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HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co.

About HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co.

: HVC Capacitor is an emerging professional manufacturer of high voltage ceramic capacitors and high voltage resistors. Found in 1999, with a production plant of 6000sq meter in Southern China, HVC Capacitor is specialized in high voltage components, such as HV ceramic capacitor and HV resistor custom production. HVC Capacitor is the only manufacturer that accepted by international client who before using TDK, Vishay or Morgan's item. High voltage capacitor manufacturer supplier.

For HV ceramic capacitors with rated DC voltage from 1kv to 50kv and capacitance up to 15000pf in 40KV. HVC Capacitor uses the same standard of Vishay or Murata. HVC Capacitor produces both ceramic disc style and doorknob style. HVC Capacitor's doorknob style HV caps already widely used in U.S.A and Germany's smart grid industry. HV ceramic disc capacitor well approved by Fortune 500 companies and medical equipment manufacturers.

HVC Capacitor's HV resistors are thick film non inductive type, surface coating, built in high voltage, minimum size, bigger power, wider range resistance features. Power from 1/4W to 50W, resistance range 10-1000M, perfectly apply in AC, DC pulse circuits. LEAD-FREE ROHS comply. Customers can use HVC Capacitor's HV resistor to match HVC Capacitor's HV capacitors.

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