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About Isabellenhuette

: Isabellenhuette are one of the world's leading suppliers of high-quality precision and power resistors. Isabellenhuette produce these low-resistance resistors for a variety of applications. Isabellenhuette are your ideal partner when it comes to achieving the best possible measurement results in the smallest spaces.Isabellenhuette's innovative shunt technology affords you the best possible measurement results. With isabellenhuette's decades of experience and isabellenhuette's profound expertise, Isabellenhuette produce precision resistors for the highest technical requirements. Isabellenhuette's series are qualified according to AEC-Q200 specifications. They are RoHs-compliant and in part are qualified for use in space according to ESCC.
Formed in 1989, Isabellenhuette USA is a leading supplier of precision current sensing and high power resistors, thermo electric and resistance alloys, and precision measurement systems. Located in Swansea MA, Isabellenhuette has developed an industry-wide reputation for providing high quality products and unparalleled customer support.

Isabellenhuette Distributor
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Isabellenhuette Components - Inventory

BAS-M-R0001-5.0-R  Resistor MTL PLT SMT 0.0001 OHM 5.00% 15W 84X  ISABELLENHUETTE  160
BVS-A-R002-1.0  Resistor 3W 2mOhm 1% Precision current sense  Isabellenhuette Heusler GmbH & Co. KG  10826
SMT-R500-1.0  Resistor WW SMT SMT 0.5 OHM 1.00% 3W 2817  ISABELLENHUETTE  2395