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Belden Cable

About Belden Cable

: Belden designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive portfolio of cable, connectivity and networking products for the transmission of signals for data, sound and video applications. Belden's highly differentiated, high-performance products can be found in a variety of markets including industrial, enterprise, broadcast, transportation, energy and consumer electronics.

Belden Cable Distributor
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Belden Cable Components - Inventory

10-0241-25F  Belden 25ft SC-APC to SC-APC Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable  Belden Cable  rfq
1300SB 0101000  Belden bulk cable - 1000 ft - black  Belden Cable  rfq
1508A B591000  Belden 1000 24 AWG 1-Pair Tinned Copper Audio Cable - Black/Matte  Belden Cable  rfq
7953A 0101000  Belden 1000ft Cat 6 Bonded Pair 23AWG PVC Solid Cable - Black  Belden Cable  rfq
AX101045  NORDX/CDT GigaFlex PS5+ - modular insert  Belden Cable  rfq
AX101433  Belden CDT Interface Plate - flush mount faceplate  Belden Cable  rfq
AX104155  Belden KeyConnect modular insert  Belden Cable  rfq
AX104193  Belden KeyConnect KeyConnect Modular Jack - modular insert  Belden Cable  rfq
AX104215  Belden CAT6+ KeyConnect Coupler - modular insert (coupling)  Belden Cable  rfq
C601106003  Belden Bonded-Pair Modular Cord - patch cable - 3 ft - blue  Belden Cable  rfq
C601106010  Belden Bonded-Pair Modular Cord - patch cable - 10 ft - blue  Belden Cable  rfq
C6F1100015  Belden patch cable - 15 ft - black  Belden Cable  rfq
FP1LDLD003M  Belden FiberExpress FX - patch cable - 3 m - orange  Belden Cable  rfq
FPSLDLD003M  Belden FiberExpress FX - patch cable - 3 m - yellow  Belden Cable  rfq
RVAMJKUBL-S1  Belden REVConnect 10GX - modular insert  Belden Cable  rfq
RVAMJKUEW-B24  Belden REVConnect 10GX - modular insert  Belden Cable  rfq