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CRCW1206200RFKEA Summary: CRCW1206200RFKEA from VISHAY is RESISTOR 200 OHM 1% Lead-Free

electronic components Part Number:  CRCW1206200RFKEA
Part Description:  CRCW1206200RFKEA by VISHAY is an electronic component, RESISTOR 200 OHM 1% Lead-Free
Manufacturer: VISHAY
Stock Qty:  5000
Price: Request Quote


- Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETs and infrared optoelectronics) and passive electronic components (resistors, inductors and capacitors). These components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment in the industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, power supplies, and medical markets. Vishay's product innovations, successful acquisition strategy and "one-stop shop" service have made it a global industry leader.

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CRCW08055361FT VISHAY/DALE dale crcw08055361ft resistors 5.36 kohm 1/10w 1%smt 0805
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CRCW0402-203J DALE dale crcw0402-203j crcw0402203jrt2 resistor metal glaze/thick film 0.0625 w 5 % 200 ppm 20000ohm surface mount 0402
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CRCW060368R0FT DALE dale crcw060368r0ft thick film resistors - smd 1/10watt 68ohms 1% 0603
CRCW1206223JT DALE dale# crcw1206223jt resistor thick film 1206 22k ohm 5%1/4w smd srfcmnt
CRCW12064R7J DALE dale# crcw12064r7jt resistor 1206 4.7ohm 5% smd
CRCW04028R25F DALE dale crcw04028r25f
CRCW120639R2FKEA VISHAY crcw120639r2fkea resistor thick film 1206 39.2 ohm 1% 1/4w ?100ppm/?c smd rohs
CRCW0805100RFKEA VISHAY crcw0805100rfkea resistor 100ohm 1/8w 1% 0805 smd rohs
CRCW06031100FT VISHAY/DALE dale crcw06031100ft resistor 110 ohm 1% smd 0603
CRCW12061430FT DALE dale# crcw12061430ft srfcmnt
CRCW12062211FT DALE dale crcw12062211ft koa#rk73h2bt2211f 1206 2.21k1% srfcmnt
CRCW06032212FT DALE dale crcw06032212ft restf 22.1k 0.1w 0603
CRCW080543K2FKEA VISHAY crcw080543k2fkea resistor 43.2k ohm 1/8w 1% 0805 smd rohs
CRCW080510K0FKEA VISHAY crcw080510k0fkea rohs; vishay ; resistor 10.0k ohm 1/8w1% 0805 smd
CRCW0603-201JT VISHAY smt resistor 0603 5% 200ohm
CRCW0805330RFKEA VISHAY crcw0805330rfkea resistor 330ohm 1/8w 1% 0805 smd rohs
CRCW06033K01FKEA DALE 3.01kohms 0.01 1/10watt 0603 thick film chip resistors
CRCW0603100RFKEA VISHAY resistor 100 ohm 1% dale# crcw0603100rfkearohs
CRCW08051K00FKEA VISHAY crcw08051k00fkea resistor 1.00k ohm 1/8w 1% 0805 smd rohs
CRCW08052430F VISHAY/DALE dale crcw08052430f crcw0805-2430f resistor metalglaze 243 ohm 150v 1% 100ppm 0805 case size
CRCW1206243J DALE/VISHAY 1/4watt 24kohms 5% 1206 thick film chip
CRCW08055761FT DALE dale crcw08055761ft resistor metal glaze 5.76kohm 150v 1% 100ppm 0805 crcw0805-5761f
CRCW08051243F DALE dale crcw08051243f resistor thick film 0805 124k ohm 1%1/8w
CRCW12063M32FKEA VISHAY crcw12063m32fkea resistor thick film 1206 3.32m ohm 1%1/4w ?100ppm/?c smd rohs
CRCW06031873F DALE/VISHAY 187k ohm +/-1% 75v 0.1w+/-100ppm 0603 smd metalfilm resistor
CRCW0402-5622F DALE dale crcw0402-5622f resistor metal glaze 56.2kohm 50v 1% 0402 case size
CRCW08051651FT DALE dale crcw08051651ft resistor 1.65kohms 0805 t/r
CRCW060310K0FKEA VISHAY crcw060310k0fkea resistorthick film10k ohm1%1/10w100ppmsmdt r rohs
CRCW08053002FT DALE resistor 0805 30kohm 1%
CRCW0805-271JT DALE dale# crcw0805271jt resistors 270 ohm smd 0805
CRCW06031001F VISHAY/DALE resistor 1/10watt 1.0kohms 1%603
CRCW04022K26FKED VISHAY/DALE 2.26k ohm resistor
CRCW0603-1000FRT1 VISHAY 100 ohm 1% smd thick film resistor papertape packaging w/5000 pieces
CRCW120612K4FKEA VISHAY/DALE crcw120612k4fkea resistor 1/4watt 12.4kohms 1% rohs
CRCW06031803FT DALE dale crcw06031803ft res180k ohm 1% 0603
CRCW0805120RFKEA VISHAY crcw0805120rfkea resistor 0805 1% 120r rohs
CRCW060320K0FKEA VISHAY crcw060320k0fkea vishay resistor smd 20k ohm 1% 1/10w 0603 rohs
CRCW25123321F VISHAY/DALE 3.32k ohm thick film resistor rohs non-compliant
CRCW06038251F VISHAY/DALE dale crcw06038251ftr resistor metal glaze 8.25kohm 75v 1% 0603 casesize
CRCW06032550F VISHAY/DALE dale crcw06032550f resistor thick film 0603 255 ohm 1%1/10w +/-100ppm/c smd
CRCW04026K81FKED VISHAY crcw04026k81fked resistor 6.81k ohm 1/16w 1% 0402 smd rohs
CRCW080510K0JNEA YAGEO crcw080510k0jnea resistorthick film10k ohm5%1/8w200ppmsmdtr rohs
CRCW080521K0FKEA VISHAY crcw080521k0fkea resistor 21.0k ohm 1/8w 1% 0805 smd
CRCW1206-2320FT DALE dale# crcw12062320ft1 srfcmnt
CRCW080520R0FKEA VISHAY resistor thick film 0805 20 ohm 1% 1/8w ?100ppm/?c molded smd rohs
CRCW1206000ZT RES-NET res# crcw1206000zt thickfilm resistor - smd zero-ohm jumper
CRCW1206-1211FT DALE dale# crcw12061211ft srfcmnt
CRCW08053K30FKEA VISHAY crcw08053k30fkea resistor thick film 0805 3.3k ohm 1% 1/8w ?100ppm/?c molded smdpaper t/r rohs
CRCW1206360J DALE dale# crcw1206360j 1/8w1% 36 ohm srfcmnt
CRCW040220K0FKED VISHAY crcw040220k0fked resistor thick film 0402 20k ohm 1% 1/16w ?100ppm/?c smd papert/r rohs
CRCW0805825RFKEA VISHAY crcw0805825rfkea resistor 825ohm 1/8w 1% 0805 smd rohs
CRCW120610K0FKEA VISHAY crcw120610k0fkea resistor 10.0k ohm 1/4w 1% 1206 smd rohs
CRCW0805100JT VISHAY/DALE dale crcw0805100jt 0805 10 5%
CRCW12061002F VISHAY/DALE crcw12061002f vishay/daleresistor metal glaze10kohm 200v 1% smd 1206
CRCW0402330RFKEDC VISHAY crcw0402330rfkedc vishay/dale resistor thick film330 ohm 1% 1/16w 100ppm/cmolded smd 0402 paper t/r rohs
CRCW08052203FT DALE crcw08052203f resistor thick film 0805 220k ohm 1% 1/8w
CRCW06036200F VISHAY crcw06036200f resistor 1/10watt 620ohms 1%
CRCW12102R7JT DALE dale crcw12102r7jt resistor thick film 1210 2.7 ohm 5%1/3w ?200ppm/?c smd
CRCW12061690FT DALE crcw12061690ft resistor thickfilm 1206 169 ohm 1% 1/4w+/-100ppm/c smd srfcmntres
CRCW120610R0FT VISHAY/DALE dale crcw120610r0ft thickfilm resistor 1/4watt 10ohms 1% smd 1206
CRCW08051214FT VISHAY/DALE dale crcw08051214ft resistor metal glaze 1.21mohm 150v 1% 100ppm smd 0805 t/r
CRCW0603100KJNEA VISHAY crcw0603100kjnea vishay resistor thick film 100k ohm 5% 0.1w 200ppm/c pad smd 0603 automotive t/r rohs
CRCW060322R0FKEA VISHAY crcw060322r0fkea vishay /dale resistor 22 ohm 1%1/10w smd 0603 rohs
CRCW0603100RFKEA VISHAY resistor 100 ohm 1% dale# crcw0603100rfkearohs
CRCW06031R00FKEA VISHAY crcw06031r00fkea vishay dale resistor 1 ohm 1% 1/10w smd 0603 rohs
CRCW060310K0FKEA VISHAY crcw060310k0fkea resistorthick film10k ohm1%1/10w100ppmsmdt r rohs
CRCW0603510RFKTA VISHAY crcw0603510rfkta vishay resistor 510 ohm 1% 1/10wsmd 0603
CRCW1218332RJ200 VISHAY HONG KONG LIMITED res-tfc k332 j 1w crcw1218
CRCW25122R2JR67E3 VISHAY HONG KONG LIMITED res-tfc 2r2 j 1w0 crcw2512
CRCW04020000ZSTD VISHAY vishay crcw04020000zstd
CRCW04020000ZSTD VISHAY vishay crcw04020000zstd
CRCW0402100KFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402100kfktd
CRCW0402100RJNTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402100rjntd
CRCW0402102JRT7 VISHAY vishay crcw0402102jrt7
CRCW0402102JRT7 VISHAY vishay crcw0402102jrt7
CRCW040210KOJNTD VISHAY vishay crcw040210kojntd
CRCW0402110KFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402110kfktd
CRCW040211KOFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw040211kofktd
CRCW0402120RFKE VISHAY vishay crcw0402120rfke
CRCW04021271FRTI VISHAY vishay crcw04021271frti
CRCW040212K4FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw040212k4fktd
CRCW04021301FRT7 VISHAY vishay crcw04021301frt7
CRCW04021301FT crcw04021301ft
CRCW040213ORFKE VISHAY vishay crcw040213orfke
CRCW0402154KFTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402154kftd
CRCW040215KOFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw040215kofktd
CRCW0402180RJNTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402180rjntd
CRCW0402191KFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402191kfktd
CRCW04021961FRT7 VISHAY vishay crcw04021961frt7
CRCW04021K15FKED VISHAY vishay crcw04021k15fked
CRCW04021K27FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw04021k27fktd
