 MOLEX mini-fit bmi connectors recpt dual row 6pos w/panel mount ears
FMW1 ROHM rohm fmw1 emitter common(dual transistors) 60v 150ma
CRCW0603203J VISHAY/DALE 0603 thick film chip res.1/16w 20k 5%
INA326EA/2K5 TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS sp amp instr amp single r-r i/o 5.5v 8-pin vssoprohs
RM73B3ATE391 KOA koa# rm73b3ate391j resistor smd 2512 390ohm 1w 5%chip tr
CD503K600 ARCO .05uf 600v 10% radial disc cap-cer
SL22-2R515 AMETHERM sl22-2r515 current limitrinrsh 2.5 ohm 15a rohs
RXE010 RAYCHEM raychem rxe010 resetablefuse 100ma radial
B37931-K5222-K60 SIEMENS sie/tdk multilayer ceramic capacitors mlcc - smd/smt 2200pf 50volts x7r 10%
MC-802-7P-EN(GZ) DRAGON mc-802-7p-en(gz) pcb angle female rohs
PLCC-44-T KELTRON keltron plcc-44-t connector pllcc socket-44p through hole
1N5235BTR FAIRCHILD 1n5235btr ; rohs ; fsc ;diode zener 500mw 6.8v 5%do35
22-27-2021 MOLEX connector header 2pos .100 vert tin (rohs)
NTJD4401NT1G ON-SEMI mosfet 2n-ch 20v 630ma sot-363 rohs
14R624 C.F. resistor 1w 5% 620k ohm
C0805C200J5GACTU KEMET c0805c200j5gactu kemet capacitor cer 20pf 50v 5% np0 0805 rohs
170262-1 AMP/TYCO amp 170262-1 headers & wire housings eis contact
CMD5753 CHIC-MINI cmd5753 chicago miniature lighting vcc led red t-1 3/4 (5 mm) 20 ma
SMTU2477N-1 RENATA renata smtu2477n-1 holder smd battery for cr 2477n
43030-0005 MOLEX
1.5KE33CA.. TAIWAN-SEMICONDUCTOR taiwanese semiconductorsltd. 1.5ke33ca diode tvs33v 1500w 5% bi ax rohs 1250 pc t/r 550 cut tape
KTA1505S-Y-RTK/P KEC kta1505s-y-rtk/p transistor pnp 30v 0.5a sot-23-3rohs
21PCT120T-0UG/0UR140 LEDTRONICS 21pct120t-0ug/0ur-140 led dual stack rt angle grn / red 20ma rohs
RM8PA250 FERROXCUBE rm8-pa250-3c81 ferroxcuberm8pa250
LSM303AGRTR ST-MICRO lsm303agrtr stmicroelectronics accelerometer ecompass module digital output1.8v/2.5v/3.3v 12-pin lga t/r rohs
364A2795 BOMAR bomar 364a2795 rf connectors 75 ohm dbl wht valoxx-2 dual stacked
87369-1600 MOLEX crimp hsg 1-row 16-pos 2.00mm (.079in) pitch ul94v0
42470-1 AMP amp# 42470-1 faston 110 terminal rec 22-18 awg ptpbr
90311-022 BERG berg 90311-022 conn housing pl 22 pos 2mm crimp stcable mount bag
P3176 ETAL p3176 ultra low distortion line matching transformer
GJM1555C1HR40BB01D MURATA gjm1555c1hr40bb01d ; rohs; murata ; cap ceramic 0.4pf 50v c0g 0402
43030-0010 MOLEX connector f terminal 26-30awgsn/ni
BZT52C43-7-F DIODES-INC bzt52c43-7-f diode zener43v 500mw sod-123 rohs
CY7C68013A-56PVXC CYPRESS cy7c68013a-56pvxc cypressmcu 8bit 8051 48mhz ssop-56 rohs
43R1213 ASJ asj mf resistors metal film 121kohm 1/4w 1%
7479052 AMP/TYCO 747905-2 connector d-sub recpt9pos au flash
RLR05C3903GR VISHAY rlr05c3903gr resistor mtlflm 390k ohm 2% 1/8w 100ppm/ c0.01% axl th
43R1214 M.F. mepco phil# rn65d1214f resistors 1/2w 1.21mohm 1%
P3181 ETAL etal p3181 smd 7mm transformer
100-032-438 ITW-PANCON itw 100-032-438 connector32 pin
RM73B2BT203J KOA koa rm73b2bt203j 1206 20k 5% srfcmnt
226TTA016M ILLINOIS 22uf 16v 20% axial type electrolytic cap 85`c tta-series
PANG-403395 AMETHERM pang 403395 ametherm thermistor 40 kohm with 0.2deg c bead probe rohs
641119-2 AMP amp 641119-2 conn wire toboard hdr 2 pos 3.96mm solder st thru-hole
EP1K30QC208-1N ALTERA ep1k30qc208-1n altera field programmable gate array fpga - acex 1k 216 labs147 ios rohs
8217-B-0632 STANDOFF 8217-b-0632 standoff #6 brass 1/4in 32x6.25in
AP3216ID KINGBRIGHT 3.2 x 1.6mm smd chip ledlamp. high efficiency red. lens type red diffused
EEE-FK1E331GP PANASONIC eee-fk1e331gp cap elect 330uf 25v fk smd rohs
BAW56 LGE baw56 lge diode small signal switching 85v 0.2a 3-pin sot-23
CRCW12062202FT DALE dale crcw12062202ft resistor thick film 1206 22k ohm 1%1/4w
1-103958-4 AMP/TYCO 1-103958-4 amp 4 position rectangular receptacleconnector idc gold 22-26awg 5x4 mte rcpt sr latch .100cl
74LS253 FSC fsc# 74ls253 dual 4 to 1multiplexer tri-state
1N5615JANTX.. MICRO-SEMI jantx1n5615 microsemi diode switching 200v 1a 2-pin case a
T495C107K006ATE150 KEMET t495c107k006ate150 cap tant c 100uf 10% 6.3v esr150mohm rohs
266CT125-3B7 FERROXCUBE tc9.5/4.8/3.2-3b7 ferroxcube ferrite toroid - ringcore material grade: 3b7 tc9.5
SSCS-03-02 CHERRY-SWITCH cherry sscs-03-02 rivet 3/32 w/grip .020 to .125 steel-steel
640909-1 AMP amp# 640909-1 quick connect female 18-22 awg 0.205in (5.21mm) crimp connector non-mating end insulated
CC1206COG681K50LR SURFCMNT cc1206cog681k50lr capacitor 680pf 50v 10% smd 1206
P3188 ETAL etal # p3188 v22bis linematching transformer smd
2222-370-75104 PHILIPS mkt370-0.1uf-10%-63v boxradial metallized polyester film capacitors .1uf 63vdc 10% 5mm pitch ammopack
22-27-2041 MOLEX molex 22-27-2041 con header 1x4wy straight lock ls 2.54mm bulk
P3189 ETAL etal p3189 v-22bis voicetransformer
M22-2521046 HARWIN m22-2521046 harwin connector dil vertical 2.4mm pctail pin header 3.5mm mating pin height tin 10contacts 2.00mm (0.079in) pitch rohs
RNC50H4992FS DALE dale# rnc50h4992fs resistor metal film 0.05 w 1% 50 ppm 49900 ohm through hole mount
1N5817 ONSEMI/MOTOROLA mot# 1n5817 diode schottky 1a 20v
51021-0300 MOLEX molex 51021-0300 connector housing 3pos 1.25mm rohs
P3190 ETAL etal p3190 transformer
BAW62 PHILIPS philips# baw62 diode genpurp 75v 250ma alf2
222UMR100K ILLINOIS .0022uf 100vdc 10% -55`c~`c epoxy dipped radial lead inductive film/foil cap 3.0-ls(mm)
1N5819 ONSEMI on semi 1n5819 diode schottky 1a 40v do41
1N5820 MOT 1n5820 motorola diode schottky 20v 3a
PRF101NFL TAEROSOL-OY cold spray # prf101nfl 8oz.
