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RPA1X7R331K100V MONO rpa1x7r331k100v erie capacitor 100v 330pf
MDR746FT SOSHIN 2450mhz filter band smd 1210
UT0-4004-M5-PKG CLIPPARD ut0-4004-m5-pkg clippardminimatic fitting universal connector 1/8 barb rohs
P3065 ETAL etal p3065 low profileline matching transformer
MC33171D SGS sgs thompson# mc33171d icopamp sngl bipolar lp 8-soic
74F04PC FSC fsc# 74f04pc ic inverter74f fast ttl 74f04 dip14 5.5v
CCR05CG101GR AVX ccr05cg101gr cap ceramic radial molded 5.08mmls 100pf cg 200v +/-2% (6.22mm x 5.08mm x 2.54mm)
V187A-1-FR MFK mfk v187a-1-fr bobbin
LMC568CM NATIONAL-SEMI low power phase-locked loop w/fully balanced phase detectors so package
MCT QTC qtc# mct2 optocoupl dc-in1-ch transistors w/base dc-out6-pin pdip-b
7287-9266-10 YAZAKI 7287-9266-10 yazaki yes/yesc kaizen connectors 2.8x0.8 sealed female 6 poles rohs
11R511 C.F. resistors 1/4w 5% 510 ohm
PV10S-223-JBW RCD pv10s-223-jbw rcd cementresitor 22kohm 5% 10w radial bulk rohs
SSM2166SZ ANALOG-DEVICES ssm2166sz ; adi ; rohs ;ic amp microphone pre 5v14-soic
11R513 C.F. resistors 1/8w 5% 51k ohm
P7614-0603-8R2M ETAL etal p7614-0603-8r2m inductor 8.2uh 5.5a 7.0*7.8 high power
ECU-V1H820JCG PANASONIC ecu-v1h820jcg panasonic capacitor ceramic multilayer 50v c0g 0.000082uf 82pf 5% smd 0805
11R514 C.F. resistors 1/8w 5% 510k ohm
1-104257-0 AMP/TYCO tyco 1-104257-0 connector recpt 11pos .1in pol unload
WR08X1002FTL WALSIN wr08x1002ftl walsin resistor 10k ohm 1/10w 1% smt805
X1098 OSC 1/2 can 45.36mhz oscillator
3428-5203 3M shrouded headers-.050/.100/.156 cnt non-rohs
JTX1N5615 MSC msc jtx1n5615 diode 1a axial
V250A-1-FR MFK mfk v250a-1-fr bobbin
320565 AMP/TYCO amp 320565 connector ring 14-16 awg #8 blue pidg
90069A130 MCMASTER washer 5/16 ctsk ext tlwzinc itemlwsk0310z
444173951 FAIR-RITE 0444173951 fair-rite ferrite core round cable snap-its 44 150ohm rohs
43045-0406 MOLEX molex 43045-0406 4 ckt r/a header smt
H250-2-SP-FR MFK mfk h250-2-sp-fr bobbin duel
CK05BX333K KEMET kemet ck05bx333k cap 0.033uf 50vdc x7r 10% rdl
MC33172D MOT mot# mc33172d operationalamplifiers dual low power smd
BZX84B3V PHILIPS phil# bzx84b3v0 diode zener 3v 250mw sot23
ADG712BRZ ANALOG-DEVICES ic sw quad spst 1.8/5.5v16soic rohs
SR307C104MAA AVX avx sr307c104maa cap mlc0.1uf 500vdc
95123-2881 MOLEX connector mod jack vert 8-8 shielded
T72-52 MICRO-METAL micro metal t72-52 toroidal coresistor al:82.0nh od:18.3mm id: 7.11mm h:6.60mm
1/4W-15-5% BEC bec 1/4w-15-5% resistor 1/4w 5% 15 ohm c.f. t&r
770281-1 AMP amp# 770281-1 connector rcpt circ pwr 10pos stye p - 770
SR152A330KAA AVX sr152a330kaa avx capacitors cer 33pf 200v 10% radial
RN55D10R0F DALE dale# rn55d10r0f rn55d10r0f through hole resistor metal film 10 ohm 200v axial leaded 1/8w 1%
BZV49C6V8 PHILIPS phil bzv49c6v8 diode zener single dual anode 6.8v
ERJ-1GEJ512C PANASONIC erj-1gej512c panasonic thick film resistor 5.1kohms 5% smd 0201 aec-q200 rohs
L78M05ABV ST-MICRO stm / sgs# l78m05abv standard regulator pos 5v 0.5a 3-pin(3+tab) to-220
5093NW360K0JBC PHILIPS bc comp 5093nw360k0jbc resistor 360k ohm metal film 3w0.05
KUSBX-SMT-AS1N-B KYCON kusbx-smt-as1n-b usb & firewire connectors a typesmt recpt black rohs
CR2512-2W-8R25FT VENKEL cr2512-2w-8r25ft venkel chip resistor 8.25ohm 1%2w smd 2512 rohs
CRCW12062261FT DALE dale crcw12062261ft resistor thick film 1206 2.26k ohm1% 1/4w +/-100ppm/c smd
76PSB04S GRAYHILL grayhill# 76psb04s dip switch 4 position sealed sen
BCW33. PHILIPS npn transistors small signal general purpose sot-23
F1100-16 FOX fox# f1100-16mhz crystalsosc 16mhz
RN55D22R1F DALE dale rn55d22r1f metal film resistors - through hole 22.1 ohm 1% 100ppm 1/8w
SN74HC245N TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS oct bus txcvr 20-dip bustransceivers tri-state octal bus
34152P MOTOROLA mot# mc34152p ic mosfet driver dual hs 8dip
BZX84C10 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c10 diode zener 350mw 10v 5% sot-23
BZX84C11 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c11 diode zener 11v 5% sot-23
RN55D1961F DALE dale# rn55d1961f resistor metal film 0.125 w 1% 100 ppm 1960 ohm through hole mount
BZX84C12 MOTOROLA mot# bzx84c12 zener diode12v sot-23
MC33172P MOT mot# mc33172p operationalamplifiers - op amps 3-44v dual low power
SFG2X-3R00-BBW RCD sfg2x-3r00-bbw rcd current sense resistor 3ohm 0.1% 4-ter surface mount rohs
583859-1 TYCO tyco 583859-1 standard card edge connectors twn lfconnector 28 pos
US1150CMTR UNISEM unisem us1150cmtr to263-5ic vreg adi 4a
83502 ERNI 083502 connector accessories din 41612 coding strip polybutylene terephthalate rohs
650691 mtn# 650691 transformer- 115-24 40
RNC50H4991FS DALE dale rnc50h4991fs resistor thick film 4.99k ohm 200v 1?% 50ppm
BZX84C4V3 ITT itt# bzx84c4v3 zener diodes 4.3v 0.35w zener sot-23
BZX84C15 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c15 diode zener 15v 350mw sot-23
42R1000.1 MF res# rn55c1000b resistor thickfilm 100ohms 200wv .1+/-% tol -50 50ppm
MZ806/400/Q3 MAG rm6 gap to al400 mz806/400/q3
74LS125A MIT mit# 74ls125a reord 605-74ls125an ic quadruple busbuffers with 3-state outputs
BZX84C16 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c16 diode zener single 16.2v 5% 350mw 3-pin sot-23
2-520128-2 AMP/TYCO connector recpt flg fast 18-22awg .250
CRCW2512432J DALE dale crcw2512432j thickfilm resistors - smd 4.3kohm 5%
43045-0425 MOLEX 43045-0425 conn wire toboard hdr 4 pos 3mm solder st thru-hole rohs
BZX84C18 MOTOROLA mot# bzx84c18 diode zenersingle 17.95v 5% 350mw 3-pin sot-23
166570-1 AMP amp 166570-1 plug 48 pos3 rwo
74HC86D. PHILIPS ic sm 74hc cmos logic quad 2-input exclusive- or-gate soic
2743005112 FAR-RITE far-rite# 2743005112 chip bead z91 ohm @ 100mhz
BZX84C20 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c20 diodes - zener 250mw 20v
74F04SC NSC nsc# 74f04sc ic inverterhex 14-soic - 74f04scx factory reels
2743002111 FAIR-RITE 2743002111 fair-rite ferrite beads cylindrical 133ohm 100mhz axial
P6SMB47AT3G ON-SEMI p6smb47at3g diode tvs single uni-dir 40.2v 600w 2-pin smb t/r rohs
26116125 MOLEX molex# 26-11-6125 headers& wire housings 3.96mm kk pcbc b/e w c b/e w/rmp/hk 12ckt
DG508ACWE MAXIM maxim# dg508acwe ic mux anlg cmos 8ch 16-soic
2743002112 FAIR-RITE fair-rite bead 2743002112lf z133ohm @ 100mhz
75083R222 CTS cts# 750-83-r2.2k resistor network film isolated 2.1 w through hole mount sip
FLE-108-01-G-DV-K-TR SAMTEC pcb recpt/plug hous-.050/.100/.156
TPS715A01DRBT TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps715a01drbt ic ldo regulator 1.5v to 15v 0.08a 8-pin son ep t/r rohs
6-32X.250 SCREW screw# 6-32x.250 centuryfastener phph lk 606416-0250
BYM36D PHILIPS philips# bym36d diode 800v sod64
L78L33ACD ST-MICRO l78l33acd ic standard regulator 3.3v 0.1a 8-pin sotube rohs
WSR2-0.025-1%-R86 DALE dale wsr2-0.025-1%-r86 resistor 0.025 ohm 1% smd 1500/reel
0402N300J500PT NOVACAP 0402n300j500pt novacap capacitors 30pf 0402 chipsmd
MAX11128ATI+ MAXIM max11128ati+ maxim ic 12bit adc 16-channel 2.35-3.6v 28-pin tdfn-ep rohs
42R2100 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 210 ohm
RN55C8061F VISHAY/DALE 1/10watt metal film 1/10watt 8.06kohms 1% 50ppm
42R2101 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 2.1k ohm
42R5102 MF rlr07c5102gs resistor resistor 51kohm 2% 1/4w axial
MF55D4871F KOA koa# mf55d4871f resistor4.87kohm 1% 1/8w m.f.
RNC50H10R0FS MILSPEC milspec rnc50h10r0fs resistor thick film 10 ohm 200v 1?% 50ppm
42R2102 M.F. koa# mf55d2102ft52 t/r 1/4w 1% 21k 320010-2102
RC1206FR-0730R1L YAGEO rc1206fr-0730r1l yageo resistor smt 30.1r 1/4w 1%100ppm 30.1ohm
BZX84_C15 ITT-SEMI zener diodes 15v 0.35w 15v switching diode sot23 91 d/c
BZX84C27 PHILIPS bzx84c27 philips zener diode single 27v 5% 250mw 3-pin sot-23
STP3N90 ST-MICRO sgs stp3n90 n-channel si power mosfet 3.2 a 900 v 4.5 ohm to-220
RN55D3163F DALE dale# rn55d3163f resistor316k ohm 1/8w 1% m.f.
DM5EC470J ARCO dm5ec470j arcotronics capacitor 47mf 50v 10% radial
BZX84C30 PHILIPS phil# bzx84c30 diode zener single 30v 3-pin sot-23
VJ1206Y332KXAMT VISHAY/CERAMITE vishay vj1206y332kxamt 1206 3300pf 50v x7r 10%
74LS174 MOT mit# 74ls174 hex d-type flip-flop with clear
M27C1001-45XF1 ST-MICRO sgs# m27c1001-45xfi ic eprom uv 1mbit 45ns 32cdip1m (128kx8) 45ns dip 12/tube
B32926C3475M EPCOS b32926c3475m suppressionfilm capacitors 4.7uf 305volts 20% x2 rohs
RC07GF510JS ALLEN-BRADLEY ab rc07gf510j allen-bradley c.c. resistor 51 ohm 5%
74AS244WM TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS nsc# 74as244wm ic dvr/rcvr tri-st inv
26-48-2065 MOLEX molex# 26-48-2065 headers & wire housings 6p straight header
42R5110 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 511 ohm
LM340T12 NSC lm340t12 national semiconductor ic regulator positive 12v to-220
42R5111 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 5.11k ohm
CT175600Q00 FCI ct175600q00 cable ties tf10d21x nylon 6/6 unirapmilitary specification cable tie 175 lbs 21in l .35in w uv black
1N5986B MOTOROLA mot# 1n5986b 5k/reel diode zener single 2.7v
42R5112 M.F. resistors 1/4w 1% 51.1k ohm
D78255 JW-MILLER j.w. miller# filter d-7825-5 dual line choke 100 hu
GRM31CR71E106KA12L MURATA grm31cr71e106ka12l muratamanufacturing co ltd capceramic 10uf 25v x7r 10%pad smd 1206 125c rohs
LC000233ROG CORNING corning# lc000233rog sip
K222K15X7RH53L2 VISHAY axial 2200pf 100volts x7r+/-10%
SY87700LHG MICREL sy87700lhg ic clock-recovery/data-re time tqfp rohs
CRCW0805-223JT DALE dale crcw0805223jt resistors 22k 1/10 w 5% smt085
TL1451ACN TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti# tl1451acn dc/dc switching controllers dual chpwm ctlr
LNK364GN POWER-INTEGRATIONS lnk364gn power integrations switch off-line 4/9w 8-smd
499141-3 AMP/TYCO header rt/a 16pos .100 30au latch connectors
42R5115 ROEDERSTEIN roederstein rn55c5 resistors 11meg ohm m.f.
499141-4 AMP/TYCO 499141-4 te ejector header rt/a 20pos 2.54mm solder .100gold
58R100-1 RGA rga# mns10n100j resistor10 ohm 5% radial
CDR7D28MNNP-4R6NC SUMIDA cdr7d28mnnp-4r6nc nductor4.6uh 3.15a shielded rohs
TPS77601PWPR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps77601pwpr texas instruments ldo voltage regulators fast-tran-resistor 500-mahtssop-20
1375819-1 TE-CONNECTIVITY 1375819-1 connector socket 22-26awg tin crimp rohs
06A3103G DALE mps06a3 103g resistor net 6 pins vishay resistor net 6 pins resistor dale mps06a3103g resistor network 6 pins 10k 2% 3 isolated resistor dale# 06a3 103g 9142d/c resistor net 6 pins
28F0429-0T0 STEWARD steward 28f0429-0t0 ferrite bead
58R100-2 RADIAL micron resistor 10 ohm 10w 5% radial
650718 mtn# 650718 transformer- 115-24 50 va
2DA200K AMETHERM rti/ametherm 2da200k ntcdisc thermistor 20ohm 10% rohs
5520260-4 TE-CONNECTIVITY 5520260-4 te connectivityjack modular connector 8p8c (rj45 ethernet) vertical unshielded cat3 rohs
RK73H2ALTD1000F KOA 100 ohms 1/8w 1% 0805 smdthick film chips resistors
43R1150 M.F. resistor 1/2w 1% 115 ohm
MM5740 CONTROLER ic# mm5740aad nsc custom-output keyboard encoder
CRCW0805-103JT DALE dale# crcw0805-103jt resistor 10k ohm 0805 5% 1/10w smd
US1J DIOTEC-SEMI us1j diode switching 600v1a 50ns automotive 2-pindo-214ac rohs
MMBT4401. LGE mmbt4401 lge bipolar transistor npn 40v; v(br)ceo:40v; ft:250mhz; power dissipation pd:350mw; dccollector current:600ma;(hfe):300 rohs
043001.5WR LITTLEFUSE littlefuse 043001.5wr 1206 slo-bloĢ fuse 430 series littlefuse - littlefuse043001.5wr 1.5a slo-blosurface mount 3.18 x 1.52mm smd 63vac or 63vdc
B57237S509M EPCOS b57237s509m epcos thermistor / current limiter inrsh ntc 5 ohm 20% 2-pin radial 2900k
MEX104K5B/5E TAISHING .1uf 250v 10% film radial cap mex 18mm 15mmls
42R5119 RGA rga# resistor 1/8w 5.11 ohm 1% m.f.