CRCW04021K30JNED VISHAY vishay crcw04021k30jned
CRCW04021K30JNED VISHAY vishay crcw04021k30jned
CRCW04021K3FKED VISHAY vishay crcw04021k3fked
CRCW04021K50FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw04021k50fktd
CRCW04021K74FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw04021k74fktd
CRCW04021KIOFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw04021kiofktd
CRCW0402200RJNTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402200rjntd
CRCW0402220RJNTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402220rjntd
CRCW0402232KFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402232kfktd
CRCW0402294KFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402294kfktd
CRCW040230KIFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw040230kifktd
CRCW0402330RJNTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402330rjntd
CRCW040233ROFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw040233rofktd
CRCW040239R2FRT VISHAY vishay crcw040239r2frt
CRCW040239R2FRT VISHAY vishay crcw040239r2frt
CRCW04023K09FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw04023k09fktd
CRCW04023K92FKE VISHAY vishay crcw04023k92fke
CRCW040240K2FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw040240k2fktd
CRCW040246K4FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw040246k4fktd
CRCW0402470RJNTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402470rjntd
CRCW0402499KFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw0402499kfktd
CRCW040249R9FKE VISHAY vishay crcw040249r9fke
CRCW040249R9FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw040249r9fktd
CRCW04024K99FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw04024k99fktd
CRCW04024M75FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw04024m75fktd
CRCW040251 VISHAY vishay crcw040251
CRCW04025903FRT7 VISHAY vishay crcw04025903frt7
CRCW04025K11FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw04025k11fktd
CRCW04026341FRT7 VISHAY vishay crcw04026341frt7
CRCW040275ROFKED VISHAY vishay crcw040275rofked
CRCW04027K15FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw04027k15fktd
CRCW040282R5FKE VISHAY vishay crcw040282r5fke
CRCW04029K53FKTD VISHAY vishay crcw04029k53fktd
CRCW04210ROFKTD VISHAY vishay crcw04210rofktd
CRCW0603 VISHAY vishay crcw0603
CRCW06030000ZOEA VISHAY vishay crcw06030000zoea
CRCW060310033RZ VISHAY vishay crcw060310033rz
CRCW0603100MJPEAHR VISHAY vishay crcw0603100mjpeahr
CRCW0603100MJPEAHR VISHAY vishay crcw0603100mjpeahr
CRCW0603100MJPEAHR VISHAY vishay crcw0603100mjpeahr
CRCW0603100MJPEAHR VISHAY vishay crcw0603100mjpeahr
CRCW0603100MJPEAHR VISHAY vishay crcw0603100mjpeahr
CRCW0603100RJNEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603100rjnea
CRCW060310KOFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw060310kofkea
CRCW060310KOFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw060310kofkea
CRCW060310ROFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw060310rofkea
CRCW0603-1212FRTI VISHAY vishay crcw0603-1212frti
CRCW0603150KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603150kfkea
CRCW0603150KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603150kfkea
CRCW0603150KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603150kfkea
CRCW0603150KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603150kfkea
CRCW0603150KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603150kfkea
CRCW0603150KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603150kfkea
CRCW0603150KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603150kfkea
CRCW0603150KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603150kfkea
CRCW0603150KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603150kfkea
CRCW0603150KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603150kfkea
CRCW0603-181JRTI-E3 VISHAY vishay crcw0603-181jrti-e3
CRCW06031K40FKEA VISHAY vishay crcw06031k40fkea
CRCW06031K40FKEA VISHAY vishay crcw06031k40fkea
CRCW06031K40FKEA VISHAY vishay crcw06031k40fkea
CRCW06031K40FKEA VISHAY vishay crcw06031k40fkea
CRCW06031KOOJNTABC VISHAY vishay crcw06031koojntabc
CRCW06031KOOJNTABC VISHAY vishay crcw06031koojntabc
CRCW0603220RJNEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603220rjnea
CRCW060322K1FKEA VISHAY vishay crcw060322k1fkea
CRCW060322R0JNEA crcw060322r0jnea
CRCW0603-330JRT1 VISHAY vishay crcw0603-330jrt1
CRCW0603330RJNEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603330rjnea
CRCW060333R2FKEA VISHAY vishay crcw060333r2fkea
CRCW0603453RFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603453rfkea
CRCW060349R9FKEA VISHAY vishay crcw060349r9fkea
CRCW06034K42FKTA VISHAY vishay crcw06034k42fkta
CRCW0603549RFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603549rfkea
CRCW0603590KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603590kfkea
CRCW0603590KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw0603590kfkea
CRCW060375ROFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw060375rofkea
CRCW06038K66FKEA VISHAY vishay crcw06038k66fkea
CRCW0805 VISHAY vishay crcw0805
CRCW0805151JRT1 VISHAY vishay crcw0805151jrt1
CRCW080519K6FKTA VISHAY vishay crcw080519k6fkta
CRCW08051KOOFKTA VISHAY vishay crcw08051koofkta
CRCW0805200KFKE VISHAY vishay crcw0805200kfke
CRCW08052K94FKTA crcw08052k94fkta
CRCW080538K3FKTA VISHAY vishay crcw080538k3fkta
CRCW08053K32FKEA crcw08053k32fkea
CRCW080568RIFKTA VISHAY vishay crcw080568rifkta
CRCW08056R81FKTA VISHAY vishay crcw08056r81fkta
CRCW1206 VISHAY vishay crcw1206
CRCW1206-1003FRT1 VISHAY vishay crcw1206-1003frt1
CRCW1206-10R0FT1 VISHAY vishay crcw1206-10r0ft1
CRCW12061M00JNTA VISHAY vishay crcw12061m00jnta
CRCW1206-2002FRTI-E3 VISHAY vishay crcw1206-2002frti-e3
CRCW120620R0FKE crcw120620r0fke
CRCW1206-2212FRTI VISHAY vishay crcw1206-2212frti
CRCW120622R1FKEA VISHAY vishay crcw120622r1fkea
CRCW1206241K9FKEA VISHAY vishay crcw1206241k9fkea
CRCW12062492FT VISHAY vishay crcw12062492ft
CRCW1206-2493FRT1 VISHAY vishay crcw1206-2493frt1
CRCW12062671FRT1 VISHAY vishay crcw12062671frt1
CRCW1206300RFKEA VISHAY/DALE vishay/dale crcw1206300rfkea
CRCW1206-3321FRTA VISHAY vishay crcw1206-3321frta
CRCW120637R4FT VISHAY vishay crcw120637r4ft
CRCW1206432RFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw1206432rfkea
CRCW1206470KFKEA VISHAY/DALE vishay/dale crcw1206470kfkea
CRCW1206620KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw1206620kfkea
CRCW1206909RFKEA VISHAY/DALE vishay/dale crcw1206909rfkea
CRCW1210220KJNEA VISHAY vishay crcw1210220kjnea
CRCW1210220KJNEA crcw1210220kjnea
CRCW1210330KJNEA VISHAY vishay crcw1210330kjnea
CRCW1210330KJNEA VISHAY vishay crcw1210330kjnea
CRCW25121M82FKEH VISHAY vishay crcw25121m82fkeh
CRCW06038K20JNEA VISHAY chip resistor 8.2k 5% 200ppm 0603 1/10w l/f
CRCW04022M00FKED VISHAY chip resistor 2m 1% 100ppm 0402 1/16w
CRCW040224K3FKED VISHAY chip r 24.3k 1% 100ppm 0402 1/16w
CRCW12100000Z0EA VISHAY chip resistor 0r 1210 1/3w
CRCW06031R00JNEA VISHAY chip resistor 1r 5% 200ppm 0603 1/10w
CRCW120613K0FKEA VISHAY resistor 1206 metal 13k +/-1% 1/4w vishay crc
CRCW201030R1FRT1 DALE res30.1-ohm1.5w2010
CRCW201010R0FRT1 DALE res10.0-ohm1.5w2010
CRCW20107500FRT1 DALE res750-ohm1.5w2010
CRCW06031873FRT2 DALE resistor 187k 0.06w 1 0603 smd
CRCW20107R50JNEF DALE resistor 7.5 ohm 12w 5 2010 smd
CRCW1210-391JRT DALE res390-ohm5.25w1210
CRCW121010R0FRT1 DALE res10.0-ohm.25w11210
CRCW1210-151JRT1 DALE res150-ohm.25w51210
CRCW20107R50JNE* DALE ressmd7.5 ohm5.750v2010rohs
CRCW2010510RJNEF DALE resistor 510 ohm 1w 5 2010 smd
CRCW-120657R6FRT-1 DALE res57.6-ohm118w1206
CRCW12063243KF* DALE resistor 324k 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW08055R1JRT1 DALE res5.1-ohm5.1w0805
CRCW0603121KFKEA DALE resistor 121k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW06033652FR2 DALE resistor 36.5k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0805475JRT1 DALE res4.7m.1w50805
CRCW0805474JRT1 DALE res470k.1w50805
CRCW06036983FRT2 DALE resistor 698k 0.06w 1 0603 smd