103670-4 AMP/TYCO amp 103670-4 connector headervert .100 5pos 15au
2-520129-2 AMP/TYCO receptacle assembly ultrafast flag ul94v-0 6.35[.250] series csa nylonhsg red fully insu. wirerange 22-18mm
BZX84C5V6 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c5v6 diode zener 5.6v sot-23
08055A220JAT2A AVX 08055a220jat2a cap 50v 22pf 5% cog 0805 smd ceramic rohs
IRF630-MOT MOTOROLA mot# irf630 mosfet n-channel 200v 9a to-220
103670-5 AMP/TYCO connector header vert .100 6pos 15au
CRE47M35V CAPAR 47uf 35v 20% radial leadelectrolytic cap
MC33269D-3.3 MOTOROLA mc33269d-3.3 motorola ldovoltage regulators 3.3vadj 800ma
POWERDVD-SOFTWARE CYBERLINK cyberlink decoder powerdvd-software
MVU14-6R/SK 3M ring insul 16-14 awg #6
143SGG30 DIP augat# ica-143-s-gg30 514-ag100-es socket 14 pin low profile gold leads
GJM1555C1H100JB01D MURATA cap ceramic 10pf 50v c0g402
MKS2-0.1UF-63V-5% WIMA wima mks2-0.1uf-63v-5% cap 100nf 5% 63v ployester5mm
FKP2\220\63\2.5 WIMA 220pf 63vdc 2.5% pcm5 radial polypropylene film &foil cap for pulse app.on tape
MMBZ5254B-TR NATIONAL-SEMI diode smd sot-23 pkg 7in t&r of 3000 pieces d/c: d58
SMBT1001 MOTOROLA mot# smbt1001lt1 smd fastswitching transistor
66089-2406 ANAREN 66089-2406 anaren antennafor module 24c 6mm lead omnidirectional u.fl 3db 2.4ghz 50ohm 1.7 maxvswr rohs
960/02 WECO weco 960-ds/02 screw connectors for printed circuit weco 960/02
TCET1102 TEMIC temic# tcet1102g optoisolatr 5kv transistor 4-dip
IRW-25 DEVICE a-4tech# rfsw-25 mouse wireless radio frequency
JTX2N1772 MOTOROLA motorolajtx2n1772 mil silicon controlled rectifier 100v v(drm) to-208ab
103670-9 AMP/TYCO connector header vert .100 10pos 15au
74F374SC-PBF FAIRCHILD rohs; ic flip flop octald type 20soic
2N4859 TRAN asi# 2n4859 n-channel silicon junction field-effect transistor to18
1-1437665-0 AMP/TYCO 1-1437665-0 amp connector barrier strip 6circ 0.375in
74F193PC FAIRCHILD up/down binary counter w/seperate up/down clocks
S-209 IN-EJECTOR cp# 520168 scanbe# s-209
CAT28C64BP20 CATALYST-SEMICONDUCT cat28c64bp-20 catalyst# 28c64bp20 cmos parallel eeprom 64k-bit 8kx8 eeprom5v 200ns pdip28
BYV79E200 PHILIPS ultra fast rectifier 200v14amp to-220 phil# byv79e-200
CRCW1206200RFKEA VISHAY resistor 200 ohm 1% lead-free
0603CG140J500NT FENGHUA 0603cg140j500nt fenghua multilayer ceramic capacitor mlcc 14pf 50v smd/smt0603 rohs
VJ1206Y223MXC VITRAMON vitramon vj1206y223mxcmr1206 .022m
UCLAMP0541Z.TNT SEMTECH uclamp0541z.tnt semtech esd suppressor / tvs diode5vwm 15vc 2slp rohs
NCD101K1KVY5F NICHICON nic ncd101k1kvy5f cap 100pf 1000vdc y5f 10% rdl 6.35mm
LL1608-FH5N6S TOKO toko ll1608-fh5n6s general purpose inductor smd chip 1 element 0.0056uh
LT1945EMS#PBF LINEAR-TECH ic dc/dc conv micrpwr dual10msop rohs
LMC6044IM NATIONAL-SEMI op amp cmos quad micro 14soic contains lead
MMSZ5246BLT1 MOTOROLA mmsz5246blt1 t/r motorolazener diode 16v 0.5w smd
55R301-2 C.C. rcr42g301js resistor carbon composition 2w 5% 300ohm through hole mount axial leaded
SN74LS05N TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti sn74ls05n ic 74ls05 buffer/driver 6-ch inverting open collector bipolar14-pin pdip tube
4605X-101-103 BOURNS 4605x-101-103 brouns resistor resistor net 5 sip bussed10kohm
22-27-2061 MOLEX 22-27-2061 molex connector .100 k.k strt locking header rohs
292253-5 AMP/TYCO 292253-5 te/amp wire-board connector header 5posr/a 2mm natural
640309-3 AMP/TYCO 640309-3 connector pin 10-12awg tin crimp
ADV7123JST330 ANALOG-DEVICES 330mhz triple 10bit highspeed video dac lqfp-48
4605X-101-104 BOURNS thick film resis singlein 4x100k network
CS3844D14 CHERRY cs-3844d14 cherry currentmode pwm control circuitwith 50% max duty cycle dip-14 package
3006P1502 BOURNS bourns# 3006p-1-502 pottrimmer 5k ohm 0.75w pc pin
WR08X000PTL WALSIN wr08x000ptl walsin resistor 0 ohm jumper 0.10w smd805
BZX84-C9V1T/R PHILIPS volt. regulator diodes 3pins smd sot-23 7in t/r of3000pcs
RC42GF101J SEI rc42gf101j resistor carbon comp 100ohm 2 watt. needs curing for 5% tol.
42R2211 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 2.21k ohm
52011-0310 MOLEX molex 52011-0310 connector 2.50mm pitch wire trap push-cover style vertical 3circuits
NCP1117DT18 ON-SEMI on-semi ncp1117dt18 ic dpak 1a 1v8 ldo reg
CMO5ED680F03 CORNELL-DUBILIER cornell dubilier cmo5ed680f03 dipped mica capacitor 68pf 500v 5% mica cap
LT1376CS LT lt lt1376cs ic sw reg 1.5a adj stp-dwn 8soic
TL317CD TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti tl317cd ic pos-volt reg 3 terminals adj 8-soic
42R2213 M.F. mf25c2213ft resistor 221kohm 1/4w 1%
52045-0445 MOLEX 52045-0445 conn ffc/fpc connector skt 4 pos 2.5mmsolder st thru-hole rohs
LXF16VB122M10X30LL UCC ucc lxf16vb122m10x30ll cap lyt rdl 1200uf 16v 10x30 5ls 105c bulk
42R2214 MF resistor 1/4w 1% 2.21mohm
RM04J301CT CAL-CHIP cal-chip rm04j301ct resistor metal glaze/thick film 0.0625 w 5 % 200 ppm 300 ohm surface mount 0402
MOCD207 SMD qtc / mot mocd207 optocoupler trans-out 2ch 8pin
LM2675N-12/NOPB NATIONAL-SEMI lm2675n-12/nopb conv dc-dc single step down 8v to40v 8-pin mdip rail rohs
BAS21S_R1_00001 PANJIT bas21s_r1_00001 diode switching 250v 0.2a 3-pin sot-23 smd rohs
59R820 WW ww resistor 15w 5% 82 ohm
SMBJ15A. LGE smbj15a lge diode tvs 15v600w uni-dir smb
1375820-2 TE-CONNECTIVITY 1375820-2 cst-100 ii housing 2 pos rohs
1N4004AT82 ROHM rohm 1n4004at-82 diodegen purp 400v 1a do41
06035A102JAT2A AVX 06035a102jat2a avx capacitor 1000pf 50v npo 5% 0603 smd
74HCT02D-ROHS PHILIPS philips semiconductors 74hct02d ic quad gate 2 input 4 ma 4.5v to 5.5v soic-14
74AC244 HITACHI 74ac244 hitachi smd ic octal bus buffer with 3-state
RMCF0402FT191K SEI rmcf0402ft191k sei thickfilm resistor 191kohms 1%0.063w 1/16w chip 0402(1005 metric) automotiveaec-q200 rohs
1206YD106KAT2A AVX 1206yd106kat2a avx capacitor 10uf 10% 16v x5r 1206cer
SD101AW LGE sd101aw lge diode small signal schottky 60v 0.03a2-pin sod-123 rohs
7119K73 MCMASTER 7119k73 liquid-tight flexible metal conduit adapter with locknut zinc straight 3/4 trade size female and npsm male
41F1R0 OHMITE ohmite 41f1r0 resistor 1ohm 1% axial
TAJA105K016R AVX avx# taja105k016r capacitor 1mf 16v 10% smd 3216
MC33071DR2 MOTOROLA mot# mc33071dr2 amplifiers- operational 8-pin soic
7119K74 MCMASTER 7119k74 liquid-tight flexible metal conduit adapter with locknut zinc straight 1 trade size femalex npsm male rohs
NDT452AP FAIRCHILD fairchild ndt452ap mosfet p-ch 30v 5a sot-223-4
7119K75 MCMASTER 7119k75 liquid-tight flexible metal conduit adapter with nut zinc straight 1-1/4 trade size femaleand npsm male rohs
MNS05NR10J MICRONELEC 0.1 ohm 5w 5% micron mns05nr10j radial lead
3386X1202 BOURNS 3386x-1-202 2.0k ohm 3/8insq cerm sl st
RNC50H1001FS VISHAY/DALE dale rnc50h1001fs resistor metal film 1k ohm 1%
MX805/T/S1 MAG rm5 core s1 matl mx805/t/s1
KT-3967F CENTRAL-TECHNOLOGY central technology kt 3967 f inductor chok 100mh .07a
MC14018BD. ON-SEMI on semi mc14018bd ic counter div n preset 16soic
4308R104331 BOURNS bourns# 4308r-104-331/471resistor thick film net 330ohm/470 ohm 2% 1w 100ppm/c terminals molded 8-pin sip pin thru-hole
835 ZERICK terminal zerick 835 quickconnect tab
FPQ32/20-A TDK tdk# fpq32/20-a pq core clamp
MMBZ5245B-TR NATIONAL-SEMI diode smd sot-23 pkg 7in t&r of 3000 pieces d/c: 449 brand new reels
836 ZERICK zerick# 836 450056 solder
EEE-1JA101P PANASONIC cap alum 100uf 63v 20% smd rohs
ZMM6V2 ITT zener diode do-213ac smd/ smt package
02-08-1001 MOLEX molex 02-08-1001 crimp terminal 42024 14-20 awg tin (sn)
9856 ETAL etal p9856 line matchingtransformer 21213
22-27-2081 MOLEX molex 22-27-2081 2.54mm kk hdr vt friclk vra 5sn 8ckt
74HCT125M HARRIS harris 74hct125m ic buff/dvr tri-st qd 14soic smd
SN74LS08D TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti# 74ls08d sn74ls08d and gate ic 4 channel 14-soic smd
SN74LS07N TEXAS-INSTRUMENT ti sn74ls07n ic buff/dvrhex n-inv 14dip
42R5231 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 5.23kohm
PV2-47-3% RCD rcd pv2-47-3% resistor 2w47 ohm 3%
CSC10A05181/391 DALE dale# csc10a05-181-391 resistor networks & arrays180/390 ohm pin sip
