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: BeckElec is a high quality manufacturer of XO,VCXO, TCXO, and OCXO's from DC to 1GHz that are ideal for use in RF telecommunications, Stratum and SONET telephone switches, synthesizers, GPS, test and measurement and avionic applications as they provide low phase noise, miniature packaging at competitive prices.

BeckElec is capable of supporting programs of all sizes - from custom and legacy replacement products no longer available from the original manufacturer. built at our Phoenix location - to high volume price sensitive applications manufactured at our Asian based ISO certified partner facilities.

Crystal Oscillators are oscillators where a quartz crystal is used to provide the primary frequency element. The characteristics of the internal quartz crystal provide that the oscillator can achieve a high degree of frequency stability and accuracy.

A Crystal Oscillator is made up of an amplifier and feedback network that selects a portion of the amplifier output and returns it to the amplifier input. The oscillator circuit is dependent on two key conditions: First, the loop gain needs to be greater than losses around the oscillator loop, or equal to unity. Second, the loop phase shift must be equal to 0 or 360 degrees. Loop phase angle shifts determine the frequency at which the oscillator will operate. A change in net loop phase angle results in a change in output frequency of the oscillator circuit. In order to minimize the net phase shift, a quartz crystal is placed in the feedback loop. Because of the changes in impedance of the quartz crystal due to changes in applied frequency, all other components of the circuit should be considered constant reactance resulting in an adjustment of the quartz crystal frequency to a reactance that satisfies the loop phase characteristics.

BeckElec Distributor
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