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About Faratronic

: Xiamen Faratronic Co.,Ltd., is a world leading professional manufacturer of film capacitors and metallized film.
As a listed and TS16949/ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001 certificated company, Faratronic offers a comprehensive range of film capacitors, and focuses on fast-growing and technology-oriented markets, especially in the areas of lighting, telecommunication,automotive electronics, industrial electronics, renewable energy,etc.Short lead time, good quality, perfect service and competitive prices are our commitments.
Metallized polyester film, non-inductive wound construction, Plastics housing Stability versus temperature, frequency, voltage, time and humidity Reliable quality due to self-healing effect No pie

Faratronic Distributor
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Faratronic Components - Inventory

C221J104J20C00   Capacitor 0.1UF 63VDC 10% POLY-FILM RAD P=5MM (NON - PSL)  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  4940
C222G105K90C00   Capacitor 1UF 400V POLY-FILM 26 X 19 X 9 P=22.5MM (NON - PSL)  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  5374
C222J223K30C00   Capacitor 0.022UF 630V POLYESTER 13 X 11 X 6 P=10MM (NON - PSL)  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  10061
C312G104J4SF600101  C312G104J4SF600101 Faratronic Plastic Film Capacitor 0.1uF 400V 15mm RadialRoHS  FARATRONIC  2000
C312G474J6SC000101  C312G474J6SC000101 Faratronic Plastic Film Capacitor 0.47uF 400V 15mm Radial RoHS  FARATRONIC  2000
C322G183J30   Capacitor 0.018UF 400VDC 5% POLY-LENE 10.5 X 9 X 4MM P=7.5MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  9839
C322G333J30   Capacitor 0.033UF 400VDC 5% POLY-LENE 10.5 X 11 X 5MM P=7.5MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  10872
C322G393J30   Capacitor 0.039UF 400VDC 5% POLY-LENE 10.5 X 11 X 5MM P=7.5MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  8465
C322G563J40   Capacitor 0.056UF 400VDC 5% POLY-LENE 13 X 11 X 5MM P=10MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  9492
C322G683J40   Capacitor 0.068UF 400VDC 5% POLY-LENE 13 X 12 X 6MM P=10MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  2925
C322J333J60C00   Capacitor 0.033UF 630V POLY-LENE 18 X 11 X 5 P=15MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  2186
C322J473J60C00   Capacitor 0.047UF 630V POLY-LENE 18 X 11 X 5 P=15MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  6024
C322J563J60C00   Capacitor 0.056UF 630V 5% POLY-LENE 18 X 11 X 5MM P=15MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  1234
C352S475JBSC00   Capacitor 4.7UF 450VDC 5% InPP FILMIn 32X20X11MM P= 27.5MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  4228
C352T105K60C000   Capacitor 1.0UF 520V 10% POLY-FILM 17.5 X 19 X 11 P=15MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  2415
C352T474K60C000   Capacitor 0.47UF 520V 10% POLY-FILM 17.5 X 14.5 X 8.5 P=15MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  4086
C372J274K6S   Capacitor 0.27UF 630V 10% POLYPROPYLENE 18 X 11.5 X 6MM MAX P=15MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  4882
C42P2223M40C00   Capacitor 0.022UF 275V X2 14 X 12 X 6 MAX P=10MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  3698
C42P2474K9SC000   Capacitor 0.47UF 250V 10% X2 26 X 17 X 7.5MM P=22.5MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  3290
C42P2684M90C00   Capacitor 0.68UF 275V X2 27 X 19 X 11 P=22.5 (NON - PSL)  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  5495
C42Q2105KBSC000   Capacitor 1UF 275V X2 32X22X13MM P=27.5MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  2001
C42Q2225KBSC000   Capacitor 2.2UF 275V X2 32X25X13MM P=27.5MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  2005
C42Q2474M6H   Capacitor 0.47UF 305V X2 17.5 X 6.0 MAX P=15MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  1295
C42Q2824M6SC000   Capacitor 0.82UF 350V X2 18 X 19 X 11MM P=15MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  1287
C45S1105MBAC450   Capacitor 1UF 1KVDC POLY-FILM 32 X 17 X 28MM P=27.5MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  86
C822J224J90C00   Capacitor 0.22UF 630VDC 5% InPP FILMIn 27X19X10MM P= 22.5MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  4228
C823A223J60C00   Capacitor 0.022UF 1KV POLY-LENE 18 X 14 X 8 P=15MM (NON - PSL)  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  1709
C823C223K90C00   Capacitor 0.022UF 1.4KV POLY-LENE 27 X 16 X 7 MAX P=22.5MM  FARATRONIC (XIAMEN) CO LTD  4513