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: ECS, Inc. Acquires Caliber Electronics, Inc.
ECS, Inc. International Acquires Caliber Electronics...
ECS, Inc. International, a world leader in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of piezo electronic products, specifically quartz crystals, clock oscillators, ceramic resonators, crystal filters, VCXO's and TCXO's is proud to announce that it has acquired Caliber Electronics, Inc. located in San Clemente, California.
Founded in 1994, Caliber Electronics is a valued vendor of frequency control products to global Tier 1 and Tier 2 electronic companies. In addition, Caliber offers complete unparalleled support and design tested innovative products for the engineering community.
According to Brad Slatten, President & CEO of ECS Inc. International, “This will bring ECS “A Best in Class” organization in its space. With Calibers stellar customer services both in the engineering arena and that all important customer care support realm, this will solidify ECS Inc's status as a premier global designer and manufacturer of frequency control devices.”
The acquisition provides increased value to all frequency control customers with improved productivity and enhanced engineering capabilities.
We would like to assure our customers and partners that Caliber products under the Caliber brand will continue to be available and supported during a strategically designed transitional phase.
Effective immediately, please forward All correspondence, all purchase orders and payments to ECS Inc. International.

Caliber Electronics Distributor
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