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About Lightning protection

: Lightning Protection Corporation designs, develops, and manufacturers all of it's products, which are strictly lightning and surge protective devices. Among our 1500 models available are standard items, specialty items, or standard models modified to suit customer needs.

We provide expert engineering information at no cost to the customer. We assist, recommend, and advise on the choice and use of the proper model for the application, at no charge. We can modify existing standard models or make up new models to suit the application at no engineering or tooling costs to the customer.

We can take your order direct via phone, fax, email, or U.S. mail. We can ship by any method desired. We accept VISA, MC, open account, COD. You may order through any favorite distributor.

Lightning Protection Corporation manufactures products for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment against malfunction and damage that may be caused by lightning and surges. These surge protective devices (SPD) are for equipment operating on:

1) AC power up to 1000 VRMS, 50/60 Hz, single
& three phase
2) DC power up to 1500 VDC
3) RF power to 10 KW, frequency to 2 GHz,
coaxial applications
4) Signal, wire, communications systems
5) Railroads-yard, line, track, AC, DC, RF
6) Gas tube spark gap
7) Critical circuits
8) Custom

Protection is provided for lightning and surge currents up to 240,000 amperes and beyond for special requirements. Response is in a fraction of a nanosecond (instantaneous). Lifetime operation up to 40 years.

Lightning protection Distributor
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