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About Eurohm

: Eurohm is a manufacturer of resistor products including carbon and metal film, metal oxide, fusible, wire wound, thick film chip resistors and arrays.

Eurohm is the result of over 40 years of design and production of precision wirewound resistors. This experience gives Eurohm resistors great precision and long-term stability, and allows them to be used especially in the production of professional electronic equipment where quality and safety are of fundamental importance.

Eurohm Distributor
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Eurohm Components - Inventory

C-RS01-001  RESISTOR 10R 0W25 1%  EUROHM  8717
C-RS01-041  RESISTOR 470R 0W25 1%  EUROHM  7429
C-RS20-033  RESISTOR 220 SMD 1206  EUROHM  28142
C-RS20-109  RESISTOR 330K SMD 1206  EUROHM  8104