KH208-85B33R VITROHM kh208-85b33r vitrohm resistor 33ohm 5% 5w 0725
ULQ2003ATDRQ1 TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ulq2003atdrq1 ic darlington transistors array 16soic rohs
17-29020 AMPHENOL con# 17-29020 172902 ampmultilock connector system
LGU2G101MELA NICHICON lgu2g101mela cap 100uf 400vdc 20% 25 x 25mm snap-in 10mm 700ma 3000 hr rohs
1N4148WS DIOTEC-SEMI 1n4148ws diode gen purp75v 150ma sod323f
NE2 NE2 ne2-a1a-2 lamp 120 volts0.06 watts
08055A221JAT AVX/KYOCERA 08055a221jat avx capacitor 220pf 50v npo 5% 0805 smd cap-cer
TAJD107M010R AVX avx# tajd107m010r capacitor 10mf 10v 20% tant
BCW30R ST-MICRO sgs# bcw30r transistor pnp silicon planar small signal sot-23
SC92W2 GARDTEC gardtec# sc92-w2 finger guard 92mm 5/8in
SN74LS122DR2 MOTOROLA motorola sn74ls122dr2 t/rreset trigger monostablemultivibrator package:soic 14 pins 9411 smd
171822-3 AMP amp# 171822-3 housing receptacle eis 3 position 2.50 mm centerline
RS1M PANJIT rs1m diode switching 1kv1a 2-pin do-214ac rohs
AS2-4.7K-1% IRC irc resistor 4.7kohm 3w as-2-3w 1%
3386X1102 POT 3386x-1-102 resistor cermet trimmer 1k ohm 10% 1/2w 1turn 3.15mm pin thru-hole tube
171822-4 AMP/TYCO crimp termination nylonhousing ul94v-0 rohs/elv2.50 [0.098] centerline4-pos polarized
41R9091 M.F. phi# rnc50h9091bs resistor metal film 9.09kohms 200wv .1+/ -% tol -50 50p
MAX15000AEUB+ MAXIM max15000aeub+ ic cntrlr pwm current md 10umax rohs
76PSB08S GRAYHILL 76psb08s grayhill# 76-ps1308s piano dip switch-8switches spst latched 0.15a 30vdc through hole-straight
NL4532T4R7K TDK tdk# nl4532t4r7k inductor1 element 4.7uh general purpose smd
TPS72501DCQR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps72501dcqr texas instruments ic reg ldo linr adjsot223-5
42R3011.1 RESISTOR mf55d3011f resistor metal film 0.25 w 1 % 100ppm 3010 ohm through hole mount
2675665702 FAIR-RITE fair-rite 2675665702 ferrite cable coresistor 75 roundcable core imp 22 ohms @200khz min:200khz max:30mhz external diameter:17.4mm inner diameter:9.5mm length:28.6mm rohs
WXE-473K WORLD PRODUCT world product# wxe-473k .047mf 250v ceramic cap radial 220083-473
CRCW12061001FT DALE dale crcw12061001ft resistor 1k ohm 1% 1/4w smd
600104-0250 bolt hex head
CH7525A-BFI CHRONTEL ch7525a-bfi chrontel. 4lane displayport to hdmiconverter industrial grade
RCLAMP0502A.TCT SEMTECH rclamp0502a.tct tvs diode 5vwm 18vc sc89-6 50w 6-pin rohs
16ZL1000M10X20 RUBYCON 16zl1000m10x20 capacitor1000uf 16vdc high temperature; capacitor dielectric aluminum electrolytic;lead pitch:5mm rohs
MD7550H MINGDA md7550h mingda microelectronics ic low dropout regulators fixed 5v 250ma to-92 rohs
3329H-1-502LF BOURNS 3329h-1-502lf bourns trimmer 5k ohm 0.5w pc pin rohs
SM540AM-C SECOS sm540am-c secos diode schottky rectifier 40v 5a smd smam rohs
ML03V11R0AAT2A AVX ml03v11r0aat2a cap microwave 1.0pf 250vdc .005pf 30ppm smd 0603 rohs
ADM705ARZ ANALOG-DEVICES ad# adm705arz ic supervisor mpu 4.65 wd 8soic
C2012X6S0G476M125AC TDK c2012x6s0g476m125ac cap cer 47uf 4v 20% x6s 0805 rohs
4N25(SHORT F) TOSHIBA 4n25(short f) optocouplerdc-in 1-ch transistor with base dc-out 6-pin pdiprohs
USB5532B-6080JZX MICROCHIP usb5532b-6080jzx microchip ic hub ctlr usb 64qfnrohs
SS-7188VS-A-NF-50 STEWART stewart ss-7188vs-a-nf-50connector modular jackf 8 pos 2.54mm solder stthru-hole 8 terminal 1 port cat 5/cat 5e rohs
MON-8L WINSLOW winslow adaptics# mon-8l transistor mounting pads 30% glass filled pbt ul95v-0 black
RC-1/2W-220R-5%-TR SEI resistor 1/2w 220ohm 5% tr
5H2004N0-204WBL00A01 AMTEK 5h2004n0-204wbl00a01 amtek connector housing 2.0mm pitch 8pos 3a 250v rohs
2SB1695KT146 ROHM 2sb1695kt146 rohm bipolar (bjt) transistor pnp 30v 1.5a 280mhz 200mw surface mount smt3 rohs
S1A-E3/61T VISHAY s1a-e3/61t vishay diodegen purp 50v 1a do214acrohs
90295A430 MCMASTER 90295a430 mcmaster-carr nylon plastic washer for number 12 screw size 0.24in id 0.465in od rohs
KC200-010T-2K4 VITROHM kc200-010t2k4 resistor wirewound 2.4k ohm 10% 1w -80ppm/?c to 500ppm/?c conformal axl thru-hole ammo packrohs
PBRC4.00HR50X000 AVX avx# pbrc4.00hr50x000 ceramic resonator 4mhz 3-pin csmd t/r
S11223344-1376 BUFAB s11223344-1376 bufab clipnylon pa6.6 lenght9 5 panel thck1 6 hole3 2 rohs
P3189 ETAL etal p3189 v-22bis voicetransformer
760-3543 CONCORD 760-3543 rubber recess bumpers with molded in washer rohs
BZX55C4V7 SEMTECH bzx55c4v7 zenner diode 4.7v 0.5w do35 taping rohs
ES2000-NO.1-C1-0-STK TE-CONNECTIVITY es2000-no.1-c1-0-stk te connectivity / raychem heat shrink tubing semi rigid 0.225in (5.72mm) 4 to 1black 4.00 (1.22m) rohs
BN-43-202 AMIDON bn-43-202 amidon wideband2-hole ferrite core id:0.150 od: 0.295 width: 0.525 height: 0.565 hole spacing: 0.225 rohs
CRCW0603100KJNEA VISHAY crcw0603100kjnea vishay resistor thick film 100k ohm 5% 0.1w 200ppm/c pad smd 0603 automotive t/r rohs
DPF18-111FIB-3K PANDUIT dpf18-111fib-3k female disconnect fully insulatedpremium nylon 22 18 awgwire range rohs
5KP45A-E3/73 VISHAY 5kp45a-e3/73 diode tvs single uni-dir 45v 5kw 2-pin case p600 rohs
3207 HEYCO heyco 3207 heyco feedthrough strain relief
5747193-2 TE-CONNECTIVITY 5747193-2 connector dsub rcpt50pos t/h ra gold rohs
MC144111DW FREESCALE motorola# analog converters with serial interfacesog pkg.
RK73B1ETTP681J KOA 1/16watts 680ohms 5% 0402chip
MRTGF02500813 BIX mrtgf02500813 din 7985-trox tt m2 5x8 zincpl chrome 3+
XC6221A332MR-G TOREX xc6221a332mr-g torex semiic reg linear 3.3v 200masot25 rohs
TNY280GN-TL POWER-INTEGRATIONS tny280gn-tl power integrations ic ac/dc converters28.5w 85-265 vac 36.5w/230vac 8smd rohs
MT48LC8M16A2P-6A:L MICRON mt48lc8m16a2p-6a:l tr micron dram chip sdram 128mbit 8mx16 3.3v 54-pin tsop-ii rohs
MOR03SJ0FKK130R00 PAK-HENG mor03sj0fkk130r00 pak heng metal oxide film resistor 30ohms 3w 5% axial rohs
P5230 ETAL p5230 transformers
DAC8162SDGSR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS dac8162sdgsr texas instruments dac 2-ch resistor-string 14-bit 2.5v 10-pinvssop rohs
P5231 ETAL p5231 transformers
RC0603JR-0733KL YAGEO rc0603jr-0733kl resistor 33k ohm 1/10w 5% 0603 smd rohs
GRM033R60J103KA01D MURATA grm033r60j103ka01d cap cer 10000pf 6.3v x5r 0201rohs
CHV1206N500420JCTLF CAL-CHIP chv1206n500420jctlf calchip ceramic cap 500v 42pf 5% 1206 npo
C0805X7R251-121KNE VENKEL c0805x7r251-121kne venkelhv chip capacitor x7r 120pf 250v 10% smd 0805 rohs
BCW33 215 NXP bcw33 215 transistor npn32v 100ma sot23 tr rohs
P1200 ETAL etal# p1200 line matchingtransistors for v.32 bis modem
CR2WJ24R PAK-HENG cr2wj24r pak heng resistor 24 ohm 2w 5% cf axialrohs
SL32-5R020-B AMETHERM sl32-5r020-b current limiter inrush 5 ohm 20a - sl32 5r020 b kinked rohs
CL21A226MQQNNNE SAMSUNG cl21a226mqqnnne cap cer22uf 6.3v 20% x5r 0805 rohs
PIMB041B-1R0MS CYNTEC pimb041b-1r0ms ind powerchoke coil 1uh 4.45x4.75x1.2mm rohs
CWS-CM-11580BT COIL-WINDING cws-cm-11580bt ind choke680uh 7a com mod 4p thmt rohs
CSR1206FK20L0 SEI csr1206fk20l0 stackpole sei resistor 0.02 ohms 1%1/2w smd 1206 1k/reel rohs
EEU-FM1C471 PANASONIC eeu-fm1c471 cap alum 470uf 16v 20% radial rohs
ADG713BRUZ-REEL7 ANALOG-DEVICES adg713bruz-reel7 analog devices analog switch quad 4 circuit 1:1 4ohm spst16-tssop rohs
KANF1001-23.2-3.5 DUOMAI kanf10x01-h23.2 wenzhou duomai tact switch 12v 50ma smd rohs
JMK063C6104KP-F TAIYO-YUDEN jmk063c6104kp-f taiyo yuden capacitor mlcc 0.1uf 6.3v x6s 10% smd 0201 rohs
13779834 DELPHI 13779834 aptiv (formerlydelphi) automotive connector crimp terminals 16-18awg 1.5mm gold
RK73B1JTTD272J KOA 2.7k ohms 1/10w 5% smd thick film chip resistors
TPS54327DDAR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps54327ddar ti ic reg buck adj 3a sync 8sopwr rohs
91263A823 MCMASTER 91263a823 mcmaster zinc-plated alloy steel hex drive flat head screw m3 x0.5 mm thread 8 mm long
RK73B2ATTD393J KOA rk73b2attd393j koa speerresistor 39k ohms 1/4w 5% 0805 rohs
42820-2212 MOLEX 42820-2212 molex connector header 2pos 10mm r/a tin rohs
OPA2277U/2K5 TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS opa2277u/2k5 texas instruments ic dual op-amp 1 mhz 0.8 v/us 8-soic rohs
RT2-4DG CABAC rt2-4dg cabac ring terminal m4 insulated blue double grip rohs
QTRL2Z-103J-6 QUALITY-THERMISTOR qtrl2z-103j-6 ring lug ntc temperature probe 10kohm 5% rohs
C3216X5R1E226M160AB TDK c3216x5r1e226m160ab tdk cap cer 22uf 25v x5r 1206rohs
MOR03SJ0FKK127R00 PAK-HENG mor03sj0fkk127r00 pak heng metal oxide film resistor 27ohm 3w 5% axial rohs
3302/14 3M 3302/14 3m flat cable polyvinyl chloride 14conductors 28awg 300v brown 30.48m/91.44m roll 100sf/roll 3202/14-100sf rohs
BSC031N06NS3-G INFINEON bsc031n06ns3g infineon transistor mosfet n-ch 60v100a 8-pin tdson rohs
AO4407A ALPHA ao4407a alpha & omega semiconductor transistors mosfetp-ch 30v 12a 8-pin soicrohs
MAX6412UK46+T MAXIM max6412uk46+t maxim processor supervisor 4.625v 1.6v to 5v 5-pin sot-23 t/rrohs
DEHR33D681KA3B MURATA dehr33d681ka3b murata capacitors cer 680pf 10% 2kv radial rohs
104168-1620 MOLEX 1041681620 molex microsdcombo connector 2.28mm height push-pull normalmount with detect switch 8-circuit card type rohs
TPME157M016R0040 AVX tpme157m016r0040 avx capacitor: tantalum low impedance 150uf 16v case: e
CI5202P1V00-LF CVILUX ci5202p1v00-lf cvilux connector pin header 3.96mm 2p 7a/250v
CPE-165 CUI cui# cpe-165 buzzer piezo 30v 4.8khz w/wiresistor rohs
TIP41C. LGE tip41c lge transistors npn 100v6a to-220 rohs
RK73H2BTTD4703D KOA rk73h2bttd4703d koa resistor thick film 470k ohm 1% 0.25w 100ppm/c pad smd1206 automotive t/r rohs
ATS08ASM-1E CTS ats08asm-1e cts crystal 8mhz 30ppm (tol) 50ppm (stability) 20pf fund 60ohm2-pin hc-49/us sm smd t/rrohs
046288050000846+ KYOCERA 046288050000846+ connector fpc zif 0.5mm 50way series:6288 gender:plug pitch spacing:0.5mmrohs
AOZ1231QI-01 ALPHA aoz1231qi-01 alpha & omega ic reg buck adj 4a sync 30qfn rohs
74AHC1G32GW 125 NXP 74ahc1g32gw 125 nexperiaor gate 1-element 2-in cmos 5.5v 8ma 5-tssop t/r rohs
CONMCX012 LINX conmcx012 linx rf connectors / coaxial connector mcx connector plug male pin 50ohm free hanging (in-line) right angle solder rohs
HS50-2R2-J OHMITE hs50-2r2j ohmite wirewound resistor 50w 2.2 ohms 5% chassis mount rohs
FS89H FUTRONIC fs89h futronic fips201/piv usb 2.0 optical fingerprint scanner (black)
FB2-2.5DG CABAC fb2-2.5dg cabac flat blade connector insulated 2.5mm x 11.7mm double grip rohs
LM1117MPX-ADJ/NOPB TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS lm1117mpx-adj nopb texasinstruments/national-semildo voltage regulator 1output 800ma sot-223 rohs
DEHR33D471KN3A MURATA dehr33d471kn3a ceramic disc capacitors 470pf 10% 2000v rohs
MS15-15004-T AMETHERM ms15-15004 ametherm thermistor r-15ohms 4.5a 15mmradial tape rohs
GW12LCH NKK-SWITCHES gw12lch nkk switch rocker spdt 0.4va 28v rohs
MCR006YZPJ000 ROHM mcr006yzpj000 rohm resistor jumper thick film 0ohm pad smd 0201 automotive t/r rohs
RMC1/10-103JTP KAMAYA rmc1/10-103jtp resistor metal glaze/thick film 0.125 w 5 % 200 ppm 10000 ohm surface mount 0805 rohs
RT8207GQW RICHTEK richtek# rt8207gqw ic ctrlr ddr2/3 mem ps 24wqfn
BLM31PG391SN1L MURATA smd emi filters/chip ferrite beads 1206 390 ohms rohs/pb-free
90480A004 MCMASTER 90480a004 mcmaster low-strength steel hex nut zinc-plated 3-48 thread size
OAR5R005FLF IRC oar5r005flf irc current sense resistor 0.005 ohm oar series 5 w metal strip open element 1% through hole rohs
L-314GD-TRS200 PARALIGHT l-314gd-trs200 paralightled round 3mm green (570nm) 2.2v 20ma 2pin through hole t/r rohs
MF-PSMF050X-2 BOURNS mf-psmf050x-2 bourns fuse40a 6v resettable 2smd rohs
RP3SL024 TE-CONNECTIVITY rp3sl024 te connectivitypower relay 24vdc 25a spst-no (29mm 12.6mm 25.5mm)rohs
3311200228 BETTERFUSE 3311200228 betterfuse quick-acting subminiature fuse 2a 250vac cylindricalaxial rohs
90480A009 MCMASTER 90480a009 mcmaster low-strength steel hex nut zinc-plated 8-32 thread size
C3225X6S0J107M250AC TDK c3225x6s0j107m250ac tdk capacitor mlcc 100uf 6.3volts x6s 20% smd/smt 1210rohs
XZMDK54W-1 SUNLED xzmdk54w-1 sunled led red clear 1.95v 630nm 0805smd rohs
SL32-10015-B AMETHERM sl32-10015-b ametherm thermistor 10ohm 15a kink rohs
GMC10CG680J50NT CAL-CHIP gmc10cg680j50nt capacitor ceramic 68pf 50v 5% c0g rohs
