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About Fastron

: Fastron is a brand name for inductors. Originally from Germany, we now operate manufacturing facilities in Eastern Europe as well as South East Asia, which are all TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified. Founded in 1978, we manufacture RoHS compliant, high quality (e.g. AEC-Q200 grade) surface mount and leaded inductors and coils.

Besides this core business, Fastron also successfully operates a large sheet metal production for precision metal enclosures and electro-mechanical assemblies. Part of the Fastron Group is also the company Rapid Biomedical based in Germany, experts in custom made MR Coils for MRI scanners. We are very proud to serve all of our customers all over the world with the highest quality products.

Product Range
SMD Power Inductors
Chip Inductors for RF Applications
Chip Inductors for Power Applications
Common Mode Filter Chip Inductors
RFID Transponder Coils

Moulded Inductors Leaded Inductors

Suppression Coils Plugable Inductors (Pin Type Coils)

Wide Band Chokes and Beads SMD Power Inductors

Strip Wound Cut Cores Toroidal Strip-Wound Cores
Rod Core Chokes Toroid Line Chokes
Standard Metal Enclosures
Besides this core business, Fastron also successfully operates other growing business units. A sheet metal production for precision metal housings and electro-mechanical assemblies.

Fastron Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

Fastron Components - Inventory

0402AQC-012J-08  0402AQC-012J-08 Fastrong Fixed Inductors AEC-Q200 Qualified  Fastron  470
0402AQC-017J-08  0402AQC-017J-08 Fastrong Fixed Inductors AEC-Q200 Qualified  Fastron  500
0402AQC-039J-08  0402AQC-039J-08 Fastrong Fixed Inductors AEC-Q200 Qualified  Fastron  500
0402AS-010G-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-010G-00  Fastron  2045
0402AS-010J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-010J-00  Fastron  3000
0402AS-010K-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-010K-00  Fastron  1440
0402AS-011J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-011J-00  Fastron  1260
0402AS-012J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-012J-00  Fastron  10037
0402AS-013J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-013J-00  Fastron  2570
0402AS-015J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-015J-00  Fastron  3031
0402AS-016J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-016J-00  Fastron  1000
0402AS-020J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-020J-00  Fastron  1500
0402AS-022J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-022J-00  Fastron  6270
0402AS-022K-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-022K-00  Fastron  1200
0402AS-024J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-024J-00  Fastron  4260
0402AS-033A-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-033A-00  Fastron  1030
0402AS-033G-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-033G-00  Fastron  4940
0402AS-033J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-033J-00  Fastron  9989
0402AS-039J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-039J-00  Fastron  3600
0402AS-039K-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-039K-00  Fastron  1260
0402AS-056A-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-056A-00  Fastron  1540
0402AS-056G-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-056G-00  Fastron  2000
0402AS-056J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-056J-00  Fastron  2825
0402AS-068G-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-068G-00  Fastron  6354
0402AS-068J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-068J-00  Fastron  3150
0402AS-082J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-082J-00  Fastron  2105
0402AS-2N2J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-2N2J-00  Fastron  2496
0402AS-2N5A-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-2N5A-00  Fastron  1989
0402AS-2N7J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-2N7J-00  Fastron  1534
0402AS-3N6J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-3N6J-00  Fastron  2880
0402AS-3N9A-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-3N9A-00  Fastron  2195
0402AS-3N9J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-3N9J-00  Fastron  1103
0402AS-4N7A-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-4N7A-00  Fastron  2269
0402AS-4N7G-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-4N7G-00  Fastron  1250
0402AS-4N7J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-4N7J-00  Fastron  2580
0402AS-5N1A-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-5N1A-00  Fastron  1941
0402AS-5N6J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-5N6J-00  Fastron  6400
0402AS-6N2A-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-6N2A-00  Fastron  2169
0402AS-6N2J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-6N2J-00  Fastron  2418
0402AS-6N8A-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-6N8A-00  Fastron  1249
0402AS-6N8K-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-6N8K-00  Fastron  1300
0402AS-7N5A-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-7N5A-00  Fastron  2435
0402AS-7N5J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-7N5J-00  Fastron  3191
0402AS-8N2J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-8N2J-00  Fastron  3500
0402AS-8N7J-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-8N7J-00  Fastron  1855
0402AS-R12G-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-R12G-00  Fastron  1082
0402AS-R18G-00  Fastron Part Inductor 0402AS-R18G-00  Fastron  1050
0402MLA-010J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-010J-01  Fastron  3000
0402MLA-012J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-012J-01  Fastron  3000
0402MLA-012K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-012K-01  Fastron  40000
0402MLA-018J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-018J-01  Fastron  3000
0402MLA-022J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-022J-01  Fastron  3000
0402MLA-027K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-027K-01  Fastron  13000
0402MLA-033K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-033K-01  Fastron  10000
0402MLA-047K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-047K-01  Fastron  30000
0402MLA-068K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-068K-01  Fastron  30000
0402MLA-082K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-082K-01  Fastron  40000
0402MLA-1N0S-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-1N0S-01  Fastron  3000
0402MLA-1N2S-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-1N2S-01  Fastron  3000
0402MLA-1N5S-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-1N5S-01  Fastron  13000
0402MLA-3N3S-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-3N3S-01  Fastron  10000
0402MLA-4N7S-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-4N7S-01  Fastron  30000
0402MLA-6N8D-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-6N8D-01  Fastron  23000
0402MLA-R10K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0402MLA-R10K-01  Fastron  20000
05CCM-1R8K-01  05CCM-1R8K-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors Leaded Inductor - Fixed Choke Coil  Fastron  3500
05CCM-R22K-01  05CCM-R22K-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors Leaded Inductor - Fixed Choke Coil  Fastron  3459
05CCM-R47M-01  05CCM-R47M-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors Leaded Inductor - Fixed Choke Coil  Fastron  6980
0603/001-R31X-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603/001-R31X-05  Fastron  1325
0603AS-010G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-010G-05  Fastron  1163
0603AS-010J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-010J-05  Fastron  6945
0603AS-011J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-011J-05  Fastron  2800
0603AS-012G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-012G-05  Fastron  1755
0603AS-012J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-012J-05  Fastron  3273
0603AS-015J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-015J-01  Fastron  4000
0603AS-015J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-015J-05  Fastron  2380
0603AS-016G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-016G-05  Fastron  7211
0603AS-016J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-016J-05  Fastron  1181
0603AS-018G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-018G-05  Fastron  2022
0603AS-018J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-018J-05  Fastron  1900
0603AS-027G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-027G-05  Fastron  1513
0603AS-027J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-027J-05  Fastron  1460
0603AS-030G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-030G-05  Fastron  3225
0603AS-033G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-033G-05  Fastron  3050
0603AS-033J-01  Fastron 0603AS-033J-01 Fixed Inductors 33nH 250 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  278
0603AS-033J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-033J-05  Fastron  1000
0603AS-036J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-036J-05  Fastron  2450
0603AS-039J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-039J-05  Fastron  4210
0603AS-047J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-047J-01  Fastron  4000
0603AS-047J-01  Fastron 0603AS-047J-01 Fixed Inductors 47nH200 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  2797
0603AS-047J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-047J-05  Fastron  3334
0603AS-051G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-051G-05  Fastron  2734
0603AS-056G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-056G-05  Fastron  1230
0603AS-068G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-068G-05  Fastron  6592
0603AS-068J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-068J-05  Fastron  2120
0603AS-072J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-072J-05  Fastron  10325
0603AS-082G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-082G-05  Fastron  1593
0603AS-082J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-082J-05  Fastron  3200
0603AS-1N8J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-1N8J-05  Fastron  2392
0603AS-1N8K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-1N8K-05  Fastron  1129
0603AS-2N2J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-2N2J-05  Fastron  1661
0603AS-3N3G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-3N3G-05  Fastron  2040
0603AS-3N3K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-3N3K-05  Fastron  3103
0603AS-3N9J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-3N9J-05  Fastron  7162
0603AS-3N9K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-3N9K-05  Fastron  1017
0603AS-4N3J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-4N3J-05  Fastron  5556
0603AS-4N7K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-4N7K-05  Fastron  2424
0603AS-5N1J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-5N1J-05  Fastron  1985
