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About GardTec

: Gardtec, Inc. established in 1987 is the only online manufacturer of cabinet cooling fan kits, plastic & wire fan guards, fan filters and fan cords.

Gardtec is the industries largest manufacturer of fan accessory products for the electronics market. Fan accessory products include wire and plastic fan guards, metal and plastic fan filter assemblies, fan power cords, fan trays and custom wire form products. Gardtec produces in excess of 3,000,000 fan accessory products on a monthly basis between our two manufacturing facilities in Racine, WI and China. Gardtec was established 30+ years ago. Primary markets include electronics, medical, telecom, and industrial.

GardTec has met this goal through acquisition and the development of world class manufacturing facilities, strategically located in markets to meet our customers' worldwide demand for the highest quality products. The most modern manufacturing and engineering facilities, push the limits of design and materials to formulate the most innovative fan accessory products in the market. Complete engineering and design services, offer our customers the very best products to meet specific application requirements.

GardTec Distributor
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