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About Judd Wire

: Judd Wire is a high technology wire company, specializing in the use of electron beam crosslinked thermosets for wire insulation. A wire and cable manufacturer specializing in electron beam cross-linked irradiation technology for wire insulation serving the automotive and other industries. Applications include ABS cables, ride control sensors, transmission wire, primary wire plus SAE JA50, ISO DIN specs, side air bag wire, fixelink, databus cables, battery cables and gas tank wire. Temperature range from -55 Celsius to 250 Celsius.

Judd Wire Distributor
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Judd Wire Components - Inventory

H01040050102  H01040050102 Judd Wire Lead Wire 19 Strand 16 AWG UL 1430 105C 300V Tinned Copper XLPVC Brown RoHS  JUDD-WIRE  359
M27500-22SB4U23  M27500-22SB4U23 Judd Wire Multiconductor Cable 4 conductor 22 AWG 600V RoHS  JUDD-WIRE  293
SS7614-18-9  SS7614-18-9 JUDD WIRE Extruded PTFE .010 Nominal Wall Thickness RoHS  JUDD-WIRE  352
V0515005-7  V0515005-7 Judd Wire Flexrad HV Wire 22AWG 2.618Inch15kV UL 3239 CSA TV-15Violet RoHS  JUDD-WIRE  26500
V0515005-7  V0515005-7 Judd Wire Flexrad HV Wire 22AWG 2.618Inch 15kV UL 3239 CSA TV-15 Violet RoHS  JUDD-WIRE  129