0603AS-6N2G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-6N2G-05  Fastron  1990
0603AS-8N0G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-8N0G-05  Fastron  3578
0603AS-8N2K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-8N2K-05  Fastron  1799
0603AS-8N7J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-8N7J-05  Fastron  4010
0603AS-R10J-01  Fastron 0603AS-R10J-01 Fixed Inductors 100nH 150 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  4169
0603AS-R10J-01  0603AS-R10J-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors 100nH 150 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  4304
0603AS-R10J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R10J-05  Fastron  4010
0603AS-R12G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R12G-05  Fastron  1697
0603AS-R12J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R12J-05  Fastron  5390
0603AS-R15J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R15J-05  Fastron  11143
0603AS-R18J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R18J-05  Fastron  7640
0603AS-R20G-01  Fastron 0603AS-R20G-01 Fixed Inductors 200nH 100 MHz 2% Tol  Fastron  3935
0603AS-R22J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R22J-05  Fastron  4685
0603AS-R27J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R27J-05  Fastron  2725
0603AS-R33J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R33J-05  Fastron  1987
0603AS-R39J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R39J-05  Fastron  5048
0603AS-R47G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R47G-05  Fastron  1940
0603AS-R47J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R47J-05  Fastron  1116
0603AS-R56K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R56K-05  Fastron  2775
0603AS-R68G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R68G-05  Fastron  3440
0603AS-R68K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R68K-05  Fastron  2960
0603AS-R82G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AS-R82G-05  Fastron  2360
0603AT-047G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AT-047G-05  Fastron  5687
0603AT-R15J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AT-R15J-01  Fastron  4000
0603AT-R15J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0603AT-R15J-05  Fastron  7492
0603MLA-010J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603MLA-010J-01  Fastron  4000
0603MLA-018J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603MLA-018J-01  Fastron  4000
0603MLA-022J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603MLA-022J-01  Fastron  4000
0603MLF-100K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603MLF-100K-01  Fastron  4000
0603MLF-1R0K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603MLF-1R0K-01  Fastron  4000
0603MLF-1R5K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603MLF-1R5K-01  Fastron  4000
0603MLF-2R2K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603MLF-2R2K-01  Fastron  4000
0603MLF-4R7K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603MLF-4R7K-01  Fastron  4000
0603MLF-R82K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0603MLF-R82K-01  Fastron  56000
06CCM-1R2M-01  06CCM-1R2M-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors Leaded Inductor - Fixed Choke Coil  Fastron  2974
06CCM-R27M-01  06CCM-R27M-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors Leaded Inductor - Fixed Choke Coil  Fastron  5470
06CCM-R47M-01  06CCM-R47M-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors Leaded Inductor - Fixed Choke Coil  Fastron  2995
06H-351X-00  Fastron Part Inductor 06H-351X-00  Fastron  311
06H-951X-00  Fastron Part Inductor 06H-951X-00  Fastron  318
07HCP-101K-50  Fastron 07HCP-101K-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 100uH 10%  Fastron  Lead-Time 8 Weeks
07HCP-102K-50  Fastron 07HCP-102K-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 1000uH 10%  Fastron  506
07HCP-220K-50  Fastron 07HCP-220K-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 22uH 10%  Fastron  142
07HCP-3R3M-50  Fastron 07HCP-3R3M-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 3.3uH 20%  Fastron  425
07HCP-470K-50  Fastron 07HCP-470K-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 47uH 10%  Fastron  399
07HVP-101K-51  Fastron 07HVP-101K-51 Fixed Inductors 100uH 10%  Fastron  479
07MFG-102J-50  Fastron 07MFG-102J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 1.0mH 5%  Fastron  94
07MFG-102J-50  Fastron Part Inductor 07MFG-102J-50  Fastron  416
07MFG-122J-50  Fastron 07MFG-122J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 1.2mH 5%  Fastron  148
07MFG-153J-50  Fastron 07MFG-153J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 15mH 5%  Fastron  38
07MFG-183J-50  Fastron 07MFG-183J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 18mH 5%  Fastron  1265
07MFG-183J-50  07MFG-183J-50 Fastrong Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 18mH 5%  Fastron  2404
07MFG-223J-50  Fastron 07MFG-223J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 22mH 5%  Fastron  198
07MFG-273J-50  Fastron 07MFG-273J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 27mH 5%  Fastron  219
07MFG-333J-50  Fastron 07MFG-333J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 33mH 5%  Fastron  162
07MFG-392J-50  Fastron 07MFG-392J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 3.9mH 5%  Fastron  111
07MFG-472J-50  Fastron 07MFG-472J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 4.7mH 5%  Fastron  390
07MFG-473J-50  Fastron 07MFG-473J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 47mH 5%  Fastron  433
07MFG-562J-50  Fastron 07MFG-562J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 5.6mH 5%  Fastron  243
07MFG-682J-50  Fastron 07MFG-682J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 6.8mH 5%  Fastron  179
07MFG-683J-50  Fastron 07MFG-683J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 68mH 5%  Fastron  757
07P-101J-56  Fastron Part Inductor 07P-101J-56  Fastron  1903
07P-102J-50  Fastron 07P-102J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 1000uH 5%  Fastron  136
07P-152J-50  Fastron Part Inductor 07P-152J-50  Fastron  693
07P-221J-56  Fastron Part Inductor 07P-221J-56  Fastron  1290
07P-222J-50  Fastron 07P-222J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 2200uH 5%  Fastron  388
07P-681K-56  Fastron Part Inductor 07P-681K-56  Fastron  1454
0805A-2N2M-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805A-2N2M-01  Fastron  5000
0805A-2N2M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805A-2N2M-05  Fastron  8927
0805A-4N7K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805A-4N7K-05  Fastron  1695
0805A-4N7M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805A-4N7M-05  Fastron  1817
0805A-R47K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805A-R47K-05  Fastron  1000
0805AQ-018J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AQ-018J-05  Fastron  1000
0805AQ-030K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AQ-030K-05  Fastron  1696
0805AQ-051K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AQ-051K-01  Fastron  7500
0805AQ-051K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AQ-051K-05  Fastron  2649
0805AQ-5N6J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AQ-5N6J-05  Fastron  4596
0805AQ-6N2J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AQ-6N2J-05  Fastron  1130
0805AS-010J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-010J-05  Fastron  1770
0805AS-012J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-012J-05  Fastron  3563
0805AS-012K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-012K-01  Fastron  2500
0805AS-012K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-012K-05  Fastron  1500
0805AS-012M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-012M-05  Fastron  3750
0805AS-015G-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-015G-01  Fastron  10000
0805AS-015G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-015G-05  Fastron  2467
0805AS-015J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-015J-01  Fastron  5000
0805AS-015J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-015J-05  Fastron  4250
0805AS-015M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-015M-05  Fastron  2048
0805AS-018G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-018G-05  Fastron  4366
0805AS-018J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-018J-05  Fastron  3280
0805AS-018M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-018M-05  Fastron  3220
0805AS-022J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-022J-05  Fastron  2568
0805AS-022K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-022K-05  Fastron  1808
0805AS-022M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-022M-05  Fastron  3838
0805AS-027F-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-027F-05  Fastron  2299
0805AS-027J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-027J-05  Fastron  3100
0805AS-027K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-027K-05  Fastron  1230
0805AS-027M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-027M-05  Fastron  8729
0805AS-033J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-033J-05  Fastron  2695
0805AS-033K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-033K-01  Fastron  2500
0805AS-033M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-033M-05  Fastron  4218
0805AS-039J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-039J-05  Fastron  2080
0805AS-039M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-039M-05  Fastron  1360
0805AS-047K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-047K-05  Fastron  1594
0805AS-047M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-047M-05  Fastron  3370
0805AS-056G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-056G-05  Fastron  3700
0805AS-056J-01  Fastron 0805AS-056J-01 Fixed Inductors 56nH 200 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  186
0805AS-056J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-056J-05  Fastron  2574
0805AS-056K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-056K-01  Fastron  5000
0805AS-056K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-056K-05  Fastron  2358
0805AS-068G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-068G-05  Fastron  4723
0805AS-068J-01  Fastron 0805AS-068J-01 Fixed Inductors 68nH 200 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  1340
0805AS-068J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-068J-05  Fastron  9373
0805AS-068K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-068K-05  Fastron  2545
0805AS-082G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-082G-05  Fastron  3826
0805AS-082J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-082J-05  Fastron  3952
0805AS-082K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-082K-05  Fastron  1270
0805AS-1R0J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-1R0J-01  Fastron  22500
0805AS-1R0J-01  0805AS-1R0J-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors 1000nH 25 MHZ 5% TOL  Fastron  1113
0805AS-1R0J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-1R0J-05  Fastron  4430
0805AS-1R2J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-1R2J-05  Fastron  2507
