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About Gigalane

: Gigalane is a global company leading the RF mobile communication business and semiconductor equipment business. The RF mobile communication business is striving to preoccupy the 5G market as the only company in Korea capable of producing high-frequency RF connectivity components over 10GHz.
Since 2012, the semiconductor equipment business has been the global LED etching equipment No. 1 position and is active in the semiconductor etching equipment and nano imprinter markets.
Based on our excellent technology base, we are expanding our business in the fields of RF mobile communication and semiconductor equipment and securing a market leading position in each field.
GigaLane goals and are the core of Gigalane competitiveness. GigaLane, established in 2001, has excellent R&D employees. Gigalane is one of the leading companies in RF microwave industry. WeGigalane is strengthening their field not only in the domestic market but also in the world market with our innovative marketing strategy. Gigalane has developed world-class high quality products such as microwave connectors and RF components through continuous research and development.

Gigalane Distributor
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Gigalane Components - Inventory

AMR-ADP-AFS-02  AMR-ADP-AFS-02 Gigalane Adapter SMA Male RA / SMA Female Cable RF Assembly  Gigalane  22
AMS-ADP-EFS-01  AMS-ADP-EFS-01 Gigalane Adapter MMCX SMA Male / MMCX Female Adapter  Gigalane  40
AMS03-SF085BYAMS03-500  AMS03-SF085BYAMS03-500 Gigalane RF Cable Assembly 500mm blue jacket Cable RF Assembly  Gigalane  239
AMS03-SF085BYAMS03-600  AMS03-SF085BYAMS03-600 Gigalane RF Cable Assembly 600mm Blue Jacket Rubber Boot RF Assembly  Gigalane  70
AMS19SF085YAMS19-550  AMS19SF085YAMS19-550 Gigalane AMS19-SF085Y-AMS19-550mm Cable RF Assembly  Gigalane  86
BFS-ADP-BFS-01  BFS-ADP-BFS-01 Gigalane Adapter BNC / BNC Female RF Connector  Gigalane  15
BFS-ADP-TMS-01  BFS-ADP-TMS-01 Gigalane Adapter BNC Jack / TNC Plug RF Connector  Gigalane  50
BFS-BMS-BFS-01  BFS-BMS-BFS-01 Gigalane AdapterT BNC Female / BNC Male BNC Female RF Connector  Gigalane  4
CD327012-01  CD327012-01 Gigalane Coax Cable Teflon 17.2mm Version.7 RF Assembly  Gigalane  300
CMJ-S00-001  CMJ-S00-001 Gigalane Coaxial Micro Jack 180 7GHz RF Connector  Gigalane  10000
CMJ-S01-001  CMJ-S01-001 Gigalane Receptacle 3Pads RF Connector  Gigalane  1000
CMP18(G)-W081-SCMP14  CMP18(G)-W081-SCMP14 Gigalane Cable RF 200mm RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  140
CMP18(G)-W081SCMP14  CMP18(G)-W081SCMP14 Gigalane Cable RF 115mm RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  160
CMP18(G)W081SCMP14  CMP18(G)W081SCMP14 Gigalane RF Cable Assembly 40mm Reverse Type RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  50
CMP18-B113G1-CAFS3  CMP18-B113G1-CAFS3 Gigalane RF Cable Assembly 300mm RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  50
CMP18GB081SCMP14G80M  CMP18GB081SCMP14G80M Gigalane RF Cable Assembly 80mm RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  150
CMP18GB113CMP18G-200  CMP18GB113CMP18G-200 Gigalane RF Cable Assembly 200mm Black RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  500
CMP18GB113CMP18G-230  CMP18GB113CMP18G-230 Gigalane RF Cable Assembly 230mm RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  2000
CMP18GB113CMP18G-65  CMP18GB113CMP18G-65 Gigalane RF Cable Assembly 65mm RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  1000
