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About Harvatek

: HARVATEK CORPORATION is a Taiwan-based company principally engaged in the research, development, design, manufacture and sales of light emitting diodes (LEDs) products. The Company's primary products include surface mounted device (SMD) LEDs and backlight modules, such as lead frames, multi chip LED, printed circuit board (PCB) types, as well as SMD LED ceramic components. The Company's products are mainly used in the manufacturing of communication products, information technology (IT) products, household appliances, computers, toys and automobiles, as well as in the security and photo electricity industries. The Company is also engaged in the sales of other processed electronic components. The Company distributes its products in domestic market and overseas markets, including the rest of Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Harvatek Corporation was founded in 1995 and are listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) in 2003 under ticker number 6168.

Harvatek Technologies is a reputable supplier of LED solutions, including SMD LEDs, through-hole LEDs, display LEDs and non-visible devices. Based in Santa Clara, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Harvatek Technologies' mission is to provide high quality LED products that enable electronic products to realize innovative designs while achieving power consumption, economic and environmental goals.

It is backed by its parent company, Harvatek Corporation, a world-class LED manufacturer based in Hsin Chu, Taiwan. Harvatek Corporation is one of the largest LED packager and LED solutions provider today.

Harvatek Distributor
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Harvatek Components - Inventory

B1101UD--20C-000333  B1101UD--20C-000333 Harvatek LED Orange SMD LED  Harvatek  3000
B1501USD-20D-000113  B1501USD-20D-000113 Harvatek LED Ultra Bright Red 1206 LED  Harvatek  3000
B1501UYG-20D-000513  B1501UYG-20D-000513 Harvatek LED Blue 1206 LED  Harvatek  3000
B1591URO-20C-000112  B1591URO-20C-000112 Harvatek LED Red 1206 50Deg LED  Harvatek  2000
B1591UYG-20C-000112  B1591UYG-20C-000112 Harvatek LED 1206 Yellow Green LED  Harvatek  2000
B1911UYG-20D-000114  B1911UYG-20D-000114 Harvatek LED Red-Green 5V/40;30mA LED  Harvatek  4000
B2801USD-20D-000114  B2801USD-20D-000114 Harvatek LED Red 120Deg 0402 LED  Harvatek  4000
B2801UY-20D-000114  B2801UY-20D-000114 Harvatek LED Yellow 120Deg 0402 LED  Harvatek  4000
B2801UYG-20D-000114  B2801UYG-20D-000114 Harvatek LED Green 120Deg 0402 LED  Harvatek  4000
HT-150TW-5518  HT-150TW-5518 Harvatek LED White InGen 1206 LED  Harvatek  51000
HT-155UY/NB  HT-155UY/NB Harvatek LED Top View 1210 Bicolor LED  Harvatek  9000
HT-210USDUYG  HT-210USDUYG Harvatek LED Red 45-180mCD LED  Harvatek  3000
HT-210Y/YG  HT-210Y/YG Harvatek Bicolor LED Led  Harvatek  15000
HT-S91TWA-2829  HT-S91TWA-2829 Harvatek White LED 0603 LED  Harvatek  4000
HT170SDDT  HT170SDDT Harvatek LED Red LED  Harvatek  4000