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About Cooper Bussman

: Bussmann / Eaton, a division of Cooper Industries that has been acquired by Eaton, is one of the world's largest producers of circuit protection devices to protect electrical, electronic and automotive systems from circuit overload. The company provides the industry standard for circuit protection with over 41,000 fuse types, from large fuses for protecting the main supply in multi-story buildings and industrial complexes, to sophisticated fuses for printed circuit boards in electronic products.

Cooper Bussman Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

Cooper Bussman Components - Inventory

CC12M12A  FUSE CERAMIC 12A 24V 150A SMD 3.2X1.6 TR  Cooper Bussmann  23
CC12M15A  FUSE CERAMIC 15A 24V 150A SMD 3.2X1.6 TR  Cooper Bussmann  1088
CC12M20A  FUSE CERAMIC 20A 24V 150A SMD 3.2X1.6 TR  Cooper Bussmann  2280
CPL2-4-50TR-R  Inductor 200nH +/-20% 1MHz 160A 11X44X5m  Cooper Bussmann  2442
DRQ73-4R7-R  Inductor 4.7uH +/- 20% 100KHz 3.09A 7.6X  Cooper Bussmann  1350
FP0705R1-R12-I  Inductor 120nH +/-10% 100KHz 37A 7.0X7.0  Cooper Bussmann  10
FP0906R1-R15-R  Inductor 150nH +/-10% 100KHz 51A 9.4X6.2  Cooper Bussmann  5661
FP0906R1-R22-R  Inductor 220nH +/-10% 100KHz 44A 9.4X6.2  Cooper Bussmann  14087
FP1005R1-R15-R  Inductor 150nH +/-10% 100KHz 47A 10.2X7X  Cooper Bussmann  65
FP1005R1-R22-R  Inductor 220nH 10% 100KHz 33A 10.2X7X4.9  Cooper Bussmann  2544
FP1007R3-R15-R  Inductor 150nH 10% 100KHz 61A 10.2X7.8X7  Cooper Bussmann  3034
HCM0703-1R0-R  Inductor 1.0uH +/-20% 100KHz 11A 7.1X6.8  Cooper Bussmann  1447
HCM0703-6R8-R  Inductor 6.8uH +/-20% 3.5A TR  Cooper Bussmann  2214
HCP0704-1R0-H  Inductor 1.0uH +/-25% 100KHz 12A 6.8X6.8  Cooper Bussmann  4760
HCP0805-1R0-R  Inductor 1.0uH +/-20% 100KHz 14.5A 7.7X7  Cooper Bussmann  1262
SD3114-1R5-R  Inductor 1.44uH +/-30% 100KHz 1.39A 3.7X  Cooper Bussmann  3527
TR/0603FA2-R  FUSE CERAMIC 2A 32V 35A SMD 1.6X0.8 TR  Cooper Bussmann  119
TR/0603FA5-R  FUSE CERAMIC 5A 32V 35A SMD 1.6X0.8 TR  Cooper Bussmann  3049
TR/3216FF1-R  FUSE CERAMIC 1A 63V SMD 3.2X1.6 TR  Cooper Bussmann  1613
TR/3216FF1.5-R  FUSE CERAMIC 1.5A 63V 50A SMD 3.2X1.6 TR  Cooper Bussmann  26
TR/3216FF2-R  FUSE CERAMIC 2A 63V SMD 3.2X1.6 TR  Cooper Bussmann  1798
TR/3216FF30-R  FUSE CERAMIC 30A 24V 300A SMD 3.2X1.6 TR  Cooper Bussmann  8824
TR/3216FF5-R  FUSE CERAMIC 5A 32V SMD 3.2X1.6 TR  Cooper Bussmann  46624
TR/3216FF7-R  FUSE 7A 32V SMD 3.2X1.6 TR  Cooper Bussmann  759