42R5232 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 52.3kohm
H500A-1-FR MFK mfk h500a-1-fr bobbin
1SMA5919BT3G ON-SEMI 1sma5919bt3g diode zenersingle 5.6v 5% 500mw 2-pin sma rohs
ECU-V1H331JCG PANASONIC ecu-v1h331jcg panasonic capacitor 50v 330pf 5% 5%npo 0805
42R5233 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 523k ohm
RC32GF470J CAL-CHIP cal-chip res# rc32gf470jresistor carbon comp 1 watt 47 ohm 5%
LM239 MOTOROLA lm239n motorola ic analogue comparator quad differential 2v to 36v 14 pins
AMDM-100 DALLAS dallas# amdm-100 fast / ttl buffered 5-tap delay modules
PBL372612 ERICSSON ericcson# pbl3726/12 mask- programmable speech circuits
IS93C46-3GI ISSI 1 024-bit serial electricerasable prom
BZT52C15 ITT itt# bzt52c15 diode zener15v single 2-pin sod-123
MX805/T/T3 SALFORD-ENG rm5 core mx805/t/t3 phil mat 3e2a 4700 permability
T322A335K010AS KEMET kemet t322a335k010as captant 3.3uf 10v 10% axial
BZX84C5V6LT1 ON-SEMI zener voltage regulators225mw sot-23 smt 5.6v 7int/r of 3000 pieces
42R5238 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 52.2 ohm
10140-A-0632-1B PROMPTUS handle rnd .187x1x1
MTMS-101-02-S-S-100 SAMTEC modified micro header centerline: .050in (1 27mm)x.100in (2 54mm) rohs
57R408-1 DALE dale# rs5-1%-4 ohm ww resistor 4ohm 1% 5w
MX805/T/T6 SALFORD-ENG mz805/t/t6 mx805 10k rm5core tdk mat h5c2
KEC-15P JST jst kec-15p dsub connector 15 contacts jk series high-density black
7116-1261 YAZAKI 7116-1261 yazaki 58 connectors v type terminal female brass tin-plated
VI321DP6.35RCS VARITRONIX vi321dp6.35rcs lcd numeric display modules rohs
SQM5W50J RGA rga thy# sqm5w50j resistor 5w 50 ohm 5% axial
GRM155R71A473KA01D MURATA grm155r71a473ka01d cap cer 47000pf 10v 10% x7r 0402
650843 mtn# 650843 transformer115-16 ct 2
F1773-422-2000 VISHAY/RODERSTEIN roe f1773-422-2000 f17734222000 cap film 0.22uf 253vac pet 10% 10 x 26.5mmaxl
ZMM5245B. LGE zmm5245b lge luguang diode zener single 15v 5% 500mw 2-pin mini-melf sod-80rohs
MAX490ECPA MAXIM maxim max490ecpa ic txrxrs485/rs422 lowpwr 8-dip
SXE35VB221 UNITED-CHEMI-CON 220uf 35wvdc 20% radialelectrolytic capacitor sxe-series (8 x 20 mm)
5-555179-3 AMP amp 5-555179-3 conn modular plug pl 8 pos 1.02mmcrimp st cable mount 8 terminal 1 port box cat 3
LI0603G121R-10 STEWARD li0603g121r-10 ferrite 700ma 120 ohm 0603 smd rohs
650844 qite# 650844 transformer115/24v 40va
PME261JB5220K03 EVOX-RIFA capacitor 0.022uf 1000v mpaper rohs
MMUN2115LT1G ON-SEMI mmun2115lt1g on semi transistors prebias pnp 0.4w sot23-3 rohs
ECU-V1H562KBG PANASONIC panasonic ecu-v1h562kbg capacitor ceramic multilayer 50 v x7r 0.0056 uf 0805
MEE334K250 TAISHING .33uf 250vdc 10% mee axial oval wrap & fill metallized polyester film cap
54R188-1 C.C. resistor 1w 5% 1.8 ohm
NCP18XW682J03RB MURATA ncp18xw682j03rb thermistor 6.8k ohm ntc 0603 smd rohs
61407-3 AMP amp# 61407-3 terminals .187 faston tab
BAV99-SIE INFINEON siemens bav99e-6327 bav99e6327 switching diode array 200ma 70v sot23
KTC3875S-Y-RTK/P KEC planar pnp transistor(general purpose applicationswitching application) rohs
2W01G GSI gsi 2w01g diode rectifierbridge single 100v 2a 4-pin wog
42R8251 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 8.25k ohm
CDR31BX471BKUS KEMET kemet cdr31bx471bkus capceramic 470pf 100v bx 10%smd 0805 (0.001%fr) 125c
SI4884DY SILICONIX siliconix si4884dy 3k/reel mosfet so8 nch 30v
600104-0375 SCREW screw 10-32x3/8 hxhd stl600104-0375
42R8253 M.F. phillips# sfr55-825k-1% resistor 825kohm 1%
42R2252 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 22.5k ohm
MMK15334J250 EVOX-RIFA .33uf 250vac 5% mmk15 radial metallized poly filmcap 15mmls
SM2000. LGE sm2000 lge diode rectifier 2kv 1a smd melf
3224W-1-102E BOURNS bourns 3224w-1-102e trimmer 1k ohm 0.25w smd
PW10-1.5K-10% IRC irc# pw10-1.5k-10% resistor 1.5komh 10%
PGA-114MH3-S-TG ROBINSON-NEUGENT robinson neugent# pga-114mh3-s-tg socket pga mach114 pin pc mt tin hp6245
MC78L05ACPRA ON-SEMI reg volt pos 100ma 5v to92 contains pb
42R8258 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 82.5 ohm
BUBBLEPACK IBS bubble pack big pink ns sa dmas/pd230as 1/2 x 48 x250 antistatic large bubble slit@ 12in 4 rolls/bundle
BZT55C39 TELEF telef# bzt55c39 diode zener 39v
559-0201-003 DIALIGHT dialight 559-0201-003 green 5mm led indicator
PV5-27-5% RCD rcd pv5-27-5% resistors 27ohm 5%
QBH-149 SPECTRUM-CONTROL q-bit qbh-149 rf/microwave wide band low power amplifier 10 mhz - 150 mhz
MPSA14 MOT mpsa14 motorola npn darlington transistor 1a
DM74ALS32M TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti dm74als32m quad 2-input or gate
42R2260 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 226 ohm
56579-0576 MOLEX connector receptacle usb 5posrt angle
P50-040SG-S1-TGF ROBINSON-NUGENT p50-040sg-s1-tgf connector socket 40pos str .050in gold
42R2262 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 22.6k ohm
74F85N SIG sig# 74f85n 4-bit magnitude comparator fast schottky ttl.
42R2263 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 226k ohm
204N1602226K4 MATSUO 22uf 10vdc 10% radial epoxy dipped solid electrolyte tantalum cap
BAV70E6327 INFINEON diode switching 70v sot237in t&r of 3ooo pieces
3224W-1-103E BOURNS 3224w-1-103e bourns resistor cermet trimmer trimpot 10k ohm 10% 0.25w 4mmtop adj smd
5802B AAVID aavid# 5802b clip-on h/sfor 14/16 dip
51864-3 AMP/TYCO 51864-3 amp/tyco connector ring 14-16 awg #6 pidg
RLR05C1053FS DALE dale rlr05c1053fs resistor metal film 0.125 w 1% 100 ppm 105000 ohm through hole mount
CDR32BX103BKWM KEMET kemet# cdr32bx103 capacitor .01mfd 10%
XFL4020-102MEC COILCRAFT coilcraft# xfl4020-102mec fixed inductors power inductor 1 uh 20% 11 a compos
S1812-822K API api s1812-822k inductor 8.5uh smd
LMSZ5260BT1G LRC lmsz5260bt1g lrc leshan radio zener diode voltageregulator 500 mw sod-123rohs
MC74LCX16245DT ON-SEMI on-semi mc74lcx16245dt lvc/lcx/z series dual 8-bit transceiver true output pdso48
43045-0602 MOLEX molex 43045-0602 connector header 6pos 3mm r/a gold rohs
CRG1206J68R0 KOA koa# rm73b2bt680j newohm#crg1206 1/4w 68 ohm 5% 398807-680 smd
255.5 LittelFuse 255.500 255.500 pico ii 1/2 amp 125vac axial littel fuse 255.500 pico ii fuse 1/2 amp 125vac
SPH2200J IRC irc# sph ww resistors 2w5% 220 ohm
364LW BOMAR bomar 364lw hardware lockwasher for panel mounting
32R2941 SRFCMNT rk73h2bt2941ft resistors1206 2.94kohm 1% smd
536295-1 AMP/TYCO amp / tyco 536295-1 connrecept rtang 40pos goldpcb
FKM2-3300/100/5 WIMA wima fkm2 capacitors 3300pf 100v 5%
BAS16WT1 ONSEMI/MOTOROLA diode switch 200ma 75v sot323 motorolasilicon switching diode small signal3-pin msl-1 sc-70 (sot-323) tape and reel 3k pieces
AM29F010B-70JC AMD amd am29f010b-70jc 8 megabit (1 m x 8-bit) cmos 5.0 volt-only uniform sector flash memory
2643102002 FAIR-RITE fair-rite 2643102002 ferrite cable coresistor 43 roundcable core z 235 omh @100 mhz
ECU-V1H220JCM PANASONIC panasonic# ecu-v1h220jcm22 50v 5% npo 1206 disc
ECU-V1H472KBG PANASONIC pan ecu-v1h472kbg capacitor ceramic multilayer 50 v x7r 0.0047 uf surface mount 0805
44-3113 PLATO plato# 44-3113 solder tip
RM73B2B101J KOA koa# rm73b2bt101j resistor metal glaze/thick film 0.125 w 5 % 200 ppm 100 ohm surface mount 1206
SFH5110-38 OSRAM sfh 5110-38 ic rcvr ir remote 38khz sidelook rohs
A0800WRS-05-L0BGG LDZY a0800wrs-05-lobgg ldzy electronics connector 0.80mm pitch 90 deg smt singlerow wafer 5pos rohs
SPH1000J IRC irc# sph resistors 2w 5%100 ohm
199D106X9025CA1 VISHAY/SPRAGUE spg 199d106x9025ca1 10m 25v bulk
CTB125RA2C FCI fci/burndy ctb100ra2c nylon 6/6 cable tie mountbase 1.125 in l 1.125in w number of entries:2-way
NC6-P107-02 T&B t & b# nc6-p107-02 connector b/s pc .375 2 pos ph/sl housing
C322C223K2R5CA KEMET capacitors .022uf 200v 10% radial cap-cer
RM06TJ4.7K PACCOM paccom rm06tj4.7k resistor 4.7kohm 5% smd 0603
CTH8F-104K CENTRAL-TECH 100 mh 10% choke pb free.07a
ECU-V1H181JCG PANASONIC ecu-v1h181jcg panasonic capacitors npo 50v 180pf smd 0805
RCR07G824JS AB ab# rcr07g824js resistors820 kohms 5% c.c.
