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About Hosonic

: Hosonic was founded in 1979, produced resistor and capacitor at the beginning, while turned to focus on crystal products since its first crystal production line set up in Taiwan in 1991. Since then, Hosonic expanded its production in mainland China. Now, it has four production facilities in east and south of mainland China, and nine sales& FAE sites and ten sales representatives & distributor sites around the world. Hosonic is now one of the leading professional crystal resonators and crystal oscillators manufacturers in the world, dedicated in Dip and SMD type of crystal and oscillator's R&D, production and sales.Hosonic is committed to provide the best Quality, Service, and Value to its customers to cope with ever changing technology and environment challenges.Hosonic is focused on its core technologies and encourage employees for creativity, innovation, and team-work.

Hosonic Electronic began it's journey by producing Capacitors and Resistors. That focus began to shift as demand for Crystals and Oscillators was beginning to skyrocket. Hosonic's first Quartz Crystal production line was assembled and began full production in 1991. Since that time Hosonic has grown exponentially and continues to design and provide exceptional crystals and oscillators.

Hosonic Distributor
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Hosonic Components - Inventory

D25B30.0000NNS  HOSONIC D25B30.0000NNS  HOSONIC  784
E1AB38.4000F18G11  Crystal 38.4MHz 10ppm 18PF smd4 2*1.6mm  HOSONIC  333
E3SB24.0000F20D33  Crystal 24MHZ 20PF 30PPM SMD4 3.2*2.5*0.75  HOSONIC  47
E3SB25.0000F10M33  HOSONIC E3SB25.0000F10M33  HOSONIC  2000
ETDE32.768W125BMPCF  Crystal 32.768KHZ 20PPM 12.5PF SMD4 6.9*1.4  HOSONIC  88