MOR03SJ0FKK122R00 PAK-HENG mor03sj0fkk122r00 pak heng metal oxide film resistor 22ohm 3w 5% axial rohs
LM2842XMK-ADJL/NOPB TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS lm2842xmk-adjl/nopb texasinstruments conv dc-dc 4.5v to 42v step down single-out 0.765v to 34v 0.6a6-pin tsot-23 t/r rohs
SPI21N50C3 INFINEON spi21n50c3 infineon mosfet n-ch 500v 21a i2pak-3 coolmos c3 rohs
BZX55C12V SEMTECH bzx55c12v zener diode 12v 500mw do35 taping rohs
TPS563201DDCR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps563201ddcr ti switching voltage regulators 4.5vto 17v input 3a output synchronous step-down converter 6-sot-23 rohs
NT5DS64M8DS-5TI NANYA nt5ds64m8ds-5ti nanya ddrsdram 512mb 64mbx8 200mhz 2.5v 0.7ns cmos tsop2-66 rohs
BZX55C5V1 SEMTECH bzx55c5v1 diode zener 5.1v 500mw do35
CRCW060322R0FKEA VISHAY crcw060322r0fkea vishay /dale resistor 22 ohm 1%1/10w smd 0603 rohs
XFEB321611-601-3A XFMRS xfeb321611-601-3a xfmrs ferrite beads array chip 600 ohm 25% 100mhz 3a smd
99461A110 MCMASTER 99461a110 mcmaster phillips rounded head thread-forming screws for plastic 18-8 stainless steel number 4 size 1/4in long
IPP045N10N3GXKSA1 INFINEON ipp045n10n3gxksa1 infineon transistor mosfet n-ch100v 100a automotive 3-pin(3+tab) to-220 rohs
3404.0014.11 SCHURTER 3404.0014.11 schurter fuse board mount 3a 125v ac125v dcsurface mount 2-smd j-lead rohs
BZX55C5V6 SEMTECH bzx55c5v6 semtech diodezener 5.6v 500mw do35
RNMF14FTC560R SEI rnmf14ftc560r sei resistor 560 ohm 1/4w 1% axial rohs
MS32-10015 AMETHERM ms32-10015 ametherm thermistor / current limiter inrush 10 ohm 15a disc
5-1437536-3 TE-CONNECTIVITY 5-1437536-3 connector 28position 15.24 mm row spacing 2.54 mm pitch through hole dip socket rohs
M52-040000S0545 HARWIN m52-040000s0545 harwin header vertical 2row 10way rohs
BZX55C13V SEMTECH bzx55c13v zenner diode 13v 0.5w t/r do35 rohs
CY7C68001-56PVXC CYPRESS cy7c68001-56pvxc cypressic ez usb 2.0 sx2 interface 480 mbps 4 kb fifo 3.3 v supply ssop-56 rohs
CC0402KRX7R9BB272 YAGEO cc0402krx7r9bb272 yageo cap cer 2700pf 50v x7r 0402 rohs
313218105000041TS CNC-TECH 3132-18-1-0500-004-1-ts cnc tech hook-up wire 18 awg 34/0.0071in red 300v 500.0 (152.4m) reel rohs
19221-0223 MOLEX 19221-0223 terminal ringtongue 8 awg terminals #10 crimp stud rohs
MHCI06050-1R0M-R8A CHILISIN mhci06050-1r0m-r8a chilisin general purpose inductor 1uh 20% smd 2629 rohs
744314110 WURTH 744314110 wurth fixed inductor we-hci flat 1.1uh 15a 3.15mohm smd 7050 rohs
7070-40-40-00 TSC 7070-40-40-00 core tsf-7070-40-40-00-0000 rohs
39-01-2245 MOLEX 3901-2245 jr. receptaclehousing 4.20mm (.165in) pitch mini -fit dual row 24-pos rohs
1.5KE400CA ST-MICRO 1.5ke400ca stmicroelectronics diode tvs single bi-dir 342v 1.5kw 2-pin
HZ0603B751R-10 STEWARD laird# hz0603b751r-10 emi filter beads chokes &arrays 750ohms 100mhz .2a monolithic 0603 smd
MIC4576-3.3WT MICROCHIP mic4576-3.3wt microchipic reg buck 3.3v 3a to220-5 rohs
IRS4427SPBF INFINEON irs4427spbf infineon driver 3.3a 2-out lo side non-inv 8-pin soic rohs
DF23C-12DS-0.5V(92) HIROSE df23c-12ds-0.5v(92) socket 0.5mm 1.5mm stack 12way 2 row rohs
ADP1716ARMZ-3.3-R7 ANALOG-DEVICES adp1716armz-3.3-r7 adi ic reg linear 3.3v 500ma 8msop rohs
CRCW0603100RFKEA VISHAY resistor 100 ohm 1% dale# crcw0603100rfkea rohs
ES2000-NO.2-B9-0-STK TE-CONNECTIVITY es2000-no.2-b9-0-stk te connectivity / raychem heat shrink tubing semi rigid 0.293in (7.44mm) 4 to 1black 4.00 (1.22m) rohs
MS32-0R540 AMETHERM ms32-0r540 ametherm thermistor icl 0.5 ohm 25% 40a 30mm
OB2263MPA ON-BRIGHT ob2263mpa on-bright current mode pwm controller frequency shuffling 30v 10ma sot23-6 rohs
SN74CBTLV16211GR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS sn74cbtlv16211gr ; rohs ;ti ; ic lv 24-bit fet bus sw 56-tssop
TS53YJ101MR10 VISHAY ts53yj101mr10 trimmer resistors - smd 100ohms 20%sq smd rohs
MS353R030 AMETHERM ms35-3r030 megasurge current limiter inrush 3 ohm30a rohs
MOR03SJ0FKK118R00 PAK-HENG mor03sj0fkk118r00 pak heng metal oxide film resistor 18 ohm 5% 3ws axial
84-4 KEYSTONE 84-4 keystone battery connector snap 9v 1 cell wire leads 4in (101.6mm) rohs
SIM2070-6-1-30-00-A GTC sim2070-6-1-30-00-a connector sim card 2.54mm 6pos rohs
313218105000011TS CNC-TECH 3132-18-1-0500-001-1-ts cnc tech hook-up 18 awg wire 34/0.0071in black 300v500.0 (152.4m)
53324-0560 MOLEX molex 53324-0560 connector header 2mm 5pos pcb tin
MOR3WSGFKK10R1 PAK-HENG mor3wsgfkk10r1 pak heng metal oxide film fixed resistors 3w 2% 10r1 ohmaxial
AS431ANTR-G1 DIODES-INC as431antr-g1 diodes incorporated v-ref adjustable/precision 2.5v to 36v 100ma 3-pin sot-23 t/r rohs
NMC0402X7R104K10TRPF NIC nmc0402x7r104k10trpf niccapacitor ceramic 0.1uf 10v x7r 10% smd 0402 t/rrohs
BTA208-600F NXP bta208-600f nxp thyristor triac 600v 72a 3-pin(3+tab) to-220ab
GRM31CC81C226KE15L MURATA grm31cc81c226ke15l capacitor ceramic 22uf 16v x6s10% smd 1206 105c embossed rohs
PF0603DRM070R01Z YAGEO pf0603drm070r01z phycompresistor 0.01ohm (10mr)0.5% 1/10w 75ppm/c smd 0603 t/r rohs
RP185-15-.22-QD ASTRODYNE rp185-15-.22-qd radius power / astrodyne tdi highperformance iec inlet (single stage power line filter medical grade 15ampswith .22nf ycap) rohs
0443002.DR LITTEL-FUSE 0443002.dr fuse chip slowblow acting 2a 250v smdsolder pad 10.1 x 3.12 x3.12mm ceramic t/r rohs
BC557B-AP MCC bc557b-ap mcc transisstorgp bjt pnp 45v 0.1a 3-pin to-92 rohs
RT2-5DG COMPONENTS rt2-5dg cabac blue ring terminal 5mm stud dg 2.6mm2 hole rohs
LCMXO256C-3MN100C LATTICE lcmxo256c-3mn100c latticefpga 256 luts 78 io 1.8/2 .5/3.3v -3 spd 100csbgarohs
CF12JT100K SEI cf12jt100k sei resistor 100k ohm 1/2w 5% axial rohs
90126A505 MCMASTER 90126a505 mcmaster zinc-plated steel sae washer for number 4 screw size 0.125in id 0.312in od
RC0603FR-07470RL YAGEO rc0603fr-07470rl resistor 470ohm 1/10w 1% 0603 smd rohs
RK73B1ETTP392J KOA rk73b1ettp392j koa resistor thick film 3.9k 5% 0402
STPS2L30A ST-MICRO st micro stps2l30a diodeschottky 30v 2a sma
43045-1000 MOLEX 43045-1000 molex header connector pcb mount receptacle 10 contacts pin 0.118 pitch right anglepc tail terminal polarized lock rohs
BC547BTA FAIRCHILD bc547bta fairchild transistor npn 45v 0.1a to-92 rohs
PC2DG CABAC pc2dg cabac pin connector insulated double grip300v wire range 1-2.5mm blue tin-plated copperrohs
90126A512 MCMASTER 90126a512 mcmaster zinc-plated steel sae washer for number 8 screw size 0.188in id 0.438in od
RK73H1ETTP4702D KOA rk73h1ettp4702d koa thickfilm resistor 47kohm 0.5% 1/10w smd 0402 rohs
FMBS2383 ON-SEMI fmbs2383 on semiconductortransistor gp bjt npn 160v 0.8a 630mw 6-ssot rohs
71430-0008 MOLEX 71430-0008 connector recept r/a .8mm 68pos pcb rohs
KPT-1608YC KINGBRIGHT kpt-1608yc kingbright leduni-color yellow 590nm 2-pin chip led t/r rohs
HSMZ-A100-R00J1 AGILENT led red hsmz plcc3 smd
92196A157 MCMASTER 91102a730 mcmasterzinc-plated steel split lock washer for number 6 screw size 0.148in id 0.25in od
OPB840W11Z OPTEK slotted optical switchesrohs-compliant
3DD5023P JILIN-SINO-MICRO 3dd5023p jilin sino-microelectronics high breakdown voltage of npn bipolartransistor 1500v 6a 35w 3pin to-220hf rohs
RM12J682CT CAL-CHIP rm12j682ct cal-chip resistor metal glaze/thick film 0.25 w 5 % 200 ppm 6800 ohm surface mount 1206
RC2512FK-072KL YAGEO rc2512fk-072kl yageo thick film resistor 2k ohm 1%1w 100ppm/c epoxy pad smd 2512 t/r rohs
90814-0012 MOLEX 90814-0012 connector header 12pos 1.27mm smd tin rohs
HCNW2601-300E AVAGO hcnw2601-300e optocouplerisolator 5kvrms 1ch open8smd gw rohs
NRC06F1000TRF NIC nrc06f1000trf nic components thick film resistor 100 ohm 1% 0.1w(1/10w) 100ppm/c pad smd 0603 automotive t/r rohs
90402A144 MCMASTER 90402a144 mcmaster steelpan head screws with external-tooth lock washer 6-32 thread 1/4in long rohs
IHLP2525AHERR68M01 VISHAY ihlp2525aherr68m01 vishayinductor power shieldedwirewound 680nh 20% 100khz powdered iron 9a 13.9mohm dcr 2525 t/r rohs
GCM31CR71C106KA64L MURATA gcm31cr71c106ka64l murata mlcc - smd/smt 1206 10uf 16volts x7r 10%
SL32-0R530-B AMETHERM sl32-0r530-b ametherm ntcthermistor 0.5r 30a outside kinked leads
STI24NM60N ST-MICRO sti24nm60n stmicroelectronics mosfet n-channel 600v 0.168 ohm 17 a mdmesh(tm) ii power i2pak rohs
PMBS3904 215 NEXPERIA pmbs3904 215 nexperia bipolar (bjt) transistor npn40v 100ma 180mhz 250mw to-236ab rohs
RK73H1JTTD2702F KOA rk73h1jttd2702f koa thickfilm resistor 27 kohms 1% 0.1w smd 0603 (1608 metric) automotive aec-q200 moisture resistant rohs
2-2013289-2 TE-CONNECTIVITY 2-2013289-2 connector mem skt204pos ddr3 sodimm rohs
LL4148.. HOTTECH ll4148 switching diode 0.5w 50ma 100v glass casell-34 rohs
PT6964-S PTC ptc# pt6964-s led driver ic
RK73B2BTTD225J KOA rk73b2bttd225j koa speerresistor thick film 2.2mohm 5% 0.25w 200ppm/c padsmd 1206 automotive t/rrohs
ICE3BR0665JZ INFINEON ice3br0665jz infineon off-line smps current modecontroller 650v 65khz dip-7 rohs
913-007 LITTEL-FUSE littelfuse# 913-007 fuseclips jg-1027 terminal -littlefuse# 913-042 this item should be with p/n01550430zxu series in line fuseholder for ato@series automotive fuse rohs
IRS2980SPBF IR irs2980spbf ic led driver pwm/analogue 150khz nsoic-8 device topology:buck (step down) 1 output driver case style:nsoic input voltage:10v-16.6v switching frequency:150khz rohs
RK73BW2HTTE4R7J KOA rk73bw2htte4r7j koa resistor thick film 4.7 ohm 5%0.75w(3/4w) 200ppm/c padsmd 2010 automotive t/rrohs: compliant
926495-4 TE-CONNECTIVITY 926495-4 connector din plug keying block red rohs
MCR10EZHFLR270 ROHM mcr10ezhflr270 resistor .27 ohm 1/4w 1% 0805 smd rohs
CC0603KRX7R7BB224 YAGEO cc0603krx7r7bb224 yageo capacitor cer 0.22uf 16v 10% x7r 0603 rohs
C0603C104J5RACTU KEMET c0603c104j5rac7013 cap cer 0.1uf 50v 5% x7r 0603 rohs
PFR03Q-103-BNH CYNTEC pfr03q-103-bnh cyntec thick film chip resistor 10.00kohm 0.1% smd 0201 rohs
TL1105SF160Q E-SWITCH tl1105sf160q switch 6mm right angle 160gf tl1105 series spst 1.6 n round button through hole tactileswitch rohs
BZX55C6V2 SEMTECH bzx55c6v2 semtech diodezener 6.2v 500mw do35
DHS8S APEM dhs-8-s switch dip on offspst 8 recessed slide 0.1a 6vdc gull wing 1.27mmsmd t/r rohs
RC0603FR-0715RL YAGEO rc0603fr-0715rl resistor 15.0ohm 1/10w 1% 0603 smd rohs
MFMP7234003019960000 STOCKO mfmp 7234-003-019-960-000-00-g 3-way pin connector unpolarized rohs
AD9912ABCPZ ANALOG-DEVICES ic dds 1gsps dac 14bit 64lfcsp
Q5-2X-3/8-01-QB48IN QUALTEK q5-2x-3/8-01-qb48in-25 tubing 3/8 in. shrink(2:1)4 ft.l adhesive-lined int. dia. 10.7 mm 25pc bag black rohs
OPA2365AIDR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS opa2365aidr texas instruments op amp dual gp r-r i/o 5.5v 8-soic rohs
LT1761ES5-BYP#TRMPBF LINEAR-TECH lt1761es5-byp#trmpbf ic ldo regulator pos 1.22v to20v 0.1a 5-pin tsot-23 t/r rohs
BZX55C6V8 SEMTECH bzx55c6v8 diode zener 6.8v 500mw do35
HSMA-C170 AVAGO hsma-c170 led 595nm ambdiff 0805 smd rohs
SRP6540-4R7M BOURNS srp6540-4r7m bourns shielded wirewound inductor 4.7uh 20% 6a smd 6540 rohs
XF2M-2015-1A-BY-OMZ OMRON xf2m-2015-1a by omz omron fpc connector 40 position contacts top and bottom 0.020in (0.50mm) surface mount right angle rohs
PLT1M-M PANDUIT plt1m-m cable ties standard locking nylon 6.6 natural 22mm 80n rohs
FMMT491ATA DIODES-INC fmmt491ata diodes inc transistors npn 40v 1a sot23-3 rohs
FT240XQ-R FTDI ft240xq-r ftdi ic usb fsparallel fifo 24qfn rohs
AD7928BRUZ-REEL7 ANALOG-DEVICES ad7928bruz-reel7 analog devices ic octal channel single adc sar 1msps 12-bit serial 20tssop rohs
INT071-1 ARGON-MASKING int071-1 argon masking pc500 0.125id x 0.310inod polyimide donut tape
STB20NM50-1 ST-MICRO stb20nm50-1 stmicroelectronics n-channel mosfet 550v 20a i2pak rohs
RCG12061K00JNEA VISHAY rcg12061k00jnea vishay resistor 1k ohm 5% 1/4w smd 1206 rohs
1N5025A NJSEMI 1n5025a general purpose reference regulator diode15v axial-13 rohs
NRC06F4022TRF NIC nrc06f4022trf nic components thick film resistor 40.2k ohm 1% 0.1w 100ppm/csmd 0603 t/r rohs
6.95402E+11 WURTH 695402400222 wurth ssl connector 2 position receptacle poke-in wire boardto cable/wire 0.157in (4.00mm) solder rohs
AT25DF321A-SH-B ADESTO at25df321a-sh-b serial flash 32mbit spi - 8-soic-w ind temp 2.7v tube- bulk rohs