894 ZERICK zerick # 894 quick disconnect terminal tab
91D2D-B16-C20/C20 BOURNS bourns 91d2d-b16-c20/c20resistor potentiometer cermet 1 turn(s) 1w 100000ohm 5/8 inch square 6 pins
TSM-108-01-LSH-TR SAMTEC unshrouded hdrs v/a rohs(broken-reel)
561J1A MONO capacitors 560pfd 50v x7r radial
GKN-20 BUSSMANN buss gkn-20 fuse cartrig
74F125N PHILIPS phil# 74f125n ic buffer/driver single 4-bit f-ttl dip 14pin
DS1845E-050 DALLAS/MAXIM maxim ds1845e-050 ic potentiometer
SK36 DIODES-INC sk36 diode schottky 60v 3a 2-pin do-214ab rohs
272-3000-JB RCD rcd 272f-3000-jb mini w/m3k ohm 10w
L225J25R OHMITE solder lug power resistor225watts 25ohms 5%
PP-017 CUI pp-017 connector dc pwr plug 0.9x3.2x9.0mm rohs
550-0206-816 DIALIGHT dialight# 550-0206-816 led cbi 5mm grn
EEE-FK1C470UR PANASONIC eee-fk1c470ur cap alum 47uf 16v 20% smd rohs
MF55D3920 KOA koa# mf55d3920f resistor metal film 0.25 w 1 % 100 ppm 392 ohm through hole mount t/r axial
MPSA44 MOT mpsa44 motorola: high voltage npn bipolar transistor
PP-019 CUI pp-019 connector dc pwr plug 1.1x3.0x9.0mm rohs
SN74LS14D TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti# 74ls14d sn74ls14d inverter gate schmitt trigger 1 input 8 ma 4.75vto 5.25v soic-14
RN1/2-T1-27.4 SEI sei# rn 1/2 ti 27.4 1% resistor 27.4ohm 1% axial
RLR07C4701GS DALE dale# rlr07c4701gs resistor metal glaze/thick film 0.25 w 2 % 100 ppm 4700 ohm through hole mount
TPS77518PWP TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps77518pwp ic ldo regulator 1.8v 0.5a 20-pin htssop ep rohs
G4A-1A-PE-DC12 OMRON g4a-1a-pe-12vdc omron relay gen purpose spst 20a12v rohs
5219-RC J.W.-MILLER bourns/jw miller inductorchoke 4.9uh 20% 15a rohs
CD471K1KVX RADIO 47opf 1kv x5f 10% radialdisc cap-cer
600144-0750 SLFTAP screw# 4x3/4 phph selftap600144-0750
NT05-40311 AMETHERM nt0540311 ametherm circuit protection thermistors40kohm 10%
CD74HCT4538M TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS high-speed cmos logic dual retriggerable precision monostable multivibrator so 16nb
BAT85T/R PHILIPS philips/nxp # bat85 diodeschottky tape axial sod68
RT334024F AMP/TYCO relay coil resistance:1440 ohm
205735-7 AMP/TYCO plug vert 15 pos 30gold
BZX84C6V8 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c6v8 diode zener single 6.8v 5% 3-pinsot-23
SPH-10-5% IRC irc# sph 10 resistors 5%2w 10ohm
DD1026KV ARCO .001uf 6kv z5u 20% discradial lead cap-cer obsolete
14R750 C.F. resistors 1w 5% 75 ohm
BC847B PHILIPS phil# bc847b transistors npn gp100ma 45v sot23
BC847C PHILIPS philips# bc847c transistor gp 45v 0.1a sot-23
CF25-510K-5%. BEC bec cf25-510k-5%. resistor 1/4w 5% 510k ohm
ERA2S304CLL LEMO era.2s.304.cll lemo circular push pull connectorsrecept 4 cts
3C2025U225M050B SPRAGUE 2.2uf 50v z5u 20% .2ls radial
14R753 C.F. resistors 1w 5% 75k ohm
SM08104410 AMETHERM sm08104410 ametherm thermistor 100kohm 5% b-4110ksmd 0805 ceramic rohs
MPSA56 NATIONAL SEMI nsc# mpsa56 pnp bipolar small signal transistor 3pins
RN55D3483F VISHAY/DALE dale# rn55d3483f 348k 1/8w 1%
CRCW0402-565JRT7 DALE dale crcw0402565jrt7 ressmd 5.6m ohm 5% 1/16w 042
41791-0852 MOLEX molex 41791-0852 kk 396 header vertical frictionlock 5 circuits 0.76mgold (au) selective plating
R68EC1150K NISSEI nissei r68ec1150k capacitor
DS1233-5 DALLAS dallas ds1233-5 ic 4.625v 5% to92-3
74LS374 FSC fsc# 74ls374pc fairchild- 3-state octal d-type transparent latches and edge-triggered flip-flops
BC848B NSC nsc# bc848b t/r transistor 30v 0.1a smd sot-23
1N2934 SILICON silicon# 1n2934a generalpurpose tunnel diode to-18
MPSA63 NSC nsc# mpsa63 darlington transistor to-92; transistors darlington pnp 30v 1.2a 3-pin to-92 bulk
SR215E334MA MONO sr215e334ma avx .33mf capacitor ceramic multilayer 50 v z5u 0.33 uf through hole mount
RK73H1JTTD2053F KOA 205kohms 1% 1/10w 100ppmsm res-thick film 0603
RM10-12/2 LUFT bobbin# rm10/12/2 12pin
SL05-5R001 AMETHERM ametherm sl05-5r001 therminrush current limiters5mm 5ohms 1a
41791-0855 MOLEX connector 3.96mm (.156in) pitchkk solid hdr vertical fricton lock 8-circuits
90198-0001 MOLEX molex 90198-0001 connector board-in crimp terminals 22-26 awg
LOB30.073PCLT IRC irc# lob3 .07 3pc lt resistor .07ohm 3w 3% leadedtape
58R222-1 WW resistors 10w 10% 2.2k ohm
RNC50H1332FS DALE dale rnc50h1332fs resistor metal film 0.05 w 1% 50 ppm 13300 ohm through hole mount
W21-22RJ WELWYN welwyn w21-22rj resistor22 ohms 5% 3w axial
74LS32M NSC nsc# 74ls32mx quad 2-input or gates smd
BZX84C6V8NEO ITT-SEMI diode smd sot-23 7in t/rof 3000 pcs
MD015A102KAA AVX md015a102kaa avx multilayer ceramic capacitors 1000pf 10%dipguard
SB2100 DIOTEC-SEMI sb2100 diode: schottky rectifying; tht; 100v; 2a;do15
BZX84C6V2NEO ITT-SEMI diode smd sot-23 7in t/rof 3000 pcs
1RG1VWB477MAP SAMWHA samwha 1rg1vwb477map10020ammo pack
TLB1E100M NICHICON tlb1e100m nichicon 10mfd 25v axial elect.ax
RC0402FR-07487KL YAGEO rc0402fr-07487kl yageo thick film resistor 487kohms 1% 0.063w 1/16w chip0402 (1005 metric) moisture resistant rohs
MM481-3 SALFORD-ENG mm481-3
C1608X7S2A104M TDK c1608x7s2a104m cap cer 0.1uf 100v 20% x7s 0603 rohs
MAX192BCWP MAXIM maxim# max192bcwp adc single sar 133ksps 10-bit serial 20 pin dip
74HCT245D-PBF PHILIPS ic txrx octal bus 3tate 20soic rohs
TPS3305-33D TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS dual processor supervisors soic 8-pins
42R2320 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 232 ohm
FRN-2-10-5-R SEI frn-2-10-5-r stackpole resistor fuse 10 ohm 2w 5% axial
42R2321 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 2.32k ohm
DS183310 DALLAS dallas# ds1833-10 supervisor push-pull totem pole 1 channel to-92-3
TS5A9411DCKR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ts5a9411dckr ic analog swsingle spdt 5.5v 6-pin sc-70 t/r rohs
DAN202U-T106 ROHM rohm dan202u-t106 diode switch 80v 100ma sot-323
87089-2416 MOLEX molex 87089-2416 header strip male 2x12mm
42R2322 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 23.2k ohm
34119 AMP/TYCO 34119 ring tongue terminal 14-16awg 12.2mm 6.4mm tin rohs
MC74AC74 MOTOROLA motorola mc74ac74n ic dual d type positive edge triggered flip flop dip
RNC50H1002FS DALE dale# rnc50h1002fs resistor metal film 0.05 w 1% 50 ppm 10000 ohm through hole mount
42R2323 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 232k ohm
M74HC393RM13TR ST-MICRO m74hc393rm13tr rohs ; stm; ic counter dual binary14-soic
0451001.MR LITTELFUSE 0451001.mr 451 series very fast-acting 125 v 1 a 6.10 x 2.69 mm nano2® ceramic fuse rohs
43650-0816 MOLEX molex 43650-0816 connector hdr8 pos 3mm ls
74F374SC FAIRCHILD 74f374sc fairchild ic d-type pos trg sngl 20soic
RRH040-020-050 RICHCO richco rrh040-020-050 gray bead
RN55D75R01F DALE dale rn55d75r01f resistor mtlflm 75 ohm 1% 1/8w 100ppm/c axl th
L2002CH SGS sgs# l2002ch ic buffer amplifier
IRFB11N50A IR ir irfb11n50a 500v 11a n-channel mosfet 217-02213890
IBSPIO47RW PIONEER pioneer ibspio47rw dvd-rwmedia
TT-345U2F TRIUMPH triumph tt-345u2f enclosufirewire ext usb2.0
L-05B3N3SV6T JOHANSON l-05b3n3sv6t inductor rf 0201 3.3nh 0.3nh rohs
NFM21PC105B1C3D MURATA nfm21pc105b1c3d filter lchigh freq 1.0uf 0805 rohs
ECU-V1H331KBN PANASONIC ecu-v1h331kbn panasonic capacitor 330pf 50v 10% x7r 0805 smd
PLA10AS5521R0R2B MURATA electromechanical filterac line filter
SL32-5R020 AMETHERM ametherm sl32-5r020 current limiter inrush 5 ohm 20
RCR42G471JS ALLEN-BRADLEY ab rcr42g471js resistor carboncomp 2 watt 470 ohm 5%
42R2803.1 MF res# rlr07c2803fs resistor 280kohm 1%
7039PH7308 AARON 7039ph7308 machine screw#4-40 x 5/16 phillips drive pan head 18-8 stainless steel passivated fullthread rohs
85866-3 AMP amp 85866-3 connector socket mod ii tin
7-140 CINCH cinch# 7-140 barrier terminal strip 7 pos 30a 250v10-280 awg
P-28B CAPLUGS caplugs (red) plastic threaded plugs for npt pipefittings
BCX5316 PHILIPS philips bcx53-16 transistor gp bjt pnp 80v 1a 4-pin(3?)
