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Geehy Semiconductor

About Geehy Semiconductor

: Geehy Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of products and solutions for the 32 bit industrial grade general purpose MCU,BLE SoC, and IoT SoC eSE security SoC. Geehy' products cover consumer electronics, medical equipment, industrial control, automotive applications and smart energy industries.

Geehy Semiconductor has a first-class R & D and design level, a full range of hardware and software design services and a complete encryption engine platform. It has R & D centers in Zhuhai, Shanghai, Hangzhou and North Carolina, and has industry university research cooperation with Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Zhongtian microsystems Institute, Shanghai microsystems Institute.

Geehy Semiconductor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apex Microelectronics, formerly known as the R&D department for IoT chip of Apex, whose headquarters is Ninestar Corporation (stock code: 002180). With 20 years of experience in IC chip design, Geehy is a professional supplier of products and solutions for the industrial grade general MCU, BLE SoC, and high end security SoC. Geehy is committed to providing higher quality products and services in industrial control, consumer electronics, medical equipment, smart home, and automobile application.

Geehy Semiconductor always adheres to the principle of "market demand-oriented and technological innovation as the core", focusing on providing better chip products, solutions and differentiated services for users, and is committed to building a new ecological environment for the development of intelligent and safe Internet of things.

Geehy Semiconductor Distributor
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