CMP25(G)-G130-CAMS  CMP25(G)-G130-CAMS Gigalane RF Cable Assembly 2M RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  50
CMP25(G)-G130-CAMS2  CMP25(G)-G130-CAMS2 Gigalane RF Cable Assembly 2 5M RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  29
CMP25GG137CAMS2-70  CMP25GG137CAMS2-70 Gigalane RF Cable Assembly 70mm RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  50
DMR07-SF085-MMS03-58  DMR07-SF085-MMS03-58 Gigalane DMR07-SF085-MMS03-58.4mm RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  100
DT0077  DT0077 Gigalane SMA PCB Straight Female SMA  Gigalane  210
DT0096  DT0096 Gigalane MCX Male RA BMA Assembly 101.6mm RF Cable Assembly  Gigalane  380
FFS-ADP-FMS-01  FFS-ADP-FMS-01 Gigalane F Type Female Quick/ F Type Male RF Adapter  Gigalane  200
MMS03  MMS03 Gigalane BMA Bulkhead Male DC-18GHz BMA  Gigalane  120
N(F)B/H-LMR100-MCX  N(F)B/H-LMR100-MCX Gigalane N Female LMR100-MCX Male RA-110mm MCX  Gigalane  408
NFS-ADP-AFS-01  NFS-ADP-AFS-01 Gigalane Adapter N Female / SMA Female RF Connector  Gigalane  40
NFS-ADP-AMS  NFS-ADP-AMS Gigalane Adapter N Female- SMA Male DC -12GHz RF Connector  Gigalane  10
NFS-ADP-NFS-03  NFS-ADP-NFS-03 Gigalane Adapter N Female / N Female RF Connector  Gigalane  15
NMS-ADP-AFS-01  NMS-ADP-AFS-01 Gigalane Adapter N Male/SMA Female RF Connector  Gigalane  30
NMS-ADP-NFS-01  NMS-ADP-NFS-01 Gigalane Adapter N Type Male / N Female RF Connector  Gigalane  10
P2F-S00-000  P2F-S00-000 Gigalane 2.4mm F-ST-2H-1.5-7.52 RF Connector  Gigalane  99
PAF-R00-000  PAF-R00-000 Gigalane Jack PCB RA RF Connector  Gigalane  200
PAF-S00-001  PAF-S00-001 Gigalane SMA Female 2mm RF Connector  Gigalane  200
PAF-S01-000  PAF-S01-000 Gigalane SMA Female PCB Straight RF Connector  Gigalane  250
PAF-S02-000-026  PAF-S02-000-026 Gigalane SMA 4 Holes Teflon 20mm RF Connector  Gigalane  40
PAF-S05-000  PAF-S05-000 Gigalane SMA 0.6mm RF Connector  Gigalane  50
PAF-S05-002  PAF-S05-002 Gigalane SMA Female ST-PCB-0-0-BGG 1mm RF Connector  Gigalane  100
PAF-S05-010  PAF-S05-010 Gigalane SMA Female TO PCB 5mm RF Connector  Gigalane  160
PAM-S00-001-000  PAM-S00-001-000 Gigalane SMA Male 4Holes RF Connector  Gigalane  50
PDF-S02-000-009  PDF-S02-000-009 Gigalane MCX Female BH PCB MCX  Gigalane  1000
PNF-S00-000-016  PNF-S00-000-016 Gigalane N Type 4Holes Teflon 20mm N Type  Gigalane  40
PSF-S01-001  PSF-S01-001 Gigalane SMA Female straight 0.8mm RF Connector  Gigalane  4
PSF-S01-002  PSF-S01-002 Gigalane SMA Female Straight 1mm RF Connector  Gigalane  800
PSF-S01-005  PSF-S01-005 Gigalane SMA Female Straight 1.3mm RF Connector  Gigalane  500
PSF-S01-006  PSF-S01-006 Gigalane SMA Female Straight 1.5mm RF Connector  Gigalane  100
PSF-S01-007  PSF-S01-007 Gigalane SMA Female Straight 1.6mm RF Connector  Gigalane  300
PSF-S01-008  PSF-S01-008 Gigalane SMA Female Straight 1.73mm RF Connector  Gigalane  160
PSF-S01-009  PSF-S01-009 Gigalane SMA Female Straight 2.1mm RF Connector  Gigalane  898
PSF-S01-010  PSF-S01-010 Gigalane SMA Jack 2.25mm RF Connector  Gigalane  100
PSF-S02-000  PSF-S02-000 Gigalane HP SMA-Female Hole 3.18-0.8 SPG RF Connector  Gigalane  100
PSF-S02-001-2CC  PSF-S02-001-2CC Gigalane SMA Panel Mount 26.5GHz RF Connector  Gigalane  45
PSF-S02-004  PSF-S02-004 Gigalane SMA Panel Mount 26.5MHz 1.5mm RF Connector  Gigalane  500
PUS-ADP-AFS-01  PUS-ADP-AFS-01 Gigalane Adapter ST-SMA-SMA Push On/ SMA Female RF Connector  Gigalane  80
PUS-ADP-NFS-01  PUS-ADP-NFS-01 Gigalane N Male/ N Female Push Type RF Connector  Gigalane  10
UCMJ-S00-001  UCMJ-S00-001 Gigalane Receptacles 0.95H UFL  Gigalane  1000