H5007NLT PULSE h5007nlt pulse signal transformers 1000baset smd nonpoe 350uh .65ohms 1-port rohs
IHLP4040DZERR56M01 VISHAY ihlp4040dzerr56m01 fixedind 560nh 27.5a 1.8 mohmrohs
RK73B1JTTD391J KOA rk73b1jttd391j koa resistor thick film 390 ohm 5%0.125w(1/8w) 200ppm/c padsmd 0603 automotive t/rrohs
YLW-G302L4B85-H YALEI ylw-g302l4b85-h yalei super brightness led emitting color: blue lens color:white diffused 3.0mm 100mw 5v 2pin radial rohs
NOJB107M004RWJ AVX nojb107m004rwj cap nioboxide 100uf 4v 1210 rohs
92095A210 MCMASTER 92095a210 mcmaster 18-8 stainless steel hex driverounded head screw m5 x0.8 mm thread 12 mm long
SPM5015T-1R0M-LR TDK spm5015t-1r0m-lr tdk wirewound inductor 1uh 6.3a 24.8 mohm pcb mount rohs
MP2145GD-Z MPS mp2145gd-z monolithic power systems ic conv dc-dcsingle step down 2.8v 5.5v 12-pin qfn t/r rohs
TPS74801DRCR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps74801drcr texas instruments ldo regulator pos 0.796v to 3.6v 1.5a 10-pinvson rohs
JMK107BJ475KA-T TAIYO-YUDEN jmk107bj475ka-t taiyo yuden ceramic capacitor mlcc4.7uf 6.3v x5r smd 0603rohs
TPS63020DSJR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps63020dsjr texas instruments dc-dc switching buck-boost regulator adjustable 1.5v-5.5vin 2.4 mhz 1.2v-5.5v/4aout vson-14 rohs
RK73G1JTTD1801D KOA rk73g1jttd1801d koa thickfilm resistor 1.8k ohm 0.5% 1/10w smd 0603 rohs
C0402C910J5GAC7867 KEMET c0402c910j5gac7867 kemetcapacitor ceramic 91pf 50v c0g 5% smd 0402 125c paper t/r
QSH-030-01-L-D-AKTR SAMTEC samtec# qsh-030-01-l-d-a-k-tr conn micro high speed socket strip skt 60 pos 0.5mm solder st smd t/r
UVR1A471MED NICHICON uvr1a471med nichicon capacitor 470uf 10v elect vrradial rohs
LTV-817-C LITE-ON ltv-817-c optocoupler ic1-ch dc-in trans-out 4-pin pdip rohs
LTC4412ES6#TRPBF ANALOG-DEVICES ltc4412es6#trpbf linear technology or controller source selector switch p-channel 2:1 tsot-23-6
ADAS3022BCPZ ANALOG-DEVICES adas3022bcpz analog devices afe general purpose 1adc 16bit 5v/15v 40-pin lfcsp ep tray rohs
2316310 PHOENIX 2316310 phoenix contact terminal block interface modules fb-12sp rohs
R46KN368000H1M KEMET r46kn368000h1m film capacitors 275vac 0.68uf 20% rohs
SG16. RTI/KATEMA thermistor sg16 thermistor 60 ohms 10% 1.5a
ECW-H16102JV PANASONIC ecw-h16102jv cap film 1000pf 5% 1.6kvdc radial rohs
RT9199GSP RICHTEK rt9199gsp richtek ldo voltage regulator adjustable 1.4-5.5v 2a soic-8 rohs
5CSEBA2U19I7N INTEL 5cseba2u19i7n altera / intel fpga cyclone v se family 25000 cells 28nm technology 1.1v 484-pin ufbgatray rohs
B10B-PHDSS(LF)(SN) JST b10b-phdss(lf)(sn) jst connector shrouded header 10 pos 2mm solder st thru-hole box rohs
SR260 SECOS sr260 secos schottky rectifier diode 60v 3a axialdo-27 rohs
502351-0400 MOLEX 5023510400 con 2.00mm (.079in) pitch duraclik wire-to-board receptacle housing single row 4 circuits rohs
NRC06F3010TRF NIC nrc06f3010trf nic components thick film resistor 301 ohm 1% 1/10w 100ppm/csmd 0603 rohs
BZX55C27V SEMTECH bzx55c27v semtech zener diode 1/2w 27v dip do-35 axial rohs
MT41K512M8DA-107:P MICRON mt41k512m8da-107:p microndram chip ddr3l sdram 4g-bit 512m x 8 1.35v 78-pin f-bga rohs
SL1522102 AMETHERM ametherm sl15 2102 ntc thermistors sl15 series 220ohm 2.0a
RC0402FR-07806KL YAGEO rc0402fr-07806kl resistor 806kohm 100ppm smd (surfacemount) thick film resistor 0402 1% 1/16w rohs
RT2-6DG CABAC rt2-6dg cabac ring terminal m6 insulated blue double grip rohs
MRS25000C1009FCT00 VISHAY mrs25000c1009fct00 thin film resistors - through hole 10 ohm 1% 50ppm .6w rohs
ERZ-V20R201 PANASONIC erz-v20r201 panasonic varistor 200v 10ka 1 circuitthrough hole disc 21.5mmrohs
AD5259BRMZ5-R7 ANALOG-DEVICES ad5259brmz5-r7 analog devices inc ic pot dgtl 5k 256pos 10-msop
1393310-3 TE-CONNECTIVITY 1393310-3 te connectivitysocket relay for vf4/f4
SMBJ20CA-13-F DIODES-INC smbj20ca-13-f diodes incesd suppressors / tvs diodes 600w 20v smb rohs
ISL21090BFB850Z-TK INTERSIL isl21090bfb850z-tk intersil ic vref series 5v 1.33ma 8soic rohs
MC74VHC1GT66DTT1 ON-SEMI mc74vhc1gt66dtt1 on semiconductor analog switch ics 2-5.5v hi speed 5-tsop
RK73G1JTTD1501D KOA rk73g1jttd1501d koa thickfilm resistor 1.5k ohm 0.5% 1/10w smd 0603 rohs
MAX6627MTA+T MAXIM max6627mta+t maxim temp sensor digital serial (3-wire spi) 8-pin tdfn ep t/r rohs
53047-0610 MOLEX connector header 6pos 1.25mm vert tin
EN5367QI ALTERA en5367qi intel powersoc dc-dc step-down converterdc-dc 2.5v to 5.5v synchronous single-out 0.6v 6a54-pin qfn rohs
APSK2R5ELL561ME08S UNITED-CHEMI-CON apsk2r5ell561me08s cap alum 560uf 2.5v 20% radialrohs
CRR-210-D200-99 E-TEC crr-210-d200-99 e-tec connector pin header 2x5pinmale 2.00mm shrouded right angle rohs
MO1WSG0R1F PAK-HENG mo1wsg0r1f pak heng metaloxide film resistor 0.1ohm 1w 2% axial (same as mor01sg0fkk10r100) rohs
7230-5 KEYSTONE 7230-5 keystone jack screw hex 4-40 12 rohs
SL22-7R010 AMETHERM ametherm sl22-7r010 ntc thermistors sl22series 10a 220j 7.0rohm 20% rohs
5-146256-7 TE-CONNECTIVITY 5-146256-7 ampmodu 14 position 2.54 mm dual row through-hole straight breakaway header rohs
NTJD4001NT1G ON-SEMI mosfet 2n-ch 30v 250ma sot-363
TC1014-3.3VCT713 MICROCHIP tc1014-3.3vct713 microchip regulator 3.3v 50ma ldo with shutdown &v ref bypass sot-23-5 rohs
RK73B1ETTP101J KOA resistor 0402 100 ohm 5%
C1206C475K8PACTU KEMET multilayer ceramic capacitors mlcc - smd/smt 10volts 4.7uf x5r 10% t/r
RK73G1JTTD1502D KOA rk73g1jttd1502d koa thickfilm resistor 15k ohm .5% 50ppm smd 0603 rohs
HRM-02-T/R ELECT-SPEC hrm-02-t-r well buying industrial slide dip switch 2 switches spst latched 0.025a 24vdc solderterminal surface mount-straight
RK73H1JTTD75R0D KOA rk73h1jttd75r0d koa resistor thick film 75 ohm 0.5% 0.125w(1/8w) 100ppm/c pad smd 0603 automotive t/r rohs
BZX55C9V1. SEMTECH bzx55c9v1 diode zener single 9.1v 500mw 2-pin do-35
W25Q64JVSSIQ WINBOND w25q64jvssiq winbond flash 64mbit spi 133mhz 8soicrohs
RK73B1ETTP102J KOA rk73b1ettp102j koa resistor thick film 1k 5% smd 0402 rohs
85502-5005 MOLEX 85502-5005 connector mod jackr/a 4p4c 1.27mm 4 x rightangle rj-11 14.13mm solder 125vac 1.5/contacta 80-40 gold over nickel 18.1mm 11.5mm rohs
RK73H2BTTD2202D KOA rk73h2bttd2202d koa thickfilm resistor 22kohms 0.5% 1/4w smd 1206 rohs
LTM4620AEY#PBF LINEAR-TECH ltm4620aey#pbf linear technology conv dc-dc 4.5v to 16v step down/step up dual-out 0.6v to 5.3v 13a/13a umodule 144-pin bga rohs
SER2013-801MLD COILCRAFT ser2013-801mld coilcraftpower inductor shieldedaec-q200 0.8uh 20% 30a smd 19.18mm x 9.27mm x 12.95mm rohs
5075BMR-05B NELTRON 5075bmr-05b mini usb connector ab socket 5 ways r/a smd type. rohs
RK73H2ATTD2003F KOA rk73h2attd2003f resistor thickfilm 0805 200k ohm 1% 1/8w 100ppm/c molded smd punched paper t/r rohs
M20-9730645 HARWIN m20-9730645 harwin connector header 6 position 0.100in (2.54mm) through holerohs
NRC10F4700TRF NIC nrc10f4700trf nic components resistor thick film 470 ohm 1% 0.125w 100ppm/cpad smd 0805 t/r rohs
TPS61235PRWLR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps61235prwlr texas instruments conv dc-dc singlestep up 2.3v to 4.5v 9-pin vqfn-hr t/r rohs
SN65HVD3082ED TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS sn65hvd3082ed ic lo-pwrrs-485 txrx 8-soic
5-102617-3 AMP/TYCO tyco# 5-102617-3 connector 100 inch ampmodu headers rohs
V47ZA1P LITTELFUSE v47za1p littelfuse varistor circuit protection 30vac/38vdc 93v 5a metal oxide 800pf radial rohs
RK73B1ETTP103J KOA resistor thick film 10k 5% 0402
FOXSDLF/080-20 FOX foxsdlf/080-20 crystal 8.0 mhz 20pf smd rohs suffix tr tape & reel
3101.004 SCHURTER 3101.0040 schurter fuseholder 16a 400vac pin through hole
CT-6ER502 COPAL nidec/copal ct-6er502 restrmr 5k ohm 10% 1/2w 1turn 2.6mm pin rohs
AD826ARZ-REEL7 ANALOG-DEVICES ad826arz-reel7 analog devices ic op amp dual voltfdbk 18v/36v 8-pin soic nt/r rohs
CF18JT51R0 SEI cf18jt51r0 sei resistor 51 ohm1/8w 5% cf axial rohs
BZX55C8V2. KINGTRONICS bzx55c8v2 kingtronics diode zener 8.2v 500mw do35axial rohs
EN63A0QI ALTERA en63a0qi intel non-isolated pol module dc dc converter 1 output 0.6 ~ 5.4 v12a 2.5v - 6.6v input rohs
UVR2A221MHD NICHICON uvr2a221mhd cap alum 220uf 100v 20% radial rohs
SL22-20007 AMETHERM sl22-20007 ametherm thermistor / current limiter inrush 20 ohm 7a radial
RK73B1ETTP104J KOA rk73b1ettp104j koa resistor thick film 100k ohm 5%0.1w(1/10w) 200ppm/c padsmd 0402 automotive t/rrohs
ICE3BR0665JXKLA1 INFINEON ice3br0665jxkla1 infineontechnologies ag ac to dcswitching converter off-line switcher 73.5khz 25v8-pin pdip tube rohs
GMC21X7R224K16NT CAL-CHIP gmc21x7r224k16nt ceramiccapacitor 220nf 10% 16v x7r rohs
431164951 FAIR-RITE 0431164951 fair-rite ferrite clamp on coresistor low &bb freq 31 mat 247ohm @250mhz round rohs
LTST-C171GKT LITE-ON ltst-c171gkt led uni-color green 565nm 2-pin chipled t/r rohs
BZX55C7V5 SEMTECH bzx55c7v5 zener diodes 7.5 volt 0.5w 5% 5v do35 taping rohs
RDER71H104K0K1H03B MURATA rder71h104k0k1h03b muratamultilayer ceramic capacitor mlcc 0.1uf 50v 10% radial leaded 5.0mm rohs
RT6220AHGQUF RICHTEK rt6220ahgquf richtek technology dc-dc converter sync buck 6a 23v uqfn-16 rohs
BZX55C33V SEMTECH bzx55c33v zener diodes 33v 500mw do35 (taping) rohs
PCA9510AD 118 NXP pca9510ad 118 hot swappable i2c bus and smbus busbuffer 8-pin so rohs
CF18JT470R SEI cf18jt470r resistor 470 ohm 1/8w 5% carbon film rohs
GBU15J-BP MCC gbu15j-bp mcc bridge rectifier 15a 600v gbu rohs
RI1206L4701FT HOTTECH ri1206l4701ft hottech resistor 4.7kohm 1% 1/4w smd1206 rohs
CRCW06031R00FKEA VISHAY crcw06031r00fkea vishay dale resistor 1 ohm 1% 1/10w smd 0603 rohs
RK73B1ETTP105J KOA resistor thick film 1 m ohms 54.02
37213150411 LITTELFUSE 37213150411 fuse 3.15a 250v time lag acting 2-pinrohs
GRM1552C1H102GA01D MURATA grm1552c1h102ga01d murataceramic capacitor mlcc 0.001uf 50v 2% smd 0402 rohs
RK73H1JTTD1000F KOA rk73h1jttd1000f koa thickfilm resistor 100 ohms 1% 0.125w chip smd 0603 (1608 metric) automotive aec-q200 rohs
SMBJ33CA-E3/52 VISHAY smbj33ca-e3/52 vishay tvsdiode 33v 53.3v do214aarohs
AP8064 MVSILICON ap8064 mvsilicon ic 32-bit arm cortex-m3 mcu ( complex audio wireless applicaiton and iot controller ) 5v 30ma lqfp64-7x7mmrohs
ECQ-E2104JF PANASONIC ecq-e2104jf panasonic capacitor film 0.1uf 5% 250vdc radial rohs
ADXL345BCCZ-RL7 ANALOG-DEVICES adxl345bccz-rl7 analog devices accelerometer x y z axis 14lga rohs
91102A730 MCMASTER 91102a730 mcmaster zinc-plated steel split lock washer for number 6 screw size 0.148in id 0.25in od
27L898BC GE rbc/ge 27l898bc capacitor45uf 370vac film capacitor mutilayer rohs
MAX9175EUB+T MAXIM max9175eub+t maxim ic lvds to lvds 1:2 splitter 3.3v 800 mbps umax-10 rohs
TL1240NMCDL357 E-SWITCH tl1240nmcdl357 switch tactile 0.05a 12v rohs
GRM155R71H104KE14J MURATA grm155r71h104ke14j murata cap ceramic 0.1uf 50v x7r 10% pad smd 0402 125c rohs
ES2000-NO.3-B8-0-STK TE-CONNECTIVITY es2000-no.3-b8-0-stk te connectivity / raychem heat shrink tubing semi rigid 0.427in (10.85mm) 4 to1 black 4.00 (1.22m) rohs
3625/30-100MSF 3M 3625/30 100msf 3m flat ribbon cable gray 30 conductors 0.039in (1.00mm) flatcable 328.1 (100.00m)rohs
RNF14FTD10K0 SEI rnf14ftd10k0 sei resistor 10kohm 1/4w 1% axial rohs
M471A5644EB0-CRC SAMSUNG m471a5644eb0-crc samsung2gb pc4-19200 ddr4-2400mhz non-ecc unbuffered cl17260-pin sodimm 1.2v single rank memory module
GRM188R71C104KA01D MURATA .1uf 16v x7r 10% 0603 smdcap-cer lead free rohs compliant
91102A735 MCMASTER 91102a735 mcmaster zinc-plated steel split lock washer for number 8 screw size 0.174in id 0.293in od
BC557B.. LGE bc557b lge bipolar transistor bjt pnp 45v 625mw to-92-3
RC0603FR-07200KL YAGEO rc0603fr-07200kl yageo resistor thick film 200k ohm 1% 0.1w(1/10w) 100ppm/cepoxy pad smd 0603 t/r rohs
X3M276800S004 AELCRYSTALS x3m276800s004 hc49s sm 3.2h 3.276800mhz 30/50/-10+60/12 f esr200 mark ael3.2768
TPS54620RGYR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps54620rgyr ic buck syncadj 6a 14vqfn rohs
LPC2136FBD64/01 15 NXP nxp# lpc2136fbd64/01 15 mcu 32bit arm7tdmis risc 256kb flash
BZX55C2V0. KINGTRONICS bzx55c2v0 kingtronics zener diodes zener 500mw axial
VHIA-10C1*-10W-39KJ HTR wire wound resistor vhiaseries 10w 39k +-5%.
