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About Excel Cell Electronic

: Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets dip switches, reed relays, pin sockets, and terminal blocks. The Company sells its products under the brand name ECE.
Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based company principally engaged in the processing, manufacture and trading of electronic components. The Company's primary products include switches, relays, terminal blocks, connectors and pressing parts, such as lead frames. Its products are applied in the manufacture of household electrical appliances, precision instruments, security products, communication products, computer peripheral products, integrated circuits (ICs) and others. The Company distributes its products primarily in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
In this fast changing electronic world of ours, what our customers need is building a long-term relationship that can form strategic alliances, instead of just an electronic component supplier or manufacturer. Excel Cell believes that the partners needed by our customers are those who can provide diversified products with better quality, higher technology, and shorter delivery time to maintain competence in the market.
Excel Cell manufactures a broad range of electromechanical products:

  • Terminal Blocks/ We cross Dinkle, Phoenix, Weco, Tyco, Wieland, Beau, Deca
  • Relays/ We cross Omron, American Zettler
  • Switches/ We cross C&K
  • Resettable Fuses/ We cross Tyco/Raychem, Bourns, Littelfuse
  • Connectors/ We cross Hirose,Samtec,Molex
  • Inductors/ Ferrite Beads/ We cross Coilcraft

Electromechanical Components
Industrial Control Switch Industrial Control Switch
Industrial Control Switch
->Pushbutton Switch
->Selector Switch
->Pilot Lamp
->Emergency Stop Switch
->Key Selector Switch
Switches Switches
->DIP Switch
->Slide Switch
->Push Switch
->Micro Switch
Relays Relays
->Mos relay
->Reed Relay
->Solid State Relay
->Reed Sensor
->Electromechanical Relay
Terminal Blocks Terminal Blocks
Terminal Blocks
->Eurostyle PCB Type
->Plug In Type
->Screwless Type
->High Power Type
->Wire To PCB Type
Connectors Connectors
->FPC Connectors
->Board To Board
->Board To Wire
->I/O & Battery
->Machine Pin Socket
Chip Inductor & Bead Chip Inductor & Bead
Chip Inductor & Bead
->Chip Inductor & Bead
Resettable Fuse Resettable Fuse
Resettable Fuse
->Resettable Fuse
Stepping Motor Stepping Motor

Excel Cell Electronic Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

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We understand that our customers need more than just a supplier; they need a strategic partner in their supply chain, so we strive to be that and more. We consistently utilize our in-stock inventory and global network of suppliers to reduce your procurement cycles, lower transaction costs and provide quality electronic components at competitive prices.

IBS Electronics can source Excel_Cell_Electronic original and alternative parts. Often original parts for outdated products are no longer available or are very expensive due to demand. It is here our expertise can assist you to find the best solution to fulfil your requirements.