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About Evercool

: Evercool fans have been trusted to keep electronic systems from overheating for over 20 years. These fans work hard to keep your processors cool so that you never have to experience slowdowns or system failures from components running at irregular temperatures. With consistency in mind, it is Evercool's commitment to quality construction that keeps customers coming back.

Evercool understands that not every person requires the same fan, so they build solutions to suit multiple needs. They offer both AC and DC fans for varied energy use. With sustainability in mind, Evercool manufactures green fans with no artificial metal, which reduces pollution. If you're looking for something that blends form and function, take a look at our selection of brightly-lit LED fans to give your system a cool glow. If you're looking through our Evercool fans and planning a full custom build, we offer everything from tablet and game system coolers to power adaptor cables and thermal grease for computer components.

Evercool has pursued sustainable management as its operating principle since it sold Intel 386 CPU Coolers in 1994. The head office is located in Taipei, and the factory in Dong Guang is around 25,000 square meters. There are nearly 500 employees in Evercool, and the maximum production capacity is 2KK DC Fans and 1KK Coolers. During more than 15 years of business, Evercool has gradually moved from original equipment manufacturer to own brand development.

The five beliefs: innovation, quality insistence, perfect facilities, competitive price and accurate lead-time ensure Evercool providing of good services and products with good quality to clients, and build a dependable customer loyalty as well.

Evercool can be separated into two words: "Ever" and "Cool" which means that Evercool products will always avoid computers' overheating by keeping them cold. The slogan of Evercool is "The Aesthetics of Heat Dispersion", which refers to the addition of aesthetics into the cooling product design. This concept makes Evercool products different and stylish. In addition, the positive feedback from our clients is the motive power that encourages Evercool to continue with its design innovation.

Evercool Distributor
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Evercool Components - Inventory

AFB0612EH-BF00  Delta 60x60x25mm 12v DC Fan (3 pin 3 wire)  Evercool  rfq
EC4020SH12E  EC4020SH12E EVERCOOL DC FAN 8.99CFM 12VDC 40X40X20mm RPM:9000 0.14A 1.68W8.99CFM LIFE:40000HR RoHS  EVERCOOL  15
EC4020SH12E  EC4020SH12E EVERCOOL DC FAN 8.99CFM 12VDC 40X40X20mm RPM:9000 0.14A 1.68W 8.99CFM LIFE:40000HR RoHS  EVERCOOL  34
EC8038TH24BP  EC8038TH24BP Evercool DC Fan 24V 1.5A 131.24CFM 10KRPM Axial 80x80x38mm 4 Poles RoHS  EVERCOOL  104
EE60251B1-999  Sunon 60x60x25mm 12vdc Fan  Evercool  rfq
EE92251B2-G99  Sunon 92x92x25mm 12vdc Fan  Evercool  rfq
F-EC12025-S  120x120x25mm. 12v 4pin molex 2wire med speed sleeve bearing  Evercool  rfq
F-EC1225A1HBT  Evercool EC1225A1HBT 120x120x25mm 110v AC High Speed 2Ball Bearing Terminal  Evercool  rfq
F-EC1238A1HBT-7  Evercool EC1238A1HBT 120x120x38mm 110v AC High Speed 2Ball Bearing Terminal  Evercool  rfq
F-EC1725A1HBT-7  Evercool EC1725A1HBT 172x150x51.5mm 110v AC High Speed 2Ball Bearing Terminal  Evercool  rfq
F-SN5515-V-3T  SUNON KDE1205PHV2 50x50x15mm  Evercool  rfq
FAN-AC12025-B  Sunon AC 115v 120MM Fan  Evercool  rfq
FAN-AC12038-B  AC 115V 120mm Fan with 38mm Thickness  Evercool  rfq
FAN-AC8825-B  Sunon AC 115V 80mm Fan with 25mm Thickness  Evercool  rfq
FAN-AC8838-B  Sunon AC 115V 80mm Fan with 38mm Thickness  Evercool  rfq
FAN-AC9925-B  Sunon AC 115V 92mm Fan with 25mm Thickness  Evercool  rfq
FAN-LPF08FLA  Crystal Clear Blue LED 80mm Fan (Dual Pack)  Evercool  1
FAN-LPF08FNA  Silent Performance 80mm Fan (Dual Pack)  Evercool  1
FAN-PMD1204PPB1  SUNON PMD1204PPB1-A(2)F 40x40x56mm  Evercool  rfq
MB40201VX-G99  Sunon 40x40x20mm 12vdc Fan  Evercool  rfq
MB50101V2-G99  Sunon 50x50x10mm 12vdc Fan  Evercool  rfq
MB60101V2-G99  Sunon 60x60x10mm 12vdc Fan  Evercool  rfq
PWR-1225H12B  Power Supply Replacement Fan for 120mm (120x120x25mm Fan)  Evercool  1
PWR-13525HH12B  Power Supply Replacement Fan for 140mm (135x135x25mm Blue LED Fan)  Evercool  1
PWR-13525M12S  Power Supply Replacement Fan for 140mm (135x135x25mm Fan)  Evercool  1
PWR-13525M12S-L  Power Supply Replacement Fan for 140mm (135x135x25mm Blue LED Fan)  Evercool  1
VC-EC4510M12S-B  VIDEO CARD FAN(Bury frame)  Evercool  rfq
VC-EC4510M12S-X  VIDEO CARD FAN (X type suspend frame)  Evercool  rfq
VC-EC5010M12S-B  VIDEO CARD FAN (Bury frame)  Evercool  rfq
VC-EC5010M12S-I  VIDEO CARD FAN (I type suspend frame)  Evercool  rfq
VC-EC6010M12S-B  VIDEO CARD FAN (Bury frame)  Evercool  rfq
VC-EC7010M12C-B  Evercool 70x70x10mm VGA Fan (1 Ball Bearing)  Evercool  rfq
VC-EC8010M12C-B  80x80x10mm VGA Fan (1 Ball Bearing)  Evercool  rfq