CRCW080575R0FRT1 DALE res75.0-ohm.10w10805
CRCW0805125JRT1 DALE res1.2m5.1w0805
CRCW08058252FRT1 DALE res82.5k1.10w0805
CRCW08051303FRT1 DALE res130k1.10w0805
CRCW06033013FRT2 DALE resistor 301k 0.06w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0402806KFKED DALE resistor 806k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW12063160FRT1 DALE resistor 316 ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW0805255RFKEA DALE ressmd255 ohm1.10w0805rohs
CRCW06031243FRT-1 DALE res124k1.0625w0603
CRCW06033480FRT1 DALE resistor 348 ohm 0.06w 1 0603 smd
CRCW12064323FRT1 DALE resistor 432k 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW08054322FRT1 DALE res43.2k.10w10805
CRCW120621R0FRT1 DALE resistor 21.0 ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW120635K7FKEA DALE resistor 35.7k 14w 1 1206 smd lf
CRCW06037872FRT1 DALE resistor 78.7k 0.06w 1 0603 smd
CRCW06031432FR2 DALE resistor 14.3k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW08058062FRT1 DALE res80.6k1.10w0805
CRCW08056191FRT1 DALE res6.19k.10w10805
CRCW08051622FRT DALE res16.2k.1w10805
CRCW08056813FRT1 DALE res681k.10w10805
CRCW12062670FRT1 DALE resistor 267 ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW08052K00FKEA DALE ressmd2.00k10.125w0805lf
CRCW1206335JRT1 DALE res3.3m.125ww51206
CRCW12061743FRT1 DALE res174k1.125w1206
CRCW0805391JRT1 DALE res390-ohm50.125w805
CRCW08058251FRT1 DALE res8.25k.1w10805
CRCW12063323FRT1 DALE res332k125w11206
CRCW12067873FRT1 DALE res787k1.125w1206
CRCW12065760FRT1 DALE res576 ohm.125w11206
CRCW12063923FRT DALE res392k1.125w1206
CRCW12061960FRT1 DALE res196-ohm.125w11206
CRCW120690R9FRT1 DALE res90.9.125w11206
CRCW12065360FRT1 DALE res536-ohm.125w11206
CRCW120647R5FRT1 DALE res47.5.125w11206
CRCW0805392JRT1 DALE res3.9k5.1w0805
CRCW0805751JRT1 DALE res750-ohm.1w50805
CRCW08055620FRT1 DALE res562-ohm1.10w0805
CRCW120640R2FRT1 DALE res40.2.125w11206
CRCW060335K7FKEA DALE resistor 35.7k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0805151JRT1 DALE res150-ohm5.1w0805
CRCW08053090FRT1 DALE res309-ohm.1w10805
CRCW0805621JRT1 DALE res620-ohm.1w50805
CRCW0805681JRT1 DALE res680-ohm.1w50805
CRCW120661R9FRT1 DALE res61.9.125w11206
CRCW-12069311FRT1 DALE res9.31k1.125w1206
CRCW0805183JRT1 DALE res18k.1w50805
CRCW12064220FRT1 DALE res422-ohm.125w11206
CRCW-12061503FRT1 DALE res150k.125w11206
CRCW0603174KFKEA DALE resistor 174k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW12064320FRT1 DALE resistor 432 ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW1206-1303FRT1 DALE res130k.125w11206
CRCW08053010FRT1 DALE res301-ohm1.10w0805
CRCW08051502FRT1 DALE res15.0k.1w10805
CRCW0805976RFKEA DALE resistor 976 ohm 1 0805
CRCW0805271JRT1 DALE res270-ohm.1w50805
CRCW060344R2FR2 DALE res44.2 ohm1.06w0603
CRCW12062153FRT1 DALE resistor 215k ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW12063241FRT1 DALE res3.24k1.125w1206
CRCW0805510JRT1 DALE res51 ohm5.1w0805
CRCW08053012FRT1 DALE res30.1k.10w10805
CRCW06038661FRT2 DALE resistor 8.66k 0.06w 1 0603 smd
CRCW060310K5FKEA DALE resistor 10.5k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW1206-7153FRT1 DALE res715k1.125w1206
CRCW12063K48FKEA DALE resistor 3.48k 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW08051150FRT1 DALE res115 ohm1.10w0805
CRCW12066810FRT1 DALE resistor 681 ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW1206-1823FRT1 DALE res182k.125w11206
CRCW120624K9FKEA DALE resistor 24.9k 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW06034990FRT1 DALE res499 ohm.06w10603
CRCW060339K2FKEA DALE resistor 39.2k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW12069532FRT1 DALE resistor 95k3 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW12061780FRT1 DALE res178-ohm1.125w1206
CRCW08054751FRT1 DALE res4.75k.10w10805
CRCW120619K1FKEA DALE resistor 19.1k 14w 1 1206 smd lf
CRCW1206-6191FRT1 DALE resistor 6k19 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW0805220JRT1 DALE res22-ohm0.125w50805
CRCW060320K0FKEAE3 DALE smres20k 0603 .063w 1 film
CRCW120612R4FRT1 DALE res12.41.125w1206
CRCW080568R1FRT1 DALE res68.1 ohm1.10w0805
CRCW04020000Z0ED DALE resistor zero ohm 116w 0402 smd
CRCW040228K0FKED VISHAY resistor 28k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402113KFKED VISHAY ressmd113k1.0625w0402lf
CRCW120647K0FKEAHP VISHAY resistor 47.0k ohm .5w 1 1206 smd
CRCW12064R70FKEAHP VISHAY resistor 4.70 ohm .5w 1 1206 smd
CRCW1206100MJPEA VISHAY resistor 100m 14w 5 1206 smd
CRCW2010510RFKEFHP VISHAY resistor 510 ohm 1w 1 2010 smd
CRCW0603470RJNEAHP VISHAY resistor 470 ohm .25w 5 0603 smd
CRCW120610R0JNEAHP VISHAY resistor 10 ohm .5w 5 1206 smd
CRCW1206470KJNEAHP VISHAY resistor 470k ohm .5w 5 1206 smd
CRCW25122K70JNEG VISHAY 2k751w2512 pkg
CRCW0603150RFKEA VISHAY ressmd150 ohm1 116w0603rohs
CRCW25125R11FNEG VISHAY resistor 2512 1w 5.11 ohmcrcw25125r11fneg
CRCW12061R00KNEAIF VISHAY resist .ce.smd 1r0 -10 1206 pulse
CRCW251220K0FKEG-ND VISHAY resistor 20.0k 1 1w thick-film 2512
CRCW1210432RFKEA VISHAY resist. ce.smd 432r -1 1210 tk100
CRCW0402549KFKED VISHAY resistor 549k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW060347R0JNEAHP VISHAY resistor 47 ohm .25w 5 0603 smd
CRCW0603100MJPEAHR VISHAY resistor 100m ohm 110w 5 0603 smd rohs
CRCW0603200KJNEB VISHAY thick film resistor 110watt 200kohms 5 0603
CRCW12101R00JNEA VISHAY resistor 1.0 ohm 12w 5 1210 smd rohs
CRCW060310K0FKEAHP VISHAY resistor 10k 1 0603
CRCW06031R00FKEAHP VISHAY resistor 1.00 ohm .25w 1 0603 smd
CRCW2010178KFKEF VISHAY resistor 178k .5w 1 2010 smd
CRCW080527R0FKEA VISHAY 2710.125w0805-100
CRCW25123R30JN* VISHAY resistor 3.3 ohm 1w 5 2512 smd rohs
CRCW080533R2FKEA VISHAY ressmd33.2 ohm1.125w0805rohs
CRCW20100000Z0EF VISHAY resistor 0 12w 2010 smt
CRCW12060000Z0E* VISHAY resistor fix zero ohm jumper smdrohs
CRCW04021M00FKED VISHAY resistor 1.00m ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW201033R0JNEF VISHAY resistor 33 ohm 5 2010
CRCW251247R0JNEG VISHAY resistor 47 ohm 1w 5 2512 smd
CRCW040227K0FKED VISHAY resistor 27k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW12065K62FKEA VISHAY 5k6210.25w1206200v1206
CRCW12067K87FKEA VISHAY 78k710.25w1206 pkg thick
CRCW12063K16FKEA VISHAY 3k1610.25w1206200v100ppm
CRCW2512130RJNEG VISHAY resistor 130 ohm 1w 5 2512 smd lf
CRCW06031K80FKEAE3 VISHAY resistor film 1.8k 0603 .063w 1 smd
CRCW20105R10JNEF VISHAY resistor 5.1 ohm 12w 5 2010 smd
CRCW20101K00FKEF VISHAY resistor tf 1.00k ohm 1 .5w 2010 rc
CRCW12101R0JRT2 VISHAY resistor 1 ohm 14w 5 1210 smd
CRCW040275K0FKED VISHAY ressmd 75k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW040212K1FKED VISHAY ressmd12.1k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW04021K07FKED VISHAY ressmd1.07k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW1210100RJN* VISHAY resistor 100 ohm 12w 5 1210 smd rohs
CRCW06034K70FKEA VISHAY resistor 4.70k ohm 0.25w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0603182KFKTA VISHAY resistor 182k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW02010000Z0ED VISHAY resistor 0.0 ohm 0.05w 1 0201 smd
CRCW040231K6FKED VISHAY resistor 31.6k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0805287RFKEA VISHAY resistor 287r 1 18w 0805
CRCW1210330RJN* VISHAY resistor 330ohm 12w 5 1210 smd rohs
CRCW020175R0FK* VISHAY resistor 75 ohm 0.05w 1 0201 smd
CRCW12068K20FKEA VISHAY resistor 8.20k ohm 14w 1 1206 smd lf
CRCW04023163FRT VISHAY resistor 316k 0.0625w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402750RFKED VISHAY resistor 750 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040282K5FKED VISHAY resistor 82.5k ohms 0.0625w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW040210R0FKED VISHAY resistor 10.0m ohm 0.0625w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040240K2FKED VISHAY resistor 40.2k .0625w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW020133R2FNED VISHAY resistor 33.2 ohm 0.05w 1 0201 smd rohs