GRM31CR61E226KE15L MURATA grm31cr61e226ke15l murataceramic capacitor 22uf 25v x5r 10% pad smd 1206 85c t/r rohs
G5LA-1-DC24 OMRON omron# g5la-1-dc24 general purpose relays powerpcb relay spst-no 24vdc 15ma
SL22-16004 AMETHERM sl22-16004 ametherm ntc thermistor icl 16ohms 4a radial 22mm rohs
3528 KEYSTONE 3528 keystone quick fitterminal f 11.1mm 7.4mm tin over nickel rohs
RTL8211CL-GR REALTEK rtl8211cl-gr realtek integrated 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet tranceiver lqfp-48 rohs
BZX55C7V5. KINGTRONICS bzx55c7v5 kingtronics diode zener single 7.5v 6% 2-pin do-35 rohs
89947-730LF AMPHENOL 89947-730lf amphenol fciconnector housing 30 position rectangular receptacle idc gold 28 awg rohs
RK73B2ATTD220J KOA 22 ohms 5% 1/8w 0805 smd thick film chip resistors rohs
70543-0004 MOLEX connector header 5pos .100 vert gold
24LC512-I/SM MICROCHIP 24lc512-i/sm microchip eeprom serial-i2c 512k-bit64k x 8 3.3v/5v 8-pin soij tube rohs
MP850-7.5K-1% CADDOCK mp850-7.5k-1% resistor;thick 7.5k 1% rohs
KF2-M4-ET PEM pem# kf2-m4-et board fasteners
EGL1B DIOTEC-SEMI diotec# egl1b diode 2a 100v ul trafast rect sod-87
M2950L-50-T92-B UTC m2950l-50-t92-b utc low-dropout ldo voltage regulator 200ma 5v to92 t/b rohs
SDR0805-101KL BOURNS sdr0805-101kl inductor unshield 100uh .72a smd rohs
WR04X9091FTL WALSIN wr04x9091ftl walsin thickfilm chip resistor 9.09kohm 1% 0.063 w ?100 ppm/c smd 0402 rohs
CST306-3T-B TRIAD-MAGNETICS current sense 55.0mh 200tct encap toriod/cst306-3trev m-lead free
67-21S/KK4C-H6565N3P EVERLIGHT 67-21s/kk4c-h6565n3p32833z6/2t everlight led 60 ma 2.8 v smd plcc2 2835 rohs
CHS-01TB1 COPAL nidec/copal chs-01tb1 swit slide top slide 0.1a 24vdc gw smd rohs
831742AGILF IDT 831742agilf idt clock fanout buffer (distribution) multiplexer ic 4:2 700mhz 24-tssop rohs
CAY16-222J4LF BOURNS cay16-222j4lf resistor iso array 4resistor 2.2kohm 5%1206 8pin rohs
GRM188R71H103KA01D MURATA murata grm188r71h103ka01dmonolithic ceramic capacitors 10000pf +-10% 50v x7r 0603 rohs
5075BMR-05-SM-CR NELTRON 5075bmr-05-sm-cr mini usbconnector b socket 5waysr/a 30v 1.0a smd rohs
TUSB1310AZAYR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tusb1310azayr ic txrx superspeed usb 3.0 transceiver with pipe3 and ulpi interface 1tr 5gbps sgl 175pin nfbga rohs
CA-26-IDS3-C-SPT-SR CIRCUIT-ASSEMBLY ca-26-ids3-c-spt-sr circuit assembly china co. ltd. connector socket 26 pos idcw/pol sr -40c to +105c 500 vac 1 amp. rohs
R15X7R104K5HT05Y CHENG-TONG-CHEN r15x7r104k5ht05y cheng tong-chen industrial ceramic capacitor 0.1uf 10% x7r50v 5x7 dip laminated yellow 2pin radial tape rohs
EP3WS100RJ TE-CONNECTIVITY ep3ws100rj resistor 100r 3w 5% small rohs
RC0603FR-071KL YAGEO rc0603fr-071kl resistor 1.00kohm 1/10w 1% 0603 smd rohs
UHE1V221MPD6 NICHICON cap 220uf 35v elect he radial rohs
76357-301LF FCI 76357-301lf fci connectorsocket crimp 22-30awg gold rohs
TSL0808RA-6R8M3R1-PF TDK tsl0808ra-6r8m3r1-pf tdkfixed ind 6.8uh 3.1a 25mohm th rohs
335618 AAVID 335618 aavid thermalloy heatsink aluminum extrusion black anodized 19x19mm 14.6mm heig
02131.25MXP LITTELFUSE 02131.25mxp fuse 250v iecslo 5x20mm 1.25a rohs
TZM5232B-GS08 VISHAY zener-diode 0.5w 5% sod-80 minimelf
2213S-12G MULTICOMP 2213s-12g header 2 row vert 12way 2.54mm rohs
SD103AW-TP MCC sd103aw-tp diode small signal schottky 20v 0.35a2-pin sod-123 t/r rohs
TPS61088RHLT TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps61088rhlt texas instruments switching voltage regulator 4.5v 10a 1-output 20-vfqfn rohs
AD8622ARZ-REEL ANALOG-DEVICES ad8622arz-reel analog devices ic opamp dual 560khz15v 8soic rohs
GRM31CR61E106KA12L MURATA grm31cr61e106ka12l murataceramic capacitor mlcc 10uf 25v x5r 10% pad smd 1206 85c t/r rohs
87263-0823 MOLEX 87263-0823 conn socket strip rcp 8 pos 2mm solderst smd rohs
74438323100 WURTH 74438323100 wurth fixed ind 10uh 600ma 843 mohm smd 1008 rohs
RNMF14FTC4K70 SEI rnmf14ftc4k70 sei metal film resistor 4.7k ohm 1%0.25w 50ppm/c conformal coated axial t/r rohs
2N3904TAR FAIRCHILD 2n3904tar transistor npn40v 200ma to-92 rohs
GRM188R71H104KA93D MURATA murata grm188r71h104ka93dcap 100nf x7r 50v smd0603
443164051 FAIR-RITE 0443164051 fairrite ferrite core flat cable snap-its 32.3mm 80.8mm 16.2mmsuppression component
SL15-60002 AMETHERM ametherm thermistor 15mminrush current surge limiters 60.0 ohm 2a
TOP246GN-TL POWER-INTEGRATIONS top246gn-tl power integrations ic offline swit ovp uvlo hv 8smd t/r rohs
ISL28177FBZ INTERSIL isl28177fbz intersil op amp single gp 20v/40v 600khz 8-pin soic rohs
AB26TRB-32.768KHZ-T ABRACON ab26trb-32.768khz-t crystal; frequency:32.768khz;frequency stability:-0.034 1 0.006ppm; load capacitance:12.5pf smd rohs
BHSD-2032-COVER MPD bhsd-2032-cover cover snap dragon locking rohs
PGB1010603NRHF LITTEL-FUSE pgb1010603nrhf littelfusetvs diode 24vwm 150vc 0603 rohs
MMSZ5244B_R1_00001 PANJIT mmsz5244b_r1_00001 panjitdiode zener single 14v 5% 500mw 2-pin sod-123 t/rrohs
67F100 AIRPAX single pole single throwto220 snap action thermostat rohs
FMMT618TA ZETEX fmmt618ta zetex / diodesinc transistor gp bjt npn20v 2.5a 625mw 3-pin sot-23 t/r rohs
SML-D13WWT86C ROHM sml-d13wwt86c rohm led uni-color yellow chip led 2.1v 587nm 2-pin 0603 t/rrohs
FE0031FGNNAT0001 MILES-PLATTS miles-platts# fe0031fgnnat0001 bobbin ef16/8/5 vert std-off 6 pos
392240-RD005 ALPHA-WIRE 392240 rd005 alpha wire hook-up wire 22 awg tc 7x30 red silicone rubber ins 10kv awm 3239 rohs
CRCW060310K0FKEA VISHAY crcw060310k0fkea resistor thick film 10k ohm 1% 1/10w 100ppm smd t r rohs
3111 KEYSTONE 3111 keystone flat washer #2 hole size fibre .187in id .032in thickness rohs
RK73B2ATTD225J KOA rk73b2attd225j koa speerresistor 2.2m ohms 1/4w 5% 0805 rohs
SL22-10008 AMETHERM ametherm sl22-10008 current limiter inrush 10 ohm8a
SL22-10009 AMETHERM ametherm sl22-10009 thermistor 10 ohm 9a
IEEE-1394U-6-L AMTEK ieee-1394u-6-l amtek connector ieee1394 femaleupright 90 6p
W3P TE-CONNECTIVITY w3-p te wedgelock dt series receptacles 3 position
ADG711BRUZ-REEL7 ANALOG-DEVICES adg711bruz-reel7 analog devices analogue switch quad spst 3-5v 16-pin tssop tube rohs
ADG1606BRUZ-REEL7 ANALOG-DEVICES adg1606bruz-reel7 anologdevice ic analog multiplexer single 16:1 28-pin tssop t/r rohs
LGT679-E2H1-1-Z OSRAM osram#lgt679-e2h1-1-z standard leds - smd green 570nm
1804904 PHOENIX pc 4/ 2-st-7 62 phoenix contact pluggable terminalblocks 2 pos 7.62mm pitch plug 24-10 awg screw rohs
364914 ERNI 364914 erni connector backplane male 64 pos 2.54mmsolder ra thru-hole rohs
MAX6950EEE+T MAXIM max6950eee+t maxim integrated products led displaydriver 5-digit 16qsop rohs
BZX55C8V2 SEMTECH bzx55c8v2 semtech diodezener 8.2v 500mw do35
BQ25892RTWR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS bq25892rtwr texas instruments battery charger li-ion/li-pol 5000ma 3.8v to4.6v 24-pin wqfn t/r rohs
TDA2030AL-TB5-T UTC tda2030al-tb51-t utc linear ic 18w hi-fi audio amplifier 35w driver rohs
RK73H1ETTP2002F KOA rk73h1ettp2002f thick film resistors - smd 1/16watts 20kohms 1% rohs
LM2676SX-ADJ/NOPB TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS lm2676sx-adj/nopb texas instruments conv dc-dc 8vto 40v step down single-out 1.23v to 37v 3a 8-pin(7+tab) to-263 rohs
CC0603JRNPO9BN101 YAGEO cc0603jrnpo9bn101 capacitor 0603 100pf 50v rohs
NJL1302DG ON-SEMI njl1302dg onsemi transistors pnp 260v 15a to-264 rohs
BMP280 BOSCH bosch# bmp280 barometricpressure sensor piezo pressure 12c 8pin lga8 0.1-2.74ua rohs
LZ52C20W LITE-ON lz52c20w lite-on zener diode single 20v 2% 500mw 2-pin case 1206 rohs
1804917 PHOENIX pc 4/ 3-st-7 62 phoenix printed-circuit board connector - pc 4/ 3-st-7 62 -1804917 630 v 20a 3 position 7.62 mm green
RC0603FR-07180RL YAGEO resistor 180 ohm 1/10w 1% 0603smd rohs
559-2301-007 DIALIGHT dialight 559-2301-007 hieff yellow diff 14in wires
RC0603FR-07100KL YAGEO resistor 100k ohm 1/10w 1% 0603 smd
70553-0001 MOLEX 70553-0001 molex connector header 2pos .100 r/a gold rohs
RC0402FR-0731K6L YAGEO rc0402fr-0731k6l yageo resistor 31.6k ohm 1% 1/16wsmd 0402 rohs
B32529C3222K EPCOS b32529c3222k cap 0.0022uf250vdc/160vac plye 10% 7.2 x 2.5 x 6.5mm rdl 5mmrohs
70553-0002 MOLEX 70553-0002 connector header 3pos .100 r/a gold rohs
AD633ARZ-R7 ANALOG-DEVICES ad633arz-r7 analog devices analog multiplier 4bit8-pin soic t/r rohs
RK73B1ETTP822J KOA koa rk73b1ettp822j 8.2kohm 5% 1/16w sm res-thickfilm 0402 200ppm
70553-0003 MOLEX 0705530003 molex connector header through hole right angle 4 position 0.100in (2.54mm) rohs
SS8050DTA ON-SEMI ss8050dta on semiconductor / fairchild npn transistor 1.5 a 25 v 3-pin to-92 rohs
FDS6910 FAIRCHILD fds6910 fairchild transistor mosfet 2n-ch 30v 7.5a 8soic rohs
RC0603JR-0747KL YAGEO rc0603jr-0747kl yageo thick film resistor 47k ohm5% 0.1w(1/10w) 100ppm/c epoxy pad smd 0603 t/r rohs
NHVSR300730-2 NATIONAL-WIRE nhvsr-300730-2 national wire 22 awg ul 3239 leadwire 7 strand 150c 30kv red rohs
VHIA-10C1*-10W-2R2J HTR wire wound resistor vhiaseries 10w 2r2 +-5%
108-02015 CARLING clips of tiik51-1s-bl-fncarling rohs
NRC06F49R9TRF NIC nrc06f49r9trf nic components thick film resistor 49.9 ohm 1% 0.1w 100ppm/cmolded smd 0603 paper t/rrohs
SL4130A-R23LU itg# sl4130a-r23lu indct 0.23uh 42.0a 0.27mo hm cube sm
GMC10X7R105K6R3NT CALCHIP gmc10x7r105k6r3nt cal-chip capacitor ceramic multilayer 6.3 v x7r 1 uf surface mount 0603
RK73Z2ATTD KOA rk73z2attd koa resistor thick film 0 ohm pad smd 0805 automotive t/r rohs
ECA-1JHG100 PANASONIC eca-1jhg100 cap alum 10uf63v 20% radial rohs
24LC512T-I/SM MICROCHIP 24lc512t-i/sm microchip eeprom 64kx8 - 2.5v 400khz900ns 8-soij rohs
PJ-051AH CUI pj-051ah con 2.0 x 6.0mmcenter pin 5.0a 16vdc right angle through hole shielded dc power jackconnector rohs
MO5WS47RJ PAK-HENG mo5ws47rj pak heng metaloxide film resistor 47ohm5w 5 % type: b44 axial rohs
DG411CY+T MAXIM dg411cy+t maxim analog switch ics quad spst 1:145ohm 16-soic t/r rohs
RK73Z1JTTD KOA rk73z1jttd koa thick filmresistor jumper 0 ohm pad smd 0603 t/r rohs
H05B EVERLIGHT ho5b everlight led holder+ ring rohs
172159-1 AMP amp# 172159-1 housing receptacle dual row 4way
PCMB051B-2R2MS CYNTEC pcmb051b-2r2ms ind 2.2uh20% 4a choke low profilerohs
CL10A226MQ8NRNE SAMSUNG cl10a226mq8nrne cap cer 22uf 6.3v 20% x5r 0603 rohs
REF02AU/2K5E4 TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ref02au/2k5e4 ti v-refprecision 5v 21ma 8-pin soic t/r
GRM188R71H103JA01D MURATA grm188r71h103ja01d muratacapacitor 0.01uf 50v x7r5% smd 0603
RK73B2BTTD150J KOA rk73b2bttd150j koa speerresistor thick film 15 ohm 5% 0.25w(1/4w) 200ppm/cpad smd 1206 automotivet/r rohs
01188-02512 AVDEL 01188-02512 avtronic rivet dome/mushroom hd brassalloy 2.5mm x .392l brass/hot tin dip rohs
0603N332J500CT WALSIN 0603n332j500ct walsin ceramic capacitor mlcc 3.3nf50v 5% smd 0603 (1608) rohs
RK73B1ETTP220J KOA rk73b1ettp220j koa resistor thick film 22 ohm 5% 0.1w(1/10w) 200ppm/c pad smd 0402 automotive t/r rohs
SL32-4R025-B AMETHERM sl32-4r025-b ametherm thermistor / big amp inrushcurrent limiter 4 ohms 25a
TAJE226M035RNJ AVX taje226m035rnj cap tant22uf 35v 20% 2917 rohs
MT41K256M16TW-107:P MICRON mt41k256m16tw-107:p micron dram chip ddr3l sdram 4gbit 256mx16 1.35v 96-pinfbga rohs
RD2W106M12020PL159 SAMW samwha# rd2w106m12020pl159 rd series 450 v 10 uf105 c 12.5x20mm ls
RK73B1ETTP221J KOA resistor thick film 220 ohms 54.02
RT0603FRE0743R2L YAGEO rt0603fre0743r2l yageo thin film resistor 43.2 ohm1% 1/10w 50ppm smd 0603rohs
ADM213EARSZ-REEL ANALOG-DEVICES adm213earsz-reel analog devices quad transmitter quint receiver rs-232 5v 0.1uf 28-pin ssop t/r rohs
RK73G1ETTP1001D KOA rk73g1ettp1001d koa resistor thick film 1k ohm .5% 0.063w(1/16w) 50ppm/c pad smd 0402 automotive t/r rohs
15-91-0140 MOLEX molex 15-91-0140 connector unshrd hdr hdr 14 pos 2.54mmsldr st smd rohs
