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About Hollyland

: Hollyland (Xiamen) Technology corporation limited has more than 20 years experience in the designing and manufacturing of circuit protection devices, and never stop the perspective study on the circuit protection solutions for alternative energy markets. Not only domestic markets, "Holly" fuses are exported to Europe, Australia, America, Southeast Asia.

Hollyland offers PV fuses for the combiner boxes, centralized and group series inverters etc., and power fuses for electronic vehicles, battery packs, high voltage boxes, charging piles, power modules, and energy storages etc.

Features/Benefits: Small in size,Variety of mounting options for flexibility,Fast-Acting breaking capacity,Excellent overload capacity,Ultimate Protection. Agency Information: UL Recognized, TUV, CGC.

Hollyland (China) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Hollyland Electronics Co., Ltd., respectively hollyland passed the BSI awarded the ISO9001 quality system certification in September 1998 and in February 2005, and at the same time in November 2006 ,awarded the ISO14001 environment system certification adopted by the China Quality Certification Center and continued effective operation.

The company's comprehensive quality assurance procedures and measuring metrics have been implemented to supplier qualification audit, inspection of imported raw materials, process control, inspection and product testing and inspection. Six Sigma continuous improvement program and 5S job function is also used in the production workshop. This series of measures ensures consistently high quality products for our customers.


In recent years, Hollyland company successfully developed a surface mount chip fuses and PTC resettable fuse technology. These technologies complement our more traditional glass fuse, ceramic fuse, radial leaded fuses and miniature fuse product line.

Hollyland Distributor
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Hollyland Components - Inventory

06F-010L1  FUSE-FB 1A 32V 06F-010L1  HOLLYLAND CO. LTD.  4048
06F-040L1  FUSE-FB 4A 32V 06F-040L1  HOLLYLAND CO. LTD.  3799
20T-025H  FUSE-SB 0A25 250V 20T-025H  HOLLYLAND CO. LTD.  4064
2N-080L  FUSE-FB 8A 125V 2N-080L  HOLLYLAND CO. LTD.  4566
2N-150L  FUSE-FB 15A 65V 2N-150L  HOLLYLAND CO. LTD.  10156
30TS-0500H2  FUSE-FB 0A5 2V 30TS-0500H2  HOLLYLAND CO. LTD.  3095
32S-040H  FUSE-FB 4A 250V 32S-040H  HOLLYLAND CO. LTD.  4626
35NM-030H  FUSE-FB 3A 250V 35NM-030H  HOLLYLAND CO. LTD.  9298
36S-0500H  FUSE-SB 0A5 250V 36S-0500H  HOLLYLAND CO. LTD.  4292
50CT(P)160H  FUSE-FB 16A 250V 50CT(P)160H  HOLLYLAND CO. LTD.  3709
5ET-0100H1/H/L  5ET-0100H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 100mA 350V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-010H1/H/L  5ET-010H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 1A 140V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-0125H1/H/L  5ET-0125H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 125mA 300V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-013H1/H/L  5ET-013H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 1.25A 130V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-0160H1/H/L  5ET-0160H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 160mA 280V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-016H1/H/L  5ET-016H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 1.6A 120V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-0200H1/H/L  5ET-0200H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 200mA 260V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-020H1/H/L  5ET-020H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 2A 100V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-0250H1/H/L  5ET-0250H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 250mA 240V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-025H1/H/L  5ET-025H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 2.5A 100V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-0315H1/H/L  5ET-0315H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 315mA 220V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-032H1/H/L  5ET-032H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 3.15A 100V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-0400H1/H/L  5ET-0400H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 400mA 200V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-040H1/H/L  5ET-040H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 4A 100V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-0500H1/H/L  5ET-0500H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 500mA 190V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-050H1/H/L  5ET-050H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 5A 100V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-0630H1/H/L  5ET-0630H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 630mA 180V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-063H1/H/L  5ET-063H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 6.3A 100V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-0800H1/H/L  5ET-0800H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 800mA 160V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-080H1/H/L  5ET-080H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 8A 100V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
5ET-100H1/H/L  5ET-100H1/H/L HollyFuse Microfuse Slow Blow 10A 100V Radial Lead  Hollyland  1000
61NM030L  61NM030L 61NM030L Hollyland FUSE (3A 125V) ROHS  HOLLYLAND  6000
65NM-300H  FUSE-FB 30A 250V 65NM-300H  HOLLYLAND CO. LTD.  2733