CRCW0603158KFKEA VISHAY resis 158k 0.1w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW080522K0FK VISHAY resistor 22.0k ohm 18w 1 0805 smd lf
CRCW06036R65FKEA VISHAY resistor 6.65 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW04020000Z0ED VISHAY resistor zero ohm 116w 5 0402 smd lf
CRCW0603560KJNEA VISHAY resistor 560k ohm 5 0603smd rohs
CRCW0603402KFKEA VISHAY resistor 402k 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW0603324KFKEA VISHAY resistor 324k 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW040222K0JNED VISHAY resistor 22k 5 0.0625w 0402 rohs
CRCW040236R0FKED VISHAY ressmd36.0 ohms1 116w0402-200ppmrohs
CRCW06031K00FKEA VISHAY resistor tf 1.00k ohm 1 0.1w 0603 rc
CRCW04028K20FKED VISHAY resistor 8.20k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402523KFKE VISHAY resistor 523k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402301KFKED VISHAY resistor 301k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW06032K70FKEA VISHAY resistor 2.7k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW0402-221JRT7 VISHAY resistor 220 ohm 0.06w 5 0402 smd
CRCW040215K0FKED VISHAY resistor 15k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402549KFKED VISHAY resistor 549k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW04021K00JNED VISHAY resistor sing 1k 5 0w0625 0402 smd rohs
CRCW040216K9FKED VISHAY resistor 16.9k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040216K5FKED VISHAY ressmd16.5k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW04022M00FKED VISHAY resistor 2m 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW04022942FRT VISHAY resistor 29.4k ohm 0.0625 w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402133KFKED VISHAY resistor 133k 110w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402432RFKED VISHAY resistor 432 ohms 0.0625w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW040280K6FKEDC VISHAY smres80.6k ohm 116w 1 0402
CRCW04024K32FKED VISHAY resistor 4.32k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0603100KFKEA VISHAY resistor 100k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW060318K0FKEA VISHAY resistor 18k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW0402499RFKED VISHAY resistor 499 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040220K0FKED VISHAY resistor 20k 0.0625w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW0402-1M00-FKED VISHAY resistor 1.00m 116w -1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW060330R1FKEA VISHAY resistor 30.1 ohm 1 0603
CRCW04021K21FKED VISHAY resistor 1.21k 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW04023K00JNED VISHAY resistor 3.0k ohms 0.06w 5 0402 smd rohs
CRCW04026K81FKED VISHAY resistor 6.81k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040247R5FKED VISHAY ressmd47.5 ohms1.0625w0402lf
CRCW0402392RFKED VISHAY ressmd392 ohms1.0625w0402lf
CRCW040233K2FKED VISHAY resistor 33.2k 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW040210039K21%ET7 VISHAY ressmd39.2k1.0625w0402lf
CRCW0402909KFKED VISHAY ressmd909k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW0402536KFKED VISHAY resistor 536k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040211R8FKED VISHAY resistor 11.8 ohms 0.0625w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW040234R0FKED VISHAY ressmd34.0 ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW060310R0JNEA VISHAY resistor 10 ohm 5 0603
CRCW0402475RFKED VISHAY ressmd475 ohms1.0625w0402
CRCW060322K1FKEA VISHAY resistor 22.1 kohm 1 0603
CRCW04021K24FKED VISHAY resistor 1.24k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW06031M00FKEA VISHAY resistor 1m ohm 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW04023K92FKED VISHAY resistor 3.92k ohms 0.0625w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW0402182KFKED VISHAY resistor 182k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402680KFKED VISHAY res680k ohm 116w1 0402 smd
CRCW04024R70FKED VISHAY res4.7 ohm 116w1 0402 smd
CRCW040240R2FKED VISHAY ressmd40.2 ohms10.0625w0402rohs
CRCW040217R8FRT VISHAY resistor 17.8 ohms 0.0625w 1 0402 smd
CRCW04022K40JNED VISHAY resistor 2.4k ohm 116w 5 0402 smd
CRCW040227R4FKED VISHAY ressmd27.4 ohms10.0625w0402rohs
CRCW0402510KFKED VISHAY res510k ohm 116w1 0402 smd
CRCW0402442RFKED VISHAY ressmd442 ohms10.0625w0402rohs
CRCW04023K24FKED VISHAY resistor 3.24k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW04023K65FKED VISHAY ressmd3.65k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW040271K5FKED` VISHAY resistor 71.5k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040234K0FKED VISHAY ressmd34.0k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW0603390KFKEA VISHAY resistor 390k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW04022M20FKED VISHAY resistor 2.20m ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW06030000Z0EB VISHAY resistor 0.0 ohm 110w 0603 smd
CRCW040233K2FKEDE3 VISHAY ressmd33.2k ohms10.0625w0402rohs
CRCW0402137KFKED VISHAY ressmd137k ohms10.0625w0402rohs
CRCW040290R9FKED VISHAY ressmd90.9 ohms1.0625w0402
CRCW0402392RFKED VISHAY ressmd392 ohms1.0625w0402lf
CRCW0603100KFKEA VISHAY resistor tf 100k ohm 1 0.1w 0603 rc
CRCW0603243KFKEA VISHAY resistor 243k 0.0625w 1 0603 smd
CRCW040264K9FKED VISHAY ressmd64.9k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW0402115KFKED VISHAY ressmd115k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW04024R70FKED VISHAY ressmd4.7 ohms 1 0.0625w0402 rohs
CRCW04022R00FKED VISHAY ressmd2 ohms 1 0.0625w0402 rohs
CRCW0402-472JRT7 VISHAY resistor 4.7k 0.06w 5 0402 smd
CRCW0402220RJNED VISHAY resistor 220 ohm 116w 5 0402 smd
CRCW0402274KFKED VISHAY resistor 274k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW06038R25FKEA VISHAY resistor 8.25 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0402150RFKED VISHAY resistor 150 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW04026K34FKED VISHAY ressmd6.34k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW040268K1FKED VISHAY resistor 68.1k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040220K0FKED VISHAY resistor 20.0k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW04024320FRT VISHAY resistor 432 ohms 0.0625w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040226K7FKED VISHAY resistor 26.7k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402105KFKED VISHAY ressmd105k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW040233K2FKED VISHAY resistor 33.2k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW04022M80FKED VISHAY resistor 2.80m ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402412KFKED VISHAY resistor 412k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040297K6FKED VISHAY ressmd97.6k ohms10.0625w0402rohs
CRCW040210K5FKED VISHAY resist. ce.smd 10k5 -1 0402 tk100
CRCW0402150KFKED VISHAY resistor 150k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW060339K0FKEA VISHAY resistor 39k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW0603150RFKEA VISHAY resistor 150 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW04021432FRT VISHAY resistor 14.3k 0.0625w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040218R0FKED VISHAY resist. ce.smd 18r -1 0402 tk100
CRCW040213K0FKED VISHAY ressmd13.0k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW040217R4FKED VISHAY ressmd17.4 ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW040211K0FKED VISHAY resistor 11k 0.625w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW04021M00FKED VISHAY resistor 1m 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW060310K5FKEA VISHAY ressmd10.5k1.06w0603rohs
CRCW06031K00FKEA VISHAY resistor 1 kohm 1 0603
CRCW06038K20FKEA VISHAY resistor 8.2k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW04023K01FKED VISHAY resistor 3.01k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW06034022FRT1 VISHAY resistor 40.2k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW04022M40JNED VISHAY resistor 2.4m 0.0625w 5 0402 smd rohs