500R15W104KV4T JOHANSON 500r15w104kv4t cap cer 0.1uf 50v 10% x7r 0805 rohs
MS32-20008-B AMETHERM ms32 20008-b current limiter inrush 20 ohm 8a kinked lead rohs
RK73B1ETTP222J KOA rk73b1ettp222j koa resistor thick film 2.2k ohm 5%0.1w(1/10w) smd 0402
GNPCA15AS044 GP-BATTERIES gnpca15as044 gp batteryalkaline aa 1.5v gn15a 2/pack
4-1625886-4 TE-CONNECTIVITY 4-1625886-4 resistor 82.0 ohm1w 5% axial t/r rohs
GMC10X5R475K6R3NT CAL-CHIP gmc10x5r475k6r3nt cal-chip capacitor mlcc 4.7uf 6.3v 10% x5r smd 0603 rohs
INA219AIDCNR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ina219aidcnr ti ic current monitor 1% 3v 3.4mhz sot23-8 rohs
RK73B1ETTP223J KOA rk73b1ettp223j koa resistor thick film 22k ohm 5%0.1w(1/10w) 200ppm/c padsmd 0402 automotive t/r rohs
SPB21N50C3 INFINEON spb21n50c3 infineon transistor mosfet n-ch 500v 21a 3-pin(2+tab) to-263 rohs
C3225X5R1C226KT000N TDK c3225x5r1c226kt000n tdk multilayer ceramic capacitor 22uf x5r 10% 16v smd 1210 rohs
CX2016DB38400D0FLJCC KYOCERA cx2016db38400d0fljcc kyocera crystal osc 38.4000mhz 8pf 4-smd rohs
WR04X103JTL WALSIN wr04x103 jtl walsin cr10-103-jt resistor thick film 0402 10k ohm 5% 0.063w100ppm/c pad smd t/r rohs
LTC3408EDD#PBF ANALOG-DEVICES ltc3408edd#pbf linear technology switching voltageregulator 2.5-5v 600ma 1.5mhz synch step-down 8-dfn
PEX8725-CA80BC-G BROADCOM pex8725-ca80bc g broadcompci interface ic 24 lane10 port pcie gen 3 switch 19 x 19mm fcbga rohs
PEH534VDC3220M2 KEMET peh534vdc3220m2 cap alum220uf 400v 20% snap in rohs
RK73G1ETTP1003D KOA rk73g1ettp1003d koa thickfilm resistor 100k ohm 0.5% smd 0402 rohs
LA-301VL ROHM la-301vl rohm displaysmodule 1digit 8led red cc10-pin dip
FQPF8N60CFT FAIRCHILD fqpf8n60cft fairchild mosfet n-ch 600v 6.26a to-220f rohs
82-202-RFX AMPHENOL 82-202-rfx amphenol rf /coaxial connector n type straight plug solder 50 ohm rg8 rg213 rg214 brass rohs
C2012X7R1E474KTOYON TDK tdk c2012x7r1e474ktoyon ceramic capacitor smd cer-capacitor 25v u47 4kpcs per reel
679105700 MOLEX 0679105700 molex connector pci exp mini female 52posrohs
RK73B1ETTP224J KOA rk73b1ettp224j koa resistor thick film 220k ohm 5%0.1w(1/10w) 200ppm/c padsmd 0402 automotive t/rrohs
M7-TP MICRO-COMMERCIAL m7-tp mcc diode generalpurpose 1kv 1a 1.1v @ 1asma(do-214ac) rohs
2SA1015-Y HOTTECH 2sa1015-y transistors pnp 50v0.15a 3-pin to-92 rohs
105057-0001 MOLEX 1050570001 connector rcpt usbtype a vert gold 4 pos 2mm 1port rohs
34.6621 SCHURTER 0034.6621 schurter fuseboard mnt 4a 250vac 125vdc
RK73Z1ETTP KOA rk73z1ettp resistor 0402 0 ohmmolded smd punched papert/r rohs
GRM033C80J104KE15D MURATA grm033c80j104ke15d muratacap ceramic 0.1uf 6.3v x6s 10% pad smd 0201 105ct/r rohs
C0805C684K5RACTU KEMET c0805c684k5ractu kemet ceramic capacitor mlcc 0.68uf 50v x7r 10% pad smd 0805 125c rohs
PESD5V0X1BT 215 NXP nxp# pesd5v0x1bt 215 tvsdiode arrays diode arrayesd 2l extrem low
GRM1885C1H181JA01D MURATA grm1885c1h181ja01d murataceramic capacitor 180pf50v c0g 5% smd 0603 125cpaper t/r rohs
LQG15HS2N0S02D MURATA lqg15hs2n0s02d inductor 2.0nh 300ma 0402 rohs
EEEFK1J471AM PANASONIC eee-fk1j471am panasonic capacitor alum 470uf 20% 63v smd rohs
QRM85BXXG02E APEM qrm85bxxg02e apem led indicator green 2.2 vdc 8mm 20 ma 6 mcd ip67 panel mount rohs
JMS561-QGAA3A JMICRON jms561-qgaa3a jmicron icusb 3.0 to dual sata geniii port bridge chip 6gbpsvlsi 3.3v-5v qfn 64 rohs
9321160201 BETTERFUSE 9321160278 betterfuse time-lag subminiature oc fuse 1.6a 250v 2pin radialrohs
KPN500B1/8 TE-CONNECTIVITY kpn500b1/8 te connectivity / alcoswitch knurled straight knob 0.126in (3.20mm) shaft with line on side metal blackrohs
RCSCTE KOA rcscte koa speer test point chip 1206 rohs
ISP814X-SMT&R ISOCOM high density a.c input photo transistor opticallycoupled isolators surface mount 4 pins
3961SA-02TW-L AMTEK 3961sa-02tw-l amtek header connector 7a 250v 2 contacts pin 0.156 pitch rohs
AZ431AN-ATRE1 DIODES-INC az431an-atre1 diodes incorporated ic voltage references adj prec shunt reg 2.5v to 36v 4.5mv rohs
8.4-4-LEG-280 TRUE-TONE 8.4-4-leg-280 8.4mm cruciform metal dome cruciformdome 4 leg dome rohs
NX3225GA-32.000M-STD NDK nx3225ga-32.000m-std-crg-2 ndk crystal 32.0000mhz8pf 30ppm 4-smd 3225(1210inch) rohs
FG28C0G2A472JRT06 TDK fg28c0g2a472jrt06 tdk ceramic capacitor mlcc 4700pf 100v c0g 5% radial ls:5mm rohs
TPS62140RGTR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps62140rgtr ti ic reg buck adj 2a sync 16qfn rohs
TPH08BSR TAICOM tph08bsr con 8p hdr 2mm agl row ra 10008322 rohs
MCR03EZPFX1003 ROHM mcr03ezpfx1003 resistor 100k ohm 1/10w 1% 0603 smd rohs
D4M SWITCHCRAFT d4m connector rcpt audio 4posmale pnl mt rohs
RT8231AGQW RICHTEK rt8231agqw richtek memorypower supply controller current-mode 480khz switching freq-max wqfn-20 rohs
ES2000-NO.4-B7-0-STK TE-CONNECTIVITY es2000-no.4-b7-0-stk te connectivity / raychem heat shrink tubing st polyolefin black thin stick 4:10.7in 4ft rohs
RG1608N-152-W-T1 SUSUMU susumu#rg1608n-152-w-t1 resistor 1.5k ohm 1/10w .05% 0603 smd
CPE-8C-7X13 ZHONGSHENG dn74b236r01 zhongsheng professional production cpeself-adhesive matte bagthick cpe flat pocket 7cmx13cm+- 2.5cm
5M1270ZT144C5N INTEL 5m1270zt144c5n intel / altera complex programmablelogic devices cpld 201.1mhz 1.8v 10ns 980-cell 114 ios 144tqfp rohs
KSZ8995MAI MICROCHIP ksz8995mai microchip / micrel ic ethernet switch 5-port 100mbps 128-pin pqfp rohs
MCP1407-E/SN MICROCHIP mcp1407-e/sn microchip icmosfet dvr 6a non-invertsoic8 rohs
MKS2-1.5UF-100V-10% WIMA wima # mks2-1.5uf-100v-10% film cap mks2 1.5uf 100v 10% pcm5mm
CLF10040T-4R7N-D TDK clf10040t-4r7n-d tdk fixed inductor 4.7uh 5.4a 14.5mohms aec-q200 (150c) smd rohs
RC2010FK-07422RL YAGEO rc2010fk-07422rl yageo corporation resistor thickfilm 2010 422 ohm 1% 0.75w 100ppm/c rohs
BD140L-16 UTC bd140l-16 utc transistorpnp 80v 1.5a sot-32 rohs
170263-1 AMP/TYCO 170263-1 crimp termination contact type receptacle terminate to wire wirerange 0.05-0.15 [30-26] mm [awg] rohs
100K6A1B BETATHERM ga100k6a1b - thermistor ntc interchangeable 4143k sensitivity index
OAR3R0025JLF IRC-TT-ELECTRONICS oar3r0025jlf tt electronics / irc resistor current sense metal alloy 3 w 5 % 20 ppm 0.0025 ohm through hole mount
91114A004 MCMASTER 91114a004 lock washer zinc-plated steel external-tooth for screw-size no.30.102in id 0.235in od rohs
SL32-2R025 AMETHERM ametherm sl32-2r025 thermistor 25a 2ohm
REF192GSZ-REEL7 ANALOG-DEVICES ref192gsz-reel7 analog devices v-ref precision 2.5v 30ma 8-pin soic n t/r rohs
HSMF-A341-A00J1 AVAGO hsmf-a341-a00j1 surface mount led indicator plcc-4 leds multi color
MIC4576WT MICROCHIP mic4576wt microchip ic reg buck adj 3a to220-5 rohs
RK73B2BTTD4R7J KOA rk73b2bttd4r7j koa resistor thick film 4.7 ohm 5%0.25w(1/4w) 200ppm/c padsmd 1206 automotive t/r rohs
SCI1812FTR47M HITANO sci1812ftr47m chip inductor smd 0.47uh 0.545a ?20%molding type sci 1812 (4532) ferrite series
172160-1 AMP/TYCO connector cap 6pos mini univ-mate
CA-D08R-16A-12 CIRCUIT-ASSEMBLY ca-d08r-16a-12 circuit assembly china co. ltd. connector hdr pin 8 pos (2x4) .10ctr rohs
RK73B1ETTP330J KOA rk73b1ettp330j koa resistor thick film 33 ohm 5% 0.1w(1/10w) 200ppm/c pad smd 0402 automotive t/r rohs
RN732BTTD4121B25 KOA rn732bttd4121b25 koa thinfilm resistor 4.12k ohms1/8w 0.1% 1206 rohs
LM5109BMAX/NOPB TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS lm5109bmax/nopb texas instruments gate driver 90v1a 2-out high and low side half-bridge non-inv 8-pin soic t/r rohs
443167251 FAIR-RITE fairite# 0443167251 suppressor assemblies rd z225ohm @ 100mhz
OB2263AP ON-BRIGHT ob2263ap on bright dip-8on-bright pwm controlleric chip
YLW-G525RGB-A9 YALEI ylw-g525rgb-a9 shenzen yalei 5.0mm led lamp 4 pins common anode emittingcolor : red green blue
43030-0002 MOLEX 430300002 molex crimp terminal socket contact gold 20-24 awg power rohs
LM5122MHE/NOPB TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS lm5122mhe/nopb texas instruments boost flyback sepic regulator positive output step-up step-up/step-down dc-dc controlleric 20-htssop rohs
5PH1SDA25-104T0NNBU AMTEK 5ph1sda25-104t0nnbu-090033000-00 amtek pin header4 positions 2.54mm 500vac
RC0603FR-0731K6L YAGEO rc0603fr-0731k6l resistor 31.6k ohm 1/10w 1% 0603 smd rohs
RK73B1ETTP331J KOA rk73b1ettp331j koa resistor thick film 330 ohm 5%0.1w(1/10w) 200ppm/c padsmd 0402 automotive t/r rohs
AS32-50006 AMETHERM as32-50006 ametherm thermistor 50 ohm 25% 6a 30mmradial rohs
MMBT3904LT1G ON-SEMI mmbt3904lt1g transistors gp bjtnpn 40v 0.2a 3-pin sot-23 t/r rohs
HMC574MS8ETR ANALOG-DEVICES hmc574ms8etr analog devices rf switch spdt 5w 0mhzto 3ghz 16db 8-pin msopt/r rohs
B82442A1105J EPCOS epcos# b82442a1105j indgeneral purpose chip 1mh5% 252khz 30q-factor ferrite 85ma 2220 blister t/r
MS15-30004 AMETHERM ms15-30004 ametherm thermistor 30 ohm 25% 4.2a 15mm rohs
M80-8501042 HARWIN m80-8501042 harwin connector socket contact 5+5 posistion female dil vertical throughboard for latches rohs
V20120C-E3/4W VISHAY v20120c-e3/4w vishay schottky diode array 20a 120v dual to-220-3 rohs
5-103669-9 TE-CONNECTIVITY 5-103669-9 connector shroudedheader hdr 10 pos 2.54mmsolder st thru-hole rohs
70545-0009 MOLEX 70545-0009 connector header 10pos .100 vert tin rohs
RK73B1ETTP332J KOA rk73b1ettp332j koa thickfilm resistor 3.3k ohm 5%0.1w(1/10w) 200ppm/c padsmd 0402 automotive t/rrohs
MMA02040C3901FB300 VISHAY mma02040c3901fb300 vishaythin film resistor 3.9kohm 1% 0.25w 50ppm/c conformal coated melf smd 0204/1406 t/r rohs
CC0402MRX5R5BB106 YAGEO cc0402mrx5r5bb106 yageo capacitor ceramic 10uf 6.3v x5r 20% pad smd 0402 85c t/r rohs
AD822ARZ-REEL7 ANALOG-DEVICES ad822arz-reel7 analog devices ic opamp gp 1.9mhz rro 8soic rohs
CL10B224KA8NNNC SAMSUNG cl10b224ka8nnnc cap cer0.22uf 25v 10% x7r 0603 rohs
TK10A60E S4X TOSHIBA tk10a60e s4x toshiba mosfet n-channel 600v 10a 45wto-220sis rohs
CRCW0603510RFKTA VISHAY crcw0603510rfkta vishay resistor 510 ohm 1% 1/10wsmd 0603
MOR03SJ0FKK27K00 PAK-HENG mor03sj0fkk27k00 pak hengresistor 27kohm 3w 5% inside kinked lead axial
RK73H1ETTP69R8F KOA resistor thick film 0402 69.8ohm 1% 1/16w ?100ppm/c molded smd punched paper t/r
MMU01020C3300FB300 VISHAY mmu01020c3300fb300 vishaybeyschlag resistor 330 ohm 1% 0.3w smd 0102 rohs
RK73B1ETTP333J KOA rk73b1ettp333j koa resistor thick film 33k ohm 5%0.1w(1/10w) 200ppm/c smd0402 automotive t/r rohs
AD22100SRZ ANALOG-DEVICES ad22100srz ic temp snsr vout sgnlcond 8soic rohs
AD7793BRUZ-REEL ANALOG-DEVICES ad7793bruz-reel analog devices 3-channel single adc delta-sigma 470sps 24-bit serial 16-pin tssop t/r rohs
443164251 FERRITE fair-rite 0443164251 ferrite core round cable snap-its 32.2mm 17.9mm 18.4mmsuppression component rohs
VF20200C-E3-4W VISHAY vf20200c-e3/4w vishay schottky diodes & rectifiers 20 amp 200 volt dual trenchmos
GRM1555C1H221JA01D MURATA grm1555c1h221ja01d muratacapacitor 220pf 50v npo5% 0402 smd cap-cer
15.0188 MULTI-CONTACT 15.0188 multi-contact 150188 connector clip flexible 2.5mm2 30a 500v pin:1 rohs
SFS2-DC12V PANASONIC sfs2-dc12v panasonic relay safety 4pst 6a 12v rohs
ADG719BRTZ-REEL7 ANALOG-DEVICES adg719brtz-reel7 analog devices analog switch single 1.8v spdt 6-pin sot-23t/r rohs
BA3472F-E2 ROHM ba3472f-e2 rohm general purpose amplifier 2 circuit 8-sop rohs
CM5740Z171R-10 LAIRD cm5740z171r-10 emi filterbeads chokes & arrays 170ohms 100mhz 20a 2 chokes smd rohs
BZX384-C3V3 115 NXP bzx384-c3v3 115 diode zener 3.3v 300mw sod323 rohs
W3544B PULSE w3544b pulse / larsen antenna gsm chip rf antennapenta-band -1.5dbi/-1.1dbi/-1.1dbi/- 1.5dbi gain960mhz/1880mhz / 1990mhz/2170mhz 6-pin smd rohs
CY7C64713-128AXC CYPRESS cy7c64713-128axc ic mcu 8-bit fx2lp 8051 cisc romless 3.3v 128-pin tqfp rohs
WRM0204C-360KF WELWYN wrm0204c-360kfi resistor360kohm 1% mini melf bulk