74ALS174 NSC ti# 74als174d ic logic hex d-type f/f w/clr 16soic
PE3361-12 SMC smart cables pe3361-12 sma male to sma male; 50 ohm; rg188a/u rohs
GRM188R61A226ME15D MURATA grm188r61a226me15d murataceramic capacitor mlcc 22uf 10v smd/smt 0603 rohs
M81044/12-22-9 RAYCHEM 22 awg 19/34 strand milcopper wire
74AC16244DL. TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS 16-bit buffers/line drivers with 3-state outputs non-rohs
TPSA106K006R1500 AVX 10uf 6.3v 10% 3216-18 smt solid tantalum cap lowesr
MC40632.768KA3:ROHS EPSON mc-406 32.768k-a3:rohs crystal 32.7680khz 12.5pf smd rohs
R46225275MBR NISSEI nissei r46225275mbr met capacitor 2.2mf 275v
C1294 MIL ck05bx680k multilayer ceramic capacitors mlcc - leaded ck05 68pf 200volts 10% 5.08 mm l/s
RC0603FR-0786K6L YAGEO rc0603fr-0786k6l resistor 86.6k ohm 1/10w 1% 0603 smd rohs
EDSTLZ9552 ON-SHORE on shore# edstlz955/2 ed-1849-nd hdr 2pin strt pwba mount 181025 term
XS2589N HOLLINGSWORTH hollingsworth# xs2589n connector flange #10 450366 lu
B33062-B1102-F SIEMENS b33062b1102f capacitor 1000pf 160v 1% axial cap
42R1181F MF res# rn60c1181f resistor metal film 0.125 w 1 % 50 ppm 1180 ohm
C410C101J1G5CA KEMET kemet# c410c101j1g5ca cap100pf 100vdc c0g 5% axl
MF50B-1/2W-90.9K-1% bec resistor factory bagsmf-50-b 1/2w 90.9k ohm 1%. 100 per bag axial/bulk
LPQ2G101MLRYGA NICHICON nichicon lpq2g101mlryga capacitor 100uf 400v 20% radial
STD4NK60ZT4 ST-MICRO std4nk60zt4 transistors mosfetn-ch 600v 4a 3-pin (2?) dpak t/r rohs
FTSH-102-02-F-DH SAMTEC ftsh-102-02-f-dh samtec terminal strip connector header right angle 4 position 0.050in (1.27mm) smd rohs
MBB02070C1000FRP00 VISHAY mbb02070c1000frp00 resistor 100 ohm 0.6w 1% axial rohs
TAJC684M050 AVX avx# tajc684m050r .68mf 50v 20% tant
RXE185 RAYCHEM resettable fuse raychem rxe185 ptc 1.85a .12 ohm
RK73B2ATTP510J KOA 51 ohm 5% resistor
EEE-1CS100SR PANASONIC eee-1cs100sr cap elect 10uf 16v vs smd rohs
LTC3557EUF#PBF ANALOG-DEVICES ltc3557euf#pbf adi / linear tech ic usb power charger battery management 28-qfn rohs
BYV27-150 philips byv27-150 ultra fast low-loss 150vdc controlled avalanche rectifiers rec
GLF1608-6N8K CAL-CHIP cal-chip# glf1608-6n8k general purpose inductor 6n8 10% smd 1608 (0603)
LTV817A LITE-ON liteon ltv817a high density mounting type photocoupler 224-50000970
39655000020 SPRING spring # 39655000020
SL32-2R025 AMETHERM ametherm sl32-2r025 thermistor 25a 2ohm
74F132D SIG sig# 74f132d logic circuit quad 2-input nand f-ttl 14 pin
54R159-1 WW resistors 1w 5% .15 ohm
KME100VB33RM10X12FT UNITED-CHEMI-CON 33uf 100vdc 20% radial aluminum electrolytic capacitor 10x12mm kme-series
1720301 PHOENIX phoenix contact pst 1 3/2-5 0 r24
GRM426Z5U224M050 MURATA mur# grm42-6z5u224m050 1206 z5u .22m 20% 50v smd
57R109-1 WW res# resistors .1 ohm 5w0.1
MC10H105ML MOTOROLA mot# mc10h105ml triple 2-3-2-input or/nor gate
BZX84C5V6NEO ITT-SEMI diode smd sot-23 pkg 7in t&r of 3000 pieces
MKT1.60EF3470AA00K NESSEI nessei mkt1.60ef3470aa00knessei new no. smd r60474k100bf
57R109-2 DALE dale# lvr-5 .1 1% ww resistor 0.1ohm 1%
57R109-3 DALE dale# cw5-.1-5% resistor0.1ohm 5% 5w
15-91-2080 MOLEX molex 15-91-2080 connector header 8pos .100in vert tin
3364X-1-103E BOURNS bourns 3364x-1-103e pot 10k ohm 4mm sq cermet smd
T494C156M016 KEMET kemet t494c156m016as capacitor 15mf 16v 20%
10142 CINCH cinch 10-142 black connector barrier strip 20 pos 14.3mm screw st panel mount 30a
BSS123-FSC FSC fsc bss123 mosfet n-ch 100v sot-23
515D227M035CC6A VISHAY/SPRAGUE 515d227m035cc6a vishay /sprague aluminum electrolytic capacitors - leadedradial 220mf 2090 35 volt
52316-2619 MOLEX molex 52316-2619 conn scsi pl 26 pos 1.27mm idt stcable mount 26 terminal1 port
7251153 TERM beau# 72511-53-pcv 150-01100020 11 pos terminal block
T494C156M020 KEMET kemet t494c156m020as tantalum capacitors - solid smd 20v 15uf 20%
MM74HC4538M FSC fsc mm74hc4538m monostable multivibrator dual 16-pin 48/tube
D6944Z0V301RA80T1N MAIDA d6944z0v301ra80t1n mov varistor 300v 14mm 175j radt/r rohs
G5V-1-24VDC OMRON omron# g5v-1-24vdc relaygen purpose spdt 1a 24v
HEF4066BT PHIL philips hef4066bt 4066btic analog switch quad spst 14-pin
MKS02/.1/63/10 WIMA .1uf 63v 10% radial metallized polyester (pet) capacitors in pcm 2.5mm
PE-53115NL PULSE inductor 150uh 3a w holder p22.86mm rohs
C0805C102K5RACTU KEMET cap 1000pf 50v ceramic x7r 0805
MC224K6N THOMSON thomson# mc224k6n dip
C0805C103J5RACTU KEMET c0805c103j5ractu capacitor ceramic 0.01uf 50v x7r 0805 rohs
74F74N-1 SIGNETICS signetics # 74f74n ic d-type pos trg dual 14dipic tubes
B7P-VH JST jst b7p-vh wire-to-boardconnector top entry vhseries through hole header 7 3.96 mm
42R5361 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 5.36k ohm
SLR-56MG3F ROHM slr-56mg3f rohm standardled green 572nm indication discrete 2.1v 2-pin t-1 3/4 bulk rohs
DF3-10P-2DSA-01 HIROSE hirose df3-10p-2dsa-01 2mm pitch 10p connector fordiscrete wire connection
FDS3692 FAIRCHILD fds3692 mosfet n-ch 100v4.5a 8soic
42R5362 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 53.6k ohm
PHE840MZ7100MF11R06 KEMET phe840mz7100mf11r06l2 cap1uf 275vac plyp 20% 31.5x 10.5 x 20.5mm rdl
SS12-E3/61T VISHAY ss12-e3/61t diode schottky 20v 1a 2-pin do-214act/r rohs
T225K050 MALLORY 2.2uf 50v 10% radial leadtantalum cap
AT93C56A-10SI-2.7 ATMEL atm at93c56a-10si-2.7 eeprom serial-3wire 2k-bit 256 x 8/128 x 16 2.5v/3.3v/5v 8-pin
T491B474K035AT KEMET t491b474k035at cap 0.47uf35vdc 10% 3.5 x 2.8 x 1.9mm smd 3528-21 rohs
YAV4CL2TC14FX FCI fci/burdy yav4cl2tc14fx ring tongue terminal 4awgtype: ring tongue terminal stud size: 6.35mm color: not required wire gauge: 4 body material: copper insulation: non-insulated rohs
M22520/1-02 DMC dmc m22520/23-03 thia dieassembly used with m22520/1-01 basic tool ( crimphead pin and socket contacts.
