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About Magnetics

: Magnetics Inc. was found founded in 1949. The company is a major supplier of the highest performance materials in the industry including: MPP, High Flux, Kool Mu, XFlux, Amoflux, power ferrites, high permeability ferrites and strip wound cores. Magnetics products set the standard for providing consistent and reliable electrical properties for a comprehensive range of core materials and geometries. All components manufactured by Magnetics are process controlled, from alloying of raw materials to producing finished cores. Magnetics strives to supply only the highest quality products. All products are manufactured to conform to all electrical, dimensional and visual requirements. Magnetics is an UL-recognized molder in the QMMY2 fabricated parts program.

Magnetics Distributor
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Magnetics Components - Inventory

0R42620A094XX  CORE SET FER 2300 PQ26/20 95 2.032UK  MAGNETICS  545
50B12-1D  CORE AMO ALOY .570X.375X.2 U AL 3.8MM2  MAGNETICS  200
55071-A2  CORE-IP T33X19.9X10.7  MAGNETICS  77
55120-A2  CORE-IP T17.4X9.5X7.1 MPP 125U  MAGNETICS  708
55318-A2  CORE-F T36.7X21.5X11.28 MPP  MAGNETICS  45
55930-A2  CORE-T 26.9X14.7X11.1 A2(55)  MAGNETICS  3380
58071-A2  CORE-HF T33X19.9X10.7 A2  MAGNETICS  211
77050-A7  CORE-IP T13.5X7X5.5 A7 U=125  MAGNETICS  4037
77050-A7  CORE TOR KMU 125 T13.46/6.99/5.51 56 11.  MAGNETICS  3428
77071-A7  CORE-IP 33.8X19.3X11.61 A7  MAGNETICS  16172
77076-A7  CORE KMU KOOL-U 60 36.7X21.5X11.35MM 51.  MAGNETICS  277
77090-A7  CORE-IP T47X28X15 77090-A7  MAGNETICS  2366
77930-A7  CORE-IP T27.7X14.1X12 125U  MAGNETICS  8684
OJ-41003-TC  MAG# OJ-41003-TC 0J-41003-TC TOR  MAGNETICS  50
OJ-42520-EC  MAG# OJ-42520-EC 0J-42520-EC  MAGNETICS  5700
OP-44022-G233  CORE HALF FER 2300 E42/20 4510 5.918UK  MAGNETICS  284
OP-44317-EC  CORE FER HALF EI21 2500 3180  MAGNETICS  538
P-43515-EC  CORE HALF FER 2500 EI375 2180  MAGNETICS  977
P-44721-EC  CORE-F E47.12X19.7X15.67 P  MAGNETICS  398
PC-B5224-01  MAGNETICS PC-B5224-01  MAG  81
PF-41313-UG  CORE-F EPC 13 F  MAGNETICS  2027
RV41812A16001  CORE SET FER 2300 RM1812 160 .305UK  MAGNETICS  2643
VF-41306-TC  CORE FER 3C81 F 3000 R13/7 1296 2138 14.  MAGNETICS  4301
VF-42206-TC  CORE TOR FER 3000 .9X.52X.27 1812 25SQMM  MAGNETICS  2366
VJ-42212-TC  CORE TOR FER 0 22X14X13 4888 7332 50.9SQ  MAGNETICS  940
XP-41005-TC  CORE-F T9.53X4.75X4.78 P  MAGNETICS  5255
YW40603-TC  CORE-T 5.8X3X3.1 YW  MAGNETICS  7004
ZJ-41003-TC  CORE TOR FER 5000 R9.5/3.18 1708 2562 7S  MAGNETICS  3722
ZJ42212TC  CORE-F T22X13.7X12.7 J  MAGNETICS  1859
ZW-42507-TC  CORE FER TOR R25/8 10000 7825 37.4MM2  MAGNETICS  1244
ZW41506-TC  CORE-F T13X7X4 ZW  MAGNETICS  1053
ZW43615-TC  CORE-F T36X23X15C ZW  MAGNETICS  475