0805AS-1R5G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-1R5G-05  Fastron  3010
0805AS-1R5J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-1R5J-05  Fastron  1356
0805AS-2N7K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-2N7K-05  Fastron  1959
0805AS-2R7J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-2R7J-05  Fastron  1820
0805AS-3N3J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-3N3J-05  Fastron  3098
0805AS-3N3M-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-3N3M-01  Fastron  2500
0805AS-3N9J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-3N9J-05  Fastron  3274
0805AS-3R3J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-3R3J-05  Fastron  1400
0805AS-5N6G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-5N6G-05  Fastron  1083
0805AS-5N6J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-5N6J-05  Fastron  4670
0805AS-6N8M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-6N8M-05  Fastron  1300
0805AS-8N2M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-8N2M-05  Fastron  1549
0805AS-R10G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R10G-05  Fastron  1528
0805AS-R10J-01  Fastron 0805AS-R10J-01 Fixed Inductors 100nH 150 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  562
0805AS-R10J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R10J-05  Fastron  2340
0805AS-R10K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R10K-05  Fastron  2428
0805AS-R12G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R12G-05  Fastron  1089
0805AS-R12J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R12J-01  Fastron  20000
0805AS-R12J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R12J-05  Fastron  1750
0805AS-R13J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R13J-05  Fastron  4243
0805AS-R15G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R15G-05  Fastron  1695
0805AS-R15J-01  Fastron 0805AS-R15J-01 Fixed Inductors 150nH 100 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  2500
0805AS-R15J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R15J-05  Fastron  2750
0805AS-R15K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R15K-05  Fastron  1970
0805AS-R18G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R18G-05  Fastron  3239
0805AS-R18J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R18J-05  Fastron  2184
0805AS-R20J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R20J-05  Fastron  2100
0805AS-R20K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R20K-05  Fastron  1040
0805AS-R22G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R22G-05  Fastron  2530
0805AS-R22J-01  Fastron 0805AS-R22J-01 Fixed Inductors 220nH 100 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  23693
0805AS-R22J-01  0805AS-R22J-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors 220nH 100 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  12983
0805AS-R22J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R22J-05  Fastron  4690
0805AS-R25J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R25J-05  Fastron  1335
0805AS-R27G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R27G-05  Fastron  4274
0805AS-R27J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R27J-05  Fastron  1160
0805AS-R27K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R27K-05  Fastron  1600
0805AS-R29J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R29J-05  Fastron  1177
0805AS-R30J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R30J-05  Fastron  1180
0805AS-R31G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R31G-05  Fastron  1246
0805AS-R33J-01  Fastron 0805AS-R33J-01 Fixed Inductors 330nH 100 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  2538
0805AS-R33J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R33J-05  Fastron  4390
0805AS-R33K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R33K-05  Fastron  1639
0805AS-R34J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R34J-05  Fastron  1115
0805AS-R39G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R39G-05  Fastron  1238
0805AS-R39J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R39J-05  Fastron  16863
0805AS-R47G-01  Fastron 0805AS-R47G-01 Fixed Inductors 470nH 100MHz 2% TOL  Fastron  1424
0805AS-R47G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R47G-05  Fastron  2329
0805AS-R47K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R47K-05  Fastron  2182
0805AS-R51J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R51J-05  Fastron  1145
0805AS-R56G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R56G-05  Fastron  2845
0805AS-R56K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R56K-05  Fastron  1648
0805AS-R68J-01  Fastron 0805AS-R68J-01 Fixed Inductors 680nH 50 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  33890
0805AS-R68J-01  0805AS-R68J-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors 680nH 50 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  24850
0805AS-R68J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R68J-05  Fastron  4700
0805AS-R68K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R68K-05  Fastron  3260
0805AS-R75J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R75J-05  Fastron  1486
0805AS-R82J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS-R82J-05  Fastron  3791
0805AS/P-010J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS/P-010J-05  Fastron  6093
0805AS/P-1R0J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS/P-1R0J-01  Fastron  2500
0805AS/P-1R0J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS/P-1R0J-05  Fastron  1926
0805AS/P-R10J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS/P-R10J-05  Fastron  4041
0805AS/P-R56J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS/P-R56J-05  Fastron  2609
0805AS/P-R75J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS/P-R75J-01  Fastron  2500
0805AS/P-R75J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805AS/P-R75J-05  Fastron  4795
0805F-100J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-100J-05  Fastron  1643
0805F-100K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-100K-05  Fastron  1598
0805F-1R0J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-1R0J-05  Fastron  2164
0805F-1R5J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-1R5J-05  Fastron  1029
0805F-1R5K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-1R5K-05  Fastron  1091
0805F-2R2K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-2R2K-05  Fastron  5166
0805F-2R7K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-2R7K-05  Fastron  1988
0805F-3R3G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-3R3G-05  Fastron  1734
0805F-3R3K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-3R3K-05  Fastron  2018
0805F-4R7K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-4R7K-05  Fastron  2041
0805F-5R6K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-5R6K-05  Fastron  2338
0805F-6R8G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-6R8G-05  Fastron  1623
0805F-8R2G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-8R2G-05  Fastron  1340
0805F-8R2K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-8R2K-05  Fastron  1066
0805F-R68K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 0805F-R68K-05  Fastron  1036
0805MLF-220K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805MLF-220K-01  Fastron  3000
0805MLF-2R7K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805MLF-2R7K-01  Fastron  4000
0805MLF-4R7K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 0805MLF-4R7K-01  Fastron  4000
09HCP-680M-50  Fastron 09HCP-680M-50 Fixed Inductors 68uH 20% RF CHOKE High Current  Fastron  92
09P-100K-50  Fastron Part Inductor 09P-100K-50  Fastron  28563
09P-101J-50  Fastron 09P-101J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 100uH 5%  Fastron  499
09P-101J-50  09P-101J-50 Fastrong Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 100uH 5%  Fastron  2846
09P-102J-50  Fastron 09P-102J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 1.0mH 5%  Fastron  5763
09P-103J-50  Fastron 09P-103J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 10mH 5%  Fastron  108
09P-122J-50  Fastron 09P-122J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 1.2mH 5%  Fastron  283
09P-122J-56  Fastron Part Inductor 09P-122J-56  Fastron  1234
09P-123J-50  Fastron Part Inductor 09P-123J-50  Fastron  8
09P-123J-50  Fastron 09P-123J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 12mH 5%  Fastron  793
09P-150K-56  Fastron Part Inductor 09P-150K-56  Fastron  1229
09P-151J-50  Fastron 09P-151J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 150uH 5%  Fastron  385
09P-220K-51  Fastron 09P-220K-51 Fixed Inductors 22uH 0.02MHz 10%  Fastron  250
09P-221J-50  Fastron 09P-221J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 220uH 5%  Fastron  2887
09P-222J-50  Fastron 09P-222J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 2.2mH 5%  Fastron  260
09P-223J-51  Fastron Part Inductor 09P-223J-51  Fastron  2000
09P-272J-50  Fastron 09P-272J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 2.7mH 5%  Fastron  382
09P-331J-50  Fastron 09P-331J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 330uH 5%  Fastron  1849
09P-331J-56  Fastron Part Inductor 09P-331J-56  Fastron  1086
09P-331K-56  Fastron Part Inductor 09P-331K-56  Fastron  1990
09P-332J-50  Fastron 09P-332J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 3.3mH 5%  Fastron  2
09P-333J-50  Fastron 09P-333J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 33mH 5%  Fastron  978
09P-391J-50  Fastron Part Inductor 09P-391J-50  Fastron  4081
09P-470K-56  Fastron Part Inductor 09P-470K-56  Fastron  1055
09P-471J-50  Fastron 09P-471J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 470uH 5%  Fastron  669
09P-681K-56  Fastron Part Inductor 09P-681K-56  Fastron  2438
09P-822J-50  Fastron 09P-822J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 8.2mH 5%  Fastron  416
09P/F-103J-56  Fastron Part Inductor 09P/F-103J-56  Fastron  1232
09P/F-151K-56  Fastron Part Inductor 09P/F-151K-56  Fastron  1016
09P/F-471K-56  Fastron Part Inductor 09P/F-471K-56  Fastron  1425
09P/F-472J-56  Fastron Part Inductor 09P/F-472J-56  Fastron  1662
09P/FC-101K-51  Fastron Part Inductor 09P/FC-101K-51  Fastron  1500
1008/002-020K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008/002-020K-05  Fastron  1598
1008/013-R26X-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008/013-R26X-05  Fastron  1564
1008/014-R12J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008/014-R12J-05  Fastron  3838
1008/015-R22J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008/015-R22J-05  Fastron  2668
1008/016-033G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008/016-033G-05  Fastron  1811
1008/017-022G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008/017-022G-05  Fastron  3695
1008AS-010J-01  Fastron 1008AS-010J-01 Fixed Inductors 10nH 50 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  1175
1008AS-010J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-010J-05  Fastron  2501
1008AS-012J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-012J-05  Fastron  5270
1008AS-015J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-015J-05  Fastron  2437
