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About Long-Lok

: Long-Lok's self-locking and self-sealing fastener processes have helped engineers solve threaded component fastening problems for more than 50 years. Long-Lok Fasteners Corporation was founded in 1957, in Los Angeles. Its initial mission was to exploit its newly-developed Long-Lok process, which used a thin nylon strip to make a male-threaded fastener self-locking. At that time, this technology's primary application was in the aerospace industry, where the risk of bolts shaking loose was unacceptably high. Long-Lok has been known -- from the beginning -- as the company engineers count on to solve their vibration problems.

Long-Lok Fasteners Corporation produces specialty fasteners and machined components to aerospace, consumer, electronic, food service, industrial, instrumentation, medical, military, multi-use, premises, and transportation applications. It offers patch, strip, pellet, locking surfaces, pin, pre-applied adhesive, inserts, self-sealing, and pre-applied thread seal products; and nuts, bolts, clevis, studs, washers, fittings, plugs, bushings, terminals, plungers, screws, caps, knobs, seats, sleeves, shafts, tubes, spacers, poppets, retainers, valve bodies, and actuators. The company was founded in 1957 and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has subsidiaries in Carson, Riverside, and Sun Valley, California; and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Long-Lok Distributor
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