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Frequency Management

About Frequency Management

: Frequency Management International - FMI - provides superior solutions in the
design and manufacture of frequency control devices including- Packaged Quartz
Crystals, Crystal Clock Oscillators (XO), Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO),
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO), Voltage Controlled
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (VCTCXO), Phase Locked Sources &
more. Our Extreme Environment devices include- High Temperature Quartz Crystals,
High Temperature Oscillators, and High Temperature Sensors & Superior Solutions for
Space & Military Applications. Please contact us with your requirements & specifications.

FMI, Frequency Management International, was established to offer engineered solutions in frequency and timing control to a wide variety of electronic system applications in diversified industries. FMI is a true solutions orientated US based manufacturer. We currently supply products to a variety of market segments including:

Extreme Environment

Energy Exploration
Oil & Gas exploration (various directional drilling tools)
Oil & Gas production tools
Geothermal / Hydrothermal monitoring tools
Scientific (low-earth orbit)
Scientific (deep space)
Military and Aerospace
Control Systems
Commercial & Industrial

Telecomm (wired or wireless)
Wireless (including utility metering and high-volume miniature modems like XBee)
Industrial Controls (including metering)
Automotive (engine sensor and others)
Computer Peripherals
Optical Networks
Process controls
As a USA domestic manufacturer we have the production, engineering, and logistics resources necessary to support your design, prototype, and manufacturing needs of quartz crystals and crystal oscillators. Our industrial & hi-rel application product offering ranges from high-reliability Quartz Crystals and Clock Oscillators to VCTCXOs and Phase Locked Sources. Our products are offered in both traditional through-hole packages and Surface Mount (SMD) Packages including the smallest of the small. Design, production, and quality processes are inherent in all our industrial & hi-rel product lines including products for down-hole applications, industrial applications and also for applications in space.

Hi-rel products for: commercial space applications, oil drilling down-hole applications, and geothermal applications-spotlighting Extreme Temperature Designs that are much talked about in engineering circles globally. Frequency Management is proud to manufacture hi-reliability quartz crystals and hi-reliability crystal clock oscillators for our customers in these industries.


High Performance - Cost Effective Solutions
Standard Form Factors | Footprints and Custom Designed Solutions
On Going Quality Assurance Initiatives Support Continued Quest for Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction
Product Performance & Reliability, On Time Delivery, and Competitive Cost
Our quartz crystals and crystal oscillators productsolutions are aimed at industrial controls, energy exploration and production, avionics and space, wireless systems (XBee, etc.), smart utilities, advanced highs speed 4G networks and solid state storage, extreme low power and battery operated solutions for critical applications.

Environmental Policy

As a manufacturer of crystal and oscillator products, FMI is fully committed to protecting the global environment and believes environmental sustainability plays a key role in sound business practice. We continue to develop and maintain programs and procedures to remain environmentally conscious in all of our business operations

Frequency Management Distributor
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IBS Electronics can source Frequency_Management original and alternative parts. Often original parts for outdated products are no longer available or are very expensive due to demand. It is here our expertise can assist you to find the best solution to fulfil your requirements.