1008AS-018G-01  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-018G-01  Fastron  2000
1008AS-018J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-018J-05  Fastron  1955
1008AS-022J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-022J-05  Fastron  2227
1008AS-022M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-022M-05  Fastron  1573
1008AS-027K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-027K-05  Fastron  1606
1008AS-033G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-033G-05  Fastron  4098
1008AS-033M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-033M-05  Fastron  2095
1008AS-039G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-039G-05  Fastron  2875
1008AS-039J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-039J-05  Fastron  2515
1008AS-039K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-039K-05  Fastron  3373
1008AS-047G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-047G-05  Fastron  2660
1008AS-047J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-047J-05  Fastron  2340
1008AS-047M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-047M-05  Fastron  1314
1008AS-056G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-056G-05  Fastron  2216
1008AS-056K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-056K-05  Fastron  1886
1008AS-068J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-068J-01  Fastron  2000
1008AS-068J-01  Fastron 1008AS-068J-01 Fixed Inductors 68nH @50MHz 5% TOL  Fastron  965
1008AS-068J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-068J-05  Fastron  1057
1008AS-082G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-082G-05  Fastron  1194
1008AS-082J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-082J-05  Fastron  1505
1008AS-082K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-082K-05  Fastron  2928
1008AS-100K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-100K-05  Fastron  1421
1008AS-1R0G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-1R0G-05  Fastron  3425
1008AS-1R2G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-1R2G-05  Fastron  3823
1008AS-1R2K-01  2006  FASTRON  18000
1008AS-1R4G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-1R4G-05  Fastron  1264
1008AS-1R5G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-1R5G-05  Fastron  2049
1008AS-1R5J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-1R5J-05  Fastron  3235
1008AS-1R5K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-1R5K-05  Fastron  1100
1008AS-1R8J-01  Fastron 1008AS-1R8J-01 Fixed Inductors 1800nH 7.9 MHz 5%  Fastron  845
1008AS-1R8J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-1R8J-05  Fastron  2192
1008AS-2R2J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-2R2J-05  Fastron  7585
1008AS-2R7J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-2R7J-05  Fastron  4218
1008AS-3R3J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-3R3J-05  Fastron  1268
1008AS-3R3K-01  2006  FASTRON  4000
1008AS-3R3K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-3R3K-05  Fastron  1296
1008AS-3R9J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-3R9J-05  Fastron  2133
1008AS-4N7J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-4N7J-05  Fastron  2885
1008AS-5R0J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-5R0J-05  Fastron  2059
1008AS-5R6J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-5R6J-05  Fastron  1450
1008AS-8N2J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-8N2J-01  Fastron  2000
1008AS-8N2J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-8N2J-05  Fastron  1734
1008AS-8N2M-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-8N2M-05  Fastron  1668
1008AS-8R2J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-8R2J-05  Fastron  1408
1008AS-8R2K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-8R2K-05  Fastron  1140
1008AS-R10G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R10G-05  Fastron  2955
1008AS-R10J-01  Fastron 1008AS-R10J-01 Fixed Inductors 100nH 25 MHz 5% Tol  Fastron  2000
1008AS-R10K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R10K-05  Fastron  1690
1008AS-R12G-01  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R12G-01  Fastron  2000
1008AS-R12G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R12G-05  Fastron  1024
1008AS-R12J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R12J-05  Fastron  1402
1008AS-R12K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R12K-05  Fastron  2388
1008AS-R15G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R15G-05  Fastron  4550
1008AS-R18G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R18G-05  Fastron  5484
1008AS-R18J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R18J-05  Fastron  1685
1008AS-R18K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R18K-05  Fastron  1206
1008AS-R22J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R22J-05  Fastron  1035
1008AS-R22K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R22K-05  Fastron  1872
1008AS-R27G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R27G-05  Fastron  1260
1008AS-R27J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R27J-01  Fastron  2000
1008AS-R30G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R30G-05  Fastron  1717
1008AS-R30J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R30J-05  Fastron  2680
1008AS-R33G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R33G-05  Fastron  3278
1008AS-R39K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R39K-05  Fastron  1126
1008AS-R47G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R47G-05  Fastron  1737
1008AS-R47J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R47J-05  Fastron  2109
1008AS-R51G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R51G-05  Fastron  1166
1008AS-R56J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R56J-05  Fastron  1310
1008AS-R56K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R56K-05  Fastron  1440
1008AS-R62G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R62G-05  Fastron  3295
1008AS-R62J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R62J-05  Fastron  1053
1008AS-R68G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R68G-05  Fastron  1985
1008AS-R68J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R68J-05  Fastron  1971
1008AS-R75G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R75G-05  Fastron  3775
1008AS-R82G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R82G-05  Fastron  1568
1008AS-R91G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS-R91G-05  Fastron  1650
1008AS/P-1R0J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS/P-1R0J-05  Fastron  8450
1008AS/P-8N2J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS/P-8N2J-05  Fastron  3756
1008AS/P-R10J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS/P-R10J-05  Fastron  4285
1008AS/P-R56J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS/P-R56J-05  Fastron  5338
1008AS/P-R82J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008AS/P-R82J-05  Fastron  1950
1008CS-122XKLC  2007  FASTRON  2144
1008CS-152XKBC  2007  FASTRON  20000
1008CS-152XKBC  2007  FASTRON  20000
1008CS-152XKBC  2007  FASTRON  224
1008CS-332XKLC  2007  FASTRON  2000
1008F-100K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008F-100K-05  Fastron  1371
1008F-1R5K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1008F-1R5K-05  Fastron  1040
11P-103J-50  Fastron 11P-103J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 10mH 5%  Fastron  234
11P-104J-50  Fastron 11P-104J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 100mH 5%  Fastron  728
11P-154J-50  Fastron 11P-154J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 150mH 5%  Fastron  528
11P-154K-50  Fastron 11P-154K-50 Fixed Inductors 150mH 0.02MHz 10%  Fastron  20
11P-331K-50  Fastron Part Inductor 11P-331K-50  Fastron  138
11P-332J-50  Fastron Part Inductor 11P-332J-50  Fastron  155
11P-473J-50  Fastron 11P-473J-50 Fixed Inductors RF CHOKE 47mH 5%  Fastron  600
11PHC-101K-50  Fastron 11PHC-101K-50 Fixed Inductors 0.10mH 10% RF CHOKE High Current  Fastron  134
11PHC-103K-50  Fastron 11PHC-103K-50 Fixed Inductors 10mH 10% RF CHOKE High Current  Fastron  235
11PHC-183K-50  Fastron 11PHC-183K-50 Fixed Inductors 18mH 10% RF CHOKE High Current  Fastron  243
11PHC-221K-50  Fastron 11PHC-221K-50 Fixed Inductors 0.22mH 10% RF CHOKE High Current  Fastron  90
11PHC-223K-50  Fastron 11PHC-223K-50 Fixed Inductors 22mH 10% RF CHOKE High Current  Fastron  201
11PHC-331K-50  Fastron 11PHC-331K-50 Fixed Inductors 0.33mH 10% RF CHOKE High Current  Fastron  248
11PHC-333K-50  Fastron 11PHC-333K-50 Fixed Inductors 33mH 10% RF CHOKE High Current  Fastron  180
1206AS-039J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-039J-05  Fastron  1148
1206AS-047J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-047J-05  Fastron  1502
1206AS-068J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-068J-05  Fastron  1363
1206AS-082G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-082G-05  Fastron  3279
1206AS-1R2J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-1R2J-05  Fastron  1995
1206AS-6N8J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-6N8J-05  Fastron  1180
1206AS-R10G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-R10G-05  Fastron  1500
1206AS-R10J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-R10J-01  Fastron  2000
1206AS-R10J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-R10J-05  Fastron  1917
1206AS-R12J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-R12J-05  Fastron  2166
1206AS-R15J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-R15J-05  Fastron  1810
1206AS-R18G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-R18G-05  Fastron  4020
1206AS-R22G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-R22G-05  Fastron  1634
1206AS-R27G-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-R27G-05  Fastron  3820
1206AS-R27J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206AS-R27J-05  Fastron  1534
1206F-100K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206F-100K-05  Fastron  1292
1206F-180K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206F-180K-05  Fastron  1388
1206F-3R3K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206F-3R3K-05  Fastron  1021
1206F-4R7J-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206F-4R7J-05  Fastron  1037
1206F-6R8K-05  Fastron Part Inductor 1206F-6R8K-05  Fastron  1135
1206MLF-100K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 1206MLF-100K-01  Fastron  3000
1210AS-015K-01  Fastron 1210AS-015K-01 Fixed Inductors RF CHIP INDUCTORS  Fastron  688
1210AS-082J-01  Fastron 1210AS-082J-01 Fixed Inductors 82nH 350MHz 5%  Fastron  137
1210AS-1R0K-01  Fastron 1210AS-1R0K-01 Fixed Inductors RF CHIP INDUCTORS  Fastron  721
1210F-2R2J-01  Fastron Part Inductor 1210F-2R2J-01  Fastron  1600
1210F-4R7K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 1210F-4R7K-01  Fastron  4000
1210F/002-101K-01  Fastron Part Inductor 1210F/002-101K-01  Fastron  1600
1812AF-100K-01  Fastron 1812AF-100K-01 Fixed Inductors 10uH 2.5 MHz 10%  Fastron  422
242408FPS-470M-01  Fastron 242408FPS-470M-01 Fixed Inductors 47uH 20% CHIP IND  Fastron  1339
