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: ITW Pancon, Inc. designs, manufactures, and supplies electronic connectivity products to its customers in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Taiwan. The company provides mass-terminated insulation displacement contact connectors and mating headers, lateral entry ribbon cable connectors and headers, flat ribbon cables and discrete wires, D-subminiature and ribbon cable connectors, terminal block connectors, and jumper switch products. It markets and sells its products through distributors in the United States and internationally. ITW Pancon, Inc. was formerly known as Panduit Electronic Connector Division.

When you are looking for quality cable, PC Board connectors, switches and more for your projects, Pancon Connectors offer a great range of both standard and customized connectors as well as specialized capacitors, terminals, housings and more. Pancon also innovates and introduces new products that suit specific needs in unique applications.

Pancon Corporation, the company behind Pancon Connectors, is a leading manufacturer of connectors for industries such as transportation, appliances, aerospace, defense and many others. Additionally, Pancon Connectors focus on multilayer polymer capacitors has made it an industry-leader in serving power conservation applications.

ITW Pancon Distributor
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ITW Pancon Components - Inventory

100-032-438  ITW 100-032-438 CONNECTOR32 PIN  ITW-PANCON  26
100-032-438  ITW 100-032-438 CONNECTOR32 PIN  ITW-PANCON  17