CRCW0603130KFKEA VISHAY ressmd130k1.06w0603rohs
CRCW04021K02FKED VISHAY resistor 1.02k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW04027K87FKED VISHAY resistor 7.87k ohm 0.0625w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040251K1FKED VISHAY resistor 51.1k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW08051K00JNEA VISHAY resistor 1.0k ohm 18w 5 0805 smd
CRCW04029K10FKED VISHAY ressmd9.10k1116w0402-200ppmrohs
CRCW06035R11EKEDE3 VISHAY smres5.11r 0603 .100w 1 film
CRCW04021373FRT VISHAY resistor 137k ohm 0.0625w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0805100KJNEA VISHAY resistor 100k ohm 18w 5 0805 smd
CRCW1206110RFKEA VISHAY ressmd110 ohm114w1206rohs
CRCW04027K32FKED VISHAY ressmd7.32k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW06038K25FKEA VISHAY resistor 8.25k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW120633R0JNEA VISHAY ressmd33 ohm5.25w 1206 rohs
CRCW0603115KFKEA VISHAY res115k1116w0603lf
CRCW06032K20FKEA VISHAY resistor 2.2k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW060329K4FK-E3 VISHAY res29.4k1.1wlf0603
CRCW06035K62FK-E3 VISHAY res5.62k1.1wlf0603
CRCW060368K1FK-E3 VISHAY res68.1k1.1wlf0603
CRCW0805330KJNEA VISHAY resistor 330k 5 110w 0805 smd
CRCW080510M0JNEA VISHAY resistor 10m 5 110w 0805
CRCW0603750RJNEA VISHAY resistor 750 ohm 5 0603
CRCW06036K20FKEA VISHAY resistor 6.20k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW060333R0JNEA VISHAY resistor 33 ohm 110w 5 0603 smd
CRCW0805348RFKEA VISHAY res348110w10805 smd
CRCW06031R24FNEA VISHAY resistor 1.24 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW08051K50FKEA VISHAY resistor 1.50k 1 110w 0805 smd
CRCW060376K8FKEA VISHAY resistor 76.8 kohm 1 0603
CRCW06034K75FKEA VISHAY resistor 4.75k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd lf
CRCW06032K26FKEA VISHAY resistor 2.26k 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW08052K20JNEA VISHAY resistor 2k2 5 110w 0805 smd
CRCW12065M11FK* VISHAY ressmd5.11m1.125w1206rohs
CRCW1206221KFK* VISHAY ressmd221k1.125w1206rohs
CRCW0402499KFKED VISHAY resistor 499k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW1206-180JRT1 VISHAY res18 ohm5.250w1206
CRCW0402162KFK* VISHAY ressmd162k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW08056K20JNEA VISHAY resistor 6.2 kohm 5 0805
CRCW06034K70JNEA VISHAY resistor 4.7 kohm110w 5 0603
CRCW0603182K0FKEAP VISHAY ressmd182k1.1w0603rphs
CRCW060328K0FKEA VISHAY resistor 28k 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW12062K00FK* VISHAY ressmd2.00k1.125w1206rohs
CRCW12067K50FK* VISHAY ressmd7.50k1.125w1206rohs
CRCW1206464RFK* VISHAY ressmd464 ohm1.125w1206rohs
CRCW12061K74FK* VISHAY ressmd1.74k1.125w1206rohs
CRCW06035M60JNEA VISHAY resistor 5.6m 110w 5 0603 smd lf
CRCW0603433JRT1 VISHAY resistor 43.0k ohm 0.1w 5 0603 smd
CRCW120676R8FKEA VISHAY ressmd76.8 ohm114w1206rohs
CRCW12064K99FKEA VISHAY resistor 4.99k ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW08050000Z0EAE3 VISHAY resistor zero ohm 110w package 0805
CRCW040218K0FKEE VISHAY ressmd 18k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW06031K13FKEA VISHAY resistor 1.13k ohm 1 110w 0603 smd rohs
CRCW0603475RFKEA VISHAY ressmd475 ohm1.1w0603rohs
CRCW1206750KFK* VISHAY resistor 750k 14w 11206 smd rohs
CRCW08058R25FNEA VISHAY res8.25 18w 1 0805 smdlf
CRCW08050000Z0EA(ROHS) VISHAY resistor 0.0 ohm 18w 5 0805 smd
CRCW06032K67FKEA VISHAY ressmd2.67k1.06w0603rohs
CRCW08052K49FKEA VISHAY res2.49k110w10805 smd
CRCW1206499KFKEA VISHAY resistor 499k ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW06033K65FKEA VISHAY resistor 3.65k 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW0805825RFKEA VISHAY resistor 825 ohm 18w 1 0805 smd lf
CRCW08052M20FK VISHAY resistor 2.20m ohm 18w 1 0805 smd lf
CRCW12061780FKEA VISHAY resistor 178 ohm 14w 1 1206 smd lf
CRCW060347R5FRT VISHAY resistor 47.5 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW04026K80FKED VISHAY resistor 6.80k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0805200RFKEA VISHAY resistor 200 18w10805smdlf
CRCW0805698RFKEA VISHAY res698110w10805 smd
CRCW04022K20FKED VISHAY resistor 2.20k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402820KFKED VISHAY resistor 820k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW060347K5FKEA VISHAY res47.5k110w10603smd
CRCW06030000ZS VISHAY resistor 0 ohm 0603 smd rohs
CRCW040239R2FKED VISHAY resistor 39.2 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402300KFKED VISHAY resistor 300k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW06035902FRT1 VISHAY resistor 59.0k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW06031782FRT1 VISHAY resistor 17.8k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0805680RFK VISHAY resistor 680 ohm 18w 1 0805 smd lf
CRCW06032433FRT1 VISHAY resistor 243k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW120622K1FK* VISHAY ressmd22.1k1.125w1206rohs
CRCW1206470RJNEA VISHAY resistor 470 ohm 14w 5 1206 smd lf
CRCW0402357RFKED VISHAY resistor 357 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW06036491FRT1 VISHAY resistor 6.49k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW040261K9FKED VISHAY ressmd61.9k ohms10.0625w0402
CRCW060311K0FKEAP VISHAY ressmd11k1.1w0603 rohs
CRCW060316K2FKEA VISHAY resistor 16.2k 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW120645K3FKEA VISHAY resistor 45.3k 14w 1 1206 smd lf
CRCW1206680RJNEA VISHAY resistor 680 ohm 14w 5 1206 smd
CRCW12062K70FKEA VISHAY resistor 2.70k ohm 14w 1 1206 smd lf
CRCW06032K21FKEA VISHAY ressmd2.21k1.06w0603rohs
CRCW0603681KFKEA VISHAY ressmd681 k1.1w0603rohs
CRCW060311K0FKEA VISHAY resistor 11.0k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW040247R5FKED VISHAY resistor 47.5 ohms 0.0625w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW040222K0FKED VISHAY resistor 22.0k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW06033K65FKEA VISHAY resistor 3.65k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW060391K0FKEA VISHAY resistor 91k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW040280K6FKED VISHAY resistor 80.6k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW04021K82FKED VISHAY resistor 1.82k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW04026K04FKED VISHAY resistor 6.04k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402806KFKED VISHAY resistor 806k .0625w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW06033K92FK* VISHAY resistor 3.92k 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW060327K4FKEA VISHAY resistor 27.4k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW06031K00FKEA VISHAY resistor 1k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW0402180KFKED VISHAY ressmd 180k ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW0402200KFKED VISHAY resistor 200k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0603825R0FKEAP VISHAY ressmd825 ohm1.1w0603rohs
CRCW060311K5FKEA VISHAY restf 11.5k ohm 1 0.1w 0603 rc
CRCW0805560KFKEA VISHAY resistor 560k ohm 18w 1 0805 smd lf
CRCW080513K0FK VISHAY resistor 13.0k ohm 18w 1 0805 smd lf
CRCW06034750FNTA VISHAY resistor 475 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW060349R9FRT1 VISHAY resistor 49.9 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0603100RFKEA VISHAY resistor 100 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW060310M0FKEA VISHAY resistor tf 10m ohm 1 116w 0603 rc
CRCW0402324KFKED VISHAY resistor 324k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW04023R00JNED VISHAY resistor 3 ohms 5 .06w 0402 smd rohs
CRCW120610K0FK* VISHAY resistor 10k 14w 1 1206 smd rohs
CRCW04022K20FKED VISHAY ressmd 2k2 ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW0402536KFKED VISHAY resistor 536k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW08051K00FKEA VISHAY resistor 1k 1 110w 0805
CRCW06035K11FK* VISHAY ressmd5.11k1.06w0603rohs
CRCW0402115RFKED VISHAY resistor 115 ohms 0.0625w 1 0402 smd
CRCW060311K0FKEA VISHAY resistor 11.0k 110w 1 0603 smd lf
