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BACC50AN16H Summary: BACC50AN16H from Amphenol PCD is Circular MIL Spec Connector GROUND BLOCK SZ 16 LC

connectors components Part Number:  BACC50AN16H
Part Description:  BACC50AN16H by Amphenol PCD is an electronic component, Circular MIL Spec Connector GROUND BLOCK SZ 16 LC
Manufacturer: Amphenol PCD
Quantity Avail:  542
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Amphenol PCD

- Amphenol Pcd, a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation, is one of the world's leading suppliers of interconnect products for Military, Commercial Aerospace and Industrial applications. Precision Connector Design (Pcd) was founded in 1977. The company focused on Relay Sockets, Junction Modules, and Terminal Blocks targeting the Avionic and Industrial markets. In 2003, Amphenol Corporation acquired the company and it became Amphenol Pcd.

After the acquisition, Amphenol Pcd has successfully become the world market leader in Relay Sockets and Junction Modules in Commercial Aerospace and Military Aerospace, as well as the lead manufacturer of pluggable Terminal Blocks and Interface Modules in Industrial applications. The company is a leading manufacture of System Attachments, and it recently added yet another division to its core product portfolio - the Cable Solutions division - supporting Military Aerospace, Commercial Aerospace, Medical, and Industrial cable assemblies.

Amphenol Pcd designs and manufactures a wide range of products - System Attachments, Junction Modules, Relay Sockets, Terminal Blocks, Rectangular & Circular connectors, and Cable Assemblies, to name a few. Each product is made and engineered with the highest quality standards in the industry. With facilities in North America and Asia, Amphenol Pcd products are chosen by thousands of OEMs around the world, reliant on Amphenol's technical excellence, global network of distributors, and cost-effective solutions for custom systems.

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