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ITW Fastex & Fastening Systems

ITW Fastex is a premier plastic fastener manufacturer and developer, offering a wide range of products for a variety of applications and industries. We also offer customs designs for specialty applications.
ITW Fastex is a premier manufacturer of injection molded plastic components. ITW Fastex's product catalog includes plastic Christmas Tree clips, Stalok clips, Plasti-Rivets, snap-in bumpers, wire clips, and other plastic fasteners. Fastex products can also be engineered to meet customer specific applications.

Fastex Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

Fastex Components - Inventory

207-120241-05-0108  207-120241-05-0108 FASTEX11-08001 HOLE PLUG SNAP-IN  FASTEX  5010
207-120241-05-0108  207-120241-05-0108 FASTEX11-08001 HOLE PLUG SNAP-IN  FASTEX  1000
254-080845-00-0101  FASTEX 254-080845-00-0101SNAP-IN FASTENER  FASTEX  85
H1051  FASTEX# 207-120241-08108  FASTEX  700
H1058  FASTEX# 207-170201-00  FASTEX  1000
H1059  FASTEX# 5010-01-00-5002 PVC Bumper  FASTEX  1928