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KJ Magnetics

About KJ Magnetics

: K&J Magnetics is a small business that has been a long time in the making. K&J Magnetics has worked for both large and small businesses over the years, where K&J Magnetics has learned a lot about business - both what to do - and what not to do. K&J Magnetics has found that good business boils down to providing excellent customer service. Without you, the customer, K&J Magnetics has no business, so K&J Magnetics will do everything in their power to make sure that you are satisfied with your order and service from K&J Magnetics.

Magnet Lovers
K&J Magnetics have been fascinated by magnets their entire lives, just like most folks. The mysterious invisible force is just truly mesmerizing. K&J Magnetics is constantly inventing (or trying to invent) new contraptions and new uses for their powerful neodymium magnets. If you run into K&J on the street, there is almost a 100% chance that K&J Magnetics will have magnets with them to entertain ourselves and others (unless K&J Magnetics have already given them away that day, which often happens).

KJ Magnetics Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

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We understand that our customers need more than just a supplier; they need a strategic partner in their supply chain, so we strive to be that and more. We consistently utilize our in-stock inventory and global network of suppliers to reduce your procurement cycles, lower transaction costs and provide quality electronic components at competitive prices.

IBS Electronics can source KJ_Magnetics original and alternative parts. Often original parts for outdated products are no longer available or are very expensive due to demand. It is here our expertise can assist you to find the best solution to fulfil your requirements.