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About Brightek

: Founded in Shenzhen in 2001, Brightek has set up factories in Taiwan and a branch company in Kunshan subsequently. Brightek develops, produces high-quality LED products. Brightek owns the complete automated packaging lines, state-of-the-art testing facilities, and the testing and quality control systems in line with the international standard. Quality/advanced packaging technology is Brightek's core competence, which is to provide product and service with earnest devotion, technology innovation provided by personnel training, to enhance the enterprise competitiveness.

Brightek Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

Brightek Components - Inventory

1L0343G11A0DA201  Green LED Round Lens 1.5-2.5V 10mA 40Deg 564.5-576.5nm 13 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.85*5.32mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0343S11A0DA201  Red LED Round Lens 1.5-2.5V 10mA 40Deg 630-650nm 40 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.85*5.32mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0343V31C0MT201  Red LED Pacifier?Shaped 1.7-2.7V 20mA 70Deg 620-635nm 420 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.7*5.3mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0343Y11A0DA001  Yellow LED Round Lens 1.5-2.5V 10mA 45Deg 585-597nm 15 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.85*5.32mm  Brightek  rfq
1L034XB12E0CA201  Blue LED Round Lens 2.8-3.8V 20mA 20Deg 462.5-472.5nm 4500 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.85*5.32mm  Brightek  rfq
1L034XB12E0CT201  Blue LED Pacifier?Shaped 2.8-3.8V 20mA 45Deg 462.5-472.5nm 2000 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.7*5.3mm  Brightek  rfq
1L034XF12A0CA005  IR LED Round Lens 1.0-1.5V 50mA 35Deg 940nm 24 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.85*5.32mm  Brightek  rfq
1L034XG72E0CB202  Green LED Flat Head 2.8-3.8V 20mA 80Deg 520-535nm 2300 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.95*4.1mm  Brightek  rfq
1L034XG72E0CB203  Green LED Concave Lens 2.8-3.8V 20mA 120Deg 520-535nm 1100 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.85*3.9mm  Brightek  rfq
1L034XV22D0CB203  Red LED Flat Head 1.8-2.6V 20mA 120Deg 620-630nm 140 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.95*4.1mm  Brightek  rfq
1L034XV31C0CB202  Red LED Concave Lens 1.7-2.6V 20mA 160Deg 620-630nm 150 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.85*3.9mm  Brightek  rfq
1L034XW32B0CA205  White LED Round Lens 2.8-3.6V 20mA 30Deg 5000K-12000K 9500 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.85*5.32mm  Brightek  rfq
1L034XW32B0CB201  White LED Flat Head 2.8-3.8V 20mA 120Deg 7400-90000K 1300 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.95*4.1mm  Brightek  rfq
1L034XW32B0CB209  White LED Concave Lens 2.4-3.2V 2mA 180Deg 7400-90000K 80 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.85*3.9mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0392V2G71CD201  Red&Green LED Pacifier?Shaped 1.7-2.5V &2.8-3.8V 20mA 20Deg Red620-630nm&Green520-535nm Red3400&Green5100 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.86*5.3mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0392V3G42MD201  Red&Green LED Pacifier?Shaped 1.7-2.7V 20mA 40Deg Red625-635&Green564.5-576.5 Red420&Green230 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.86*5.3mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0491VGB01CH004  Red&Green &Blue LED Round Lens 1.7-2.5V &2.8-3.8V 20mA 70Deg Red620-630nm&Green520-535nm &Blue462.5-472.5nm Red1300&Green2500 &Blue500 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 4.65*6.0mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0531F12A0CA005  IR LED Round Lens 1.0-1.5V 50mA 35Deg 940nm 26 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.7mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0531F12A0CA203  IR LED Round Lens 1.0-1.5V 50mA 20Deg 940nm 40 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.7mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0531G11A0DA201  Green LED Round Lens 1.5-2.5V 10mA 35Deg 