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About BEI Duncan Electronics

: BEI Duncan Electronics has merged with BEI Industrial Encoders and BEI Ideacod to form BEI Sensors. The merger joins a broad product portfolio and a combined 100 years of experienced engineering development, allowing BEI Sensors to offer unparalleled motion control solutions to industries around the globe.

Solving unique applications for position sensing is the core strength of BEI Duncan Electronics. Built on more than 40 years of experience and growth through the development of precision potentiometric devices, BEI Duncan has earned the confidence of their customers. They've applied this same concept of response, design and packaging expertise to today's emerging applications. The results are visibly present, with state-of-the-art devices featured throughout their web site.

BEI Duncan produces industry's most cost-effective and reliable "contacting" and "non-contacting" sensors (precision potentiometric devices; position, indicating, resistive or voltage reading devices, including encoders) for a broad range of applications. From automotive to avionics, consumer to robotics, instrumentation to heavy equipment, BEI Duncan products fill an important niche wherever accurate, reliable, and space-conscious devices are needed.

They're an operating division of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), which gives them further strength in capital, research, and complimenting technologies.

BEI Duncan Electronics Distributor
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