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42R2803.1 Summary: 42R2803.1 from MF is RES# RLR07C2803FS Resistor 280KOhm 1%

electronic components Part Number:  42R2803.1
Part Description:  42R2803.1 by MF is an electronic component, RES# RLR07C2803FS Resistor 280KOhm 1%
Manufacturer: MF
Stock Qty:  100
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- MF Electronics is a manufacturer of frequency products like crystals, oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs and oscillator ICs. Our products are of very high quality. We have an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility and so we maintain very high standards of products.

Customer service has always been our priority. We provide customized service to our clients so to meet their unique requirements. Each of our customers has an individual Account Manager. It is the Account Managerís responsibility to ensure that all the frequency control needs of our clients are taken care of in a cooperative and professional manner.

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42R2803.1 MF res# rlr07c2803fs resistor 280kohm 1%
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42R2872 M.F. 1/4w1%28.7k
42R2873 M.F. 1/4w1%287k ohm
42R2940 M.F. 1/4w1%294 ohm
42R2942 M.F. 1/4w1%29.4k ohm
42R2943 M.F. 1/4w1%294k ohm
42R23R2 MF res# 1/4w 1% 23.2 mf55c23reft
42R2000.1 MF res# rlr07c2000fs resistor metal glaze/thick film 0.25 w 1 % 100 ppm 200 ohm through hole mount
42R2151.1 MF res# rlr07c2151fr resistor metal film 0.25 w 1% 100 ppm 2150 ohm through hole mount
42R2003.1 RESISTOR res# rlr07c2003fs resistor metal glaze/thick film 0.25 w 1 % 100 ppm 200000 ohm through hole mount
42R2003 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 200k ohm
42R2050 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 205 ohm
42R2052 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 20.5kohm
42R2058 M.F. resistor 1/4w 1% 20.5 ohm

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ISO 9001:2015 IBS Electronics distributes genuine MF  42R2803.1  res# rlr07c2803fs resistor 280kohm 1%. We currently maintain an inventory with a wide array of components. These include ICs, Discrete Components, Capacitors, Resistors, Connectors, Relays, Crystals, Ocillators, Inductors; as well as Mil-Spec, Industrial Grade, Commercial Grade, Hard-to-Find and Obsolete components. We also have the ability and industry connections to source globally.

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