HMV-LV15*10RJ HTR hmv-lv15*10rj htr wirewound resistor 10ohms 5% 15w ceramic encased rohs
SMBT1170 MOTOROLA mot# smbt1170t diode tvssingle uni-dir 12v 600w 2-pin smb flat t/r smd
RWR74S18R2FR MIL mil rwr74s18r2fr resistor wire wound 5 w 1 % 20 ppm 18.2 ohm throughhole mount
PCS BUSSMANN pcb fuse holder for plug-in fuse bussman pcs fuse
4308R101471 BOURNS bourns# 4308r-101-471 resistor thick film net 470 ohm2% 1w 100ppm/c bus molded8-pin sip pin thru-hole
ECA-0JM102B PANASONIC eca-0jm102b panasonic capacitor 1000uf 6.3v electm radial
LR919833BAPRN LRC lr919833baprn lrc ldo regulator pos 3.3v 0.3a 5-pin sot-23
SN74LS393D TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti# 74ls393d counter/divider dual 4-bit binary up14-pin soic tube
S14K140 SIEMENS siemens s14k140 varistorth 220v
RLR07C8063FS DALE dale# rlr07c8063fs resistor 806k ohm 1% 1/4w axial
RLR07C2001FS DALE dale rlr07c2001fs resistor 2kohm 1% 1/4w axial
C1608X5R1A106M TDK c1608x5r1a106m capacitorceramic 10uf 10v x5r 0603 rohs
74LS266B1 SGS sgs# 74ls266b1 ic logic gate quad exclusive-nor
SN74HCT541PWR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti sn74hct541pwr ic buff/dvr tri-st 8bit 20tssop
IRF630NSTRL IR ir irf630nstrl mosfet n-ch 200v 9.3a d2pak d/c 02
34168 AMP/TYCO amp 34168 ring tongue terminal 10-12awg tin
1410L110LIF1S013.15 ETA-CIRCUIT-BREAKERS e-t-a 1410l110l1f1s013.151410-l110-l1f1-s-01-3.15circuit breaker 3.15a
42R2371 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 2.37kohm
CRCW06032943F VISHAY/DALE 1/10watt 75v 294kohms 1%0603 pcb surface mount
19141-0052 MOLEX molex 19141-0052 spade tongue terminal 14-16awg 14.4mm 6.5mm tin
XR88C681CJ EXAR exar xr88c681cj ic 2 channels 1m bps serial comm controller
42R2372 M.F. koa# mf55d2372f 1/4w 1% 23.7k ohm 320010-2372
170204-1 AMP/TYCO 170204-1 te connectivityconnector recept 20-26awg pre-tin
42R2373 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 237k ohm
MSP430F1101AIPWR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS msp430f1101aipwr mcu 16-bit msp430 risc 1kb flash2.5v/3.3v 20-pin tssop rohs
NCP18XH103J03RB MURATA mur ncp18xh103j03rb chiptype 0603(1608)size 10k ohm ±5%
14R828 CARBON resistor 1w 5% 8.2 ohm
DS1232. DALLAS dallas ds1232 ic micro monitor chip 8-dip
ECU-V1H223KBX PANASONIC ecu-v1h223kbx panasoniccapacitor ceramic multilayer 50 v x7r 0.022 uf surface mount 0805
121311A IBS 121311a connector 5 wire assembly 2mm center pitch rohs - with ul1430 awg 26 105c white wiresistor - tariff code 8537.10.9170.
MC18FD391J CORNELL-DUBILIER capacitor mica 390pf 5% 500v 1812
74HCT14M96 HARRIS harris# 74hct14m ic inverter schmitt trigger 6-element cmos 14-pin
IRFP150 IR mosfet n-ch 100v 41a to-247ac irfp150 rohs non-compliant
4003 KEYSTONE 4003 battery contact a /aa type; battery size code:a aa; terminal type:contact; for use with:a aa batteries; accessory type:battery contact rohs
RN55D4991F DALE dale# rn55d4991f resistor 4.99k ohm 1/8w 1% axial
MURD620 MOTOROLA motorola murd620ctt4 rectifier diode 3a 200v silicon dip
HN5P-53-4-1 GROM grommet# hn5p-53-4-1 stud turnlock fastener
BZX84C6V2T/R PHILIPS voltage regulator diodessot-23 7in t/r of 3000 pcsdate: 9624 & 9948 & 9949
SL22-12103-B AMETHERM sl22-12103-b ametherm ; rohs ; inrush current limiter 120 ohm ohm 25% 3a 0.866in (22mm)
PDTC115EE 115 NXP pdtc115ee 115 transistors digital bjt npn 50v 20ma 3-pinsmpak t/r rohs
2908-05WB-MG 3M 2908-05wb-mg conn micro sd card hdr 8 pos 1.1mm solder ra smd t/r 0.5a rohs
BZX84C4V7NEO ITT-SEMI diode smt sot-23 pkg 7in t&r of 3000 pieces
52213-0211 MOLEX 2.5mm connectors 2.50mm wire recpt 2p splash proof
C36C023Z501BY104MJ SPRAGUE spg# 5gap10 c36c023z501by10 .1mf 500v 20% vcs
DC60S3 CRYDOM crydom dc60s3 relay ssr 2.2ma 32v dc-in 3a 60v dc
5666N170040140 RAF raf# 5666-n-170-040-140 washr
RG515-02T56R VITROHM vtm rg515-02t56r resistor 56ohm 2% 0.5w
172-E09-113R911 NORCOMP 172-e09-113r911 d-subminiature standard connectors9 pos. dip/so. male .225in sp/bl b/s rohs
MMAD1109 MOTOROLA mmad1109 motorola diode array 50v 14-pin esd suppressor
WP3A8YD KINGBRIGHT wp3a8yd kingbright standard led 2.1v uni-color yellow 588nm diffused 15mcd2-pin t-1 through hole rohs
BYD37J 115 PHILIPS fast soft-recovery controlled avalanche rectifier.repetitive peak reversevoltage 600 v sod87 2 pins rohs
TC74AC86F TOSHIBA toshiba tc74ac86f ic gateexcl or quad 14-sol
MKT1822322405 VISHAY mkt1822322405 cap 22nf 400vdc/200vac plye 10% 13 x4 x 9mm rdl 10mm rohs
SMBTA92E6327XT INFINEON smbta92e6327xt transistors gp bjt pnp 300v 0.5a 3-pin sot-23 t/r rohs
RK73H1JTTD8663F KOA rk73h1jttd8663f koa resistor 1/10watt 866kohms 1%
ECJ-2VC1H330J PANASONIC ecj-2vc1h330j panasonic capacitor 33pf 50v npo 10%c-cr 0805 smd cap
C0603C330J1GACTU KEMET c0603c330j1gactu cap cer33pf 100v c0g 0603 rohs
LM393 MOTOROLA comparators so-8 lo-pwr dual voltage - rohs: inventory non-compliant - future factory shipments willbe compliant mot# lm393dsmd
MAX1644EAE M AXIM 0 ax1644eae maxim ic reg sbuck adj/prog 2a 16ssop rohs
43R4422 M.F. resistor 1/2w 1% 44.2kohm
640911-1 TYCO tyco 640911-1 quick disconnect terminal 18-22awg f20.32mm 6.35mm tin
CA-635 CAL-FASTENERS ca-635 con 6.35mm plug cable (ca-635) for cactus v4 wireless flash trigger
SL321R030 AMETHERM ametherm sl32-1r030 thermistor / inrush limiter 30mm 1ohms 30a
RMC470MZ DISK cap# ceramic 470pf 3kv 20% rmc470mz 5u 3kv
3266W-1-501 POT bourns# 3266w-1-501 var resistor 500 trim pot
43R4423 M.F. resistor 1/2w 1% 442k ohm
MF55D4021 KOA koa# mf55d4021ft52 resistor 4.02kohm 1/8w 1% m.f.