3RCC-1R8M-00  Fastron 3RCC-1R8M-00 Fixed Inductors 1.8uH 20% TOL Rod Core Choke  Fastron  499
4408/001-731X-06  Fastron Part Inductor 4408/001-731X-06  Fastron  3453
4408AF-133K-08  4408AF-133K-08 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil); 13.5mH; Tol: 10% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AF-242J-04  Fastron 4408AF-242J-04 Fixed Inductors 2.38mH 5% DCR30.8 SRF 560 kHz  Fastron  55
4408AF-242J-04  4408AF-242J-04 Fastrong Fixed Inductors 2.38mH 5% DCR30.8 SRF 560 kHz  Fastron  2960
4408AF-242K-08  4408AF-242K-08 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil); 2.38mH; Tol: 10% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AF-272K-08  4408AF-272K-08 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil); 2.66mH; Tol: 10% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AF-562K-08  4408AF-562K-08 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil); 5.6mH; Tol: 10% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AF-722J-06  Fastron Part Inductor 4408AF-722J-06  Fastron  1940
4408AF-902K-08  4408AF-902K-08 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil); 9mH; Tol: 10% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AQ-103J-08  4408AQ-103J-08 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil) Exceptionally High Q; 10mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AQ-112J-08  4408AQ-112J-08 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil) Exceptionally High Q; 1.08mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AQ-332G-08  4408AQ-332G-08 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil) Exceptionally High Q; 3.3mH; Tol: 2% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AQ-482J-08  4408AQ-482J-08 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil) Exceptionally High Q; 4.8mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AQ-722J-04  4408AQ-722J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil) Exceptionally High Q; 7.2mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AQ-812J-08  4408AQ-812J-08 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil) Exceptionally High Q; 8.1mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AQ-901J-08  4408AQ-901J-08 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil) Exceptionally High Q; 0.9mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
4408AQ-902J-04  4408AQ-902J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil) Exceptionally High Q; 9mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
6RCC-300M-00  Fastron 6RCC-300M-00 Fixed Inductors 30uH 20% TOL Rod Core Choke  Fastron  245
77A-100M-01  Fastron 77A-100M-01 Fixed Inductors RFI COIL 10uH 5A  Fastron  215
77A-100M-06  Fastron Part Inductor 77A-100M-06  Fastron  1178
77A-101M-01  Fastron 77A-101M-01 Fixed Inductors RFI COIL 100uH 2.5A  Fastron  2535
77A-102M-01  Fastron 77A-102M-01 Fixed Inductors RFI COIL 1000uH .8A  Fastron  26
77A-103M-00  Fastron Part Inductor 77A-103M-00  Fastron  38
77A-103M-01  Fastron 77A-103M-01 Fixed Inductors RFI COIL 10000uH .3A  Fastron  237
77A-151M-01  Fastron 77A-151M-01 Fixed Inductors RFI COIL 150uH 1.8A  Fastron  500On Order
77A-151M-01  77A-151M-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors RFI COIL 150uH 1.8A  Fastron  9430
77A-152M-01  Fastron 77A-152M-01 Fixed Inductors RFI COIL 1500uH .7A  Fastron  481
77A-330M-01  Fastron 77A-330M-01 Fixed Inductors RFI COIL 33uH 3.5A  Fastron  20
77A-331M-01  Fastron 77A-331M-01 Fixed Inductors RFI COIL 330uH 1.4A  Fastron  525
77A-332M-01  Fastron 77A-332M-01 Fixed Inductors RFI COIL 3300uH .5A  Fastron  359
77A-332M-06  Fastron Part Inductor 77A-332M-06  Fastron  1067
77A-680M-00  FASTRON 77A-680M-00  FASTRON  206
77A-680M-00  FASTRON 77A-680M-00  FASTRON  132
77A-681M-01  Fastron 77A-681M-01 Fixed Inductors RFI COIL 680uH 1A  Fastron  252
B0603-102X-01  Fastron Part Inductor B0603-102X-01  Fastron  4000
B0603-121X-01  Fastron Part Inductor B0603-121X-01  Fastron  4000
B1206-601X-01  Fastron Part Inductor B1206-601X-01  Fastron  3000
BEAD/20-600R-01  Fastron Part Inductor BEAD/20-600R-01  Fastron  14000
BEAD/20-600R-06  Fastron Part Inductor BEAD/20-600R-06  Fastron  3279
BEAD/20/C-600R-01  Fastron Part Inductor BEAD/20/C-600R-01  Fastron  7000
BEAD/20/C-600R-06  Fastron Part Inductor BEAD/20/C-600R-06  Fastron  2775
BEAD/23-540M-06  Fastron Part Inductor BEAD/23-540M-06  Fastron  1947
BEAD/8-210P-03  Fastron Part Inductor BEAD/8-210P-03  Fastron  1812
BH1206-151X-01  Fastron Part Inductor BH1206-151X-01  Fastron  3000
CC/113-561J-05  Fastron Part Inductor CC/113-561J-05  Fastron  48000
CC/113-561J-07  Fastron Part Inductor CC/113-561J-07  Fastron  2721
CC/114-222J-32  Fastron Part Inductor CC/114-222J-32  Fastron  17500
CC/115-100K-30  Fastron Part Inductor CC/115-100K-30  Fastron  4900
CC/116-302A-06  Fastron Part Inductor CC/116-302A-06  Fastron  1230
CC/118-472J-07  Fastron Part Inductor CC/118-472J-07  Fastron  3610
CC/120-152J-02  Fastron Part Inductor CC/120-152J-02  Fastron  2400
CC/128-152J-00  Fastron Part Inductor CC/128-152J-00  Fastron  1366
CC/132-101J-03  Fastron Part Inductor CC/132-101J-03  Fastron  1315
CC/136-150J-03  Fastron Part Inductor CC/136-150J-03  Fastron  2077
CC/138-680G-32  Fastron Part Inductor CC/138-680G-32  Fastron  2500
CC/143-151J-03  Fastron Part Inductor CC/143-151J-03  Fastron  1665
CC/143-151J-30  Fastron Part Inductor CC/143-151J-30  Fastron  5585
CC/143-151J-32  Fastron Part Inductor CC/143-151J-32  Fastron  42500
CC/145-221J-02  Fastron Part Inductor CC/145-221J-02  Fastron  1200
CC/145-221J-03  Fastron Part Inductor CC/145-221J-03  Fastron  2202
CC/148-271J-02  Fastron Part Inductor CC/148-271J-02  Fastron  2400
CC/148-271J-03  Fastron Part Inductor CC/148-271J-03  Fastron  1100
CC/150-151J-02  Fastron Part Inductor CC/150-151J-02  Fastron  2400
CC/150-151J-03  Fastron Part Inductor CC/150-151J-03  Fastron  1027
CC/152-270K-06  Fastron Part Inductor CC/152-270K-06  Fastron  11048
CC/153-2R7K-01  Fastron Part Inductor CC/153-2R7K-01  Fastron  4000
CC/153-2R7K-06  Fastron Part Inductor CC/153-2R7K-06  Fastron  1726
CC/154-332J-03  Fastron Part Inductor CC/154-332J-03  Fastron  1227
CC/156-102J-01  Fastron Part Inductor CC/156-102J-01  Fastron  6000
CC/30-302A-06  Fastron Part Inductor CC/30-302A-06  Fastron  1158
CC/30-302G-01  Fastron Part Inductor CC/30-302G-01  Fastron  1200
CC/30-302J-30  Fastron Part Inductor CC/30-302J-30  Fastron  3106
CC/35-R68M-06  Fastron Part Inductor CC/35-R68M-06  Fastron  1838
CC/36-2R2K-50  Fastron Part Inductor CC/36-2R2K-50  Fastron  1410
CC/57-142A-01  Fastron Part Inductor CC/57-142A-01  Fastron  1800
CC/63-222J-01  Fastron Part Inductor CC/63-222J-01  Fastron  1200
CC/63-222J-06  Fastron Part Inductor CC/63-222J-06  Fastron  1666
CC/72-152J-02  Fastron Part Inductor CC/72-152J-02  Fastron  1200
CC/72-152J-03  Fastron Part Inductor CC/72-152J-03  Fastron  1248
CCS/100-302A-04  Fastron Part Inductor CCS/100-302A-04  Fastron  1500
CCS/101-532A-04  Fastron Part Inductor CCS/101-532A-04  Fastron  1500
CCSH-103J-04  Fastron Part Inductor CCSH-103J-04  Fastron  5250
CCSH-333J-04  Fastron CCSH-333J-04 Fixed Inductors 33000 uH 0.02MHz  Fastron  1605
CCSH-470J-04  Fastron Part Inductor CCSH-470J-04  Fastron  1500
CCSH-472J-04  Fastron Part Inductor CCSH-472J-04  Fastron  1500
CCSS-100K-06  Fastron Part Inductor CCSS-100K-06  Fastron  1402
E9C20-06  Fastron Part Inductor E9C20-06  Fastron  1187
E9C29-06  Fastron Part Inductor E9C29-06  Fastron  1729
EK-0603AS-J  Fastron EK-0603AS-J Inductor Kits & Accessories 0603 CASE 5% TOL 10 EACH-28 VALUES  Fastron  1
HACC-2R7K-01  Fastron Part Inductor HACC-2R7K-01  Fastron  28800
HACC-2R7K-03  Fastron Part Inductor HACC-2R7K-03  Fastron  1138
HBCC-101J-06  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-101J-06  Fastron  1856
HBCC-103J-02  Fastron HBCC-103J-02 Fixed Inductors 10000uH .02MHz 5%  Fastron  487
HBCC-104J-02  Fastron HBCC-104J-02 Fixed Inductors 100000uH .02MHz 5%  Fastron  1190
HBCC-182J-01  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-182J-01  Fastron  1800
HBCC-220K-06  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-220K-06  Fastron  1509
HBCC-223J-01  Fastron HBCC-223J-01 Fixed Inductors 22000 uH .02 MHz 5% Leaded  Fastron  611
HBCC-223J-01  HBCC-223J-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors 22000 uH .02 MHz 5% Leaded  Fastron  2686
HBCC-272J-31  HBCC-272J-31 Fastrong Fixed Inductors 2700uH .02MHz 5%  Fastron  2966
HBCC-272J-31  Fastron HBCC-272J-31 Fixed Inductors 2700uH .02MHz 5%  Fastron  3734
HBCC-2R2K-06  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-2R2K-06  Fastron  1386
HBCC-333J-02  Fastron HBCC-333J-02 Fixed Inductors 33000uH .02MHz 5%  Fastron  80
HBCC-333J-31  Fastron HBCC-333J-31 Fixed Inductors 33000uH .02MHz 5%  Fastron  14
HBCC-470J-01  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-470J-01  Fastron  1200
HBCC-470J-03  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-470J-03  Fastron  1234
HBCC-470J-30  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-470J-30  Fastron  3785
HBCC-472J-03  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-472J-03  Fastron  1055
HBCC-472J-06  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-472J-06  Fastron  1168
HBCC-472J-30  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-472J-30  Fastron  1800
HBCC-472J-31  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-472J-31  Fastron  1000
HBCC-4R7K-01  Fastron Part Inductor HBCC-4R7K-01  Fastron  1800
HBCCT-101J-07  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-101J-07  Fastron  1080
HBCCT-101J-32  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-101J-32  Fastron  4800
HBCCT-151J-05  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-151J-05  Fastron  21000
HBCCT-151J-07  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-151J-07  Fastron  1819
HBCCT-151J-30  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-151J-30  Fastron  3300
HBCCT-220J-30  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-220J-30  Fastron  1150
HBCCT-470J-02  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-470J-02  Fastron  1800
HBCCT-470J-07  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-470J-07  Fastron  1709
HBCCT-470J-30  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-470J-30  Fastron  1035
HBCCT-471J-02  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-471J-02  Fastron  1200
HBCCT-471J-07  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-471J-07  Fastron  1514
HBCCT-680J-30  Fastron Part Inductor HBCCT-680J-30  Fastron  1850
HCCC-1R0M-02  Fastron HCCC-1R0M-02 Fixed Inductors 1.0uH 1MHz 20%  Fastron  647
HCCC-R70M-00  Fastron Part Inductor HCCC-R70M-00  Fastron  1072
LMICC-1R0K-02  Fastron Part Inductor LMICC-1R0K-02  Fastron  2000
LMICC-330K-02  Fastron Part Inductor LMICC-330K-02  Fastron  2000
MECC-101K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MECC-101K-06  Fastron  5203
MESC-101M-01  Fastron MESC-101M-01 Fixed Inductors 100uH .10MHz 20%  Fastron  208
MESC-101M-06  Fastron Part Inductor MESC-101M-06  Fastron  1474
MESC-120M-01  Fastron MESC-120M-01 Fixed Inductors 12uH .10MHz 20%  Fastron  731
MESC-220M-01  Fastron MESC-220M-01 Fixed Inductors 22uH .10MHz 20%  Fastron  441