564.5-576.5nm 30 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.7mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0531S11A0DA203  Red LED Round Lens 1.5-2.5V 10mA 35Deg 630-650nm 40 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.7mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0531Y11A0DA201  Yellow LED Round Lens 1.5-2.5V 10mA 35Deg 585-597nm 40 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.7mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0532F31B0CO001  IR LED Round Lens 1.3-1.8V 20mA 25Deg 850nm 38 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.6mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0532F31B0CR001  IR LED Round Lens 1.3-1.8V 20mA 20Deg 850nm 38 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.7mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0532F32C0CO001  IR LED Round Lens 1.3-1.8V 50mA 30Deg 850nm 90 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.6mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0532F32C0CR001  IR LED Round Lens 1.3-1.8V 50mA 25Deg 850nm 100 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.7mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0545W32B0CA201  White LED Round Lens 2.8-3.8V 20mA 15Deg 7400-25000K 20000 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.7mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0545W32B0CB203  White LED Flat Head 2.8-3.8V 20mA 100Deg 5000-12000K 1700 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*5.35mm  Brightek  rfq
1L054ZB12E0CA002  Blue LED Round Lens 2.8-3.6V 20mA 15Deg 462.5-472.5nm 6800 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.7mm  Brightek  rfq
1L054ZB12E0CA003  Blue LED Concave Lens 2.8-3.6V 20mA 160Deg 462.5-472.5nm 120 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.7*6.8  Brightek  rfq
1L054ZG72E0CA003  Green LED Round Lens 2.8-3.6V 20mA 15Deg 520-535nm 27000 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.7mm  Brightek  rfq
1L054ZV24I0CB001  Red LED Flat Head 1.7-2.5V 20mA 120Deg 620-630nm 450 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*5.35mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0591VGB01MA007  Red&Green&Blue LED Round Lens 1.7-2.7V&2.8-3.8V 20mA 50Deg Red620-630&Green520-535nm &Blue462.5-472.5nm Red900&Green1500 &Blue450 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.6mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0593I1G12CA201  Red&Green LED Round Lens 1.5-2.5V 10mA 25Deg Red615-630nm&Green564.5-576.5nm Red50&Green70 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.7mm  Brightek  rfq
1L0593S1G11MA202  Red&Green LED Round Lens 1.7-2.7V 10mA 40Deg Red630-650nm&Green564.5-576.5nm Red30&Green30 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 5.8*8.6mm  Brightek  rfq
1L1342A11A0DJJ01  orange LED 1.7-2.7V 20mA 160Deg 600-612nm 6 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 1.3*3.5*6.85  Brightek  rfq
1L134DW31A0MJJZ1  White LED 2.8-3.8V 20mA 140Deg x0.284/y0.231 680 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 1.3*3.5*6.85  Brightek  rfq
1L2429A2W30MK510  orange & White LED orange1.7-2.6V &White2.8-3.7V 20mA 140Deg orange600-610nm &White x0.271/y0.245 orange130 &White550 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 4*2*5  Brightek  rfq
1L4326B12E0DH303  Blue LED Oval Lens 2.8-3.6V 20mA 100/60Deg 464-473nm 900 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.9*3.1*6.2mm  Brightek  rfq
1L4326G72E0DH303  Green LED Oval Lens 2.8-3.6V 20mA 100/60Deg 518-530nm 3600 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.9*3.1*6.2mm  Brightek  rfq
1L4348V24I0DH301  Red LED Oval Lens 1.8-2.6V 20mA 100/60Deg 618-630nm 1600 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.9*3.1*6.2mm  Brightek  rfq
6L0333W61A0CB2Z1  White LED Concave Lens 2.5-3.4V 5mA 160Deg x0.17/y0.27 60 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.85*3.9mm  Brightek  rfq
6L0333W61B0MY5Z1  White LED Round Lens 2.5-3.4V 5mA 70Deg x0.2/y0.3 650 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 3.8*4.15mm  Brightek  rfq
6L0433G72E0CG0Z1  Green LED Straw Head 2.8-3.6V 20mA 60Deg 520-535nm 2500 mcd (Typ) Size(mm): 4.8*4.8mm  Brightek  rfq