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08055C333JAT2A Summary: 08055C333JAT2A from AVX is AVX 08055C333JAT2A

electronic components Part Number:  08055C333JAT2A
Part Description:  08055C333JAT2A by AVX is an electronic component, AVX 08055C333JAT2A
Manufacturer: AVX
Quantity Avail:  12000
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- AVX Corporation is a technology leader in the manufacture of passive electronic components and interconnect products worldwide. The Passive Components segment manufactures a full line of surface mount and leaded ceramic capacitors, radio frequency (RF) thick and thin film components, multi-layer ceramic and tantalum capacitors, film capacitors, ceramic and film power capacitors, super capacitors, EMI filters, thick and thin film packages, varistors, thermistors, inductors, and resistive products.

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08055C154JAT2A 08055c154jat2a
08055C154K4T41 08055c154k4t41
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08055C331KAT2A 08055c331kat2a
08055C332KAT2A 08055c332kat2a
08055C333JAT2A AVX avx 08055c333jat2a
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08055C472M4Z2A 08055c472m4z2a
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08055C683J4T4A 08055c683j4t4a
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08055F182KAU2A AVX avx 08055f182kau2a
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08055C102JAT2A AVX mlcc cap 0805 1000pf 50v 5% x7r
08055C102KAT2A AVX mlcc cap 1000pf 50v 10%
08055C103KAT2A AVX mlcc cap x7r 10000pf 50v 10%
08055C103KAT2A AVX 08055c103kat2a avx capac 10nf 20% 50v
08055C104KAT2A AVX 08055c104kat2a avx capacitor 0805 0.1uf 10% 50v x7r
08055C103KAT2A AVX capacitor 10nf 20% 50v
08055C102JAT2A AVX avx 08055c102jat2a mlcc cap 0805 1000pf 50v 5% x7r
08055C102KAT2A AVX avx 08055c102kat2a mlcc cap 1000pf 50v 10%
08055C103KAT2A AVX avx 08055c103kat2a mlcc cap x7r 10000pf 50v 10%
08055F104K4T2A avx

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