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electronic components Part Number:  74F125N
Part Description:  74F125N by PHILIPS is an electronic component, PHIL# 74F125N IC BUFFER/DRIVER SINGLE 4-BIT F-TTL DIP 14PIN
Manufacturer: PHILIPS
Stock Qty:  2500
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74F193PC FAIRCHILD up/down binary counter w/seperate up/down clocks
74F125N PHILIPS phil# 74f125n ic buffer/driver single 4-bit f-ttl dip 14pin
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74F125N-1 MOTOROLA motorola# 74f125n buffer/line driver 14pins
74F194SC FAIRCHILD icdig4-bitshft rgso16
74F138SC FAIRCHILD ic decoderdemux 74f138 16-soic rohs
74F138SC FAIRCHILD ic dig 74f138 3-to-8 decoder so16
74F157ASC FAIRCHILD quad 2-to-1 data multiplexer
74F164APC FAIRCHILD 8-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register
74F138SC FAIRCHILD 1-of-8 decoder/demultiplexer smd16
74F138SCX NS 1-of-8 decoder/demultiplexer soic16
74F157N SIEMENS data selectors/multiplexers dip16
74F161APC FAIRCHILD counter ics syn 4-bit binary
74F139SCX NS dual 1-of-4 decoder/demultiplexer soic16
74F153SCX FAIRCHILD dual 4-input multiplexer 0.5~7.0v soic-16
74F153PC FAIRCHILD dual 4-input multiplexer dip16
74F153N SIGNETICS dual 4-line to 1-line multiplexer dip16
74F14DT-PHIL PHILIPS hex inverter schmitt trigger 4.5~5.5v so14
74F14N PHILIPS hex inverter schmitt trigger dip14
74F114PC NS ic jk type neg trg sngl 4.5~5.5v 20ma 0~70? dip-14
74F157APC NS quad 2-input multiplexer dip16
74F158APC FAIRCHILD quad 2-input multiplexer dip16
74F10 FAIRCHILD triple 3-input nand gate soic14
74F11PC FAIRCHILD ttl ic dip14
74F158APC NS ttl ic dip16
74F163APC NS ttl ic dip16

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