MESC-220M-06  Fastron Part Inductor MESC-220M-06  Fastron  2608
MESC-400M-01  Fastron MESC-400M-01 Fixed Inductors 40uH .10MHz 20%  Fastron  17
MESC-471M-06  Fastron Part Inductor MESC-471M-06  Fastron  1345
MESC-560M-00  Fastron Part Inductor MESC-560M-00  Fastron  5480
MESC-560M-01  Fastron MESC-560M-01 Fixed Inductors 56uH .10MHz 20%  Fastron  42
MESC/C-101M-06  Fastron Part Inductor MESC/C-101M-06  Fastron  1161
MICC-100K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-100K-03  Fastron  2183
MICC-101K-01  Fastron MICC-101K-01 Fixed Inductors BR/BK/BR/SL 100uH  Fastron  924
MICC-102J-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-102J-03  Fastron  2094
MICC-102K-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-102K-00  Fastron  1508
MICC-102K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-102K-03  Fastron  1476
MICC-150K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-150K-03  Fastron  2062
MICC-180K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-180K-03  Fastron  1207
MICC-181K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-181K-03  Fastron  1437
MICC-1R0K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-1R0K-03  Fastron  2199
MICC-1R8K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-1R8K-03  Fastron  1376
MICC-220K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-220K-06  Fastron  1902
MICC-221K-02  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-221K-02  Fastron  1200
MICC-221K-02  Fastron MICC-221K-02 Fixed Inductors 220uH 1% Tol.  Fastron  614
MICC-2R2K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-2R2K-06  Fastron  1268
MICC-331K-02  Fastron MICC-331K-02 Fixed Inductors 330uH 10% Tol.  Fastron  325
MICC-331K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-331K-03  Fastron  1051
MICC-3R3K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-3R3K-06  Fastron  2989
MICC-3R9K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-3R9K-03  Fastron  2024
MICC-470K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-470K-03  Fastron  1083
MICC-470K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-470K-06  Fastron  3407
MICC-471K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-471K-03  Fastron  1010
MICC-4R7K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-4R7K-06  Fastron  1940
MICC-561K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-561K-03  Fastron  1572
MICC-5R6K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-5R6K-03  Fastron  1579
MICC-6R8K-30  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-6R8K-30  Fastron  2884
MICC-820K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-820K-03  Fastron  1454
MICC-821J-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-821J-03  Fastron  1862
MICC-R10M-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-R10M-03  Fastron  1499
MICC-R15M-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-R15M-03  Fastron  1434
MICC-R18K-01  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-R18K-01  Fastron  1500
MICC-R18K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-R18K-03  Fastron  1259
MICC-R27K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-R27K-06  Fastron  1114
MICC-R27M-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-R27M-06  Fastron  2857
MICC-R39M-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-R39M-06  Fastron  2585
MICC-R47K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-R47K-03  Fastron  1480
MICC-R68M-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC-R68M-03  Fastron  1312
MICC/N-100J-01  Fastron MICC/N-100J-01 Fixed Inductors BR/BK/BK/GD 10uH 5% Tol  Fastron  2901
MICC/N-100J-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-100J-06  Fastron  1200
MICC/N-100K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-100K-06  Fastron  2750
MICC/N-101J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-101J-00  Fastron  2305
MICC/N-101J-01  Fastron MICC/N-101J-01 Fixed Inductors BR/BK/BR/GD 100uH 5% Tol  Fastron  3850
MICC/N-101K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-101K-06  Fastron  1697
MICC/N-102J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-102J-00  Fastron  1967
MICC/N-102J-01  Fastron MICC/N-102J-01 Fixed Inductors BR/BK/RD/GD 1000uH 5% Tol  Fastron  922
MICC/N-120K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-120K-06  Fastron  2531
MICC/N-121K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-121K-06  Fastron  3680
MICC/N-150J-01  Fastron MICC/N-150J-01 Fixed Inductors BR/GN/BK/GD 15uH 5% Tol  Fastron  3100
MICC/N-150K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-150K-06  Fastron  2199
MICC/N-151J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-151J-00  Fastron  1110
MICC/N-151J-01  Fastron MICC/N-151J-01 Fixed Inductors BR/GN/BR/GD 150uH 5% Tol  Fastron  3299
MICC/N-181J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-181J-00  Fastron  1112
MICC/N-1R0J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-1R0J-00  Fastron  1552
MICC/N-1R0J-01  Fastron MICC/N-1R0J-01 Fixed Inductors BR/BK/GD/GD 1uH 5% Tol  Fastron  3191
MICC/N-1R2J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-1R2J-00  Fastron  1087
MICC/N-1R5J-01  Fastron MICC/N-1R5J-01 Fixed Inductors BR/GN/GD/GD 1.5uH 5% Tol  Fastron  3965
MICC/N-1R8J-01  Fastron MICC/N-1R8J-01 Fixed Inductors BR/GY/GD/GD 1.8uH 5% Tol  Fastron  2626
MICC/N-220J-01  Fastron MICC/N-220J-01 Fixed Inductors RD/RD/BK/GD 22uH 5% Tol  Fastron  1707
MICC/N-221J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-221J-00  Fastron  1230
MICC/N-221J-01  Fastron MICC/N-221J-01 Fixed Inductors RD/RD/BR/GD 220uH 5% Tol  Fastron  692
MICC/N-221K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-221K-06  Fastron  1936
MICC/N-271J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-271J-00  Fastron  1705
MICC/N-2R2J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-2R2J-00  Fastron  1549
MICC/N-2R2J-01  Fastron MICC/N-2R2J-01 Fixed Inductors RD/RD/GD/GD 2.2uH 5% Tol  Fastron  4046
MICC/N-330J-01  Fastron MICC/N-330J-01 Fixed Inductors OR/OR/BK/GD 33uH 5% Tol  Fastron  3643
MICC/N-331J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-331J-00  Fastron  1149
MICC/N-390K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-390K-06  Fastron  2871
MICC/N-3R3J-01  Fastron MICC/N-3R3J-01 Fixed Inductors OR/OR/GD/GD 3.3uH 5% Tol  Fastron  3931
MICC/N-3R3K-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-3R3K-00  Fastron  1300
MICC/N-3R9J-01  Fastron MICC/N-3R9J-01 Fixed Inductors OR/WH/GD/GD 3.9uH 5% Tol  Fastron  1832
MICC/N-470J-01  Fastron MICC/N-470J-01 Fixed Inductors YW/PR/BK/GD 47uH 5% Tol  Fastron  3218
MICC/N-470K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-470K-06  Fastron  3844
MICC/N-471J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-471J-00  Fastron  1041
MICC/N-4R7K-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-4R7K-00  Fastron  4504
MICC/N-561J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-561J-00  Fastron  1312
MICC/N-561J-01  Fastron MICC/N-561J-01 Fixed Inductors GN/BU/BR/GD 560uH 5% Tol  Fastron  3203
MICC/N-680K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-680K-06  Fastron  1763
MICC/N-681J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-681J-00  Fastron  1445
MICC/N-820J-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-820J-00  Fastron  1295
MICC/N-821J-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-821J-03  Fastron  1022
MICC/N-821J-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-821J-06  Fastron  2376
MICC/N-8R2J-01  Fastron MICC/N-8R2J-01 Fixed Inductors GY/RD/GD/GD 8.2uH 5% Tol  Fastron  2649
MICC/N-R15K-01  Fastron MICC/N-R15K-01 Fixed Inductors BR/GN/SL/SL .15uH 10% Tol  Fastron  2622
MICC/N-R27K-01  Fastron MICC/N-R27K-01 Fixed Inductors RD/PR/SL/SL .27uH 10% Tol  Fastron  1229
MICC/N-R33K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-R33K-06  Fastron  2171
MICC/N-R33M-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-R33M-00  Fastron  1087
MICC/N-R39K-01  Fastron MICC/N-R39K-01 Fixed Inductors OR/WH/SL/SL .39uH 10% Tol  Fastron  5226
MICC/N-R47K-01  Fastron MICC/N-R47K-01 Fixed Inductors YW/PR/SL/SL .47uH 10% Tol  Fastron  2830
MICC/N-R68M-50  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-R68M-50  Fastron  1350
MICC/N-R82M-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICC/N-R82M-00  Fastron  1126
MICCS-101K-06  Fastron Part Inductor MICCS-101K-06  Fastron  6260
MICCS-180K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICCS-180K-03  Fastron  1083
MICCS-1R0K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICCS-1R0K-03  Fastron  1794
MICCS-220K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICCS-220K-03  Fastron  1236
MICCS-470K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MICCS-470K-03  Fastron  1692
MICCS/N-101K-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICCS/N-101K-00  Fastron  1780
MICCS/N-220K-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICCS/N-220K-00  Fastron  1137
MICCS/N-330K-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICCS/N-330K-00  Fastron  1571
MICCS/N-6R8K-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICCS/N-6R8K-00  Fastron  1631
MICCS/N-820K-00  Fastron Part Inductor MICCS/N-820K-00  Fastron  1434
MISC-140M-01  Fastron Part Inductor MISC-140M-01  Fastron  1500
MISC-1R0M-06  Fastron Part Inductor MISC-1R0M-06  Fastron  1011
MISC-2R0M-01  Fastron MISC-2R0M-01 Fixed Inductors 2uH 1MHz 20%  Fastron  888
MISC-2R0M-06  Fastron Part Inductor MISC-2R0M-06  Fastron  1855
MISC-400M-06  Fastron Part Inductor MISC-400M-06  Fastron  1526
MISC-6R0M-06  Fastron Part Inductor MISC-6R0M-06  Fastron  1047
MISC-6R0M-99  Fastron Part Inductor MISC-6R0M-99  Fastron  3237
MMICC-100K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MMICC-100K-03  Fastron  2567
MMICC-101K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MMICC-101K-03  Fastron  2676
MMICC-180K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MMICC-180K-03  Fastron  1066
MMICC-1R0M-03  Fastron Part Inductor MMICC-1R0M-03  Fastron  1013
MMICC-220K-00  Fastron Part Inductor MMICC-220K-00  Fastron  1000
MMICC-220K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MMICC-220K-03  Fastron  1058
MMICC-2R2M-03  Fastron Part Inductor MMICC-2R2M-03  Fastron  1530
MMICC-470K-03  Fastron Part Inductor MMICC-470K-03  Fastron  3510
MMICC-4R7M-06  Fastron Part Inductor MMICC-4R7M-06  Fastron  1541
MSMCC-150M-00  Fastron Part Inductor MSMCC-150M-00  Fastron  1414
PCC/22-153J-72  Fastron Part Inductor PCC/22-153J-72  Fastron  2400
PCC/504-271K-53  Fastron Part Inductor PCC/504-271K-53  Fastron  2121
PCC/64-271K-53  Fastron Part Inductor PCC/64-271K-53  Fastron  1053
PCC/67-681M-52  Fastron Part Inductor PCC/67-681M-52  Fastron  7150
PCC/81-470K-56  Fastron Part Inductor PCC/81-470K-56  Fastron  6464
PCC/87-103J-50  Fastron Part Inductor PCC/87-103J-50  Fastron  1836
PIS4728-101M-04  Fastron Part Inductor PIS4728-101M-04  Fastron  1000
