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About Mingda Microelectronics

: Founded in 1996 and renamed Shanghai Mingda Microelectronics Co., Ltd. in April 2004, it has a history of more than ten years. More than 70% of the employees have intermediate or senior technical titles, and they are integrated circuit design enterprises recognized by the Ministry of Information Industry. Over the years, the company has successfully developed dozens of ASICs in cooperation with customers. Involving CMOS, BiMOS, and bipolar process types. Wide range of applications: There are special control circuits for program-controlled switches in communication; color TV remote control circuits, display line scanning circuits, display frame scanning circuits, four-way touch switch circuits, FM and AM radio circuits, and electronic anti-theft door lock circuits in home appliances; industrial For automatic control, there are time relay circuits; for stationery, there are special circuits for computer learning machines, and special circuits for voice repeaters; for public utilities, there are special circuits for magnetic card machines, special circuits for car smart wipers, and special circuits for height measurement.

In recent years, the company has independently developed power management low-dropout voltage regulator circuits and voltage detection circuits, two major categories of dozens of products. The characteristics of these products are: high accuracy, small pressure difference, low power consumption, and small temperature drift. And the varieties and specifications are complete, the packaging forms are diverse, the performance is good, and the quality is stable. It can be used interchangeably with similar foreign products.

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