CRCW08051870FRT1 VISHAY res187-ohm1.125w0805
CRCW040256R2FRT VISHAY resistor 56.2 ohm 0.0625w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402365KFKED VISHAY resistor 365k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402681RFKED VISHAY resistor 681 ohms 0.0625w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW120610R0FKEA VISHAY resistor 10.0 ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW12064R99FKEA VISHAY resistor 4.99 ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW1206100RFKEA VISHAY resistor 100 ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW04026K80FKED VISHAY ressmd 6k8 ohms1.0625w0402rohs
CRCW0402130RFKED VISHAY resistor 130 ohms 0.0625w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW060351K1FKEA VISHAY resistor 51.1k ohm 0.1w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0603165KFKEA VISHAY resistor 165k 110w 1 0603 smd lf
CRCW060327K0FKEA VISHAY resistor 27k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd rohs
CRCW060378K7FKEA VISHAY resistor 78.7k 110w 1 0603 smd lf
CRCW0603280KFKEA VISHAY resistor 280k 0.1w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0603357KFKEA VISHAY resistor 357k 110w 1 0603 smd lf
CRCW04021K30FKED VISHAY resistor 1.3k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW080515R0JNEA VISHAY resistor 15 ohm 18w 5 0805 smd
CRCW12062001F VISHAY resistor 2.00k 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW0402100RFKED VISHAY resistor 100 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW06032671FRT* VISHAY resistor 2.67k 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW120649R9FKEA VISHAY resistor 49.9 ohm 14w 1 1206 smd
CRCW040218R0FKED VISHAY resist. ce.smd 18r -1 0402 tk100
CRCW04027K32FKED VISHAY resistor 7.32k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0603143KFKEA VISHAY resistor 143k 1 .063w 0603
CRCW04021212FRT VISHAY resistor 12.1k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0603825RFKTA VISHAY resistor 825 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0402549KFKED VISHAY resistor 549k 10402
CRCW0402180KFKED VISHAY resistor 180k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040222K0JNED VISHAY resistor 22k 50v 5 0.0625w 0402 rohs
CRCW04021K21FKED VISHAY resistor 1.21k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW12060000Z0EA VISHAY resistor 0 ohm 14w 1 1206 smd rohs
CRCW251210R0JNEGHP VISHAY/DAL resistor 2512 1.5w 10 ohm crcw251210r0jneghp
CRCW08053R30JNEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 3.3 5 110w 0805
CRCW080510K0JNEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 10k 5 110w 0805
CRCW040259K0FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 59.0k 1 0402
CRCW0402187KFKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 187k 1 0402
CRCW0402240RFKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 240 1 0402
CRCW04023K74FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 3.74k 1 0402
CRCW040260R4FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 60.4 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402324KFKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 324k 1 0402
CRCW0402412KFKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 412k 1 0402
CRCW04022R40FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 2.4 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW04021R50FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 1.5 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0402115KFKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 115k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0603442RFKEA VISHAY/DAL ressmd442 ohm10.1w0603rohs
CRCW120647K0FKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 47k 1 18w 1206
CRCW040230R0FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 30.0 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW04026K19FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 6.19k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW120624K9FKEA VISHAY/DAL res.24.9k 1 1206
CRCW060312K1FKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 12.1k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0603200KFKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 200k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW04021K20FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 1.20k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW0402910RFKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 910 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW04021M33FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 1.33m 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW060330K1FKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 30.1k 0.1w 1 0603 smd
CRCW04023K60FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 3.60k ohm 116w 1 0402 smd rohs
CRCW0603750KFKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 750k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd lf
CRCW0603562KFKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 562k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW04021M00JNED VISHAY/DAL resistor smd chip 1m ohm 0.063w 5 0402
CRCW0603100RFK VISHAY/DAL resistor 100 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0402324KFKED VISHAY/DAL smres324k 0402 .063w 1 film
CRCW0603140KFKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 140k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW04025R60FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 5.6 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW04023K01FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 3.01k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040239R2FKED VISHAY/DAL ressmd39.2 ohms1.0625w0402
CRCW0402270RFKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 270 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW040222ROFKED VISHAY/DAL resi 22 ohm 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW06035R11FNEA VISHAY/DAL ressmd5.11 ohm1.0625w0603rohs
CRCW060368K1FKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 68.1k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW06033K30JNEA VISHAY/DAL ressmd3.3k06035rohs
CRCW06036K98FKEA VISHAY/DAL ressmd6.98k1.1w0603lf
CRCW0603412KFKEA VISHAY/DAL ressmd412k 1.01w0603lf
CRCW06032R49FK VISHAY/DAL resistor 2.49 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW060312K1FK VISHAY/DAL resistor 12.1k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW06030000Z0EA VISHAY/DAL resistor 0 ohm jumper 0603 smd
CRCW060382K0FKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 82k 0.1w 1 0603 smd
CRCWO603549R-FK-E3 VISHAY/DAL resistor 549 ohm 0.1w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0603392RFKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 392 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW06038K25FKEA VISHAY/DAL ressmd8.25k 1.01w0603lf
CRCW0603665KFKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 665k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0402332KFKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 332k 116w 1 0402 smd
CRCW0603147KFKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 147k 0.1w 1 0603 smd
CRCW060333K2FK VISHAY/DAL resistor 33.2k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW04028K20FKED VISHAY/DAL resistor 8.20k 0.0625w 1 0402 smd
CRCW060342K2FKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 42.2k 110w 1 0603 smd lf
CRCW040220R0JNED VISHAY/DAL ressmd20.0 ohms1.0625w0402
CRCW0603511KFKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 511k ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW06033M32FK VISHAY/DAL resistor 3.32m ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW0603174RFKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 174 ohm 110w 1 0603 smd
CRCW080575R0FKEA VISHAY/DAL resistor 75.0 ohm 18w 1 0805 smd
CRCW805-1053F VISHAY resistor?ge?
CRCW0805-1501F VISHAY resistor?ge?
CRCW0805-1503F VISHAY resistor?ge?
CRCW0805-4991F VISHAY resistor?ge?