PISA4728-100M-04  PISA4728-100M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 10uH 5.4A 20% 1kHz 21.6mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-101M-04  PISA4728-101M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 100uH 1.7A 20% 1kHz 220mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-102M-04  PISA4728-102M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 1000uH 0.55A 20% 1kHz 1820mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-120M-04  PISA4728-120M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 12uH 4.9A 20% 1kHz 24.3mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-121M-04  PISA4728-121M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 120uH 1.6A 20% 1kHz 250mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-150M-04  PISA4728-150M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 15uH 4.5A 20% 1kHz 27mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-151M-04  PISA4728-151M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 150uH 1.42A 20% 1kHz 280mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-152M-04  PISA4728-152M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 1500uH 0.45A 20% 1kHz 2300mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-180M-04  PISA4728-180M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 18uH 3.9A 20% 1kHz 39.2mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-181M-04  PISA4728-181M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 180uH 1.3A 20% 1kHz 350mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-1R2N-04  PISA4728-1R2N-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 1.2uH 9.8A 30% 100kHz 7mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-220M-04  PISA4728-220M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 22uH 3.6A 20% 1kHz 43.2mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-221M-04  PISA4728-221M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 220uH 1.16A 20% 1kHz 390mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-270M-04  PISA4728-270M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 27uH 3.4A 20% 1kHz 45.9mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-271M-04  PISA4728-271M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 270uH 1.06A 20% 1kHz 560mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-2R4N-04  PISA4728-2R4N-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 2.4uH 8A 30% 100kHz 11.5mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-330M-04  PISA4728-330M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 33uH 3A 20% 1kHz 64.8mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-331M-04  PISA4728-331M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 330uH 0.95A 20% 1kHz 640mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-390M-04  PISA4728-390M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 39uH 2.75A 20% 1kHz 72.9mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-391M-04  PISA4728-391M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 390uH 0.88A 20% 1kHz 700mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-3R5N-04  PISA4728-3R5N-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 3.5uH 7.5A 30% 100kHz 13.5mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-470M-04  PISA4728-470M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 47uH 2.5A 20% 1kHz 100mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-471M-04  PISA4728-471M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 470uH 0.79A 20% 1kHz 980mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-4R7N-04  PISA4728-4R7N-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 4.7uH 6.8A 30% 100kHz 15.8mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-560M-04  PISA4728-560M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 56uH 2.35A 20% 1kHz 110mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-561M-04  PISA4728-561M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 560uH 0.73A 20% 1kHz 1070mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-5R6N-04  PISA4728-5R6N-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 5.6uH 6.7A 30% 100kHz 15.8mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-680M-04  PISA4728-680M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 68uH 2.1A 20% 1kHz 140mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-681M-04  PISA4728-681M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 680uH 0.67A 20% 1kHz 1480mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-6R1N-04  PISA4728-6R1N-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 6.1uH 6.6A 30% 100kHz 17.6mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-7R6N-04  PISA4728-7R6N-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 7.6uH 5.9A 30% 100kHz 20mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-820M-04  PISA4728-820M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 82uH 1.95A 20% 1kHz 160mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISA4728-821M-04  PISA4728-821M-04 Fastron Magnetically Shielded Power Inductor 820uH 0.6A 20% 1kHz 1640mOhm DCR Surface Mount SMD T/R  Fastron GmbH  rfq
PISG-100M-05  Fastron Part Inductor PISG-100M-05  Fastron  1821
PISG-1R0M-05  Fastron Part Inductor PISG-1R0M-05  Fastron  1045
PISG-4R7M-05  Fastron Part Inductor PISG-4R7M-05  Fastron  1208
PISM-331M-04  Fastron PISM-331M-04 Fixed Inductors SMD Power Ind 330uH 20% TOL  Fastron  395
RSMCC-151J-06  Fastron Part Inductor RSMCC-151J-06  Fastron  3572
SC/140-471J-06  Fastron Part Inductor SC/140-471J-06  Fastron  1650
SC/177/C-2R0M-50  Fastron Part Inductor SC/177/C-2R0M-50  Fastron  1668
SC/19-100R-06  Fastron Part Inductor SC/19-100R-06  Fastron  1165
SC/287-6R0M-70  Fastron Part Inductor SC/287-6R0M-70  Fastron  2514
SMB/001-999X-01  Fastron Part Inductor SMB/001-999X-01  Fastron  1968
SMB/002-999X-01  Fastron Part Inductor SMB/002-999X-01  Fastron  1968
SMCC-100J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-100J-03  Fastron  6535
SMCC-100K-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-100K-00  Fastron  1063
SMCC-100K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-100K-03  Fastron  2627
SMCC-100K-30  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-100K-30  Fastron  3457
SMCC-100K-31  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-100K-31  Fastron  1500
SMCC-101J-02  Fastron SMCC-101J-02 Fixed Inductors 100uH .02MHz  Fastron  928
SMCC-101J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-101J-03  Fastron  3906
SMCC-101J-31  Fastron SMCC-101J-31 Fixed Inductors 100uH .02MHz  Fastron  1328
SMCC-101K-01  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-101K-01  Fastron  7000
SMCC-101K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-101K-03  Fastron  2090
SMCC-101K-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-101K-06  Fastron  1726
SMCC-102J-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-102J-06  Fastron  2425
SMCC-102J-30  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-102J-30  Fastron  1440
SMCC-102K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-102K-03  Fastron  3521
SMCC-103J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-103J-03  Fastron  1332
SMCC-120J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-120J-03  Fastron  4745
SMCC-120K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-120K-03  Fastron  1114
SMCC-120K-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-120K-06  Fastron  1196
SMCC-122J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-122J-03  Fastron  2543
SMCC-150K-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-150K-06  Fastron  2653
SMCC-152J-30  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-152J-30  Fastron  1243
SMCC-152K-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-152K-06  Fastron  7109
SMCC-180J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-180J-03  Fastron  1026
SMCC-180K-31  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-180K-31  Fastron  1500
SMCC-181J-01  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-181J-01  Fastron  3500
SMCC-181J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-181J-03  Fastron  1650
SMCC-182A-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-182A-03  Fastron  2376
SMCC-182J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-182J-03  Fastron  1020
SMCC-1R0K-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-1R0K-00  Fastron  1350
SMCC-1R0K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-1R0K-03  Fastron  1796
SMCC-1R2K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-1R2K-03  Fastron  1399
SMCC-1R8K-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-1R8K-00  Fastron  1014
SMCC-220K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-220K-03  Fastron  1352
SMCC-220K-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-220K-06  Fastron  3018
SMCC-221J-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-221J-06  Fastron  1252
SMCC-221J-30  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-221J-30  Fastron  1936
SMCC-221K-02  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-221K-02  Fastron  2400
SMCC-221K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-221K-03  Fastron  1738
SMCC-222J-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-222J-06  Fastron  4030
SMCC-270J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-270J-03  Fastron  1620
SMCC-271J-02  Fastron SMCC-271J-02 Fixed Inductors 270uH .02MHz  Fastron  1223
SMCC-330J-02  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-330J-02  Fastron  1200
SMCC-330K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-330K-03  Fastron  1025
SMCC-330K-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-330K-06  Fastron  2421
SMCC-332J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-332J-03  Fastron  1789
SMCC-390K-01  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-390K-01  Fastron  1200
SMCC-390K-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-390K-06  Fastron  1210
SMCC-3R3K-30  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-3R3K-30  Fastron  1544
SMCC-3R9K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-3R9K-03  Fastron  1905
SMCC-470J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-470J-03  Fastron  1381
SMCC-470J-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-470J-06  Fastron  2565
SMCC-471J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-471J-03  Fastron  1920
SMCC-471J-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-471J-06  Fastron  1547
SMCC-471J-20  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-471J-20  Fastron  1294
SMCC-471J-30  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-471J-30  Fastron  3708
SMCC-472A-01  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-472A-01  Fastron  1200
SMCC-472J-01  SMCC-472J-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors Leaded Inductor - Fixed Choke Coil  Fastron  15813
SMCC-472J-02  Fastron SMCC-472J-02 Fixed Inductors 4700uH .02MHz  Fastron  495
SMCC-472J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-472J-03  Fastron  1082
SMCC-472J-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-472J-06  Fastron  2190
SMCC-472J-31  Fastron SMCC-472J-31 Fixed Inductors 4700uH .02MHz  Fastron  688
SMCC-472K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-472K-03  Fastron  1733
SMCC-4R7J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-4R7J-03  Fastron  1230
SMCC-4R7K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-4R7K-03  Fastron  1578
