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About Eggtronic

: Eggtronic is an Italy founded startup developing power electronics, wireless charging and data over power technology and products.

Eggtronic develops a new integrated circuits division at the Eggtronic research laboratories as it continues along its roadmap of more efficient power transformers. Eventually, the company hopes its capacitive wireless charging technology will be adopted universally as a new industry standard.

The company believes it has the potential to become a major player in energy conversion and wireless charging with power conversion systems that improve the performance of semiconductors, cutting converter costs and improving energy efficiency.

These technologies can be applied to both consumer electronics and more complex systems such as those for hybrid and electric transport and renewable energy. The conversion devices also serve as a bridge between renewable power generation systems and the batteries used for storage, presenting an innovative solution for meeting carbon neutrality goals.

Eggtronic is also conducting its own research into wireless charging, which will receive further support through the EIB financing. The Italian company has produced the first prototypes for the position-free wireless charging of TVs, laptops and appliances, in line with new wireless charging concepts making it possible to charge a wide range of appliances, consumer electronics and automotive devices safely and in an environmentally friendly way.

Eggtronic Distributor
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