NX3225GA-16.000M-STD NDK nx3225ga-16.000m-std-crg-2 ndk crystal 16mhz 20ppm (tol) 30ppm (stability)8pf fund 80ohm automotive 4-pin smd rohs
CY7C68013A-128AXC CYPRESS cypress# cy7c68013a-128axc microcontrollers (mcu) ez usb fx2lp lo pwr hicom
9FG1900BK-1LF IDT 9fg1900bk-1lf idt bufferpci express (pcie) clock/frequency generator ic 400mhz output 72-vfqfpn rohs
BYV32-200-E3/45 VISHAY byv32-200-e3/45 vishay rectifier diode array 1 pair common cathode standard200v 18a through hole to-220-3 rohs
MF-R010-2 BOURNS mf-r010-2 bourns fuse resettable ptc 60v 0.1a disc rohs
CC0603JPNPO9BN471 YAGEO cc0603jpnpo9bn471 yageo multilayer ceramic capacitors mlcc 470pf 50v npo 5% smd 0603 rohs
LM567CM/NOPB NATIONAL-SEMI lm567cm/nopb ic tone decodr phas loc lp 8soic
FM25CL64B-G CYPRESS fm25cl64b-g cypress semiconductor fram 64kbit serial-spi 3v/3.3v automotive8-pin soic rohs
GRM155R61A105KE15D MURATA grm155r61a105ke15d cap cer 1uf 10v x5r 0402 rohs
87715-9302 MOLEX molex# pci express / pciconnectors 1.00mm 164p .062in 15au
225-2.80T2 SCHROFF 225-2.80t2 calmark/birtcher racks card guide coldplate heat exchangers &pcbs 0.225 in 2.8 in rohs
0603YC103KAT4A AVX 0603yc103kat4a cap ceramic 0.01uf 16v x7r 10% smd0603 125c paper t/r rohs
2304R-32G2LF COMM-CON 2304r-32g2lf 32p 2mm center - .020 inch square pin- single row right angleheader 10uin (.25u) goldover 50uin (1.3u) ni at mating end
TS78L05ACY-RMG TAIWAN-SEMICONDUCTOR ts78l05acy rmg taiwan semiconductor linear voltageregulator ic positive fixed 1 output 5v 100ma sot-89 rohs
MAX636ACSA+T MAXIM max636acsa+t ic reg inv -12v/adj 50ma 8soic t/r rohs
DS1307Z+T/R MAXIM ds1307z+t&r maxim ic rtcclock/calendar 56b i2c 4.5-5.5v 1.5 ma 2-wire serial 8-soic rohs
STP10NK60ZFP ST-MICRO stp10nk60zfp stmicroelectronics n channel mosfet 600v 10a to-220fp rohs
S4B-XH-A(LF)(SN) JST s4b-xh-a(lf)(sn) jst connheader xh side 4pos 2.5mm rohs
BD139L-16 UTC bd139l-16-t60-t utc npn power transistors 1.5a 80v to-126 rohs
RK73B2BTTD470J KOA rk73b2bttd470j koa thickfilm resistor 47 ohm 5% 0.25w 200ppm/c pad smd 1206 automotive t/r rohs
RK73BW2HTTE101J KOA rk73bw2htte101j koa thickfilm resistor 100 ohm 5%0.75w 200ppm/c pad smd 2010 automotive t/r rohs
2041021-4 TE-CONNECTIVITY 2041021-4 connector sd card hdr 9 pos 2.42mm solder rasmd rohs
MMDL914-TP MCC mmdl914-tp mcc diode genpurp 100v 200ma sod323 rohs
AD8022ARMZ-REEL7 ANALOG-DEVICES ad8022armz-reel7 adi ic opamp vfb 130mhz 8msop rohs
90128A146 MCMASTER 90128a146 mcmaster zinc-plated alloy steel sockethead screw 6-32 thread size 3/8in long
LT3065MPMSE-1.8#PBF ANALOG-DEVICES lt3065mpmse-1.8#pbf linear technology linear voltage regulator ic positivefixed 1 output 500ma 12-msop-ep rohs
MAX31865ATP+T MAXIM max31865atp+t maxim dataacquisition ic rtd-to-digital converter temp monitoring 20tqfn rohs
95522-2887 MOLEX 95522-2887 connector rj-45 f 8pos 2.54mm solder st thru-hole 8 terminal 1 porttube cat 3 rohs
90128A148 MCMASTER 90128a148 mcmaster zinc-plated alloy steel sockethead screw 6-32 thread size 1/2in long
01550430ZXU LITTELFUSE 01550430zxu fuse holder in line; voltage rating vdc:32v; rating vac:32v 30a; fuse holder type:fuseholder; holder terminals:wire leads; no. of fuses:1; series:155 rohs
BAS16 215 NXP bas16 215 diode switching100v 0.215a 3-pin to-236ab t/r rohs
MP930-2.50K-1% CADDOCK mp930-2.50k-1% resistor 2.5 kohm 1% rohs
SL32-1R030 AMETHERM sl32-1r030 ntc thermistorcurrent limiter inrush 1ohm 30a 1 ohm 20% rohs
AP01L60H ADVANCED-POWER ap01l60h ape n-channel transistor 1a 600v mosfetto-252 dpak rohs
RNMF14FTC56K0 SEI rnmf14ftc56k0 sei metal film resistor 56kohms 1% 0.25w through hole axial flame retardant coating rohs
EZA-EG2A50AX PANASONIC ezaeg2a50ax suppressor esd 15v 0.05pf smd 0402 rohs
CL10A226MP8NUNE SAMSUNG cl10a226mp8nune cap cer22uf 10v 20% x5r 0603 rohs
CU0724SCVDF CVILUX cu0724scvdf cvilux cu series dvi connector
24LC256-I/MS MICROCHIP microchip# 24lc256-i/ms eeprom serial-i2c 256k-bit 32k x 8 3.3v/5v 8-pin msop tube
USB5532B-5000JZX MICROCHIP usb5532b-5000jzx microchip ic hub ctlr usb 3.0 64qfn rohs
20021521-00010T1LF FCI 20021521-00010t1lf connshrouded header hdr 10 pos dual 1.27x1.27mm solderst smd rohs
MT40A256M16GE-083E:B MICRON mt40a256m16ge-083e:b micron dram chip ddr4 sdram 4gbit 256mx16 1.2v 96-pinfbga rohs
TL431AILPR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tl431ailpr texas instrument ic ref adjustable 2.495v to 36v 100ma 3-pin to-92 t/r rohs
172161-1 TE-CONNECTIVITY 172161-1 te conn housing rcp 9 pos 4.2mm crimp st panel mount bag
RC0603FR-0710KL YAGEO rc0603fr-0710kl resistor 10.0kohm 1/10w 1% 0603 smd rohs
XC7A200T-2FBG484C XILINX xc7a200t-2fbg484c xilinxfpga artix-7 family 215360 cells 28nm technology 1v 484-pin fcbga rohs
9.26015E+14 MILL-MAX 0926-0-15-20-76-14-11-0mill-max low profile spring pin rohs
5075MBR-05-SM2-TR NELTRON 5075mbr-05-sm2-tr neltron micro usb socket 5 pin smd ab type
EPF10K20RC240-4N INTEL epf10k20rc240-4n intel/altera fpga flex 125mhz 10k family 20k gates 1152 cells 0.42um technology 5v240-pin rqfp rohs
C1808C0G302-331KNE VENKEL c1808c0g302-331kne venkelceramic capacitor 330pf3000v c0g 10% pad smd 1808 125c t/r rohs
1DA101K-EC RTI 1da101k-ec ntc standard disc thermistor 100ohm 10%2p rohs
131-3711-201 CINCH 131-3711-201 rf coaxialstraight jack smb rcp 0hz to 4ghz 50ohm solder st smd gold rohs
XH-2405AG-12 XINGHE-WEIYE es-308036-00a xing he weiye led screen emitted color: green lens color: black and white 5v 10ma 12p
F1778347M2DBB0 VISHAY vishay# f1778347m2dbb0 cap film 0.047uf 310vac pp20% 12.5 x 4 x 10mm rdl10mm bulk
PMEG4010CEJ 115 NXP pmeg4010cej 115 diode schottky 40v 1a sod323f rohs
DLP11SN900HL2L MURATA murata# dlp11sn900hl2l dlp series 90 ohm impedance 20 % 150 ma dcr 1.5 ohmsmt common mode choke
8075-N-0440 AMATOM 8075-n0440 amatom standoffs round ff 0440 3/16 x 1/8 nylon
C2012X5R0J106M/1.25 TDK c2012x5r0j106m/1.25 capcer 10uf 6.3v 20% x5r 0805 t/r rohs
RM04F6491CT CAL-CHIP rm04f6491ct calchip resistor 6.49k ohm 1% 1/16w smd 0402 rohs
TS1220-600B-TR ST-MICRO thyristor scr 600v 115a3-pin(2+tab) dpak t/r rohs
2506031217Y0 FAIR-RITE 2506031217y0 fairrite ferrite beads multi-layer120ohm 25% 100mhz 150ma 200mohm dcr 0603 t/r
XTR105UA TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS xtr105ua texas instruments current sense transmitter amplifier 4-20ma 14-pin soic rohs
US2MA ON-SEMI us2ma on fairchild diodestandard 1000v 1.5a rectifier sma (do-214ac) rohs
TOP244YN POWER-INTEGRATIONS top244yn ic sw off-line ps 45/65w to220 rohs topswitch-gx family extendedpower design flexible ecosmart integrated off-line switcher
RB520S-30-TP MICRO-COMMERCIAL rb520s-30-tp diode schtky200ma 30v sod-523 rohs
5377PIP125R05-22X45 TENTE 5377pip125r05-22x45 tenteswivel castors with total lock wheel diameter: 125mm load capacity: 100kg rohs
3-1744163-4 TE-CONNECTIVITY 3-1744163-4 te connectivity connector wire to board hdr 4 pos 2.54mm solderst smd t/r rohs
RK73B2BTTD474J KOA rk73b2bttd474j koa resistor thick film 470k ohm 5% 0.25w(1/4w) 200ppm/c pad smd 1206 automotive t/rrohs
ABM3B-15.360MHZ101UT ABRACON abm3b-15.360mhz-10-1-u-tcrystal 15.3600mhz 10pf smd rohs
RC0603FR-0710ML YAGEO yageo# rc0603fr-0710ml rc series 0603 0.1 w 10 mohms 1% 100 ppm/c smt thick film chip resistor
BZD27C24 PHILIPS philips bzd27c24p zener diodes 0.8 watt
VJ1812Y682KXFAT4X VISHAY vj1812y682kxfat4x vishay/ vitramon multilayer ceramic capacitor mlcc 6800pf 2000v 10% smd/smt 1812rohs
MAX11605EEE+T MAXIM max11605eee+t ic adc serial 8bit 16-qsop 2.7v to 3.6v low-power 12-channelt/r rohs
ADT7411ARQZ-REEL7 ANALOG-DEVICES adt7411arqz-reel7 adi ictemp sensor digital serial (4-wire spi i2c) 10bit 16-qsop rohs
74HC14D 652 NXP 74hc14d 652 nexperia inverter schmitt trigger 6-element cmos 6v 25ma 14-soic rohs
GRM1555C1H120JA01D MURATA murata# grm1555c1h120ja01d cap ceramic 12pf 50v c0g 5% smd 0402 125c
1210RN561J201N NOVACAP 1210rn561j201n novacp capacitor 560pf 5% 200v npo smd 1210
6-104071-0 TE-CONNECTIVITY 6-104071-0 te connector header 8pos .050 vert gold rohs
TDA2050L-TB5-T UTC tda2050l-tb5-t utc hi-fiaudio power amplifier 32w1 channel zfm5 rohs
236-100 WAGO 236-100 terminal block end plate grey 8 position 6 mm header male bladespress-fit through hole connector rohs
CP-2TB-12 ECT cp-2tb-12 ect contact products - battery probe 5a50mohm brass gold plated
LTC6655BHMS8-5#TRPBF ANALOG-DEVICES ltc6655bhms8-5#trpbf analog devices ic v-ref precision 5v 5ma automotive 8-pin msop t/r rohs
BN-43-3312 AMIDON bn-43-3312 amidon wideband 2 hole ferrite coresistor id: 0.187 od: 0.765 width:0.375 height: 1.000 holespacing: 0.390 rohs
HER305.. LGE her305.. lge diode rectifier high efficient low vf3.0a 400v 2pin axial rohs
MOR03SG0FKK10R180 PAK-HENG mor03sg0fkk10r180 pak heng metal oxide film resistor 0.18ohm 3w 2% axial rohs
R42182 SEOUL-SEMICONDUCTOR seoul semi# r42182 highpower leds-single color red- 625nm 3.8w 481m mcpcb
2119-632-N RAF 2119-632-n-0 raf 2119-632-n hex female standoffs 1/4 hex x 1-7/16 length 6-32 thread nylon plainrohs
59PR9875 VITEC vitec 59pr9875 smd high frequency power inductor
GRM188C71C225KE11D MURATA grm188c71c225ke11d murataceramic capacitor 2.2uf16v x7s 10% smd 0603 125cpaper t/r rohs
LTM4627IV#PBF ANALOG-DEVICES ltm4627iv#pbf analog devices ic conv dc-dc 4.5v to20v step down single-out0.6v to 5v 15a umodule automotive 133-pin lga tray rohs
LT1117CST-3.3#PBF LINEAR-TECH lt1117cst-3.3#pbf ic ldoreg fxd 3.3v 800ma sot223rohs
SZMMSZ5260BT1G ON-SEMI szmmsz5260bt1g on semiconductor diode zener single43v 5% 500mw automotive2-pin sod-123 t/r rohs
LCMXO21200HC4TG100I LATTICE lcmxo2-1200hc-4tg100i lattice ic cpld machxo2 family 2.5v/3.3v 100-pin tqfprohs
BT131-600 116 NXP bt131-600 116 nxp triacsthyristor triac 600v 13.8a 3-pin rohs
ADG1334BRSZ-REEL ANALOG-DEVICES adg1334brsz-reel analog devices analog switch icsquad spdt +-15v/12v 20-ssop rohs
CL21A106MQFNNNE SAMSUNG cl21a106mqfnnne cap ceramic 10uf 6.3v x5r 20% smd0805 85c embossed t/r rohs
SRC1203M-AT AUK src1203m-at npn silicon transistor 40-50v 100ma 400mw 3p to-92m rohs
5-104074-1 AMP/TYCO connector header 10pos .050in r/a 30au
SMC5.7104J50J35TR12 KEMET smc5.7104j50j35tr12 cap film 0.1uf 5% 50vdc 5.7 x5 x 4mm smd 2220 rohs
TPI-0805-R470F COMPONENTS tpi-0805-r470f ims thin film wraparound surface mount chip resistor .47 ohm1% 200ppm 1/4w rc smd 0805 rohs
5-104074-4 TE-CONNECTIVITY 5-104074-4 te connectivity conn shrouded header hdr 20 pos 1.27mm solder ra thru-hole tube - rohs
M50-3502042 HARWIN m50-3502042 harwin connector headers & wire housings 20+20 posistion male dil vertical throughboardrohs
MCIMX280CVM4B FREESCALE freescale# mcimx280cvm4b soc microprocessor 1.55v/2.1v 289-pin map-bga tray
90128A220 MCMASTER 90128a220 mcmaster zinc-plated alloy steel sockethead screw 10-24 thread size 1/2in long
RC0603JR-0739RL YAGEO rc0603jr-0739rl yageo resistor thick film 39 ohm 5% 0.1w(1/10w) 100ppm/c epoxy pad smd 0603 t/r rohs
BAT54SQ-7-F DIODES-INC diodes# bat54sq-7-f bat54s series 30v 600 ma surface mount schottky diode- sot-23 auto grade
FR107-T RECTRON fr107-t rectron diode rectifier 1a 1000v do-41 rohs
171637-1 AMP/TYCO amp# 171637-1 connector socket 16-20awg tin crimp 403-2207900
MC78L09ACDG ON-SEMI on semi# mc78l09acdg icreg pos volt 100ma 9v 8-soic
LTC6406IUD#PBF ANALOG-DEVICES ltc6406iud#pbf linear technology sp amp diff amp single r-r i/p 3.6v automotive 16-pin qfn rohs
DEHR33D102KA3B MURATA dehr33d102ka3b murata capacitor cer 1000pf 10% 2kv radial rohs
RP78602 TE-CONNECTIVITY rp78602 te connectivity relay socket for rp rt and ry series 1 pole rohs
LPS357-15B0R033 VITROHM lps357-15b-0r033 resistor0r033ohm 5% 3 x 0 2 15mm1 5w low ohmic
91306A311 MCMASTER 91306a311 mcmaster hex drive rounded head screws zinc-plated alloy steel 4-40 thread size 1/4in long
