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Microwave Development Laboratories

About Microwave Development Laboratories

: Microwave Development Laboratories, Inc. MDL manufactures electrical components. The Company offers waveguide adapters, transformers, bends, hybrids, rotary switches, joints, and phase shifters. Microwave Development Laboratories serves customers in the United States.

Established in 1948, MDL is the largest independent producer of waveguide and subassemblies in the microwave industry. The company is headquartered in Needham, Mass.

MDL's product lines include:

Waveguide bends and twists
Directional couplers
Monopulse comparators
Rotary joints
Microwave filters
Rotary switches
Waveguide shutters
Waveguide pressure windows
And other components
Besides manufacturing thousands of standard microwave components, MDL's engineers, who are experts in various areas of the technology, are accustomed to cooperating with our customers who have special electrical and mechanical requirements. In fact, such specials are routine at MDL.

It has always been MDL's policy to equip the company with a wide range of superior equipment. MDL's engineers use computers and exclusive MDL programs to produce our accurate electrical designs quickly. MDL machinists have computer-assisted machines at their disposal as well as screw machines and other specialized quality production equipment. The fabrication group uses the MDL foundry, dip brazing shop, and paint shop. All of these result in better control over the production cycle and quality of our products.

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