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About Cera-Mite

: Vishay Cera-Mite is a worldwide supplier of ceramic capacitors and non-linear components for the electronics industry. Vishay Cera-Mite single-layer ceramic capacitors, available with ratings from 100 V to 40 kV, are used in power supplies, electronic lighting, EMI/RFI filtering, and aerospace and industrial applications.

The products also include a wide range of ceramic disc capacitors, including AC-line-rated disc capacitors - rugged, high-voltage capacitors specifically designed and tested for use on 125 V to 600 V power sources. Certified to meet demanding Y- and X-type worldwide safety agency requirements, they are used in across-the-line, line-to-ground, and line-bypass filtering applications.

Vishay Cera-Mite ceramic positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors are used for refrigeration and HVAC compressor motor starting, overcurrent protection, telecommunications, and electronic fluorescent ballasts.

Cera-Mite Distributor
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Cera-Mite Components - Inventory

10TSS10  CERAMITE# 10TSS10 Cera-Mite Ceramic Disc Capacitors 1kV 10% 0.01uF  CERA-MITE  2320
30LVT47-R  Capacitor Ceramic SX1 RAD 470PF 20% 400V UL VCE  CERA-MITE CORP  803
440LD47-R  Capacitor Ceramic X5F RAD 4700PF 20% 250V Y X1 X2  CERA-MITE CORP  844
562RZ5UTR102EE152P  Capacitor Ceramic Z5U RAD 1500PF 10% 1000V Ceramic 0.3  CERA-MITE CORP  8876