CRCW08054K70JNEA VISHAY chip-resistor(ge)
CRCW08054K70JNEA VISHAY chip-resistor(ge)
CRCW080515K0JNEA VISHAY chip-resistor(ge)
CRCW080515K0JNEA VISHAY chip-resistor(ge)
CRCW040210K0JNED VISHAY resistor;10k;0.063w;+-5%;0402;5
CRCW040213K0JNED VISHAY res13.0k0.063w5%0402
CRCW04021K00JNED VISHAY resistor 1k 5 00625w
CRCW04021K24FKED VISHAY resistor;1.24k;0.063w;+-1%;0402
CRCW04021K80JNED VISHAY res1.8k0.063w5%0402smd
CRCW04021M00JNED VISHAY resistor;1m;0.063w;+-5%;0402;50
CRCW040220K0JNED VISHAY resistor;20k;0.063w;5%;0402;50
CRCW04022K00FKED VISHAY resistor;2k;0 063w;1%;0402;50v
CRCW040233R2FKED VISHAY resistor;33.2ohm;0.063w;+-1%;04
CRCW0402470RJNED VISHAY resistor;470ohm;0.063w;+-5%;040
CRCW04024K02FKED VISHAY resistor;4k;0.063w;+-1%;0402;15
CRCW04024K70JNED VISHAY resistor;4.7k;0.063w;+-5%;0402;
CRCW04028K20JNED VISHAY resistor;8.2k;0.063w;+-5%;0402;
CRCW06030000Z0EA VISHAY res0.0ohm110w5%0603smd
CRCW0603100KJNEA VISHAY res110watt100kohms50603
CRCW060310K0JNEA VISHAY res10kohm110w50603smd
CRCW060310R0JNEA VISHAY res10ohm110w50603smd
CRCW0603124RFKEA VISHAY res124ohm110w10603smd
CRCW0603130RFKEA VISHAY res130ohm110w10603smd
CRCW0603143RFKEA VISHAY res143ohm110w10603smd
CRCW0603150RJNEA VISHAY res150ohm110w5%0603smd
CRCW060315K0JNEA VISHAY res15kohm110w50603smd
CRCW06031K00FKEA VISHAY res1kohm110w10603smd
CRCW06031K00JNEA VISHAY res10kohm110w50603
CRCW06031K21FKEA VISHAY res121kohm110w10603
CRCW06031K24FKEA VISHAY res124kohm110w10603
CRCW06031K50FKEA VISHAY res150kohm110w10603
CRCW06031K80JNEA VISHAY res18k01w50603smd
CRCW060320K0JNEA VISHAY res20kohm110w50603
CRCW060322R0FKEA VISHAY resflm22110w10603
CRCW060322R0JNEA VISHAY resistor;22ohm;0.1w;+-5%;0603;7
CRCW0603300RJNEA VISHAY res300ohm110w5%0603smd
CRCW0603330RJNEA VISHAY resflm330110w10603
CRCW06033K00JNEA VISHAY res30kohm110w50603smd
CRCW060349R9FKEA VISHAY res499ohm110w10603
CRCW06034K02FKEA VISHAY res402kohm110w10603smd
CRCW06034K70FKEA VISHAY resistor;4.7k;0.1w;+-1%;0603;50
CRCW06034K70JNEA VISHAY resistor 4.7k 5% 0.1w
CRCW060350R0FKEA VISHAY res110watt50ohms10603
CRCW0603576RFKEA VISHAY resistor 576e 1% 0.1w
CRCW06035K60JNEA VISHAY res56kohm110w50603smd
CRCW060362R0FKEA VISHAY res620ohm110w10603smd
CRCW060382R0FKEA VISHAY res820ohm110w10603smd
CRCW060384R5FKEA VISHAY res845ohm110w10603smd
CRCW06038K20JNEA VISHAY res82kohm110w50603smd
CRCW080575R0FKEA VISHAY resistor;75ohm;0.1w;1%;0805
CRCW1206100RFKEA VISHAY resistor 100e 1% 0.25w
CRCW120610K0FKEA VISHAY resistor 10k 1% 0.25w
CRCW120610R0FKEA VISHAY resistor 10e 1% 0.25w
CRCW120616K0JNEA VISHAY resistor 16k 5% 0.25w
CRCW12061K80JNEA VISHAY resistor 1.8k 5% 0.25w
CRCW12061M00JNEA VISHAY resistor 1m 5% 0.25w
CRCW120620K0FKEA VISHAY resistor 20k 1% 0.25w
CRCW120632K4FKEA VISHAY resistor 32.4k 1% 0.25w
CRCW1206402KFKEA VISHAY resistor 402k 1% 0.25w
CRCW12064K70JNEA VISHAY resistor 4.7k 5% 0.25w
CRCW25120000Z0EG VISHAY resistor;0ohm;1w;5%;2512;50v
CRCW251215R0JNEG VISHAY res15e 025w 2512
CRCW25121K80JNEG VISHAY resistor 1.8k 5% 1w
CRCW251222K6FKEG VISHAY resistor 22.6k 1% 1w
CRCW25127K50JNEG VISHAY res75kohm1w52512smd
CRCW0402C471K5PAC KEMET cap x7r 470pf 10% 50v 402
CRCW080516K2FKEA VISHAY resistor chip 16k2 1% 100mw 0805
CRCW08052R20FREA VISHAY resistor chip 2r2 5% 100mw 0805
CRCW080536K5FKEA VISHAY resistor chip 36k5 1% 100mw 0805
CRCW080582R5FKEA VISHAY resistor chip 82r5 1% 100mw 0805
CRCW0805604RFKEA VISHAY resistor chip 604r 1% 100mw 0805
CRCW00231K6FKED VISHAY resistor 31k6 1% 1/16w 402
CRCW0402124KFKED VISHAY resistor 124k 1% 1/16w 402
CRCW0402124KFKED VISHAY resistor 124k 1% 1/16w 402
CRCW040224K9FKED VISHAY resistor 24k9 1% 1/16w 402
CRCW040224K9FKED VISHAY resistor 24k9 1% 1/16w 402
CRCW040231K6FKED VISHAY resistor 31k6 1% 1/16w 402
CRCW040284K5FKED VISHAY resistor 84k5 1% 1/16w 402
CRCW040284K5FKED VISHAY resistor 84k5 1% 1/16w 402
CRCW04028K06FKE0 VISHAY resistor 8k06 1% 1/16w 402
CRCW04028K06FKED VISHAY resistor 8k06 1% 1/16w 402
CRCW0603105RFKEA VISHAY resistor 105r 1pc 62p5mw 0603
CRCW06031K30FKEA VISHAY resistor 1k31 1pc 62p5mw 0603
CRCW060320K0FKEA VISHAY resistor 20k 5pc 62p5mw 0603
CRCW0603243RFKEA VISHAY resistor 243r 1pc 62p5mw 0603
CRCW060375R0FKEA VISHAY resistor 75r 5pc 62p5mw 0603
CRCW0805178RFKEA VISHAY resistor chip 178r 1% 100mw 0805
CRCW08051K30FKEA VISHAY resistor chip 1k3 1% 100mw/125mw 0805
CRCW08051K69FKEA VISHAY resistor chip 1k69 1% 100mw 0805
CRCW08051K69FKEA VISHAY resistor chip 1k69 1% 100mw 0805
CRCW08051K78FKEA VISHAY resistor chip 1.78k 1% 0.1w 0805
CRCW0805324RFKEA VISHAY resistor chip 324r 1% 100mw 0805
CRCW0805324RFKEA VISHAY resistor chip 324r 1% 100mw 0805
CRCW080588RTFKEA VISHAY resistor chip 88r7 1% 100mw 0805
CRCW080588RTFKEA VISHAY resistor chip 88r7 1% 100mw 0805
CRCW0402215KFKED VISHAY vishay crcw0402215kfked
CRCW251240R2FKEG VISHAY vishay crcw251240r2fkeg
CRCW251282R0JNEG VISHAY vishay crcw251282r0jneg
CRCW2010100KJNEF VISHAY vishay crcw2010100kjnef
CRCW060333R0FKEAHP VISHAY vishay crcw060333r0fkeahp
CRCW12101K50FKEAHP VISHAY vishay crcw12101k50fkeahp
CRCW2512470RJNEG VISHAY vishay crcw2512470rjneg
CRCW121039R0JNEA VISHAY vishay crcw121039r0jnea
CRCW1206124KFKEA VISHAY vishay crcw1206124kfkea
CRCW12100000Z0EC VISHAY vishay crcw12100000z0ec
CRCW25123K30FKEGHP VISHAY vishay crcw25123k30fkeghp
CRCW08051K00FKEAHP VISHAY vishay crcw08051k00fkeahp
CRCW251259K0FKEG VISHAY vishay crcw251259k0fkeg
CRCW1206470RJNEAHP VISHAY vishay crcw1206470rjneahp
CRCW12062R70FKEAHP VISHAY vishay crcw12062r70fkeahp
CRCW06032K20JNEAHP VISHAY vishay crcw06032k20jneahp
CRCW060310R0JNEAIF VISHAY vishay crcw060310r0jneaif
CRCW040239R2FKED VISHAY vishay crcw040239r2fked 1005 (0402) 10000/reel
CRCW02010000Z0TDBC crcw02010000z0tdbc
CRCW0201100KFKED crcw0201100kfked
CRCW0201100KFNTDBC crcw0201100kfntdbc
CRCW020110K0FKED crcw020110k0fked
CRCW020110K0FKTDBC crcw020110k0fktdbc
CRCW020110R0FNED crcw020110r0fned
CRCW020110R0FNTDBC crcw020110r0fntdbc
CRCW0201120KFKTDBC crcw0201120kfktdbc
CRCW020113K0FKTDBC crcw020113k0fktdbc
CRCW0201162RFKTDBC crcw0201162rfktdbc
CRCW0201180KFKTDBC crcw0201180kfktdbc
