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Kinsun Industries

About Kinsun Industries

: Kinsun Industries is a professional and experienced manufacturer for waterproof/harsh environment connectors , RJ jack, RF antenna, microwave cable & connector, USB , Mini & micro fit connector,valves connector stamping part, and European socket with superior quality and competitive price. Kinsun Industries Inc. was founded in Taiwan in 1986. Kinsun is a professional manufacturer of electronic components, specialized in modular jacks, RF antennas, and stamping parts. Indeed, with more than 25 years of professional experiences, Kinsun is not only just selling products, but also providing solutions with different professions, such as tooling design, metal sheet stamping, and plastic injection etc.

Kinsun products are used in various electronics industries: Automation, Automotive, Electronics Sensor, Industrial, IOT Signal, Mobile devices, Military, Medical, Security system and Telecommunication. Kinsun offers electronic components since 1986 with Waterproof connectors, automotive electrical connectors, RF antenna, m12 connectors, mini fit supply with ISO-9001:2015, IATF-16949:2016 (Relay Stamping Part) & ISO-14001:2015 certifications.

Kinsun's products are widely used in the IoT, Communication, Internet, Automation, Industrial, Medical, Automotive industries.

Kinsun Industries Distributor
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Kinsun Industries Components - Inventory

3046105709  JACK+LED GRN+GRN MODULAR 1X1 12P GOLD 15  Kinsun Industries Inc.  3672
6100111002  CONN-FL-4P-90D-USB  Kinsun Industries Inc.  852