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About KDI Triangle

: Few manufacturers of RF and microwave passive components and subsystems can boast the depth and breadth of technical expertise of KDI/Triangle. Since its inception, the company has remained true to its original charter to design, develop, and manufacture of passive components and integrated subassemblies of the highest quality and performance.

Today KDI/Triangle Corporation has a comprehensive line of passive components and subassemblies and the ability to quickly and cost-effectively create custom products. Recently, KDI/Triangle has formed two groups, each focused on the wireless infrastructure markets:
•Resistive Film Products (Resistors,
attenuators, terminations)
•RF Integrated Functions (signal
processing components and
The company also serves the traditional military markets for all products. The years of experience KDI has had with the design and manufacture of ceramic based resistors and film products is the foundation for the new KDI Surfpac RF surface mount manufacturing technology. This gives KDI the ability to combine multiple functions on a single substrate to reduce board space and weight, improve repeatability, and reduce cost. KDI/Triangle uses the Surfpac Technology in its standard and custom products such as PIN diode switches, Vector modulators, phase shifters, attenuators, as well as in complex subassemblies containing both passive and active components.

In August 1996, KDI/Triangle was acquired by MCE Companies Inc., headed by John Smucker. The acquisition joins KDI/Triangle with the four other manufacturers — DML Microwave, Inmet, Weinschel and Metelics — that have been acquired by MCE Companies, Inc. All these companies manufacturer precision, passive microwave components and subsystems designed for wireless and microwave applications. Together, KDI/Triangle and these four companies offer an unparalleled range of capabilities for the rapidly expanding wireless communications marketplace, as well as traditional military customers.

KDI/Triangle Corporation has been a major supplier of diverse state-of-the-art technology for the state-of-the-art technology for over 40 years.

KDI Triangle Distributor
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