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Cooner Wire

About Cooner Wire

: For over 50 years, the cable experts at Cooner Wire have specialized in insulated flexible wire and cable. They continue to provide flexible cable solutions that meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of industry leaders in the medical electronics, computer, aerospace, telecommunication, robotics, and semiconductor industries.

Cooner Wire's strength lies in its ability to support unique wire requirements and extra flexible power cables. Cooner Wire maintains the world's largest inventory of flexible wire and custom cables and offer both standard and unique wire constructions that range in size from 42 AWG mini coax to 4/0 AWG Extra Flexible Power Cable.

Whether your requirement is for a specialty wire today or custom cables tomorrow, Cooner Wire remains the first choice.

Cooner Wire Product Lines
Custom Cables

Cooner Custom Cable


Hookup Wire
Multiconductor Cable
Hookup Wire

PVC Hookup Wire
Silicone Hookup Wire
Polyurethane Hookup Wire
Mini Coax

Multiconductor Cable

PVC Multiconductor Cable
Sillicone Multiconductor Cable
Braided WireCooner Braided Wire

Tubular Braided Wire
Flat Braided Wire
Stainless Steel Braided Wire
Flexible Power Cable

PVC Flexible Power Cable
Silicone Flexible Power Cable
PVC Ground Strap
Flexible Wire RopeCooner Flexible Wire Rope

Medical Cables

Hookup Wire
Multiconductor Cable
Litz Wire

Litz Wire
Magnet Wire Tables

Cooner Wire Distributor
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Cooner Wire Components - Inventory

NEF22-15044-BLK  NEF-22-15044 BLK Cooner Wire Extra Flexible Wire 22 AWG 150 Strands 600V Black RoHS  COONER-WIRE  163