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: Cirque Corporation is an American company which developed and commercialized the first successful capacitive touchpad, now widely used in notebook computers. Cirque develops and sells a variety of touch input products, both in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and end-user retail form.
Cirque continues to push the innovation envelope today by providing customers with both custom and standardized solutions for notebook touchpads, VR gaming accessories, secure point of sales touch screens, and proximity sensing capabilities.

In 2003, Cirque became a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps Electric Co., Ltd. (6770:JP). In addition to Cirque's own products, Cirque functions as an ALPS R&D center for capacitive sensing. Working together with ALPS Electric allows Cirque to refining existing products and introduce Cirque's capacitive touch technology into countless new applications that improves both the form and function of human interface platforms.

Cirque Distributor
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10-022260-0A2  10-022260-0A2 QFN56.K2 Cirque K2 MCM Capacitive Tough Sensor 3-3.6V 13.1mA56Pin-LGA RoHS  CIRQUE