73251-1853 MOLEX 73251-1853 sma jack recpt 2 hole flang w/screws rohs
2N7002BK 215 NXP 2n7002bk 215 nexperia mosfet single n-channel 60v350ma sot23 rohs
DS16D0204STD ITW ds16d-02-04-std itw ergcomponents switch slide dpqt conv 30v 250ma 9.3mm
RK73H3ATTE1503F KOA rk73h3atte1503f koa speerthick film resistor 150kohm 1% 1w 100ppm/c smd 2512 t/r rohs
KPEG-242 KINGSTATE kpeg-242 piezo buzzer pin type 4.1khz 7ma rohs
08055A332JAT2A AVX 08055a332jat2a avx multilayer ceramic capacitor mlcc 3300pf 50v c0g 5% smd/smt 0805 rohs
MP930-75 CADDOCK caddock mp930-75.0-1% 30w
SG27 RTI KATEMA rti katema sg27
MNR14E0APJ000 ROHM mnr14e0apj000 chip resistor array zero ohm 5 % 4 element case 0603 x 4 smt1206 8pin rohs
91306A320 MCMASTER 91306a320 mcmaster hex drive rounded head screws zinc-plated alloy steel 6-32 thread size 1/4in long
BHSD-2032-PC MPD bhsd-2032-pc mpd holdersnap dragon cr2032 t/h coin 20.0mm rohs
PLA2S-A-C PANDUIT pla2s-a-c panduit cableties nylon 6/6 white 47mm222n rohs
91306A322 MCMASTER 91306a322 mcmaster hex drive rounded head screws zinc-plated alloy steel 6-32 thread size 3/8in long
MO1WSJ27KT PAK-HENG mo1wsj27kt pak heng metaloxide film resistor 27ohm 1w 5% axial rohs
1SMB14AT3G ON-SEMI zen smb tvs 600w 14v tr rohs
2615/30-BK-100 DABURN 2615/30-bk-100 daburn hook-up wire 30 awg 7/38 black 300v 100.0 (30.5m) rohs
GRM1555C1H102JA01D MURATA mur grm1555c1h102ja01d cap cer 1000pf 50v c0g 0402
95462A029 MCMASTER 95462a029 mcmaster medium-strength steel hex nut grade 5 zinc-plated 1/4in-20 thread size
L138-FI-236-RL CRITICAL-LINK l138-fi-236-rl critical link system-on-module somwith 256mb ram arm926ej-s456mhz 3.3v board
56579-0519 MOLEX 565790519 molex connectormini usb 2.0 type ab rcp5 pos 0.8mm solder ra thru-hole 5 terminal 1 porttray rohs
SG39 RTI rti sg39 sg39 ametherm thermistor 12ohms 4amp radial
FQPF8N60C ON-SEMI fqpf8n60c on semiconductor mosfet 600v 7.5a n-ch q-fet to-220f rohs
RC0603FR-0721KL YAGEO rc0603fr-0721kl yageo corporation resistor thick film 21k ohm 1% 0.1w(1/10w) 100ppm/c epoxy pad smd0603 t/r rohs
RK73H1JTTD24R0F KOA rk73h1jttd24r0f koa thickfilm resistor 24 ohm 1%0.125w(1/8w) 100ppm/c padsmd 0603 rohs
SL18-47003 AMETHERM sl18 47003 ametherm ntc thermistor icl 47 ohms 3a20% 19.00mm 2pin radial rohs
91306A337 MCMASTER 91306a337 mcmaster hex drive rounded head screws zinc-plated alloy steel 8-32 thread size 1/2in long
LMZ20502SILT TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS lmz20502silt texas instruments conv dc-dc single step down 2.7v to 5.5v 8-pin usip t/r rohs
TPS62162DSGR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps62162dsgr texas instruments ic converter step-down 3.3v 1a wson-8 rohs
42816-0312 MOLEX 10.00mm (.393in) pitch mini-fit sr.?receptacle housing single row 3 circuits
91306A341 MCMASTER 91306a341 mcmaster hex drive rounded head screws zinc-plated alloy steel 10-24 thread size 3/8in long
LM324ADT ST-MICRO lm324adt stmicroelectronics op amp quad 1.3mhz 0.4v/s 3-32v 14soic rohs
1620601 CROYLEK 1620601e croylek 2:1 polyolefin heat shrink sleeve6.4mm black
CL10B104KO8NNNC SAMSUNG 100nf 16v x7r 10% 0603 smd chip capacitor
GMLB-201209-0080P-N8 MAG-LAYERS gmlb-201209-0080p-n8-rt chip beads 2x12x0.9 mm 80ohm@100mhz rohs
392240-BK005 ALPHA-WIRE 392240 bk005 alpha wire hook-up wire 22awg 30.48m2.89mm tinned copper 10000vdc spool black rohs
SN75LVDS83BZQLR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS sn75lvds83bzqlr ic flatlink 10-135mhz xmitter 56bga rohs
Q8.0-SMU5-16-30/50 JAUCH q8.0-smu5-16-30/50-lf jauch quartz crystals 8.0mhz16pf 30ppm/50ppm smd 13.1x5.0x5.0 mm rohs
91263A531 MCMASTER 91263a531 mcmaster zinc-plated alloy steel hex drive flat head screw 10-24thread size 3/8in long
PESD3V3Z1BSFYL NEXPERIA pesd3v3z1bsfyl nexperia esd suppressor tvs diodes3.3v 5.3v clamp smd t/r rohs
NX3215SA-32.768K-STD NDK nx3215sa-32.768k-std-mua-8 ndk crystal 32.7680khz12.5pf smd rohs
91090A102 MCMASTER 91090a102 mcmaster zinc-plated steel oversized washer for number 6 screw size 0.156in id 0.562in od
HUF75307D3ST FAIRCHILD huf75307d3st transistors mosfet n-ch 55v 15a 3-pin(2+tab) to-252aa t/r rohs
AT91SAM7S256D-AU MICROCHIP at91sam7s256d-au atmel mcu 32-bit sam7s arm7tdmi risc 256kb flash 1.8v/3.3v64-pin lqfp rohs
E33-VT612-M03T ELMA e33-vt612-m03t elma rotary mechanical incrementalencoder type e33 16ppr 15v 60rpm ip68 pc pin rohs
06035C102JAT2A AVX 06035c102jat2a avx capacitor ceramic 0.001uf 50v x7r 5% pad smd 0603 125c t/r rohs
INA114AU/1K TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ina114au/1k ti ic opampinstr 1mhz 16soic rohs
TPS51367RVET TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS tps51367rvet texas instruments 22-v input 12-a integrated fet converter with ultra-low quiescent rohs
RK73B1ETTP152J KOA resistor thick film 1.5k 5% 042
LTM4644IY#PBF ANALOG-DEVICES ltm4644iy#pbf analog devices conv dc-dc 4v to 14vstep down quad-out 0.6v-5.5v 4a 77bga rohs
552-2221-806 DIALIGHT dialight 552-2221-806 led circuit board indicators 5mm backlighting
BC846BLT1G ON-SEMI on semi# bc846blt1g bc series 65 v 100 ma smt npnsilicon general purposetransistor - sot-23 rohs
T520B227M006ATE025 KEMET t520b227m006ate025 kemetcapacitor tant organic 220uf 6.3vdc b case 20% smd3528-21 0.025 ohm 105c t/r rohs
APL5932BKAI-TRG ANPEC apl5932bkai-trg apnec linear regulator 3a sop8
XC6VLX240T-2FFG1759C XILINX xc6vlx240t-2ffg1759c xilinx field programmable gate array 1286mhz 241152-cell cmos pbga1759
GRM21BC80J226ME51L MURATA grm21bc80j226me51l capacitor cer 22uf 6.3v 20% x6s0805 rohs
KSL0V411LFTR C&K ksl0v411lftr c&k components switch tactile spst-no 0.05a 32v rohs
MIC29302AWU-TR MICROCHIP mic29302awu-tr microchipic reg ldo adj 3a to263-5 rohs
92210A020 MCMASTER 92210a020 mcmaster passivated 18-8 stainless steelhex drive flat head screw 3-48 thread size 3/16in long fully threaded
XH414HG-IV01E SEIKO xh414hg-iv01e sii cap supercapacitor 80000uf 3.3v(4.8 x 4.8 x 1.85mm) stacked coin 60c rohs
RK73B1ETTP153J KOA rk73b1ettp153j koa resistor thick film 15k ohm 5%0.1w(1/10w) 200ppm/c padsmd 0402 automotive t/r rohs
2345-N-141 CAREY 2345-n141 amatom nylon standard flat washer 0.141idx0.500odx0.093 rohs
GRM21BR71A106KE51L MURATA grm21br71a106ke51l cap 10uf 10vdc x7r 10% smd 0805embossed t/r rohs
AD9518-3ABCPZ-RL7 ANALOG-DEVICES ad9518-3abcpz-rl7 analogdevices clock generator 0mhz to 250mhz-in 2950mhz-out 48-pin lfcsp ep t/r rohs
DLW5BTN142SQ2L MURATA dlw5btn142sq2l common mode filters / chokes 2020 1400ohm 1500ma 0.040ohm+/-40 rohs
RK73B1ETTP154J KOA rk73b1ettp154j koa resistor thick film 150k ohm 5%0.1w(1/10w) 200ppm/c padsmd 0402 automotive t/rrohs
92147A415 MCMASTER 92147a415 mcmaster 316 stainless steel split lockwasher for number 4 screwsize 0.12in id 0.209in od
RK73BW2HTTE220J KOA rk73bw2htte220j koa resistor thick film 22 ohm 5%0.75w(3/4w) 200ppm/c padsmd 2010 automotive t/r rohs
MX25L12835FM2I-10G MACRONIX mx25l12835fm2i-10g macronix nor flash serial-spi 3v/3.3v 128m-bit 128m/64m/32m x 1/2-bit/4-bit 8ns 8-pin sop rohs
24463 KEYSTONE 24463 mounting hardware 4.5 hex 10.0mm ss rohs
MF-USMF110-2 BOURNS mf-usmf110-2 fuse resettable 1.10a 6v hld smd
4608X-102-103LF BOURNS resistor net isolated 10k ohm8-sip - 4608x-102-103lf rohs
MAX3221ECPWR TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS max3221ecpwr ti ic rs2323v-5.5v drvr 16-tssop rohs
4003 KEYSTONE 4003 battery contact a /aa type; battery size code:a aa; terminal type:contact; for use with:a aa batteries; accessory type:battery contact rohs
BZX55C2V0 SEMTECH bzx55c2v0 zener diode 2v500mw do35 taping rohs
503480-1000 MOLEX 5034801000 molex fpc connector socket 10 pos 0.5mmsolder ra smd rohs
BZX55C2V4 SEMTECH bzx55c2v4 zener diodes 2.4v 0.5w 5% do35 taping rohs
LVR03R1000FE12 VISHAY resistor 0.1 ohm 1% 3w
TL3304AF160QJ E-SWITCH tl3304af160qj e-switch switch tactile spst-no 0.05a 50v rohs
SL22-1R020 AMETHERM ametherm sl22-1r020 surgwlimiter 1.0 ohm/20 amp
ADUM5401CRWZ-RL ANALOG-DEVICES dum5401crwz-rl linear technology digital isolatorquad-ch w/ intg dc/dc cmos 25mbps 16-pin soic rohs
RNF18FTD2K26 SEI rnf18ftd2k26 sei resistor 2.26k ohm 1/8w 1% axial rohs
TL431CN CTC tl431cn compact programmable voltage reference 2.5v to 36v 370mw sot-23
43375-0001 MOLEX crimp socket contact; wire size (awg):18-14; contact current:18a rohs
ERJ-P08J101V PANASONIC erj-p08j101v panasonic resistor thick film 1206 100 ohm 5% 0.667w(2/3w) 200ppm/c molded smd punchedcarrier t/r rohs
101-00306-82 AMPHENOL 1010030682 amphenol memory card connectors mini sim card 6 pin connector pcb
RK73BW2HTTE222J KOA rk73bw2htte222j koa resistor thick film 2.2k ohm 5% 0.75w(3/4w) 200ppm/c smd 2010 automotive t/r rohs
B772Y HOTTECH b772-y hottech transistors pnp30v 3a to-126 rohs
11709-A-2528 AMATOM amatom 11709-a-2528 - inspect threads both side.
KLDX-0202-B-LT KYCON kldx-0202-b-lt kycon dc power connectors 2.5mm pcbjack locking type rohs
MBRS360T3G ON-SEMI mbrs360t3g rectifier schottky barrier; smc; 3a if; 0.740v; 60v; 125a ifrm;164c/w; 11c/w rohs
MB10F MIC mb10f mic glass passivated bridge rectifier 100-1000v 0.8 a 4p smd rohs
RT9053AGB RICHTEK rt9053agb richtek ic linear voltage regulator posadj 400ma sot23-5 rohs
71251-0004 MOLEX connector socket dimm dram 5.0v gold
3012 KEYSTONE battery holder smd for battery cr1632 keystone 3012
TR/3216FF25-R BUSSMANN tr/3216ff25-r fuse boardmount 25a 24vdc 1206 rohs
62GB57A1419SN219 AMPHENOL 62gb57a1419sn219 amphenolpcd circular mil spec connector 19 posistion solder bucket st jam nut 19 terminal 1 port
39-28-1023 MOLEX molex# 39-28-1023 connector header 2pos 4.2mm vert tin
MO1/2WJ0R82T PAK-HENG mor012j0t5200r820 pak heng resistor 0.82 ohm 1/2w5% mo axial
SL15-10006 AMETHERM sl15-10006 ntc thermistor; 10ohm; 20%; radial; dissipation constant:15.9mw/c -
PCI2040PGE TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS ti pci2040pge texas instruments pci bridge chip 33mhz 32bit 144-pin lqfp tray rohs
MT5-1L-V-T/R DIPTRONICS mt5-1l-v-t/r diptronics multi-directional switch 50ma 12v 360gf 4-direction& center push flat smtt/r rohs
C2012X5R1H105K125AB TDK c2012x5r1h105k125ab tdk ceramic capacitors mlcc 1uf 10% 50v x5r smd 0805 (2012 metric) rohs
15365764 DELPHI 15365764 aptiv / delphi yellow connector female housing 6way dcs-2 1.5 automotive rohs
DAC7714U TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS dac7714u texas instruments dac 4-ch r-2r 12-bit 16-pin soic rohs
AD8221ARMZ-R7 ANALOG-DEVICES ad8221armz-r7 adi ic sp amp instr amp single 18v 8-pin msop t/r
IPD90P03P4-04 INFINEON infineon# ipd90p03p4-04 mosfet power n-channel enh mosfet 30v
GRM21BR61A106KE19L MURATA grm21br61a106ke19l 10uf 10v 10% x5r 0805 smd cap rohs
NC38LF-327 FOX nc38lf-327 crystal 0.032768mhz 20ppm (tol) 12.5pf35000ohm 2-pin thru-holerohs
CF12JT270K SEI cf12jt270k sei resistor 270k ohm 1/2w 5% axial rohs
391626-BK005 ALPHA-WIRE 391626 bk005 alpha wire hook-up wire 16 awg tc 26x30 strand 0.154india black ul awm 3212 rohs
BCW89. FAIRCHILD bcw89 transistors gp bjt pnp 60v 0.5a 3-pin sot-23 rohs
A42182 SEOUL-SEMICONDUCTOR seoul semi# a42182 highpower leds- single coloramber 590nm 3.8w 481m mcpcb
LG-T67F-R1T1-24 OSRAM lgt67f-r1t1-24 osram optostandard led green 570nmindication discrete 2.1v2-plcc rohs
LM2904N ON-SEMI lm2904n on semiconductorop amp dual gp 16v/32v 8-pin pdip rohs
AOD4185 ALPHA-OMEGA aod4185 alpha & omega semiconductor mosfet p-channel 40v 40a to-252 dpak rohs
TIP42. LGE tip42 lge transistor np 40v 6a through hole to-220-3 rohs
7114-4027 YAZAKI 7114-4027 yazaki 2.3(090)mm wire connector terminal with tin-plating for 2mm2 wire rohs
BK-18650-PC4 MPD bk-18650-pc4 mpd batteryholder (open) 18650 2 cell 77.7x40.21x21.54 mm pcpin through hole rohs

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