T491C335M035AS KEMET t491c335m035as kemet capacitor tant solid 3.3uf 35v c case 20% (6 x 3.2 x 2.5mm) smd 6032-28 2.5 ohm125c 500/reel
42R1003.1 MF rlr07c1003gs resistor 100k ohm 2% 1/4w axial
KWKE-RACA CHERRY kwke-raca switch 10a 125/250vac rohs
CA364 SPECIALTY-METAL wire band .375x.375 t-c steel seals clip (part # 60)
7611R103 CTS cts# 761-1-r10k resistor network film bussed 2.3 w 100v 10k through hole mount sip
LM393D SGS st comparators so-8 lo-pwr dual voltage sgs / st lm393d st comparators so-8lo-pwr dual voltage - rohs: inventory non-compliant - future factory shipments will be compliant
11R5362 BEC bec# 11r5362 resistor 1/8ohm
SL3210015 AMETHERM ametherm sl32-10015 thermistor 32mm 10ohms 15a inrsh curr limiter
BC857B ROHM rohm# bc857b transistors - single pnp gp 100ma 45v sot-23
MCP-2515-I/ST MICROCHIP can and infrared peripherals tssop-20 w/spi interface
KWKE-RACE CHERRY kwke-race switch 10a 125/250 vac with lever rohs
BC557B ITT itt# bc557b bipolar transistors - bjt pnp -45v -100ma hfe/450 sot-23
MF55D28R7FT52 KOA koa# mf55d28r7ft52 28.7 mf 1/2w 1% t/r smd
ECA-2AHG470 PANASONIC eca-2ahg470 panasonic cap alum 47uf 20% 100v radial rohs
ECK-DNS222MEX PANASONIC panasonic# eck-dns222mex2200 pf 400vac 20%
74S00D G.P. gstr# gd 74s00d nand gate4-element 2-in bipolar 14-pin
DF3Z-6P-2H(20) HIROSE connector header 6pos 2mm rt ang tin - df3z-6p-2h(20) rohs
406780858 NDK 406780858 ndk crystal 4.000 mhz hc-18
LM393D. TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS lm393d texas instrumentsic comparator dual 15v/30v 8-pin soic tube
GMC21-CG300J100NT CAL-CHIP cal chip # gmc21-cg300j100nt 30pf npo 5% c2330 forhistory surface
SJ-5518(BLACK) 3M bumpon tall taper sq .50x.23 bk rohs
2N5060 MOT mot# 2n5060 to 2n5060rlrethyristor silicon controlled rectifier 30 volt 10amp 3 pin
5TB110R-65RE04BCB-01 AMTEK 5tb110r-65re04bcb-01 amtek terminal block 4pos right angle rohs
LM393M NSC nsc# lm393m ic comparatordual diff 8-sop
MAX662AESA M AXIM 0 ax662aesa maxim ic dc/d sc converter reg swtchd cap 12v 30ma 8soic rohs
BC856BW LGE bc856bw lge transistors pnp 65vsc70-3 rohs
640551-3 AMP/TYCO close end dust cover 3posused w/mta-156 con. white rohs elv polyester ul94v-0
EEV-FK0J221P PANASONIC panasonic eev-fk0j221p cap 220u 6.3v 105c 6.3x5.8elcap
AN79N05 PANASONIC pan# an79n05 3-pin negative output voltage regulator (300ma type) lin
LM393N NSC lm393n nsc ic dual comparators 18v/36v 8-pin pdiptube
HEF4052BTD PHILIPS ic mux/demux dual 4chan 16soic t/r rohs
ECU-V1H103KBM PANASONIC ecu-v1h103kbm panasonic capacitor 50v .01mf 10% x7r 1206 smd
CD74ACT32E RCA rca# 74act32e ic quad 2-input or gate
B45197A3227K509 KEMET b45197a3227k509 22uf 16v10% low esr tantalum smdcap rohs
PI49FCT32803QE PERICOM pi49fct32803qe pericom icdriver 1:7 clock buffer133mhz 16qsop
640431-3 AMP/TYCO amp 640431-3 header connector cable mnt plug 3 contacts skt 0.1
IL610A-3E NVE il610a-3e ic digital isolator 20ns nsoic-8 rohs
BC558B MOTOROLA mot# bc558b transistors gp bjtpnp 30v 0.1a 3-pin to-92
BCW60D FAIRCHILD bcw60d fairchild npn transistor 32v 100ma smt sot-23
1-103240-2 TYCO breakaway headers modii .100 24pos str
MF55D3.01F KOA koa mf55d3.01f resistor 3.01 ohms 1/4w 1% axial
2-36152-1 AMP/TYCO amp# 2-36152-1 connector ring16-22 awg #6 red pidg
PI7C9X130DNDE PERICOM pi7c9x130dnde ic pcie-pcix bridge 1port 256bga rohs
BZX79B7V5 PHILIPS bzx79b7v5 philips unidirectional voltage regulatordiode do-35
YW41003TC MAG.INC yw-41003-tc magnetics inc- toroid core t 9.53 x 4.75 x 3.18 - parylene material: ferrite materialgrade: w orientation: nweight (lbs): 0.0018
7916-15FB OUPIIN connector pcb dsub da15way hd90deg socket stail
N80C32-1 INTEL intel n80c32-1 16mhz mcucisc romless mcs51
55R243-2 C.C. rcr42g243js carbon composition resistor 24k 2w 5%
1206B333K500NT AEC aec 1206b333k500nt cap mlcc 1206 x7r 33kpf 10% 50v nickel
RMCB-16(10)LMY-OM06A HONDA rmcb-16(10)lmy-om06-a right-angle smt type male connector for pcb
RSH10Y4716 MURATA murata# rsh10y471g - rsh10y471g single inline package (sip) resistors 5 x 470 ohms 1/4w 2% 10 pins
1410L110L1F1S016.3 ETA-CIRCUIT-BREAKERS eta 1410l110l1f1s016.3 1410-l110-l1f1-s-01-6.3 circuit breaker 6.3a
3362P-1-204 BOURNS bourns 3362p-1-204 pot 200k ohm 1/4in sq cerm sl st
TLE4205G SIE sie tle4205g motor driver bipolar parallel p-dso-20
RNC50H1243FS DALE dale rnc50h1243fs resistor 124k ohm 1/10w 1% axial
905PA1003B7 FERROXUBE ferroxube# 905pa100-3b7 22-34502 coregpd p9/5-3b7-a100 tor
SL22-2R018-A AMETHERM sl22-2r018-a thermistor 2ohm 18a rohs. ininside kinked leadin
1041 CANMAX 1041 canmax esd smock fabric: 5mm stripe packaging: 1 pc / bag
MC10H350P MOT motorola mc10h350p translator pecl to ttl 16-pin
1042 ZIERICK hardware 1042 032 br matttin pl stable lok .187x.032 tap tabs
3059Y1504 BOURNS bourns# 3059y-1-504 trimmer 500k ohm 1w pc pin pot
SN74AHC1G14DBVRE4 TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS sn74ahc1g14dbvre4 ; rohs; ti ; ic schmitt-trg invgate sot23-5
M8340109K1002GC DALE dale# m8340109k1002gc milresistor array 9 resistor 10k ohm 10sip
ECC-F1H330KCE NPO ecc-f1h330kce capacitor 33pfd 50v 10%
D8751H INTEL intel# d8751h microcontroller 8-bit 40 pin ceramic dip
G2R-24-DC24 OMRON g2r-24-dc24 relay pc mntpwr dpdt 5a 24vdc rohs
SA613Y THOMSON thomson# sa613y
V375A-2-FR MFK mfk v375a-2-fr bobbin
R60474J250 NISSEI nissei# r60474j250bi .47mf 250v 5% radial
3299X1502 POT 3299x-1-502 resistor trimmer 5k ohm 10% 1/2w 25turn 2.29mm pin thru-hole
FBMJ4516HS720NT TAIYO-YUDEN fbmj4516hs720nt ferrite chip bead 1806 7mohm 6arohs
SMD-PET-2824-1/63/10 WIMA smd-pet-2824-1u-10%-63v wima smd film capacitors 63v 1uf 10% max reflow 230rohs
MM74HC4316WM FSC high speed cmos hc/hct logic soic-16 quad analog switch
PS6100F2 POWERSONIC powersonic ps-6100f2 - 6volt/12 amp hour sealed lead acid battery
MBRS1100 MOTOROLA mbrs1100t3 diode schottky 100v 1a smb1414-010 smd
TAC475M015P02 MALLORY/CDE 4.7uf 15vdc 20% axial lead solid tantalum cap 3.5 x 8.7 mm
4608X-101-103 NET net# 4608x-101-103 resistor networks & arrays 8pin2% 10k bussed
3359W1502 BOURNS bourns# 3359w-1-502 pot 5.0k ohm 3/8 rd cerm
SG230-1 SG amatek# sg230-1 ntc thermistor; 20r; 15%
BC860B SAMSUNG samsung# bc860b bipolar transistors - bjt transistors gpsot-23
G6B-1114P-US-DC24 OMRON relay pcb sealed subminiature low power 24vdc spst-no 8.3 ma 2880 ohms
BC860C PHILIPS phil# bc860c transistor pnp sot-23; vceo:45v; current ic hfe:2ma; current ic max:100ma
SI2303CDS-T1-GE3 VISHAY "si2303cds-t1-ge3 mosfetp-ch 30v 2.7a sot23-3 rohs"
SL08-5R003-A AMETHERM sl08-5r003-a ametherm thermistor / inrush currentlimiter 5 ohms 20% 3a 0.315in (8.00mm) inside kinkrohs
CC1206Z5U104M050 SRFCMNT cc1206z5u104m050 capacitor 0.1uf 50v smd
ICL7667CBA INTERSIL intersil icl7667cba half-bridge gate driver ic inverting 8-soic
2.32E+11 VISHAY/BCC 232273461002 bcc resistor1.00k ohm 1/4w 1% 1206
MA503E105MAA MONO ma503e105maa capacitor 1uf
74ABT245CSC FSC fsc 74abt245csc ic bus xcvr single 8-ch 3-st 20-pin soic
TC74HC74AFN TOSHIBA toshiba tc74hc74afn ic flip-flop dual d-type 14-sol
LM13700M NSC nsc lm13700m ic dual op transconductan ce soic-16
GRM40X7R682K050 MURATA mur# grm40-x7r682k050 6800pf 50v 10% smd
MC74AC245N ON-SEMI octal bidirectional transceiver with 3-state inputs/outputs
DM10FD910J03 SUSCO-ELECTRONICS susco dm10fd910j03 cap 91pf 5% 500v dm10 mica
42R2430 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 243 ohm
RC1206FR-0797K6L YAGEO rc1206fr-0797k6l resistor 97.6k ohm 1/4w 1% 1206 smd rohs
T491B225M025 KEMET kem# t491b225m025as 2.2mf25v 20% tant
MC74HC245AN ON-SEMI on-semi mc74hc245an bus xcvr single 8-ch 3-st 20-pin pdip
MKC2-0.1MF-63V-10% WIMA wima mkc2-0.1mf-63v-10% capacitor 0.1mfd 63v 10% disc
42R2432 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 24.3kohm
SMAJ33CA. LGE smaj33ca lge diode tvs single bi-dir 33v 400w 2-pin sma rohs