CRCW0201180KFNTDBC crcw0201180kfntdbc
CRCW020118K0FKED crcw020118k0fked
CRCW02011K00FKTDBC crcw02011k00fktdbc
CRCW02011K00FNTDBC crcw02011k00fntdbc
CRCW02011K20FKED crcw02011k20fked
CRCW02011K24FKTDBC crcw02011k24fktdbc
CRCW02011M20FNTDBC crcw02011m20fntdbc
CRCW020121K0FNTDBC crcw020121k0fntdbc
CRCW0201220RFKED crcw0201220rfked
CRCW0201220RFKTDBC crcw0201220rfktdbc
CRCW020122K0FKED crcw020122k0fked
CRCW020122K0FKTDBC crcw020122k0fktdbc
CRCW020122K0FNED crcw020122k0fned
CRCW020122K0FNTDBC crcw020122k0fntdbc
CRCW020123R2FKTDBC crcw020123r2fktdbc
CRCW0201240RFNED crcw0201240rfned
CRCW0201270RFNTDBC crcw0201270rfntdbc
CRCW02012K20FKED crcw02012k20fked
CRCW02012K20FKTDBC crcw02012k20fktdbc
CRCW02012K20FNTDBC crcw02012k20fntdbc
CRCW02012K40FNTDBC crcw02012k40fntdbc
CRCW02012K70FKED crcw02012k70fked
CRCW02012K94FKTDBC crcw02012k94fktdbc
CRCW0201330KFKTDBC crcw0201330kfktdbc
CRCW0201330KFNTDBC crcw0201330kfntdbc
CRCW0201330RFKTDBC crcw0201330rfktdbc
CRCW020133K0FNTDBC crcw020133k0fntdbc
CRCW020133R0FNTDBC crcw020133r0fntdbc
CRCW02013K30FNTDBC crcw02013k30fntdbc
CRCW0201430RFKED crcw0201430rfked
CRCW020143K0FKED crcw020143k0fked
CRCW0201470RFNTDBC crcw0201470rfntdbc
CRCW020147K0FKTDBC crcw020147k0fktdbc
CRCW020147K0FNED crcw020147k0fned
CRCW020147K0FNTDBC crcw020147k0fntdbc
CRCW020147R0FNTDBC crcw020147r0fntdbc
CRCW020147R5FKTDBC crcw020147r5fktdbc
CRCW020149R9FNTDBC crcw020149r9fntdbc
CRCW02014K70FKED crcw02014k70fked
CRCW02014K70FKTDBC crcw02014k70fktdbc
CRCW02014K70FNTDBC crcw02014k70fntdbc
CRCW02014K75FKTDBC crcw02014k75fktdbc
CRCW020152K3FNTDBC crcw020152k3fntdbc
CRCW0201560RJNED crcw0201560rjned
CRCW020156K0FKED crcw020156k0fked
CRCW020156R0FKTDBC crcw020156r0fktdbc
CRCW020156R0FNTDBC crcw020156r0fntdbc
CRCW0201619KFKED crcw0201619kfked
CRCW020168K0FKED crcw020168k0fked
CRCW020168K0FKTDBC crcw020168k0fktdbc
CRCW020171R5FKTDBC crcw020171r5fktdbc
CRCW0201750RFNED crcw0201750rfned
CRCW020175K0FKED crcw020175k0fked
CRCW0201820RFKED crcw0201820rfked
CRCW02018K20FKTDBC crcw02018k20fktdbc
CRCW02018K20FNTDBC crcw02018k20fntdbc
CRCW04020000Z0TDBC crcw04020000z0tdbc
CRCW04020000Z0TEBC crcw04020000z0tebc
CRCW0402100KFKTD crcw0402100kfktd
CRCW0402100KFKTDBC crcw0402100kfktdbc
CRCW0402100KJNTDBC crcw0402100kjntdbc
CRCW0402100KJNTIBC crcw0402100kjntibc
CRCW0402100RDHEDP crcw0402100rdhedp
CRCW0402100RFKTDBC crcw0402100rfktdbc
CRCW0402100RJNTDBC crcw0402100rjntdbc
CRCW0402102KFKTDBC crcw0402102kfktdbc
CRCW0402105KFKTDBC crcw0402105kfktdbc
CRCW040210K0FKTDBC crcw040210k0fktdbc
CRCW040210K0FKTIBC crcw040210k0fktibc
CRCW040210M0FKTDBC crcw040210m0fktdbc
CRCW040210M0JNTDBC crcw040210m0jntdbc
CRCW040210R0FKTDBC crcw040210r0fktdbc
CRCW040210R0JNTDBC crcw040210r0jntdbc
CRCW0402110KFKTDBC crcw0402110kfktdbc
CRCW0402115KFKTDBC crcw0402115kfktdbc
CRCW040211K0FKEDHP crcw040211k0fkedhp
CRCW040211K0FKTDBC crcw040211k0fktdbc
CRCW040211K3FKTDBC crcw040211k3fktdbc
CRCW040211K5FKTDBC crcw040211k5fktdbc
CRCW0402120KFKEDHP crcw0402120kfkedhp
CRCW0402120KFKTDBC crcw0402120kfktdbc
CRCW0402120RFKTDBC crcw0402120rfktdbc
CRCW0402120RJNTDBC crcw0402120rjntdbc
CRCW0402121KFKTDBC crcw0402121kfktdbc
CRCW040212K0FKTDBC crcw040212k0fktdbc
CRCW040212K0JNTDBC crcw040212k0jntdbc
CRCW040212K1FKTDBC crcw040212k1fktdbc
CRCW040212K4FKTDBC crcw040212k4fktdbc
CRCW040212K7FKTDBC crcw040212k7fktdbc
CRCW0402130KFKTD crcw0402130kfktd
CRCW0402130KFKTDBC crcw0402130kfktdbc
CRCW0402130RFKTD crcw0402130rfktd
CRCW0402130RJNTBBC crcw0402130rjntbbc
CRCW0402133KFKTDBC crcw0402133kfktdbc
CRCW0402137RFKTDBC crcw0402137rfktdbc
CRCW040213K0FHEDP crcw040213k0fhedp
CRCW040213K0FKTDBC crcw040213k0fktdbc
CRCW040213K3FKTDBC crcw040213k3fktdbc
CRCW040213K7FKTDBC crcw040213k7fktdbc
CRCW0402140RFKTDBC crcw0402140rfktdbc
CRCW0402143KFKTD crcw0402143kfktd
CRCW0402143KFKTDBC crcw0402143kfktdbc
CRCW0402147RFKTDBC crcw0402147rfktdbc
CRCW040214K0FKTDBC crcw040214k0fktdbc
CRCW040214K3FKTDBC crcw040214k3fktdbc
CRCW040214K7FKTDBC crcw040214k7fktdbc
CRCW040214R0FKTD crcw040214r0fktd
CRCW0402150KFKEDHP crcw0402150kfkedhp
CRCW0402150KFKTDBC crcw0402150kfktdbc
CRCW0402150RFKTD crcw0402150rfktd
CRCW0402150RFKTDBC crcw0402150rfktdbc
CRCW0402150RJNTDBC crcw0402150rjntdbc
CRCW0402158KFKTDBC crcw0402158kfktdbc
CRCW040215K0FKTDBC crcw040215k0fktdbc
CRCW040215K0JNTDBC crcw040215k0jntdbc
CRCW040215R0FKTDBC crcw040215r0fktdbc
CRCW0402160KFKTDBC crcw0402160kfktdbc
CRCW0402162KFKTDBC crcw0402162kfktdbc
CRCW0402162RFKTDBC crcw0402162rfktdbc
CRCW0402169RFKTDBC crcw0402169rfktdbc
CRCW040216K0FKTDBC crcw040216k0fktdbc
CRCW040216K5FKTD crcw040216k5fktd
CRCW040216K9FKTDBC crcw040216k9fktdbc
CRCW040216R0FKTDBC crcw040216r0fktdbc
CRCW040216R9FKTDBC crcw040216r9fktdbc
CRCW0402178KFKTDBC crcw0402178kfktdbc

Disclaimer: Our inventory list is frequently updated. However, parts are committed on a first come first serve basis. To ensure that the parts are available, please contact us.

ISO 9001:2015 IBS Electronics distributes genuine VISHAY  CRCW1206200RFKEA  resistor 200 ohm 1% lead-free. We currently maintain an inventory with a wide array of components. These include ICs, Discrete Components, Capacitors, Resistors, Connectors, Relays, Crystals, Ocillators, Inductors; as well as Mil-Spec, Industrial Grade, Commercial Grade, Hard-to-Find and Obsolete components. We also have the ability and industry connections to source globally.

IBS Electronics Quality Assurance

Quality Systems Registrar, TUV USA, certified IBS Electronics to ISO standards. Our systems and compliance to the standards have been, and continue to be, regularly reviewed and tested to maintain continuous conformance.

ISO Certification

ISO registration gives you assurance that IBS Electronics's systems are accurate, comprehensive and conform to the rigorous requirements of the ISO standard. These requirements ensure IBS Electronics's long-term commitment to continuous improvements.

We do our best to ensure correct product data appears on our website. Please refer to the product datasheet/catalog for confirmed specifications from the manufacturer before ordering. If you spot an error, please notify us.