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Premo Inductive Distributors Passive Components Distributor The Premo Group (Grupo Premo, S.A.) is a Spanish holding company consisting of five 5 different business units which develop, manufacture and sell products and solutions in the inductive component business.

Headquarters are located in Barcelona, while we have R&D facilities and factories in Málaga (on the Costa del Sol, Spain), Tanger (Marocco), Wuxi (China, near Shanghai), as well as in Barcelona(Spain).
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Electromagnetic compatibility :
Premo Inductive - Passive Components Distributor The electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of an electronic device to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment (Inmunity or Susceptibility) without disturbing other equipments (Emission). An interference source generates two kind of electromagnetic interferences: conducted emission, electrical noise through the lines, or radiated emission, generation of electromagnetic fields. At high frequencies, characterized by the fact that the equipment dimensions are in the order of the magnitud of the wavelength associated to this frequency, the interference energy is mainly radiated.

EMC Components

At lower frequency ranges, the EMC components are used to reduce conducted electromagnetic interferences, to assure the good devices working and to comply the legal regulations. These components can be installed in the interference source or in the disturbed device. In order to choose the suitable interference suppression component, the way in which the interference is propagated needs to be known: The electrical noise which comes in one line wire and returns to the noise source through the other line wire is differential noise (symmetrical interference). This mode of interference occurs mainly at low frequencies (up to several hundred of kHz). Some types of capacitors (X capacitors) and single chokes are suitable for suppressing the differencial mode interferences. Due to the mechanical configuration and parasitic capacitances, a current with the ground circuit can be created. These parasitic currents can flow through the power line cables and return through the ground cable. This kind of interference is the common mode noise (asymmetrical interference). As the effects of parasitic capacitance and inductance between the conductors increase with frequency, this interference occurs at high frequencies (starting approximately from 1MHz). When the common mode interferences have to be reduced, the common mode chokes and Y capacitors are used.

Common Mode Chokes

Common Mode Chokes

The closed core topology and the windings distribution make these components especially suitable for the common mode noise suppression. The continuos path of the toroids maximizes the magnetic coupling between windings thereby minimizing the leakage inductance. Also, two windings are connected in such a way that the magnetic flux induced by the operating current flowing in one winding is opposite to the flux induced by the current flowing through the another one, that is to say, both fluxes cancel each other. Therefore, the problem of core saturation is solved. This allows to use high permeability cores so that high inductance values are obtained. Premo has a wide range of CMCs for their use in different applications. The chokes are based in a toroidal core and they are mounted in boxes or bases facilitating their direct assembly in the printed circuit board. The magnetic core material is either high permeability ferrite (PC, PM, SC) or nanocrystalline (HC). We can offer different formats and sizes in order to cover all the necessities in the electromagnetic compatibility field.

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