IRF610PBF IR mosfet n-ch 200v 3.3a to-220ab rohs
42R2433 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 243k ohm
MC34164D-3R2G ON-SEMI mc34164d-3r2g ic volt supervisor supply 2.71v 8-pin soic rohs
ERJ-6CWFR010V PANASONIC erj-6cwfr010v panasonic current sense resistor 0.01 ohm 1% 0.5w smd 0805 (2012 metric) automotive aec-q200 rohs
PME271Y547MR19TO KEMET kemet pme271y547mr19t0 safety film capacitor 0.047uf 20% 250vac rohs radialthrough hole
MC74HC125AN MOTOROLA mot# mc74hc125an ic buffer/driver single 4-bit hc-cmos dip 14pin
MAX202CD TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS max202cd rs-232 interfaceics 5v dual line driver/receiver rohs
UPL1C332MHH6 NICHICON upl1c332mhh6 nichicon 3300uf 16v 105c electrolytic capacitor
SQ5WR05J RGA 5w 5% .05 ohm 5w 5% .05ohm sq5w same as pw5
DS1232N DALLAS/MAXIM dallas ds1232n micromonitor chip processor supervisor 4.62v 4.5v to 5.5v 8-pin pdip
43R1471 M.F. resistor 1/2w 1% 1.47k ohm
42R2438 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 24.3 ohm
RM06J560CT CAL-CHIP rm06j560ct resistor metal glaze/thick film 0.1 w 5 % 200 ppm 56 ohm surface mount 0603
M55342K06B27E4R MIL m55342k06b27e4r resistor thickfilm 0705 27.4k ohm
TP-103-02-T COMPONENTS-CORP tp-103-02-t printed circuit mounted test points loop height: 0.200in 12a rohs
7P-SCN JST 7p-scn .098 crimp connector board in rohs
57R350-1 WW res. 7watt 35 ohm 10% pw7type hamilton hall
IRFD210 IR ir# irfd210 mosfet n-chan 200v 0.6 amp hd-1
DE0603B471K2K MURATA murata de0603b471k2k bulk500/fac bag
HEAL-LC4.03-5% HIGH-TECH-RESISTORS htr heal-lc4.03-5% resistor 4.03ohm 5% axial
SL08-12101 AMETHERM sl08-12101 currnt limiter inrush 120 ohm 1a
ROXIOV6EASYDVD ROXIO roxio roxiov6easydvd roxio easy cd & dvd creat or
B81122-A1224-M EPCOS epcos b81122-a1224-m cap220nf 250vac
54R220-2 RCD rcd# bw1f 22 1w 5 % irc#sp20f 22 ohm 1w 5%
UMK212B7105KG-T TAIYO-YUDEN umk212b7105kg-t cap cer 1uf 50v 10% x7r 0805 rohs
M74HC373M1R ST-MICRO st micro m74hc373m1r smdic micro package 40/tube
390088-2 AMP/TYCO ampmodu mod. iv connectorshunt dual beam 15au pcb
57R200-3 WW resistor wirwound type 160 20ohm 5w 5%
MLF2012C680K TDK inductor multilayer 68uh2012
42R8450 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 845 ohm
BZX84C16-TR ITT-SEMI bzx84c16-tr itt-semi zener diodes 250mw 16 smd sot-23 pkg 7in t /r of 3000 pieces
74HC00 NSC nsc# 74hc00n ic quad 2-innand gate 2input
C2012X5R1A336M125AC TDK c2012x5r1a336m125ac tdk ceramic capacitor mlcc 33uf 10v x5r 20% t: 1.25mm smd/smt 0805 rohs
42R8451 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 8.45kohm
74HC02 SANYO sanyo# 74hc02m soic-14 quad 2-input nor gate smd
LTL3233A LITE-ON lite-on# ltl3233a ltl-3233a kingbright# l153gdt
RM73B2ET240J KOA koa rm73b2et240j resistor2010 24 ohm 5%
1-350943-0 AMP amp 1-350943-0 connector header 3pos .250 rtang tin
96562A146 MCMASTER 96562a146 self-locking pan head phillips machine screw 18-8 ss 6-32 thread 3/8in length with patch
5-530843-3 AMP amp 5-530843-3 standard card edge connectors 100 vrt 018dp
MS24515-718 JKL jkl ms24515-718 lamp incandescent miniature lamp.115 amps 5v
S-M3-0-ZC PEM pem s-m3-0-zc self-clinching nuts
RM12J130CT CAL-CHIP cal-chip rm12j130ct resistor metal glaze/thick film 0.25 w 5 % 200 ppm 13 ohm surface mount 1206
TL082ACD. ST-MICRO tl082acd stmicroelectronics general purpose j-fetdual operational amp icopamp jfet 3mhz 8soic
74VHC125M FAIRCHILD 74vhc125m fairchild ic buffer/line driver 4-ch non-inverting 3-st cmos 2v-5v 14-pin soic rohs
W25Q80DVZPIG WINBOND w25q80dvzpig winbond flash - nor memory ic 8mb (1mx 8) spi 104mhz 8-wson rohs
72R102 POT resistor 1kohm 20% horiz.
14R910 OHMITE ohmite resistor 1w 5% 91ohm
42R8458 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 84.5 ohm
RK73H1JTTD2R70F KOA rk73h1jttd2r70f resistor thickfilm 0603 2.7 ohm 1% 1/10w ?200ppm/?c molded smdpunched paper t/r rohs
NSR0620P2T5G ON-SEMI nsr0620p2t5g diode schottky 20v 0.5a sod923 rohs
HT-191TW-S293 HARVATEK ht-191tw-s293 harvatek white led 20 ma 2.8v smd 0603 rohs vf:h3 h4 j1 j2; iv:u1 u2 v1 v2
CR040216W2212FT VENKEL cr0402-16w-2212ft ; venkel ; chip resistor 1/16w 22.1kohm 1% smd 0402 rohs
74AC16244DL TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ic 16-bit buff/line drvr48-ssop rohs
14R911 OHMITE resistor 1w 5% 910 ohm
RK73H2BT4533F KOA koa rk73h2bt4533f resistor 0.25 w 1 % 453000 ohm smd 1206
RM73B3AT5R1J KOA koa rm73b3at5r1j resistor5.1 ohm 5%
30R8060 KOA koa resistor smd 0805 806ohm 1/10w 1% ww
74HC10 MOT nsc# 74hc10n nand gate 3-element 3-in cmos 14-pin
S14K230 EPCOS epcos s14k230 varistor 360v 4.5ka disc 14mm
BFR92AT/R PHILIPS npn 5ghz wideband transissmd sot-23 7 t&r of 3000 pieces
5GAD12 SPRAGUE spg# 5gad12 cap ceramic disc .0012 1000v 20%
MMBZ5245BLT1 MOTOROLA mot# mmbz5245b zener diodes 15v mmbz5245blt1 t/r sot-23
14R914 OHMITE resistor 1w 5% 910k ohm
30R8062 SMEC smec rc73a2a8062ft cc rm10f8062ct 0805 80.6k .1w 1%
561-2101-100 DIALIGHT dialight# 561-2101-100 391015 red
GRM40-X7R221K100BL MURATA grm40x7r221k100bl muratamultilayer ceramic capacitors mlcc - 220pf 100v10 % x7r smd 0805
VJ0805A330JX VITRAMON vitramon vj0805a330jxaat33p 50v npo 5%
CRCW120640R2F VISHAY/DALE dale crcw120640r2f resistor 40.2 ohm 1/4w 1% 1206 smd
58R4998 DALE dale# rh10 resistor 4.991% alum
74F08PC MOT mot# 74f08pc gates (and /nand / or / nor) qd 2-input and gate
91114A004 MCMASTER 91114a004 lock washer zinc-plated steel external-tooth for screw-size no.30.102in id 0.235in od rohs
EP11SD1ABE C&K c&k# ep11sd1abe sealed tiny pushbutton spst g.p.
7225200 STERN 07225200 stern stainlesssteel piezo switch 22mm 2 color ring illuminated red led/green led flathead type
TP-103-03 COMPONENTS-CORP printed circuit mounted test points 2a .100in
SR73H2ER200FT KOA koa sr73h2er200ft resistor r200 ohm 1% 0805
B45196-E1106-M209 SIEMENS 10uf 6.3v 20% bcase smdtantalum cap
B81130C1104M EPCOS b81130c1104m cap .10uf 275vac emi suppressn rohs
2422SP HEYCO 2422sp heyco grommets & bushings ocub 2000 black 2-inch mounting hole rohs
RK73H1JLTD1103F KOA 1/10watt 110kohms 1% 0603smd thick film chip resistors
329966 AMP amp# 329966 connector ring 16-22 awg #1/2 solis
MAX7219CNG MAXIM maxim# max7219cng led display drivers 8-digit leddisplay driver
SST39VF800A704CB3KE SST sst39vf800a704cb3ke c flash 512x16bit tfbga-48 rohs
3428-5603 3M shrouded headers-.050/.100/.156 cnt non-rohs
RK73H2ATTD8R06F KOA rk73h2attd8r06f koa resistor 1/8watts 8.06ohms 1%
FGH40N60SFD FAIRCHILD fgh40n60sfd transistors igbt chip n-ch 600v 80a 3-pin (3?) to-247 rail rohs
UPX1E331MRH NICHICON upx1e331mrh nichicon elec.rad capacitor 330uf 20%25v radial
CE100F26-4-D ITW
TE1304 SHAY 04 10uf 50v 10% axial al snuminum electrolytic cap te-series
MMBD914LT1 MOTOROLA mot# mmbd914lt1 diode fast switching sot-23
KT-3967F/ CENTRAL-TECHNOLOGY central technology kt 3967 f bulk d/c 0702220 50/bag
RCG12061K00JNEA VISHAY rcg12061k00jnea vishay resistor 1k ohm 5% 1/4w smd 1206 rohs
BYD74A AMPEREX amperex# byd74a rec. fastrecovery rectifier operational
IL213AT VISHAY vishay il213at optoisolator transistor with baseoutput 4000vrms 1 channel8-soic
0603YC105KAT2A AVX 0603yc105kat2a ; rohs ; avx ; 0603 smd ceramic capacitors 1.0uf 16v 10%
CS3633-RC IBS ibs lt18u20a cs3633-rc toroid
HCLCL-20B1R5J6.2 HTR htr 1r5 ohm 5% 20w resistor
MIC1555BM5 MICREL ittybitty cmos rc timer/oscillator sot-23 7in t/r 3000 d/c:0051
28B0562-200 STEWARD emc/emi broadband solidferrite coresistor for roundcables and wiring harness6.35mm
1571998-5 AMP/TYCO 1571998-5 switch dip spstpiano 8pos smd rohs
4118N/2H8P EBM/PABST 4118n/2h8p dc fan ball bearing 48v 120w 11000rpm 336cfm 78db flange mount rohs
39-30-2031 MOLEX molex 39-30-2031 headers& wire housings 3 ckt vert header

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