SMCC-4R7K-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-4R7K-06  Fastron  1409
SMCC-4R7K-30  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-4R7K-30  Fastron  1697
SMCC-560J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-560J-03  Fastron  1904
SMCC-560K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-560K-03  Fastron  1914
SMCC-561J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-561J-03  Fastron  2181
SMCC-561J-30  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-561J-30  Fastron  1564
SMCC-5R6J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-5R6J-03  Fastron  1083
SMCC-680J-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-680J-00  Fastron  1007
SMCC-680J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-680J-03  Fastron  1840
SMCC-680J-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-680J-06  Fastron  1160
SMCC-681J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-681J-03  Fastron  1278
SMCC-682J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-682J-03  Fastron  1221
SMCC-682K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-682K-03  Fastron  1072
SMCC-6R8K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-6R8K-03  Fastron  2641
SMCC-6R8K-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-6R8K-06  Fastron  3457
SMCC-812J-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-812J-06  Fastron  1360
SMCC-821J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-821J-03  Fastron  1825
SMCC-821J-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-821J-06  Fastron  1103
SMCC-821J-30  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-821J-30  Fastron  1033
SMCC-822K-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-822K-00  Fastron  1095
SMCC-8R2K-30  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-8R2K-30  Fastron  1107
SMCC-R15M-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-R15M-03  Fastron  1249
SMCC-R33M-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-R33M-03  Fastron  1734
SMCC-R68M-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC-R68M-03  Fastron  1914
SMCC/C-222J-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/C-222J-03  Fastron  1018
SMCC/C-470J-02  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/C-470J-02  Fastron  1200
SMCC/C-4R7K-02  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/C-4R7K-02  Fastron  3600
SMCC/C-4R7K-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/C-4R7K-03  Fastron  2130
SMCC/C-R47M-03  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/C-R47M-03  Fastron  2229
SMCC/N-100J-01  Fastron SMCC/N-100J-01 Fixed Inductors BRN/BLK/BLK 10uH  Fastron  1261
SMCC/N-100K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-100K-02 Fixed Inductors 10uH 7.96MHz  Fastron  163
SMCC/N-100K-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-100K-06  Fastron  3353
SMCC/N-101J-01  Fastron SMCC/N-101J-01 Fixed Inductors 100uH 2.52MHz  Fastron  2562
SMCC/N-101K-01  Fastron SMCC/N-101K-01 Fixed Inductors BRN/BLK/BRN 100uH 10% Tol  Fastron  56
SMCC/N-102J-01  Fastron SMCC/N-102J-01 Fixed Inductors 1000uH .79MHz  Fastron  1789
SMCC/N-102K-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-102K-00  Fastron  1592
SMCC/N-102K-01  Fastron SMCC/N-102K-01 Fixed Inductors BRN/BLK/RED 1000uH REEL  Fastron  351
SMCC/N-102K-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-102K-06  Fastron  3075
SMCC/N-151J-01  Fastron SMCC/N-151J-01 Fixed Inductors 150uH .79MHz  Fastron  2842
SMCC/N-151J-30  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-151J-30  Fastron  4085
SMCC/N-1R0K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-1R0K-02 Fixed Inductors 1uH 25.2MHz  Fastron  1013
SMCC/N-1R2K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-1R2K-02 Fixed Inductors 1.20uH 7.96MHz  Fastron  796
SMCC/N-220J-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-220J-00  Fastron  1736
SMCC/N-220J-01  Fastron SMCC/N-220J-01 Fixed Inductors RED/RED/BLK 22uH  Fastron  5682
SMCC/N-220K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-220K-02 Fixed Inductors 22uH 2.52MHz  Fastron  26
SMCC/N-221J-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-221J-00  Fastron  1407
SMCC/N-221K-01  Fastron SMCC/N-221K-01 Fixed Inductors RED/RED/BRN 220uH 10% Tol  Fastron  1697
SMCC/N-222J-01  Fastron SMCC/N-222J-01 Fixed Inductors 2200uH .25MHz  Fastron  3275
SMCC/N-2R2M-01  Fastron SMCC/N-2R2M-01 Fixed Inductors 2.2uH 7.96Mhz 20%  Fastron  2675
SMCC/N-2R7K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-2R7K-02 Fixed Inductors 2.70uH 7.96MHz  Fastron  1137
SMCC/N-330K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-330K-02 Fixed Inductors 33uH 2.52MHz  Fastron  941
SMCC/N-331J-01  Fastron SMCC/N-331J-01 Fixed Inductors 330uH .79MHz  Fastron  1312
SMCC/N-331K-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-331K-00  Fastron  1276
SMCC/N-3R3K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-3R3K-02 Fixed Inductors 3.30uH 7.96MHz  Fastron  969
SMCC/N-3R9K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-3R9K-02 Fixed Inductors 3.90uH 7.96MHz  Fastron  2036
SMCC/N-470J-01  Fastron SMCC/N-470J-01 Fixed Inductors 47uH 2.52MHz  Fastron  2722
SMCC/N-471J-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-471J-00  Fastron  1394
SMCC/N-471J-01  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-471J-01  Fastron  1200
SMCC/N-471J-01  Fastron SMCC/N-471J-01 Fixed Inductors 470uH .79MHz  Fastron  5485
SMCC/N-471J-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-471J-06  Fastron  5380
SMCC/N-4R7K-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-4R7K-00  Fastron  1439
SMCC/N-4R7K-01  Fastron SMCC/N-4R7K-01 Fixed Inductors 4.70uH 7.96MHz  Fastron  2477
SMCC/N-4R7K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-4R7K-02 Fixed Inductors 4.70uH 7.96MHz  Fastron  1019
SMCC/N-5R6K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-5R6K-02 Fixed Inductors 5.60uH 7.96MHz  Fastron  672
SMCC/N-680J-01  Fastron SMCC/N-680J-01 Fixed Inductors 68uH 2.52MHz  Fastron  1571
SMCC/N-681J-00  Fastron Part Inductor SMCC/N-681J-00  Fastron  1200
SMCC/N-681J-01  Fastron SMCC/N-681J-01 Fixed Inductors 680uH .79MHz  Fastron  929
SMCC/N-6R8K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-6R8K-02 Fixed Inductors 6.80uH 7.96MHz  Fastron  1176
SMCC/N-8R2K-02  Fastron SMCC/N-8R2K-02 Fixed Inductors 8.20uH 7.96MHz  Fastron  466
SMCC/N-R10M-01  Fastron SMCC/N-R10M-01 Fixed Inductors .10uH 25.2MHz  Fastron  1837
SMSC-100M-01  Fastron SMSC-100M-01 Fixed Inductors 10uH 1MHz 20%  Fastron  1500
SMSC-100M-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMSC-100M-06  Fastron  1448
SMSC-161M-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMSC-161M-06  Fastron  1244
SMSC-1R0M-01  Fastron SMSC-1R0M-01 Fixed Inductors 1uH 1MHz 20%  Fastron  448
SMSC-1R0M-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMSC-1R0M-06  Fastron  1980
SMSC-230M-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMSC-230M-06  Fastron  2970
SMSC-2R0M-01  Fastron SMSC-2R0M-01 Fixed Inductors 2uH 1MHz 20%  Fastron  141
SMSC-2R0M-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMSC-2R0M-06  Fastron  1254
SMSC-3R0M-01  Fastron SMSC-3R0M-01 Fixed Inductors 3uH 1MHz 20%  Fastron  1412
SMSC-3R0M-06  Fastron Part Inductor SMSC-3R0M-06  Fastron  3300
VHBCC-101J-01  Fastron Part Inductor VHBCC-101J-01  Fastron  1200
VHBCC-102J-01  Fastron Part Inductor VHBCC-102J-01  Fastron  1200
VHBCC-102J-01  Fastron VHBCC-102J-01 Fixed Inductors 1000uH 100kHz 5%  Fastron  21
VHBCC-103J-01  Fastron VHBCC-103J-01 Fixed Inductors 10000uH 10kHz 5%  Fastron  279
VHBCC-103J-01  VHBCC-103J-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors 10000uH 10kHz 5%  Fastron  1154
VHBCC-103J-06  Fastron Part Inductor VHBCC-103J-06  Fastron  1130
VHBCC-104J-00  Fastron Part Inductor VHBCC-104J-00  Fastron  1209
VHBCC-104J-01  Fastron VHBCC-104J-01 Fixed Inductors 100000uH 10kHz 5%  Fastron  413
VHBCC-151J-01  Fastron Part Inductor VHBCC-151J-01  Fastron  1200
VHBCC-153J-01  Fastron VHBCC-153J-01 Fixed Inductors 15000uH 10kHz 5%  Fastron  755
VHBCC-221J-06  Fastron Part Inductor VHBCC-221J-06  Fastron  1410
VHBCC-222J-01  Fastron VHBCC-222J-01 Fixed Inductors 2200uH 100kHz 5%  Fastron  650
VHBCC-331J-01  Fastron VHBCC-331J-01 Fixed Inductors 330uH 100kHz 5%  Fastron  443
VHBCC-332J-01  Fastron VHBCC-332J-01 Fixed Inductors 3300uH 100kHz 5%  Fastron  1038
VHBCC-391J-00  Fastron Part Inductor VHBCC-391J-00  Fastron  1293
VHBCC-391J-01  Fastron VHBCC-391J-01 Fixed Inductors 390uH 5% MED AMP COIL  Fastron  1180
VHBCC-471J-01  Fastron VHBCC-471J-01 Fixed Inductors 470uH 100kHz 5%  Fastron  414
VHBCC-471J-06  Fastron Part Inductor VHBCC-471J-06  Fastron  1583
VHBCC-471J-70  Fastron Part Inductor VHBCC-471J-70  Fastron  3121
VHBCC-472J-01  Fastron VHBCC-472J-01 Fixed Inductors 4700uH 100kHz 5%  Fastron  421
VHBCC-473J-01  Fastron VHBCC-473J-01 Fixed Inductors 47000uH 10kHz 5%  Fastron  588
VHBCC-681J-01  Fastron VHBCC-681J-01 Fixed Inductors 680uH 100kHz 5%  Fastron  8052
VHBCC-681J-01  VHBCC-681J-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors 680uH 100kHz 5%  Fastron  4278
VHBCC-683J-01  VHBCC-683J-01 Fastrong Fixed Inductors 68000uH 10kHz 5%  Fastron  1097
VHBCC-683J-01  Fastron VHBCC-683J-01 Fixed Inductors 68000uH 10kHz 5%  Fastron  1770
VHBCC-822J-00  Fastron Part Inductor VHBCC-822J-00  Fastron  3928
VHBCC-822J-01  Fastron Part Inductor VHBCC-822J-01  Fastron  1200
XHBCC-331K-01  Fastron XHBCC-331K-01 Fixed Inductors 330uH 20kHz 10%  Fastron  952
XHBCC-472J-06  Fastron Part Inductor XHBCC-472J-06  Fastron  5899
ZASL-242J-04  ZASL-242J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders 2.38mH 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
ZASL-272J-04  ZASL-272J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders 2.66mH 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
ZASL-482J-04  ZASL-482J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders 4.77mH 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
ZASL-492J-04  ZASL-492J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders 4.91mH 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
ZASL-712J-04  ZASL-712J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders 7.10mH 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
ZASL-722J-04  ZASL-722J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders 7.20mH 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
ZASL/N-242J-04  ZASL/N-242J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil); 2.38mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
ZASL/N-272J-04  ZASL/N-272J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil); 2.66mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
ZASL/N-482J-04  ZASL/N-482J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil); 4.77mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
ZASL/N-492J-04  ZASL/N-492J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil); 4.91mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
ZASL/N-712J-04  ZASL/N-712J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil); 7.1mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq
ZASL/N-722J-04  ZASL/N-722J-04 Fastron RFID Transponders Inductor (Transponder Coil); 7.2mH; Tol: 5% AEC-Q200 Reel  Fastron  rfq